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  • Day4


    December 29, 2018 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Nach dem Frühstück fahren wir als erstes noch einmal ein Stückchen am See Genezareth zurück um uns Tiberias anzuschauen, was wir gestern leider nicht mehr geschafft hatten. Wir spazieren ein wenig an der Promenade entlang und genießen die Sicht auf den See und die Golanhöhen.
    Danach bringen wollen wir erst einmal etwas Fahrtstrecke hinter uns bringen. Ziel ist das Tote Meer, das aber nur über Umwege zu erreichen ist, da eine Durchfahrt durch die Westbank nicht empfohlen wird.
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  • Day2

    Holy Land-First Day of Touring

    February 28, 2018 in Israel ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    We began with singing and a devotion. Then we got a lot of historical information. Although I probably won't remember everything, the information gave me a better perspective of the places we went. Although the churches in Nazareth and Cana were interesting and both included more archealogical objects, they were more crowded. They were the last sites are visited. My favorite sites were Caesarea and Megiddo. Caesarea is on the Mediterranean Sea. The amphitheater was impressive especially with the backdrop of the sea. The engineering that was done to create the amphitheater, the hippadrone specular stands and the area for ships to dock was impressive. Near the hippadrone were public outdoor toilets built at the same time as the hippadrone spectator stands. Meggido was also an outdoor site. There were several archaeological excavations. We saw some stone animal troughs. It gave me a better idea of the manager Jesus was placed in after His birth. There was an optional trek through the Megiddo Water system. We had to climb down 187 stairs and then go backup 135 stairs. I took it on as a challenge. The most disconcerting part was that a portion of the stairway down was in the dark. We were all a bit rattled until we reached a lighted area again.Read more

  • Day27

    Haifa to Akko to Nazareth

    February 4, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Departing Haifa, it was off to the ancient city of Akko. We first explored the Crusaders fortress, built during their 2nd second coming this land. Crossed arches was a dominant feature as we started with a cheesy but fun video, then a brief tour of various halls. The Templars Tunnel would be later, and not too claustrophobic actually. We'd also walk along old city walls, visited 2 synagogues (one still under renovation and the other a Tunisian synagogue that was closed, and the local mosque.

    There've been thoughts to excavate the site, but the difficulty lies in needed to relocate the locals living above the old city in the new city and it's very unlikely that this will happen, partly due to logistics but also the love for their home.

    Lunch was a quick stop at what was the best falafels in Akko and they didn't disappoint. They were as fresh as fresh could be, you could see the man scooping the mixture and dropping it into the hot oil. A busy operation, they have the process down.

    After lunch, we made our way to Nazareth to visit the Basilica of the Annunciation and the nearby Church of St Joseph. The basicilia is beautiful and sits above what is believed to be Mary's home. Outside and inside walls show various depictions from countries around the world. It was really neat to see them all and how the culture of each country comes through.

    A quick stop for kanafeh dessert. I'd had some in Jordan a few years ago and was curious to try the Israeli version (or one of them). I really enjoyed the texture of the top half, but as I was too full to eat it til much later, the cheese on the bottom had cooled down and solidified.

    Our stop for the night? Tiberias, a town on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, around which we would be exploring the next day.
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  • Day3


    May 9, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 68 °F

    We stayed two nights at the beautiful Ron Beach Hotel located in Tiberias on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. They fly many flags from around the world but most important to me was the American Flag.
    John 6:1-15 tells us that Jesus visited Tiberias and this is where Jesus multiplied a boys' five small barley loaves and two small fish to feed 5000 people! Tiberias in the inheritance of Naphtali.
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  • Day4

    Sea of Galilee

    May 10, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 75 °F

    The Sea of Galilee is 1.3 miles long, 8 miles wide at the north end, about 100-150 feet deep and is almost 700 feet below sea level. Matthew chapters 8 & 14 records when Jesus calmed the storm while traveling by boat with His disciples and Jesus walked on the water in the Sea of Galilee. Peter also walked on the water for a bit until he took his eyes off of Jesus! We boarded a boat and with a brief scripture reading and a devotional, the experiences of Jesus and his fishermen disciples were brought to life.Read more

  • Day2

    Templer Festung Akko

    January 17 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Templer Festung Akko
    Geschichtlicher Hintergrund

    Die Templer waren ein militärisch-mönchischer Orden, der aus Europa nach Palästina reisende Kreuzfahrer und Kranke im Namen des Papstes beim Besuch der Heiligen Stätten unterstützte.
    Die Ordensbrüder siedelten zunächst auf dem Tempelberg in Jerusalem - daher die Bezeichnung Templer, die Beschützer des Heiligtums. Nach der Einnahme Jerusalems durch Saladin im Jahr 1187 verlegten die Templer ihren Sitz nach Akko und erbauten ihr Viertel im südwestlichen Teil der Stadt.
    Hier, am westlichen Ende des Tunnels, wurde die wichtigste Festung des Templerordens errichtet. "Die Templerfestung war das stärkste Gebäude in der Stadt und dem Meer zugewandt. Der Zugang zu dieser starken Festung war von zwei mächtigen Türmen mit 8,5 Meter dicken Mauern bewacht. Zu beiden Seiten dieser mächtigen Türme wurden zwei kleinere Türme errichtet; Auf der Spitze eines jeden Turms wurde ein goldener Löwe von der Größe eines Stiers platziert." (Aus der Beschreibung eines Templers während der Belagerung von 1291).

    Der Tunnel

    Der 150 Meter lange Tunnel erstreckt sich von der Templerfestung im Westen bis zum Hafen im Osten der Stadt. Er unterquert das pisanische Viertel und diente in der Vergangenheit als strategische unterirdische Verbindung zwischen dem Palast und dem Hafen.
    Der untere Teil des Tunnels ist in Naturfels gehauen, der obere Teil besteht aus Werkstein und ist mit einem Bogengewölbe überdacht.
    Der Tunnel wurde im Jahr 1994 entdeckt. Die Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung der Altstadt von Akko hat gemeinsam mit der Antiquities Authority (Altertumsbehörde) die Erde entfernt und den Tunnel besuchsfähig gemacht. Der westliche Teil des Tunnels wurde im August 1999 für die Öffentlichkeit freigegeben.
    In den Jahren 1999-2007 setzte die Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung der Altstadt von Akko die Freilegung und Rekonstruktion des östlichen Teils fort. 2007 wurde dann der Tunnel auf ganzer Länge für Besucher freigegeben (behindertengerecht).
    Die Festung ist nicht mehr zu sehen. Sie ist im Meer versunken.
    Nur ein paar Mauerreste Fragen noch aus der See.
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  • Day3

    Sea of Galilee

    March 8, 2017 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    We started off our morning on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Father Neil read us the scripture of Jesus walking on the water and then calming the sea. Matthew 14:22-33. We then were able to stop along the seashore and view the remains of a boat that dates back to the time of Jesus. Our next stop was in Capernaum. We had the opportunity to see the synagogue of where Jesus taught and gave his sermon on the bread of life. There also stood, St. Peter's House where we celebrated Mass. We then ventured to Tabgha, which is an area next to the Sea of Galilee. At Tabgha, Jesus fed the crowd of 5,000 people from 5 loaves of bread and two fish. Another stop in Tabgha is St. Peter's Primacy. This is where Jesus bestowed church leadership upon Peter. John 21:9. After lunch, we drove up to The Mount of Beatitudes. It was A breathtaking sight overlooking the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee. This is where Jesus gave his "Sermon on the Mount". We then continued along the Sea to visit the birthplace of Mary Magdalene in Magdala. During the time of Jesus, this village was a prosperous fishing village that exported fish.Read more

  • Day6

    Day 3 Biblelands tour

    September 16, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Day 3 Sunrise overlooking the sea of Galilee at Tiberias. Breaking of bread at the mount of Beatitudes (a Very emotional experience reading the sermon on the mount and singing a hymn about the very place we are sitting on.)
    Chorazim.. Ruins of a synagogue in a city cursed by Jesus for rejecting his message (Matt 11:20-24)
    Capernaum..the home of Jesus during his ministry and the site of many miracles. Mind blown. Boat ride on the sea of Galilee.. Again quite surreal as we cut the engine and read from the scriptures as the boat gently rocked on the water. Lunch at Ein Gev kibbutz.. Fish straight from Galilee.
    2000 year old boat found on the Galilee shores..
    Magdala.. One of only 7 1st century synagogues uncovered in Israel. A packed day. It just keeps getting better 😍
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  • Day7

    Day 4 Biblelands tour

    September 17, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Day 4 started with a trip to Gamla in the Golan Heights ( An interesting day to be driving through this area on Israel's Election Day today given the struggle for control over this area of the state of Israel throughout history as evidenced in driving past active mine sites, tank training bases, bunkers, and abandoned Syrian army bases and bombed buildings from the 1967 and Yom Kippur wars.. even a bunch of active tanks we sneakily photographed from the bus)
    Gamla was a fortified City so named because it looked like a camel.. Almost inaccessible due to the topography. Josephus reports that it was conquered on the second attempt by the Roman legions who slaughtered 4000 of the Jews taking refuge there. The remaining 5000 jumped to their death from the tower. A very hot walk down the hill and back up into Gamla but well worth it for the view (and the bragging rights)
    Lunch at El Rom Kibbutz and watched a movie about the part of the Yom Kippur war that was fought here in 1973, the reason for the area being renamed Valley of Tears
    Banias(or Panias) also known as Caesarea Philippi in Dan..a centre of pagan worship..where Jesus said to Peter 'Who do you say that I am?'. Peter's reply (Matt 16) 'You are the Christ, the son of the living God' Another surreal moment.
    Nimrods Castle a crusader fortress built in 1228 to prevent the crusaders invading Damascus conquered in 1260.
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  • Day8

    Day 5 Biblelands tour

    September 18, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    Belvoir.. Another crusader fortress built in 1168AD
    En Harod (still a bubbling spring) from where Gideon went to spy on the Midianites on Mt Moreh (Judges 7) and where God told Gideon to cull the army from 32000 men to only those 300 that lapped the water from their hands
    Mt Gilboa where Saul and Jonathan died.. we read David's lament for his friend Jonathan and saw the barren areas on the Gilboa range..a stark reminder of David's curse on the area that nothing would grow because of what happened
    Lunch at a kibbutz at Tel Megiddo.. an archaeological site where 25 different layers of rebuilding have been uncovered, dating back to 5000 BCE. Of interest was a temple built by Solomon and the stables for his horses, and a tunnel to allow water collection from a well without going outside the city walls, probably built by Ahab.(197 steps down underground!) Great views across the Jezreel Valley of Mr Tabor . To the right Mt Moreh . To the left Nazareth.
    Mt Precipice overlooking Nazareth(now a predominantly Arab City) the area our Lord grew up in, imagining him recalling all the events of the Old Testament. Hard to believe so much happened in this small area. We read in Luke 4v29 where the people wanted to throw Jesus off a cliff.. possibly here.
    Another goosebump moment when we sang a hymn... "We saw thee not when thou didst come to this dark world of sin and death, Nor e'er beheld thy cottage home in that despised Nazareth. But we believe thy footsteps trod it's streets and hills thou son of God"
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