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  • Day561

    Cosne Cours sur Loire

    January 8 in France

    A day's rest had left us keen to get some kilometres under our belts, so it wasn't long before we were rolling down the motorway towards Paris. Despite keeping to the periphery, the sprawling metropolis grew up quickly around us. Grey industrial and high rise buildings dominated the landscape as Will chopped and changed between roads that extended to 6 lanes and branched off to tunnels and flyovers. We were very grateful for the sat nav's directions and found ourselves on the outskirts sooner than expected. Here there was a mixture of modern curved glass buildings and old stone covered in graffiti. At a crossroads we saw a woman in a blue headscarf holding up a brown cardboard sign, her five year old child clutching a similar placard and begging alongside her, while a younger sibling slept in a pushchair.

    Once out of the city we stopped for lunch and filled up with free water at a motorhome facilities point in the motorway services (thank you France, it is so nice to feel welcome!). It had started off overcast and murky but as the day wore on the sun began to burn through the haze and not only revealed a pale blue sky but bumped the temperature up to double figures.

    The planned stopover wasn't easily accessible due to low railway bridges but Will had had the foresight to program in another. Our route took us alongside the Loire river and as we progressed south the flooding became worse. We passed a town where a football pitch and road were under water and the level was creeping dangerously close to houses. It was a long day's drive so the large riverside car park at Cosne Cours sur Loire, with spots reserved exclusively for 'camping-cars' was a welcome sight, although those said spots were worryingly close to the edge of the flooded river. We chose to park further back on slightly higher ground, thinking that Cosne Cours 'sur Loire' could well become 'sous Loire' overnight!

    From our window we could see a traditional river boat and a long, low road bridge spanning the fast flowing channel. As dusk fell the clouds were backlit with a rosy tint and lights marked the line of the bridge. It made for a beautiful view.
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  • Day14

    Day 13: Asquins - Chemin

    August 26, 2016 in France

    Distance: 27.5KM (312.7/1698.9)
    Weather: 33C hot and humid
    Mood: Pretty good and strong
    Blisters: 1 (new one, feet are a little sore)


    Today I had company on the way for the first time. First a dog started following me and ended up walking with me for 10 km! I got in touch with his owner and found out later that he does this more often, he just really likes walking.
    Later I met Lisel (70,DE) with whom I walked the last few K to the great pilgrim auberge in Chemin, which is run by a lovely Dutch couple.
    I enjoyed the company for a change and I heard Spain is really busy, so I'll have to get myself prepared me thinks. We chatted till bedtime, so had no time to write my update.
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  • Day24

    Briare to Puilly

    June 21, 2017 in France

    Another very hot day forecast so we got an early start. We got chatting to a German couple out the front of the hotel. They were two months into a three month cycle tour from their home in northern Germany, and had done about 4,800km. They were heading the same way as us, but after yesterday's incident we were traveling pretty slowly so they quickly left us behind.

    We did a small detour and climb to have a look at Chatillon, then continued on the route which today was generally very good. Quite a few shady sections through forest, and no clouds of sticky insects. Near Belleville we rode past our third nuclear power station. At the boulangerie/patisserie (below par) we ran into a group doing a barge and bike tour. There were five Aussies in the group. They were suffering in the heatwave on the barge at night.

    Due to the extreme heat and our fairly slow rate of progress, we decided not to climb up to Sancerre. After a very pleasant stop for a drink at a riverside restaurant at Saint Thibault we rode on to cross the river at Puilly, arriving at our very nice airconditioned(!!) hotel at about 1:30.

    Tomorrow we head for Nevers, a rest day with two nights in an airconditioned hotel (not easy to find).

    67km today, good effort in the heat for the injured one (who is currently asleep). About 630km so far.
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  • Day25

    Puilly sur Loire to Nevers

    June 22, 2017 in France

    When we came through Puilly on the way to our hotel yesterday we couldn't buy milk for brekky because the shops closed for their midday break till 3pm. Another very hot day forecast so this morning we got an early start, bought some milk a few km along the road, and had our muesli and coffee at a picnic spot near La Charitè sur Loire. After a few minor navigational hiccups we crossed the river to rejoin the official cycle route. The route from there to Nevers was very good, with lots of wide smooth shady sections beside canals.
    We have now completed the official Loire à Velo route from the mouth of the river at Saint Nazaire to Nevers. We might have to celebrate with some bubbly on our rest day.
    The forecast looks more normal for the next week or so, with maximums in the mid to low 20s where we are headed, which is further south along the Loire.

    57km today, 687km total.
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  • Day26

    Nevers (Out of order)

    June 23, 2017 in France

    A big day in Nevers - sightseeing, bike shop for repairs to Tracey's bottom bracket, haircut for Pat & laundromat. Nevers has got everything you need without being too big, as well as having the requisite gothic cathedral, ducal palace and a beach on the Loire right behind our accommodation.

  • Day24

    Weight loss program in nevers

    August 23, 2016 in France

    Having carried a four man tent for the last three weeks we ve finally decided to slim down the trailer. Ditch the big tent and buy a small 2 man. We ve also sent back a parcel full of things so hopefully cycling in the south of france will be alot easier. From here we have decided to jump on a train to the south to save some time.

  • Day8

    Day 7: 93km

    July 9, 2016 in France

    I can't believe it has already been a week. It's gone pretty fast.

    We had an amazing sleep, in a real bed . So cheap it was only 15 Euro for both of us. We had sent two warm showers requests the night before as well. This days ride was actually really boring. The start was lovely along canals, rivers and cute houses but after the town of belleville ( which had a massive nuclear operation ) it was just weeds on both sides, straight boring path with no tree cover so like 60km in the sun, and no tiny villages to stop or tree cover. At the end we saw a little farm just of the side so wer did stop for a juice and ice cream. The highlight of the day was the farm donkey. We asked him to roll over and he did! Big applause. Then we cheered for him to roll back, and he did! Then he got up and walked away, show was over :)

    We filled the nothingness with half songs as we can never remember the full lyrics and learning French. Once again our bums were really sore at the end! My ankle is getting better just need to be careful.

    When I stop riding for a bit I get light headed and today I needed to lie down, my friend Vincent said it's because in not eating enough so I'm trying to eat more and more. The first time I laid down for a 1 min rest I laid in a bit of a prickly weed patch. After I got up it was still stinging. I had laid in stinging needles. Genius. I'm sweaty, sun screeny and now stinging all over my shoulders.

    We arrived at another campsite as warm showers people never seem to reply. It's a nice small one. We just ditched our stuff and went to the beach on the river. The previously lovely looking sand was actually a mixture of sand mud and pebble, so no where near as inviting. But the water was warm so we went swimming which was prefect after a hot hot day. I still didn't get burnt!! I was wearing a singlet top the last two days but I'll go back to exercise tops from now on as they cover more.

    Best part about this campsite (for me, for Michelle it is probably the bacon and eggs) is that some campers bought their two cats! So awesome! They are young and had loads of fun climbing the trees and playing. They even walked them a bit. My next cat is coming camping :)

    The plaque is all along la loire. We are now at around 25 I think from the beginning of the cycle track, so today we will venture back out to making it up towards the Rhone track. Because it's flatter :)
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  • Day9

    Day 8: 60km

    July 10, 2016 in France

    I'm very disappointed to realise my bike computer over estimates our distances, I'm not sure by how much exactly but I'm pretty sure it's happening, so at the end we will have to do a big Google maps plot to find our more accurate distance.

    The tent was at a slight angle last night so Michelle did not sleep very well and today her back was spasming and was painful, so we didn't go too far. The campsite offered breakfast so she loved the bacon and eggs though. I got two small orange juices for the road. I think it was the hottest day so far. The first 2/3 days of the trip were cloudy and a bit cool, but since then it's been all sun! After living in an eternal winter in the Netherlands I'm not used to this, especially cycling through the hottest part of it.

    We saw heaps of locks today, and watched one operate, they are so call and remind me of my relos in England, he taught me all about them :)

    We continued to follow the Loire all the way to the first plaque with 0. Then we found a mini paradise on the river and swam in the lovely water! So relaxing. We had to continue for another few km to get to the campsite. The last bit was tough. Sooo hot, swimmers are really uncomfortable especially when my bum is already sore.

    We have another great view of the city Nevers just across the river from the campsite. We just relaxed when we arrived, set everything up and had lunch/dinner at 5:30/6. Michelle tends to stay up later than I do so she walks around the city or just stays in the campsite. I go to bed around 930 and listen to a book or pod cast for an hour. Last night Michelle went to a theatre acrobat thing that was on in a local park as part of an arts festival, she really liked it despite not understanding anything.
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  • Day78

    Madame og vinterhavn

    September 3, 2017 in France

    Jeg har tit undret mig og tænkt på, hvad mon "Madame" laver i weekenden.
    De fleste franskmænd - altså dem af hankøn - ses ofte ude med snøren - i dette tilfælde dog fiskesnøren. De sidder i hobetal langs kanaler og floder, dog i tilpas afstand fra hinanden, gerne med siden eller ryggen til, således at al kommunikation med sidemanden er udelukket. Udstyr går de ikke ned på. Det syntes, at standardudstyret består af 4-5 fiskestænger (af de store lange) med tilhørende "opsatsholder" hertil en kæmpe ruse til opbevaring af drømmefangsten, spande, stole, carmoflagetelt, grill mm. Tænker om der i det hele taget er en fisk til dem alle - vi ser næsten aldrig at der fanges bare en lille bitte fisk. Pyt - de hygger sig og det gør Madame helt sikkert også.
    Det var nu ikke det jeg ville skrive og fortælle om, men at vi nu fundet en dejlig vinterhavn i byen Nevers. Byen ligger ca 250 km syd for Paris og vi har haft nogle fantastiske sejladser hertil. Blot for at nævne et par af højdepunkterne besøgte vi Montargis - en by med mange kanaler på kryds og tværs - følte os helt hensat til Venedig, hertil byen Saint Mammes hvor Alfred Sisley valgte at slå sig ned og her ses mange af hans værker gengivet som store vægmalerier på byens gavle mm. Der var forøvrigt sang, musik og dans på den lille rådhusplads lørdag aften - endnu en hyggelig aften. En stor oplevelse var det at sejle over Briare-akvædukten i nærheden af ​​Chatillon-sur-Loire. Det ses tydeligt, at Gustave Eiffel har haft en finger med i konstruktionen af denne - så helt fantastisk og smuk. Den var i lang tid den længste stålkanalakvædukt i verden med sine 662 meter, men mistede sin titel til Magdeburg Water Bridge, der krydser Elben og er 918 meter lang.
    Vi har som vanlig overnattet på de skønneste stille og smukke steder af Frankrig, spist dejlig mad og nydt de varme solskinsdage. Nu er det ved at være slut for i år, Frankrig har også taget hul på efteråret, vejret er dog for det meste vidunderligt , men efteråret er ikke til at komme udenom. Lyset og duften forandrer sig.
    Vi skal pakke sammen, rydde op, vaske inde og ude, ja tusind ting skal klares til næste sæson. Vi skal dog lige have kigget Nevers efter i sømmene og udforsket området langs Loirefloden på vores mountainbikes inden turen går hjemad.
    Tusind tak for alle jeres likes og kommentarer, dem er jeg rigtig glade for og så glæder jeg mig til vi "snakkes" ved til næste år. Pas på jer.
    Kærlig hilsen Birgit og mange hilsner fra kaptajnen.
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