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    • Day 5

      Time flies by...

      December 31, 2021 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

      Es ist 13 Uhr und es bleiben somit noch 7 Stunden bis die Pubs geschlossen werden.

      Heute vormittag saß ich noch in einem kleinen Café und habe eine heiße Schokolade getrunken. Ich konnte den Berlinern (here they call them Donuts) so gerade noch widerstehen. Die sahen aber auch verdammt lecker aus 😋

      Heute Mittag konnte ich meinen covid Test machen und dieser ist zum Glück negativ ausgefallen. Einem Flug am Sonntag sollte also nichts mehr im Weg stehen.

      Ein kurzer Spaziergang entlang der Liffey zwischen O'Connell Bridge und ha'penny Bridge und dann rein in den Tempel Bar District.

      Jetzt sitz ich im "ThunderRoad Café" in Tempel Bar und schaffe mir eine Grundlage für heute Abend 😊

      Nochmal das vergangene Jahr revue passieren lassen (ganz entspannt auf einer Brücke) bevor es gleich in den Pub geht.

      Ist ja schon ein verrücktes Jahr gewesen... Kein schlechtes, um Gottes Willen, aber auch perfekt sieht anders aus. Zum Glück lief es, auch mit einer Covid Erkrankung im Dezember, recht gut ab. Der neue Job ist perfekt und war die korrekte Entscheidung.
      Oma geht es, da wo sie jetzt ist, auch besser.
      Und ich freue mich sehr, dass es alte Bekanntschaften gibt, wo der Kontakt wieder entstanden ist und ich bin sehr gespannt darauf, wie es im neuen Jahr weitergeht...

      Euch allen erstmal einen schönen Silvester Abend. Kommt heile in das neue Jahr und lasst Euch auf neues ein. Was soll schon passieren...?
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    • Day 4

      City Views

      May 5 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      Between the long days of sightseeing, enjoying the locals in the pubs, and fighting some internet issues, I am behind in my posts. Thinking this will be a common theme. 😄 We are on the south coast of Ireland now having left the city behind. BUT, before I tell you about here, I need to tell you about the past two days!
      __________________________ ☘️☘️ _____________________

      Friday, we spent in Dublin on the south side of the river. This area is where you find the Dublin Castle, the old city walls and Trinity College - Ireland's equilivant to Oxford, Yale or Harvard. Dublin Castle was the seat of English rule in Ireland from 1204 to 1922. Yep, 1200's! Some of these 800+ years old walls still exist. It is just mind-boggling to look at them and think of those who stood there before you.

      The pubs of the city number in the 700s with many having been there for a hundred, two hundred years or more. The history in these places is vast. Many were the haunts of famous Irish authors (think James Joyce or Oscar Wilde) or political rebels fighting for Irish freedom (won in 1922). The first pub we went to was The Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Dublin dating to 1653, with the building currently standing dating to 1754. To our happy surprise, the bowl of Irish stew with brown bread and butter we had for lunch was really, really, really good.

      The campus of Trinity feels like the center of the city. The large quad is surrounded by beautiful architecture. When we were here in 2017, we saw the Long Hall and the Book of Kells, so we skipped that this time. Instead, we ventured into the building housing the geology department. The photos below help explain that choice.

      We strolled down Grafton Street, where we heard buskers, saw street vendors selling beautiful flowers, people watched and found our next pub stop. Ready for pint, we popped into O'Neil's and stayed for 2 hours before heading toward our dinner location. We chose to have "boxty" for dinner. Boxty is an Irish term for a mix of potato and flour made into a thin "pancake" (see photo). They then used these pancakes in a manner similar to a taco shell. Richard had his filed with shredded lamb. Our server, David, recommended the corned beef and cabbage, so that is what I, these were some yummy food!

      Our day wrapped up with a trip over Ha'penny Bridge, then back to our rooms in time for sunset.
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    • Day 49


      October 1 in Ireland ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      Started the day at the Titanic Museum in Cobh(Cove). What a wonderful museum of memories and individual stories. Got a real sense of the different classes and who survived.
      So wet we just drove straight to Dublin
      That night we went to the Stags Head Inn in Temple Bar for dinner and listened to a traditional group playing Irish music
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    • Day 75

      It might be time to come home now

      August 3 in Ireland ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      Today we woke up and had fancy free breakfast at the castle. I was surprised at the selection and kept waiting for them to charge us but it seems even the economy room gets royal brekky. We went for a walk along the coast road. We found the entrance to another castle, there was a funny young horse running up and down the fields, chewing the fences and he came and said hello to us. We walked down to the castle and the ruins were intact and beautiful. It overlooked the river and the ocean surrounded by green fields. We tried to get out another way but got absolutely covered in mud, risking trench foot once again.
      We then headed back to our accommodation castle and checked out. Walking back into town, we stopped for an Irish coffee which was absolutely delicious. We then jumped on the bus to head to Dublin.
      The bus was pretty quiet until we were about 40 mins from Galway when all the youth got on the bus to head to ladies day at the races. All very fancy looking and such classic race banter. We got to Galway and then had to change buses. We finally got into Dublin and walked to our accommodation. As a special last day treat, our accommodation was a day out and actually booked for Friday night so the hostel people got us into a room of 4 with only one other person. We carried our bags up a narrow staircase and opened the door to an older Irish man who was in between houses... Look he seemed nice enough, telling us his story, how he's a regular at the hostel and asking us about our trip however a part of me was very nervous about staying in the room with him. He gave us recommendations about pubs and was really up for a char. Erin and I unpacked stuff but after we left the room we both decided that we'd prefer to stay else where. Luckily we were able to book somewhere semi cheap and very close, so we had to head back with the excuse that they'd found us a private room where we wouldn't disturb him in the morning.
      We walked to the new hotel and I immediately felt better. We grabbed a Guinness and then decided to head to Wetherspoons for one last meal. On our way, we saw a lot of people with Irish flags and soccer gear. Erin predicted correctly, it was to do with the world cup. It was a welcome home parade for the team. It was very cool to see the amount of people who had come out.
      At Wetherspoons, we got stopped by security and he laughed at my license when I handed it to him. Erin's mobile license was even more comical. We thought for sure he wouldn't let us in, however he did and said he'd visited Parramatta? A weird interaction. After dinner we found dessert and listened to some Irish music before heading back to get some sleep before starting the journey home tomorrow. I am very exhausted, I think the past few weeks have all caught up with me!
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    • Day 14


      August 1, 2022 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Wenn man schon mal in Irland ist, darf ein Besuch in Dublin natürlich nicht fehlen. Am Montagabend ging es in die berühmt berüchtigte Temple Bar. Hier ließen wir uns das Bier bei toller Live Musik schmecken. Wir entdeckten die Sorte "Rockshore Irish Lager" für uns (kleine Empfehlung) 😅. Am nächsten Tag war auf Steffens Wunsch (😉) hin Shoppen angesagt. 😅 (Zitat Steffen: Das reicht jetzt erstmal für das nächste Jahr!) Tja, immerhin hatte einer von uns seinen Spaß 😂😅!Read more

    • Day 132

      Stopover in Dublin, Ireland

      October 2, 2022 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      This morning we flew to Dublin, checked into our hotel, and took a Hop-On-Hop-Off tour. The River Liffey is very pretty with its many bridges, including the Ha'penny Bridge, which once had a half-penny toll. Dublin is known for its colorful doors to dress up the uniform Georgian homes.

      The main throughfare is O'Connell Street, which has statues of famous people in Dublin's history, as well as The Spire, a 400 ft high pointed "monument of light". Also on that street is the General Post Office, site of the Easter Rising of 1916, a protest against British rule.

      Christ Church Cathedral has an arched bridge over the street, leading to a museum. We went to an evensong service at St Patrick's Cathedral and both the organ and the choir were heavenly!
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    • Day 3

      Dublin #2

      July 9 in Ireland ⋅ ☁️ 70 °F

      Fun facts:
      Smoking is still happening here. So much so, that ashtrays are on every outdoor table.
      The green mushy stuff they serve is called "mushy peas." Just say no.
      Driving here is crazier than Jamaica or Belize.
      Taxis are everywhere. We used the Free Now app, which is similar to Uber.
      The ranch tastes weird. Get the Garlic Mayo instead.
      The portions are huge! I don't know how the Irish are so skinny.
      The Irish have the best sense of humor.
      Most Irish do not work at the touristy places here.
      We walked 20,237 steps with mom.
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    • Day 19


      October 5 in Ireland ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      KATRINA - First pints in Dublin. We had a big cheers for you Samantha xxxx
      KATRINA - We are good, but we are getting very tired now. We all up very early this morning, we are catching the train to Galway. We will stay there for two nights and then we will go to the family. I think we all starting to get ready to come home. Lol
      KATRINA - Mum I know you will appreciate this!! Yum!
      (Fish & Chips)
      KATRINA - I will send pics of Lucy and Rosemary tomorrow. A bit of bad news.. Rosemary had a stroke 3 weeks ago and Lucy had to rush over early. Rosemary is ok, but not the same. It is a bit of a worry. We are all giving her lots of love and attention . It is very sad
      KATRINA - It is Thursday morning here, we leave tonight. We are looking forward to being home xx
      KATRINA - Hi Family, we are at Dublin airport getting ready for the big flight home. Looking forward to seeing you all, we have all had a wonderful time but we are ready to come home and see you all. WE MISS YOU!!! I will check in my phone when we get to Dubai, but after that we won't be able to be contacted. Samantha we will see you at the airport xxx
      KATRINA - We are dreading getting on this big's so BORING!
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    • Day 2

      Paseo por O'Connell Street

      June 25, 2022 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Exploramos la ciudad sin prisa, dejándonos llevar la ribera del río Liffey hasta una de las principales arterias de Dublin, la O'Connell Street.

      Coincidimos con los preparativos del desfile del Orgullo, que tendría lugar ese mismo mediodía.Read more

    • Day 2


      December 11, 2021 in Ireland ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      Maybe is not even 36 hours.
      We arrived in Dublin late at night yesterday. Today the focus is on exploring a bit the city before the visit to Guinness.
      Of course, when in Ireland, you can't miss a whiskey tasting, so... we went to church 🤣Read more

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