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  • Day5

    Legian by foot and bike

    November 13, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌬 31 °C

    We were up at around 7am and thought we would go for a run at the beach but once we got outside we’d realised we’d left our run too late as it was already hot and sunny. So we decided to go to breakfast and then do a walk along the beach.

    There’s a pretty big buffet available for breakfast and the food is good. I started with fruit and muesli then had salad and dumplings, finishing with fruit. I tried on of their passion fruit as they are orange on the outside. The inside was a surprise as it’s kind of a grey colour with black seeds. Not overly appealing looking but it has a nice flavour with a bit more of a tang than our type.

    We walked for ages, all the way to where the umbrellas end at Seminyak. It probably isn’t actually that far but it feels it in this heat. We stopped to jump in the water a couple of times on the way and back. We went to the gym after that which is tiny and is a hot box. I only last around 15-20 mins before getting into the pool. TAB managed to keep going a little longer than me.

    With nothing particular on the agenda we decided to go for a wander after showering. It’s the kind of place where showering doesn’t make much difference for long as you are sweating after walking 5 minutes up the road! We stopped at the hotel bar first for our complimentary welcome drink but they were mocktails so TAB got a shot of vodka and I got a shot of Malibu to give us a kick start. They sure did have a kick to them!

    We didn’t have any idea where we were going and walked along the beachfront but that was just all hotels so we turned up the first side street we found. We wove our way through lanes and didn’t feel we were achieving much except for working up a sweat so got to a main road and took that instead.

    The footpaths weren’t very busy people and it was much easier to walk instead of dodging motor bikes in the smaller streets. We are surprised about how it doesn’t smell here like we remember and the footpaths are in reasonable good condition with little rubbish around. Brad had a go at looking at some street stalls but he wasn’t buying so sellers were getting shitty with him. I wasn’t into it at all and although there was plenty of stuff that caught my eye there wasn’t anything I felt was worth going through the barter process for.

    We stopped for a Bintang and did some people watching for a while as it’s a good way to cool down, take a rest and use a decent toilet. Also TAB can practice his Indo as there’s always someone willing to have a chat. We kept going and I had no idea where we were but TAB reakoned he had a handle on it. I wasn’t too convinced as his sense of direction is usually pretty poor, but after a fair bit of walking he had managed to get us to Kuta Beach. I was impressed!

    It was still a fair walk back to the hotel so we stopped at a hotel bar for a rest with a cocktail. I let TAB order for me while I went to the toilet and I cant remember what it was but it was bloody strong. I felt a bit woozy after that so we kept walking and I thought food might be a good idea so we found a place that was cooking Mie Goreng fresh. We both had this with a can of coke instead of a beer as the cocktails were still working their affect!

    We were so hot that we decided to go across to the beach for a swim and walk the rest of the way along the beach. This ended up being a good idea because it made the walk feel a bit shorter and we could cool off along the way. Finally we reached our hotel but stopped at Kangaroo Bar for a couple of beers before we had to get ready for the foodie tour I’d booked.

    As we walked back past the pool TAB suggested we stop for a mango daiquiri and I agreed as we still had two hours before getting picked up. Well that daiquiri was the death of me! They make the cocktails so strong here and it sent me completely loopy, but thank god didn’t put me to sleep. We went back to the room to shower and I sat on our verandah and had a Jim Beam can, just to top me up because I really needed it at that point. I’m supposed I made it to the tour I was that drunk, but thank goodness I could still function and had some sense as I’d taken a can with me to have on the tour but I didn’t open it. And neither of us drank for the rest of the night so I managed to sober up. I had a massive headache by the time we got home though....

    Anyway, the tour was fantastic and it’s so much fun being driven around on the back of a bike, especially with the night so warm and balmy. We stopped at places where the locals eat and got to try so much tasty food. One of the stops was a guy crouched down over a small flame cooking a type of rice pancake, literally on the side of the road. Then he topped it with chilli and roasted coconut and it was bloody beautiful. Then he got TAB to have a go at cooking one and he looked huge crouched down in that small space. But he managed to cook the pancake and he did a pretty good job of it! The guy who cooks them had a taste and gave the thumbs up!

    We had sate badam which is from a certain part of Indonesia (Bakso Campur) meatball soup with different types of meatballs including one that was stuffed with minced tendons and mie (noodle) with ayam (chicken).

    Then we drove through Denpasar to their local market Basa Kereneng. Basa means market and Kereneng is the name of the place where the market is. Our hosts, Nancy and Desy said we could buy anything in the market as we walked through and they would help us. They said the prices are real Bali prices as this is where the locals shop and they said the prices are inflated by five times for tourist prices. When we got in there it was crowded, hot and hectic. Things had prices on them and they were dirt cheap and it would have been the perfect place to do all our shopping but my head still wasn’t completely straight after my boozy afternoon and I knew TAB wouldn’t cope being dragged around shopping so we were in and out fairly quickly.

    We went to a fruit stall and the girls explained what a lot of the fruit was and we got to taste it all. Most of it was really good and it was a good experience as often it’s hard to give strange looking fruit a go when you have no idea what’s inside. We had salak which is snake skin fruit as the outside really does look like snake skin but it was nice and sweet. We also had honey mango, mango stein and karliasam which looks like a cherry but has white flesh and is quite sour. There were many others but I forget.

    The last stop was at a stall where they have two specialties that are only available at night between 5pm and midnight. Nancy explained as one side of the cart cooking salty - which we would describe as savoury. And the other side cooks sweet. Both have menus with varieties of fillings and the salty one was kind of a buttery egg pancake with a range of vegetable fillings, kind of omelette like.

    The sweet one was delicious and a highlight end to the tour. I didn’t understand what all the filling options were but Nancy did mention you could have cheese or chocolate or a number of other things. She asked what we want and we weren’t sure so she said have the special,which is everything. We were a little reluctant about cheese and chocolate together and who knows what else but we gave it a go and were blown away by the flavour. It was warm, cake, but pancake, but crumpet like and filled with oozy chocolatety stuff that reminded us of Nutella. Whatever it was, it was amazing!

    That finished off the night and my headache (or hangover?) started to come on strong on the ride home. I went straight to bed with panadol hoping to wake up feeling normal in the morning.
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  • Day6

    Went for water, ended up at Uncle Norm's

    November 14, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    I woke up feeling back to normal as planned and it was 6am so I thought I’d try going for a run before the sun was out. Brad wasn’t moving so I left him a note and snuck out. The temperature was great and there was only a breeze which was nice. I knew there was a shopping centre at the Kuta end of the beach as you can see it from our part of the beach so I thought I’d try to run there and if I made it I’d try and run back. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and I made it there in 18 minutes so I turned around to run back.

    The beach is nice a wide with plenty of firm, flat sand, although it gets a bit of a muddy consistency at Kuta and definitely isn’t as nice as the Legian Beach. I managed to make it back and ran on a little further to round it off to 30 minutes and I was cooked by then! I could feel my face was burning red and I was dripping with sweat so I took off my runners and jumped straight into the water. How perfect it would be to have this setting to run every day and the temperature so perfect to just jump in at the end #dreamlife

    I was spewing I hadn’t taken my phone as there were fishing boats out on the water that would have been a great photo and there was also a big snake on the beach that people were looking at so I stopped for a look too. It was scary. But no phone was one less thing to have and the minimalist approach is definitely the way to go when running in this climate.

    I didn’t go straight back into the room as I didn’t know if TAB was still sleeping, although I suspected he’d be out by now. I did a bit of a workout on our verandah and some stretching before going in and he had gone. I showered and left another note to say I was at breakfast. I pretty much did a replica of yesterday but I had Bircher muesli and also discovered some vegetables which were really yummy. They will become a regular on my plate. I had actually planned to have bread and butter pudding and fried banana but after going for a run I thought I should stay on attach for at least the first hour of the day!

    TAB showed up at breakfast and said he left the room at 6.30 and it sounds like we’ve crossed paths on the beach and somehow missed each other. He finished off with a gym session and a swim so we’d both started the day off on the right track.

    Last night on the way to the tour we discovered that we’d definitely walked the wrong way yesterday morning as there was a market literally next door to the resort entrance and there were shops and bars all along the street. So TAB wants to go to the market for a bit of shopping and he worked hard at bartering and good on him for having the energy, but I still reckon he got ripped off with a few things. I just followed him around as an observer and was quite happy to keep it that way. He ended up with singlets, shirts and shorts and is done for the trip now. I’m going to hit the shopping centre I ran to at some stage - Discovery Shopping Mall. The trip advisor reviews says it’s ok so I’ll give it a go, although it’s definitely not a priority.

    After the hard work of shopping we needed to chill a bit back in the room before venturing out again for a walk along the beach road towards Seminyak. We stopped at a restaurant for a cocktail - me a banana colada and TAB a mango daiquiri - again fairly potent. It was damn hot but we pushed forward and came across Coco Club which TAB said Jack had mentioned. It looked pretty cool, a pool with day beds and I guess you just eat, drink and swim. Pity I didn’t have my bathers on so we took a rain check.

    A little across from that was Sand Beach Bar, a beach shack kind of thing which was a bit of fun. We had two beers there and I bought a sarong from an old lady. I really don’t need a sarong but it was really pretty and as she pointed out to me, it had bling!

    I don’t even know what time it was, we’re just on Bali time, holiday time and I haven’t been wearing a watch as it’s too hot for accessorising. We walked back along the beach and went to Kangaroo Bar. Mal and his mates were there so we joined them for a couple of beers before they had to go meet the girls at a restaurant. We moved to banana lounges which you had to rent and just swam and enjoyed cold beers for the rest of the afternoon. We met Emmy who does massages so I had a shoulder and back massage for AUD$10. She was very good and it went for ages, so cheap.

    Donny the sunnies guy came over and it was perfect timing as when I got up from my massage I’d broken my sunnies. They were only cheapies that I’d bought in Vietnam so it wasn’t a big deal. TAB got three pairs and I got two. Then we realised we had no money and I’m sure I had a fair bit of money in my purse. Maybe I’ve just lost track but I’m 99% sure I had money, but the only time it’s been unattended is when we went swimming earlier but we left it with the boys at Kangaroo Bar and I know they wouldn’t have taken it. Someone has either been very clever or I’ve just lost track. We’ve decided that Brad is looking after the money from now on anyway so that he can just pay for everything. Suits me, I booked everything so he can be in charge of paying while we’re here so I don’t have to think about it.

    So Donny took TAB to an ATM on his bike and when he got back we settled our bill with him and with Kangaroo Bar as we’d had enough of beer and the beach so went to the pool for cocktails. When we got there it was happy hour and I was feeling well on the way so wasn’t going to touch a mango daiquiri. I ordered for TAB and I as I realised how drunk he was - I guess it was his turn today hehehe. He was chitter chatting to everyone and downing the cosmic coladas like nobodies business.

    I had choconut which was dangerous because it looked and tasted like a dessert. It didn’t have the big kick of other cocktails we’d had but it was happy hour so no doubt they reduce the amount of booze they put in because it’s two for one. We ended up having three in a row pretty quickly I think TAB had reached his limit.

    We showered and TAB looked passed out on the bed by the time I was ready. I poked him and he didn’t move so I assumed that was us for the night but not long after he perked up and off we went for dinner at the Indonesian restaurant at the hotel which is all alfresco and overlooking the beach. The food was nice, but not amazing, although fairly well-priced for hotel food. TAB had a beer and I went to sparkling water as I’d had enough. There is another restaurant which is just a different section and it serves mostly Western meals. There was a band playing which we could hear quite clearly and they were playing good music but we were ready to call it a night.

    I was just going to pop out to the mini mart to get water and he wanted to come with me although it was completely safe. We crossed the road and right next to the mini mart was a bar with a live Indo band playing covers and we looked at each other - will we, won’t we - and TAB said “let’s get the water and just stop there for a bit” and I said let’s go now and get the water later so it’s cold to take back.

    So two or three beers, one shot and one scotch and dry each later at Uncle Norm’s Bar we rolled back home at some stupid hour like 11pm. And yes, we remembered the water!
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  • Day7

    The calm after the storm

    November 15, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Last night produced the biggest storm, cracking thunder, ongoing lightening and heavy and long downpours of rain. I loved it, although I wish our room was closer to the beach as I would have loved to pop out under some shelter and watch it.

    I don’t know what time I woke this morning but I popped some panadol to try and ward off a slight headache which wasn’t too bad considering how much we’d drunk yesterday. I woke again at 7am really hungry and wanting breakfast but when I suggested brekkie to TAB he said soon. Soon must have ended up being at some stage at 8am as I think I fell back asleep.

    As I’d done no exercise today it seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a dessert breakfast so I went with banana and honey on toast, bread and butter pudding with custard and banana fritter with custard. Feeling guilty I got a bowl of salad (they didn’t have the nice vegies today) and some dumplings. I heard someone saying how good the banana pancakes were and I was tempted but chose to give that a go another day.

    The sun was shining and it was hot and humid after the rain so the pool was my planned hang out. TAB wanted to go to the room to “read” (sleep) for a while and he was gone for hours. I didn’t realise how hungover he was but it seems he was struggling. I wondered why he wasn’t giving Kevin the coffee farmer much love this morning, I don’t think he was up to speaking too much.

    TAB befriended Kevin the coffee farmer at breakfast yesterday. He works for the hotel wait staff and got to talking to TAB about his love of coffee. They were talking for ages and we didn’t believe that his name was actually Kevin but he said that it is his real name. His mum is from England so he ended up with an Anglo name - too funny. He is a lovely guy so TAB will have to make it up to him tomorrow by having a decent chat with him.

    I thoroughly enjoyed laying by the pool, getting some sun, having a swim, totally relaxing. There weren’t many people around and you don’t get any sellers hassling you like at the beach. I was just getting up to go to the room and grab a JB can when TAB showed up. He said he’d slept a little but was still struggling. He really did a good job last night and I don’t feel so bad about my effort the night before ....hehehe.

    We literally spent the whole day at the pool and it was the best. I was going back and forth to the room the get a can out the fridge which kept me moving instead of downing drink after drink without any break. We also ate the leftover “salty” snack from the foodie tour so we didn’t need to go anywhere for lunch.

    After a couple of hours TAB decided he’d have a drink to try and come good. Bintang didn’t work so he went to Long Island Iced Tea....seriously, what was he thinking? He reckons it worked so he had a couple of other varieties of cocktails and just hung out in the pool chatting to the bar guys and other people that he could strike up a convo with.

    We had planned to call the kids at 4 as it was 7 at home and by then I think he was drunk on cocktails again, OMG! We had them on speaker but for some reason it was hard to hear. They were at TABs parents for dinner so we chatted for a little bit to catch up and make sure they were alright before saying goodbye. We gave Jack an update on all his mates he’d met at Kangaroo Bar so he was happy. Ti wants sunnies and is going to send a photo of what she wants. She’s been sending Snapchats of Archie pretty much every day which have been great fun to watch.

    After a final drink we went and showered then hit the streets to find dinner. We were looking for grilled satay skewers but ended up at a cafe called Rice Paddy in one of the back alleys. It had nice Indo food, TAB had beef curry and I had a chicken a vegetable dish. Both were really good and it was around AUD$20 including a beer and water each.

    We wandered on after dinner and found a little homewares shop that had prices so I bought a couple of small things which ended up cheaper than the price tag as the lady said everything was 50% off. We kept walking and bought a few other small things and got disorientated with where we were and how to get back to the beach.

    TAB asked someone where the beach was and he sent us on the right track and we ended up going down a main road full of bars and shops. We stopped in a bar that had live music and they had Corona (yay!) but the bar was average so we left after one drink. We walked past a restaurant that had fresh seafood on ice at the front so TAB got to talking to him and we might give that place a go tomorrow night.

    There was a nice little bar on the next corner so we popped in there for a pina colada and it’s one of the best cocktails I’ve had since being here. The people next to us had skewers on a little grill bought to their table and that sparked our interest so we ordered a serve of mixed skewers which was beef, pork and chicken with satay sauce - yum!

    We were done after that so walked down the end of the road and sure enough the beach was there and our resort was just around the bend. Another day just whiled away. Bali time is leisurely on one hand, but goes very quickly on the other.
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  • Day8

    Swim, drink, eat, repeat

    November 16, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Today was much the same as yesterday except I got up for a run this morning. I needed it too as I totally cracked the shits because I couldn’t find our room card, even though I’d looked everywhere, including TABs wallet, numerous times. He was trying to still sleep during all my shuffling around but I ended up asking him where the key was and he didn’t know. I was getting flustered as it was close to 6.30am and the later I got on the beach the harder the run was going to be because of the heat. I told him I was going to take the card from the power slot which meant he’d be left with no aircon and he said to leave it and that he’d only be at the gym or the pool.

    I left slamming the door complaints that I was going to be really happy walking around the whole resort looking for him so I could get into our room (a slight exaggeration). So off I went and I ran in the opposite direction than the other day until I reached a water run-off then I turned back until I got to 30 minutes- it was damn hot! I jumped straight into the water and was instantly refreshed, it’s such a nice temperature.

    When I got back to the resort I went to the shower at the pool to wash off and TAB wasn’t there. Then I heard him call out to me so I went across to the gym but he wasn’t there. Then I started to think that I was hearing things so I turned back and there he was. He’d been walking up the stairs to breakfast when he called out which was why I couldn’t see him. He told me that the room card was in amongst all the other cards I’d pulled out of his wallet in my frustration earlier. I have no idea how I’d missed it as I’d looked numerous times, and I thought I’d gone through each card individually.

    I had a quick shower and met him at breakfast but didn’t eat the usual as I wasn’t feeling 100%. I had a couple of banana pancakes with fruit and a bowl of muesli with fruit. We went for a walk along the beach and ended up at the same place I ran to. TAB went straight to the pool and I got sorted back at the room and took my time as I still wasn’t quite sure how I was feeling.

    I laid in the shade at the pool and had a Coke Zero as I wasn’t sick as such, I just wasn’t feeling my normal self. TAB went to the Kangaroo Bar to try and fine the sunnies man, Donny, as the lense had come out of a pair of the sunnies he’d bought. A while later he came back to get money as he’d been talked into buying some caps and he was still waiting for Donny so I went with him

    We ended up staying for a while and I was drinking Bintang Radler which is a lemon flavoured version of beer, in fact it doesn’t really taste much like beer. You can get an orange version as well which isn’t as readily available but I bought one from the mini mart the other night to taste and I’m yet to give it a go. TAB ended up getting talked into buying another pair of sunnies after he showed the guy who had stopped, Harry Potter, what had happened to his pair. They ended up being cheaper and better as he’d been ripped off the first time.

    I have no idea what time of day it was but food felt like a good idea so we ordered Nasi Goreng with Sate as Jack told us that we had to get it. Rudi ordered it for us and it was delivered straight to our spot on the beach within about half an hour and Jack was right, it was bloody beautiful. For only $5 each it was a pretty big meal and I couldn’t eat all of mine. After lunch we got a foot massage each from Emmy and her daughter-in-law, Emma. They were $5 each and mine was just a bit of a rub from Emmy but TAB got the real deal.

    Between us we’d bought nine beers so they rounded it up to 10 by giving TAB one to go. We got as far as the resort pool and TAB was onto the cocktails and doing the rounds of chatting with everyone in the pool while I was onto some nanna napping (I’m sure I was dribbling). I didn’t really feel like drinking anymore but I needed a bit of a pep up so I got into the pool and ordered a cocktail. It was the worst cocktail I’ve ever had and I couldn’t finish it all. It was some hazelnut, chocolate, butterscotch thing that sounded good but was full on. I was trying to avoid anything creamy because I still wasn’t right but it wasn’t a good selection.

    We went to the room to shower and head out to dinner and TAB was ready to party. I couldn’t have felt less like parting than what I did right then. We went out to find the seafood restaurant we’d seen the other night and found it easily enough but we weren’t ready to eat so we walked a bit further and stopped at a nice looking place that we found our was fairly new and has a good menu with live music. They had Corona so we gave it a go and it was nice but not amazing.

    After that we went back for seafood and TAB ended up with a full lobster at market value which was 1m rupiah, equivalent to AUD$100. I had a combination seafood stack which was really nice but I got too full too quick. I felt really uncomfortable and just wanted to go to sleep. TAB got through all his chilli lobster but it almost beat him. I could tell he was struggling but given how much it had cost him he wasn’t going to leave one piece of flesh on the plate.

    Then I was going to leave a couple of prawns and he couldn’t see that happen so he ate them and some of the fish from my plate. Amazing effort!

    It slowed him down though and thank goodness he said he couldn’t fit anything else in and needed to go home. That’s exactly how I felt and even though I hate to waste these amazing balmy night by going home early, no amount of staying out was going to make it fun. We were in our room by 8pm, laying on the bed like beached whales. We watched Netflix for a while and that was that. Another day gone.
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  • Day9

    Shopping was no go

    November 17, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    I don’t know what happened this morning but we were both awake at 6.15am then fell back asleep until just after 8am #balitime. Breakfast was first on the agenda and I went back to dumplings and salad, finishing with fruit and mango yoghurt. I had half a chocolate croissant which was tiny but I just wanted to taste it. They have really nice, rich chocolate sauce.

    We sunscreened up back at the room to go for a walk and decided to walk to the Discovery Shopping Mall, via the main drag to drop off laundry. It was actually a good walk with a fair bit of shade along the way on the beach road then lots of shade from trees once we hit the boardwalk path. There were plenty of bars with pools along the boardwalk which looked very inviting but we weren’t dressed for swimming.

    We finally made it to the shopping centre which wasn’t anything like I expected. I guess I was expecting market-style shops as this is what we’d seen in Vietnam but it was a proper shopping centre which didn’t interest me. We didn’t stay too long and instead of leaving on the beach side we went out to the street and stopped at a couple of bars, including an Aussie bar, for a few Bintangs.

    It was lunchtime by the time we moved on so we found our way to the beach again and stopped at a beach shack area with food places to get some lunch. I had Nasi Goreng with sate but it wasn’t as good as yesterday’s. TAB had chicken curry and when it was delivered he realised that he’d had that the other night, but he said it was good anyway.

    A lady selling sarongs came over and I bought a couple for the girls and then we went through a market which was right next to us. It’s hard work bartering but as the shopping centre didn’t deliver, it looks like that’s what I’m going to have to do to take home a few things for the kids. We ended up getting some Bintang hats and singlets for Dylan and Jordy but it was hard work and thank goodness I had TAB with me to works his magic.

    When we got back we to the hotel it was a quick change into bathers then straight to the pool. TAB started saying he wasn’t feeling well, just when I was feeling like getting into a few cocktails. I had my last JB can as I wanted to drink it instead of packing it to take back home with me tomorrow. I wish I’d had a few more left after that but we had a pina colada each then TAB hit the banana lounge for some downtime while I went for a second.

    He came back in to try again and got through two cocktails as it was happy hour, but he wasn’t his normal self. We called it quits and went to TO THR Room to shower and head out for some dinner. Summer Queen was where we’d stopped for Coronas last night so that was where we’d planned to eat but weren’t ready to eat straight away.

    I took the Bintang Radler orange that I’d bought the other night as you can drink while walking the streets if you like. I tried to do some shopping but nobody would come to the party with the prices I wanted to pay for dream catchers. But I bought two bikinis from a shop with fixed prices. They were $25 each which I could pay at home at Big W or somewhere but I liked these so figured they were worth it. I also got a dress for Ti and a skirt for me so had some success.

    When we got to Summer Queen the guy remembered us from yesterday and was very appreciative of us coming back. I ordered slow cooked pork ribs and TAB had beef rendang. We also got some vegies and fried rice. The food was absolutely beautiful, my ribs were so tender and tasty with lots of spice. But as per previous nights, once we ate we felt like we were ready for bed.

    There were no ,ore beers to be had and no more staying out, all we could manage was the walk home to flop onto the bed and watch Netflix. Such as shame as being our last night I hoped we could have done something a bit more but we just didn’t have it in us.
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  • Day10

    Hot tip: check flight details early

    November 18, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Waking up this morning reality hit that it was all over and this was the last time we’d be waking up in this room. We had to check out by 12 and it was going to be a pain as our flight wasn’t until 11.15pm but we figured we’d be able to store our bags and still use the pool.

    We went to brekkie and the housekeeper asked if he could make up our room but TAB told him there was no point as we were checking out today. He asked what time and TAB said 12 and the guy looked a little confused but said he’d wait until after we left.

    I was undecided what to have at breakfast as it was the last chance to have anything. I think I was feeling a little hungover so I started with vegemite on toast then had a little bowl of Bircher muesli coz I love that stuff.

    Straight after breakfast we went to the beach for a walk and to see Rudi and Rasta. We asked Rudi if he knew anyone who could drive us to the airport and he was going to get back to us. We looked over at the water and the beautiful pristine beach was littered with rubbish everywhere along the waters edge. It was terrible and so sad to see the beach looking so uninviting after how beautiful it has been each day. Apparently it is common at this time of year and more so in December/January.

    We went for a short walk on the soft sand which I guess gave us a little bit of a workout. There was just too much rubbish to walk down along the water and there was also a fishing comp and the waters edge was lined with fisherman who I think were catching more rubbish than fish.

    Our laundry lady was meeting us across the road from the hotel at 9am so we turned back to go meet her. Just working through our day while walking to her we thought we’d go back to the room to check the flight details to get the exact time so we could work back from that. I wanted to get some shopping done this afternoon and we needed to work out what access we had to faculties at the hotel after we’d checked out.

    Sarah the laundry lady was there waiting for us and we received all our washing beautifully cleaned, folded and packed for just over $5. As per Asian prices, this was a bargain and definitely worth every cent. On getting back to the room TAB started to pack and I got up the flight itinerary and noticed it said departure was Monday night and arrival to Melbourne was Tuesday morning. I was confused as it wasn’t what we’d been working towards.

    I asked TAB what the date was and showed him what I was looking at and it seemed that we were a day ahead of ourselves and we were actually going home tomorrow, not today #whoops. Well that really put us out of sorts and we needed a bit of time to process it so we sat and thought about what our options were.

    The first option we looked at was trying to get an earlier flight home tomorrow but that was a fizzer as it was going to cost $570 to alter our flights. So we thought we’d try and book our room for longer so we didn’t have to check out at midday and TAB said he’d go shopping with me seeing as we had a full day that we hadn’t planned for.

    We went via the beach to tell Rudi that the day was wrong and we weren’t leaving today as we didn’t know if he’d gone ahead to make arrangements for us to get to the airport. Then we headed up one of the main streets and turned down a road we hadn’t walked before. There was a shop that had ladies clothing with fixed prices and it had a dress for $13 that I’d seen around and was planning to buy. $13 seemed cheaper than what I reason I would have got it bartering and I didn’t have to do anything to get that price, I was wrapt!

    I ended spending a fair bit of time in that shop and got everything I wanted for me, Steph, Ti and Sam and I spent $80. It was worth it instead of having to go from shop to shop bartering for a decent price and the same skirt and dress I’d bought for $10 each were in there for $8 so they were cheaper anyway. She can prob afford to put her prices down as people like me prob go in there and buy up big to avoid the market stalls. There were two other ladies in their doing the same thing.

    We went past a shoe place and I got a couple of pairs of slides I’d had my eye on for $10 each and a fake pair of Adidas for Archie for $15. There isn’t really much here that’s worth buying him so I was happy to pay that, although they prob won’t fit him for another 12 months. I got Jack a tshirt and I finally got a couple of dream catchers at a price I was happy although I had to work had for them. I think TAB had had enough and I was done so we stopped at a bar for some beers and the toilet. We realised we didn’t have enough cash to pay as I’d spent it all so I had to go and find a mini mart to use the ATM.

    When we left there TAB stopped at a barber as he wanted to get his hair cut and there wasn’t a very long wait. We walked in and AC/DC was blasting from the stereo and there were three seats, all full with guys getting funky cuts or shaves. A cut was only $12.50 compared to $50 I think he paid for his last one at home. We had a Bintang while we waited, which was quite a while. Once TAB got into the chair I decided to go for a pedicure as my feet were disgusting and I hadn’t had one since I’d been here. It would fill in time while he was getting his do.

    I just stopped at the first one on the street and it was only $5 and it still surprises me how primitive their process is compared to home, but of course it works and they obviously don’t know any other way. And a pedicure at home is around $35-$40 so the cost is a huge difference. She hand-fanned my nail polish dry instead of me putting my feet under a UV light.

    TAB had popped in but kept going to get back to the hotel for the toilet and I was going to meet him at the pool. I really needed the toilet to after that earlier Bintang and I had to stop at the disgusting paid one at the beach as I didn’t think I’d make it back to the hotel. TAB was chilling by the pool and I went to the room to change into my togs and join him.

    We went to the beach to have a couple of beers and lunch at Kangaroo Bar and it was quite windy which wasn’t overly pleasant. I went to give the water a go but there was rubbish everywhere in the water and even letting the water lap at my feet ended up with plastic wrapping around my feet, it was really, really bad.

    After two beers we decided to go back to the pool as it was so hot at the beach and without being able to swim it really wasn’t the best place to be. Besides Emmy was hanging around and we didn’t want any massages and all the other sellers continued to come past. But I did end up buying three more pairs of sunnies from Harry Potter and we bargained him down to lower than last time so it wasn’t too bad. We’d said good bye to Rudi as he wasn’t going to around tomorrow.

    Back at the pool we caught some rays, swam and drank a couple of cocktails. It was getting late in the day so moved to the front bar to watch the sunset but it was only half a sunset as the cloud cover blocked the last part of it. On the way back to the room we stopped at reception to ask whether we could keep the room longer tomorrow and he said we could book it til 6pm for AUD$122 which I reason is expensive but it as going to make our day much easier so we did it.

    After showers we headed out to find a tattooist as a couple of days ago I decided to get a tattoo while we were here. I was planning to get the kids names and it would be much cheaper here than at home. Although this was a rash decision, it wasn’t something I’d been planning to do at any time before a few days ago. I don’t know why, but why not.

    We found one on the road heading to Kuta, but not to far away from the hotel. The guy ran through some options and gave me a quote of AUD$70 which TAB thought was reasonable so I booked for 4pm tomorrow as if I got it then and there I’d have to stay out of the sun and water tomorrow. TAB mentioned that the kids would give him a ribbing if I went home with their names and he didn’t - I hadn’t even considered this. So he’s thinking about getting one too but didn’t book, he said he’d decide on the day.

    A beer stop was in order across the road but it was a really busy area. And we’ve noticed that schoolies are starting to arrive and we’ve already heard a few tragics on microphones as we walked past bars! So we headed back to Legian and I really. Ended the toilet so ended up back at the same bar we stopped at earlier in the day (Moo Moos Steakhouse) and the live music was cringeworthy. I’d read a review about Summer Queen having good whisky sours and TAB is always on a mission to find one so we planned to go there. But as we got closer we could hear a terrible live rendition of a Bon Jovi song and it was so loud that we didn’t think it was going to work for us. The guy at the front saw us going past and stoped us for a hello and a hug but we still didn’t go in - it was too much.

    We decided Uncle Norm’s would be the best bet but TAB looked at the time on the way there and it was already 10pm. I don’t know how that happened and we must be getting old as everywhere that had live music was blaring and too loud to entice us in. And really, I think we were Bintanged out as the thought of another beer wasn’t really appealing.

    There was a restaurant right cross the road from the hotel entrance so we stopped there for a bite to eat and called it a night, for what really was our last night.
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  • Day193


    March 13, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Bali - schon das Wort alleine lässt jedes Urlauberherz höher schlagen 😊!
    Fest eingeplant hatten wir die Insel eigentlich nicht, doch nun sind wir da und nach allem, was wir gelesen und gehört haben, hat Bali alles, was ein Touri braucht: spektakuläre Natur, eine weltweit einzigartige Kultur, lange Sandstrände, Surfspots vom Feinsten (!AiUv8teodO-roHncSmYucwAlT9Y0), intakte Korallenriffe, Reisterrassen, Vulkane, klassisches und modernes Kunsthandwerk und die höchste Tempeldichte der Welt!
    Da frag ich mich gerade - wann sollen wir das alles anschauen, wo wir doch nur vier Tage hier sind!?
    Trotzdem verplanen wir unseren ersten Tag hier nicht. Wir kümmern uns um unsere Wäsche, die Organisation der nächsten Tage, den Blog ...
    Zwischendurch steigen wir in den schönen Pool und am Nachmittag machen wir einen Strandbummel.
    Dabei fällt uns auf, dass hier deutlich weniger Frauen mit Kopftuch zu sehen sind als in Kuala Lumpur. Also nochmal ein Blick ins Buch: Die balinesische Bevölkerung besteht zu ca. 84% aus Hindus und bildet damit eine Ausnahme inmitten des mehrheitlich muslimisch geprägten Inselarchipels. Am Strand treffen wir dennoch auf viele junge Mädchen mit Kopftuch. Wie sich herausstellt, sind das Schulklassen von Java, die hier zu Besuch sind, und für die müssen wir alle paar Meter Fotomodell spielen, machen wir gerne 😊.
    Und noch ein Satz zur balinesischen Kultur: Schon beim Frühstück sehen wir unzählige kleine Opfergaben, die direkt auf oder an der Straße stehen. Wir fragen uns durch: Die Balinesen verehren einen Gott, der ist "zuständig für den Einklang von Mensch und Mensch, Mensch und Tier, Mensch und Natur. Daher die Opfergaben am Boden (naturnah) aber auch zum Beispiel für sicheren Straßenverkehr sowie um die Dämonen gütig zu stimmen. Später beim Spaziergang stolpern wir regelrecht darüber, so viele sind das! Opfergaben an erhöhter Stelle sind für den Gott gedacht. Sie werden zusätzlich noch mit heiligem Wasser besprenkelt. Die Balinesen glauben daran und wiederholen das jeden Tag, und zwar an mehreren Stellen. Wie wir beobachten können, ist das ein ziemlich aufwendiges und zeitintensives Unternehmen. Dazu kommen noch die fast täglichen und oft auch mehrtägigen Zeremonien in den verschiedenen Tempeln.
    Die Opfergaben vom Vortag werden einfach an die Seite gekippt und irgendwann von irgendwem zusammengefegt.
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  • Day5

    Die perfekte Welle...

    March 18, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C gar nicht so einfach zu finden! Heute früh stand die zweite surflesson auf dem Programm. Laura durfte ja schon bei der letzten Stunde alleine surfen. Diesmal hatten wir noch einen dritten Surfanfänger im Team. Am Anfang hat unser Instructor mir noch 2-3 mal geholfen, er hat uns immer angeschubst als wir auf dem Board lagen und bis 3 gezählt, sodass wir auf sein Kommando aufstehen konnten bzw anfangen zu paddlen. Bei der letzten Stunde hat das bei mir nicht sooo gut geklappt, dafür diesmal umso besser. Deswegen wollte er lieber dem Neuling in unserem Team mehr helfen und meinte ich könnte das alleine. Ist gar nicht so einfach, eine gute Welle abzupassen und alles so präzise und schnell hinzubekommen mit richtiger Haltung und sowas. Aber der Surflehrer (der noch kleiner ist als Laura) hat uns zugeschaut und uns Anweisungen aus der Ferne gegeben, wenn wir mal unsicher waren. Die Stunde ging diesmal richtig schnell um, hat uns aber auch echt viel Kraft geraubt. Deswegen haben wir uns nochmal ne Stunde am Pool gegönnt, diesmal ohne Nap aber mit dem Versuch, Fotos unter Wasser zu machen. Die zeigen wir euch lieber nicht... :D
    Nachmittags ging es nochmal mit dem Roller los, aber nur ein bisschen in der Nähe des Hotels. Da es immer mal wieder geregnet hat, haben wir noch die Shopping Mall hier besucht, in der es echt europäisch aussah. H&M, Zara und Co waren natürlich am Start, aber auch sowas wie Fossil sogar. Dafür waren aber auch die Preise wie bei uns. In der Nähe der Mall haben wir auch noch McDonalds ausprobiert. Es gibt hier die gleichen Menüs wie bei uns plus nochmal 6 Menüs mit Reis, Chicken Wings und sowas. Das mussten wir natürlich mal testen. Hat echt ganz gut geschmeckt! Und auch die Pommes und das McFlurry Oreo wurden getestet und für gut befunden. Zurück am Hotel ging es dann nochmal in den Rooftop Pool, während die Sterne oben am Nachthimmel gestrahlt haben. Und wir haben uns noch eine leckere Dragon Fruit gegönnt.

    Ein Stern hat heute ganz besonders stark geleuchtet, denn: Wenn die Sonne des Lebens untergeht, leuchten die Sterne der Erinnerung. <3 ich hab dich so lieb!
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  • Day144

    Its done: Wall of Wanders ist online

    March 28, 2017 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Dieses Projekt bereitet mir viel Spaß und nun ist es endlich online 😀 Panorama Bilder aus der ganzen Welt mit einer persönlichen Geschichte.

    Ich freue mich sehr über Feedback 😊Read more

  • Day94


    July 3, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Nach einem köstlichen Frühstück, gemacht von unserem fleißigen Hausherren Wadly, stolperten wir durch die Straßen. Wir erblickten tatsächlich einige Schätze (kunstvoll geflochtene Körbe, Traumfänger, hübsches Textil) zwischen den skurrilen Touri-Souvenirs (Flaschenöffner in Penisform, Bierkühler, obszöne Tattoos). Ansonsten wurde uns das übliche Vokabular um die Ohren gehauen "Massaaage? Oy Mate! Need Taxi?". 😳
    Darum zog es uns erstmal an den Strand. Nix mit Schnorcheln, Tauchen oder Schwimmen - zu gefährlich. An der Westküste von Bali gibt es nämlich 1A Surf-Wellen. Wir bestaunten die professionellen Wellenreiter und Anfänger, während wir auf dem schwarz-weiß gemusterten Sandstrand flanierten. Schon cool wie die Strände auf Bali aufgrund des Vulkans aussehen können. 🏄🌊
    Von hier aus kann man auch die ankommenden Flugzeuge beobachten, die über dem Wasser zum Landen ansetzten und letztendlich nur wenige Meter Inlandes auf einer künstlichen Landzunge aufsetzten.
    Nach einer Abkühlung im Pool genossen wir vom Strand aus das allabendliche Farbspektakel - einen traumhaften Sonnenuntergang. 🌅
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