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  • Day53

    Hannah and Würzburg

    October 18, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    A very exciting day for us! Last night, Hannah, our new au pair, drove from her home town of Saarbrücken, over near the German/French border, to stay with us for a couple of nights, so we could meet her before she arrives in Australia at the end of next week. She brought some lovely gifts including some honey from her Uncle's hive and some homemade grape marmalade made with grapes from their place.

    Finn did his best to grill her with all sorts of hard-hitting questions such as "Do you like plums?", "Do you like cake?" and "Do you like plum cake?". He loves making plum cake, so a winner its a winner if you like plums, cake and plum cake!

    We went to visit Würzburg today, starting with a visit through the the 18th-century Residenz palace. This featured lavish baroque and rococo architecture, with particularly ornate rooms. There was a huge fresco by a Venetian artist (Tiepolo) over the main entry staircase which had us all fascinated as it also included some of the figures in the painting coming out in 3D (plaster?). It was a great effect and we spent ages staring at the ceiling in this and another room with similar room.

    We also visited the garden where I was able to spot our first German eichhörnchen (which is a very groovy way of saying squirrel). The kids had already negotiated that the first person to see one and say eichhörnchen for 1 Euro cent. I had spotted one in Austria but couldn't remember the name to say. The added bonus for this squirrel was he was a reddy-brown and had an acorn in its mouth as it disappeared into the hedge. Cute as.

    We had lunch in the main square and then went down to the river which is obviously where all the cool kids were hanging out. The river was very wide and was split at one side with a commercial lock. Two large barges pulled up as we were watching, so we waited for them to navigate through.

    Back home, we played a bit of Uno and introduced Hannah to the game of Cheat. She is now probably thinking "what sort of family encourages their children to cheat in a card game!"
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  • Day12

    Chocolate Bananas

    July 11, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Story time;

    A Prince Bishop lived at Warzburg on a hill (pic1) and thought he would save the town money by building a palace closer... less time to get the groceries... so he built castle two (pic2). I would be quite content living in pic 3 really. Unfortunately, he died before it was finished (so no cheap burger runs for him).

    As our guide unpacked this story, Kilian Celebration was in full swing (vid 1) and very loud. As for what or whom St Kilian was, one word, google.

    Our time through the markets educated us in fresh food we could not identify. A Chocolate coated banana had our name on it and fresh roses had Emese’s, our cruise director, who has been responsible for so much in this trip.

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  • Day11

    Wurzburg Residence

    June 20, 2016 in Germany ⋅

    This morning was hard to get up, so much walking and my head is starting to hurt from all the stories, so many facts but also heaps on fiction and myths.

    Unlike many castles which incorporates the styles of a number of different periods, the Würzburg Residence was built in its entirety, with short interruptions, almost within a single generation.

    The architects drew inspiration from Vienna to Paris and from Genoa and Venice to Amsterdam. The building has French château architecture, Viennese baroque and the religious and secular architecture of northern Italy.

    Unfortunately no photos are allowed inside very annoying
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  • Day20

    Arrival in Wurzburg

    May 14, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 54 °F

    The Viking Ingvi arrived in Wurzburg around 9:00 am after passing swans, locks and other things on the river. Breakfast aboard the ship was wonderful, as usual. Locks are common now, as are the peaceful birds that stay right beside the ship as it passes.

  • Day20

    Archbishop's Residence and St. Killian's

    May 14, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    The Residence of the Archbishop is the most opulent high baroque structure I can recall seeing. The artistry and craftsmanship are unspeakably beautiful. Everything was "over the top" in this attempt to emulate the aesthetic excesses of Versailles. The little chapel with its myriad of angels and gold sun bursts transports one to the throne of God. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photographs inside.

    St. Killian's Church, despite its grizzly skeletons on the outside, was lovely inside. It is a monument to three Irish monks who brought Christianity back into Germany in the dark ages. On our way back to the bus we saw the church of St. Kilian, the site of the three Irish martyrs who brought Christianity to Franconia around 670 AD. Its white and gold interior are gloriously refreshing and joyful. The priest had just finished a mass for the Feast of the Ascension, and incense still hung heavy in the air. Without setting up a tripod, I attempted to hold the camera on a steady pew to take my slow exposures. We almost had to run back to the ship, and barely made the departure time of 6:15 pm. The activities briefing for tomorrow preceded our 7:00 pm supper with Heather and Don, joined by Mike and his wife Helen from Patuxent River, Maryland. The runny nose and the coughing is slowing down. I'm glad Glenda suggested continuing the full course of antibiotics for ten days. The doctor onboard the Royal Princess told me that I had to take that medicine for only 5 days.
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  • Day24


    August 13, 2015 in Germany ⋅

    Jeudi, 13 août 2015
    250km plus au sud et nous nous trouvons à Würzburg. On sent, qu'on va vers le sud, les températures deviennent caniculaires. Nous avons déjà passé deux fois à côté de cette ville et faute de camping dans Würzburg, nous n'y avons jamais fait étape. Eric a acheté un journal, qui vante la région et propose des lieux de séjour, dont le parc du Kanuverein. Nous sommes donc installés au bord du Main parmi environ dix autres campeurs. Très bien accueillis et renseignés par le gérant du site, nous allons visiter la Residenz, le château des Princes-Évêques, site UNESCO. C'est splendide!Read more

  • Day12

    Angekommen am Ziel der Radtour

    June 7, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    Würzburg Hotel Till Eulenspiegel.
    Hier endet die heutige Fahrt nach 43,5 km und die Tour entlang der Aller, Weser, Fulda, Sinn und dem Main nach ca. 690 km.
    Bis auf den einen Wolkenbruch und den Regen an der Wasserscheide Weser-Rhein hatten wir hauptsächlich sonniges und meist warmes Wetter.
    Damit hatten wir, wie schon im Vorjahr großes Glück.
    Morgen geht es dann per Mietwagen nach Buchholz / Hamburg zurück.
    Und heute machen wir uns noch einen schönen Abend in Würzburg :-)

    Lecker fränkisches Bier, schöne Locations, z.B. die Alte Mainmühle an der Alten Mainbrücke oder auch der Bierkeller in unserem Hotel. Zum Abendessen gab es Schäufele, das durften wir uns, wenn schon mal in Franken, natürlich nicht entgehen lassen.

    Würzburg als Weinstadt müssen wir das nächste Mal erkunden, da Morgen früh die Heimfahrt ansteht.
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  • Day543

    Day 544: Wurzburg Residence

    August 12, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    First day trip, heading west for about an hour to the town of Wurzburg. Here we visited the immense Residence, a huge palace complex situated just near the river. It was an incredible expression of Baroque design and styling, though much of it suffered heavy damage in WW2 (definitely a recurring theme in Germany!). There was still some incredible stuff to see though, particularly the grand staircase room which had an intricately painted and decorated ceiling. There was also a fascinating use of stucco to bring some elements out of the flat painting and give the whole thing an illusion of depth.

    No dogs inside naturally, and it was another hot day so we alternated on separate tours. Shandos went first and I did some filming and waited for her. The next tour was at 1:30 so we had time for a quick lunch in the restaurant. Nice food, though the place was overrun by bees and I eventually got stung on my foot when I stood up! I think one was sitting just under the tongue of my shoe and the act of standing up crushed the stinger into my foot. Ouch. Thankfully a nearby cyclist lady having a coffee had a first aid kit and kindly gave me some anti-stinging cream. So I hobbled around the palace for an hour but it was definitely worth it!

    Mid afternoon we headed back to our room where Shandos hit the (freezing cold) pool and I had a nap. No on-site restaurant and a Sunday night meant the only thing open in town was the pizza shop, so pizza it was!
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