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  • Day3

    Blue Lagoon

    November 24, 2017 in Iceland

    Had a late breakfast and a lazy morning looking around the shops before setting off to the Blue Lagoon at one o'clock.

    This is a geothermal pool that is kept at a steady 37 degrees by adding sea water to the already hot water from the ground.

    The salt in the sea water when added to the naturally found minerals from beneath the ground are meant to good for your skin.

    However the walk from the complex to the pool when it's minus ten degrees (when taking into account the wind chill factor), especially when you are already wet having had to shower once you have changed, is certainly an experience!

    I also never thought I would ever find myself queuing up to apply a mud pack to my face!

    They also have a swim up bar!

    But once you are in.... You suddenly remember that you have to get out again!!!

    All in all an experience that we will never forget and that we are very glad that we did.

    Sorry no pictures...... The one that is included was taken this morning when out and about (at 11 o'clock!).

    Apparently come the middle of December, they only have two hours of daylight from 11:00 to 13;00!

    Off to try and see the Northern Lights again tonight....xx
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  • Day10


    December 13, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

    Well I’ve spent the past four days in the most amazing country. Iceland is the most raw and natural place on this earth. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming. The capital city, Reykjavik, which has been home, is a city with a village feel to it. There are approximately 300,000 people that call Iceland home but it feels like a whole lot less. After the hassle and bussle of New York, Reykjavik is a slow moving breath of fresh air. The city has tiny cobblestone roads and brightly coloured houses that are generally two story with one house upstairs and another separate house downstairs. The sights and tourist attractions are numerous, I managed to fit in two tours, Northern Lights, Golden Circle and a very special day at the Blue Lagoon. This is one place I would definitely want to revisit.Read more

  • Day11


    December 14, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Final day in Iceland today. It was nice to have a sleep in after two massive days touring with very early mornings and very late nights. This place is truly amazing, the people are extremely friendly and hospitable, their second language is English so communication is very easy. The scenery is some of the most spectacular I have ever seen and in my four days here I have only scratched the surface. It is quite expensive to eat here but I was aware of it beforehand and just made sensible choices. Thank you Iceland for a wonderful experience, I would love to return one day.Read more

  • Day2

    Nora Magasin

    November 23, 2017 in Iceland

    So the Northern Lights tour has been cancelled for tonight..... Unsurprisingly due to the horrendous weather out of town.

    So not to look a gift horse in the mouth, we took advantage of the happy hour in the hotel bar..... Quick change and out to visit Nora's which we found in the guide book.

    They do a beer tasting tray!!!!!!🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺..... And a great burger.... What is not too like.....????
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  • Day15

    Reykjavik Iceland

    July 2, 2017 in Iceland

    Back in Reykjavik after three extraordinary days in North Iceland. Our lost baggage caused a lot of stress and uncertainty. Wearing the same clothes for three days drying underwear with a hair dryer was the pits, no wet packs or pjs. That said each day we did our best not to let it colour our view. It was like Xmas opening our bags having a shower and putting on clean clothes. Our guide Oskar that Alex recommended was amazing. He drove the car both days and took us to the most incredible places such as beautiful green rolling hills going all the way down to fjords, then through huge valleys surrounded by ice capped mountains . On the second day we saw the most powerful waterfall in Europe then up to the highlands where there were there were huge rocks and lava where volcanoes had erupted. Then we moved on to barren orange geothermal wastelands with steam spewing out and big pools of silvery grey silica bubbling and boiling. We even went down into a cave where there was dark blue water 100 degrees Celsius. Because we had a car not a bus he could take us to all sorts of places we wouldn't have seen . He was so understanding of our bag drama helping to ring the airport constantly . I was quite miffed as I had bought a new camera and my batteries died early the first day as the charger was in the bag but took photos on phone and iPad. We have a nice roomy apartment in Reykjavik for four nights which is very convenient and we can do our own breakfast. Restaurants are incredibly expensive . Tonight we had a main course and one wine each $150 !!! Starting to feel more comfortable driving on the right. Tomorrow we have tickets to bathe in the Blue Lagoon. If you don't know what it's like google it. I can't wait. Our knees and feet will enjoy the therapeutic powers.

    Love to all

    B& B
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  • Day1

    Island im Schnee

    January 19 in Iceland ⋅ ❄️ 0 °C

    Der Busfahrer sagte, es wäre der erste Schnee diesen Winter :D

    Ja, auch sonst so war der erste Tag ziemlich perfekt. Bei -6° und Sonnenschein in Marburg gestartet und die Bahn war dann auch noch pünktlich. Flug war mega entspannt, gab sogar ein Entertainment-System und der erste Blick auf das verschneite Island von oben war atemberaubend.

    Dank meiner drei-Minuten-Recherche einen günstigen Bus gefunden und zwei nette deutsche Mädels saßen hinter mir. Hostel ist super, es gibt ein Sofa auf dem Zimmer <3 Gleich die Tour für morgen gebucht und weil der Kerl an der Rezeption meinen Zweitnamen so toll fand, auch noch ein Gratis-Frühstück bekommen :D
    Dann gab es heute auch noch Lamm im Angebot und obwohl das bisher so gar nicht meins war, natürlich probiert. Mega lecker! Und das Bier auch! Das Bier hat auch nur 12,00 € gekostet...
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  • Day3

    Northern Lights - Bring it on!

    November 24, 2017 in Iceland

    I am ready for you... But about to pass out in our hotel from heat exhaustion!
    Hip , hip, hurrah .
    We have eventually seen the lights .
    Unfortunately our cameras have not ....

  • Day27

    Completed the Golden Circle

    September 7, 2017 in Iceland

    We're back at Reykjavik which means we've completed the Golden Circle road around Iceland, with a few detours. Big drive again north to south via the west.
    Horse show and lunch at Gauksmyri farm - 5 gaited Icelandic horse, normal horses have 4. The extra gait is calld "Tolt", it has no English translation.
    They are 14 hands high but DON'T  call them ponies!! Lots of different colours due to ancient genetic make up. Come from the viking era and originate from Shetland pony, Scottish Highland Pony and Mongolian horse
    Icelandic horse, like the cow, not allowed back in if gone out of country therefore they choose carefully the ones to go overseas to compete because they have to be sold there. Therefore also no Icelandic horse championships can be held in  Iceland. They're held elsewhere.

    Sheep farm, Bjarteyjarsandur, -1600 sheep, 600 ewes. Most other farms 450 ewes. No predators here. Go into mountains  in May/June then herd them up (muster) September. Lamb in April. Natural mating plus AI about 100 ewes. In winter house them. Slaughter them 4-5 months old as lamb, after that it's called something else. House in October,  shear in November. Muster every 2 weeks for about 3 times. Old law means sheep can graze anywhere. One man in area "King of the Mountain" looks for and organises mustering. This farmer is King.
    Icelandic sheep have 2 layers of wool, white wool more valuable so separate. Shear twice a year. He shears own sheep.
    Delicious late afternoon tea- smoked lamb, cheese and blueberry pancake. Then, a beautiful song by sister-in-law. Goose bumps and had women nearly in tears.
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  • Day22


    September 2, 2017 in Iceland

    Flying to Iceland today at 2.30 Danish time so we just chill for the morning. We fly with Icelandair. Of all my flights I haven't used the same airline twice.
    It takes 3 hours to fly to the International Airport at Keflavik but due to time difference, when we land it is only 3.30 Icelandic time.
    We meet our Icelandic guide Frederick (roll the r's to say it in Icelandic ) and bus driver Ragnar or Raggie for short.

    They are using lupins to stop ash and soil from blowing around but they have also become a weed they don't know how to control. Seems they haven't heard about spraying? Some people are actually using the seeds for food now. In August the fields are blue with flowers.
    We drove to Reykjavik via some stony lava country, along the coast and stop into a boiling mud pool and steam vent area. Very sulphuric

    We have a lovely buffet dinner at a local restaurant and then fall into bed.
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