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  • Day3

    The island of Capri

    May 13 in Italy

    Set off this morning for the island of Capri, a stunning island populated by the very rich and famous!
    Expensive shops and restaurants, but we managed to find a restaurant tucked away!
    Sandy bought a pair of custom sandals so very happy!
    Lots of window shopping, now planning our evening meal from the trattoria underneath our apartment!!!

  • Day21

    Rome to Sorrento, via Capri

    June 7, 2016 in Italy

    We drove from Rome to the port of Naples to catch a ferry to Capri. Apparently, Naples was the most damaged Italian city during WWII and it has never fully recovered because even today, it is quite run down. That said, it is the second busiest port for cruise ships next to Hong Kong.

    The ferry to Capri was only about 45 minutes and the coach didn't come with us (Ollie continued in driving to Sorrento). Most of the group took a boat cruise around the entire island, which only took about 90 minutes, including scenic photo stops and swimming! The water wasn't as warm as I expected, but it was refreshing and the colour was amazing! It was very salty and easy to float without expending any effort.

    We got back with a couple of hours until our ferry to Sorrento and a few of us (UK Tom, Australian Tom, and Cobey) thought it would be interesting to see more of the island views, so we went to a scooter rental shop. If tried ones out, but the owner suggested I should go on with one of the other guys because it's quite challenging to ride on their road - especially since I've never operated a scooter. In hindsight, it was definitely the right decision because the entire route was all narrow, walled roads and switchbacks. Possibly the worst place to learn to ride a scooter! I rode with Cobey because he has ridden them for years and is very good at it, which meant I could take in all of the sights along the way! We made it to the other side of the island and took in the most amazing views I could imagine! It was €15 for an hour for each scooter, which was perfect because that was all the time we had.

    We made it back in time to meet the rest of the group and catch the 45 minute ferry to Sorrento. Ollie met us with the coach for a short ride to the campsite. We set up in record time and the whole lot of us descended on a piazza for a walkabout dinner. Ten of us found our way down one of the side streets to a great little place that held us, but that was pretty much it! For my last meal in Italy, I ordered lasagna AND gnocchi, finished both, and they were fantastic... Great way to wrap up my Italian food experience!
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  • Day11

    Piazetta und Chiesa die Santo Stefano

    October 12, 2016 in Italy

    Capri wird echt überbewertet. Schon auf den ersten Metern wird uns klar, dass die Insel total überlaufen und überteuert ist. Schon am frühen Morgen hat man ein kaum auszuhaltendes Menschengewühl auf der Piazetta von Capri. Wir flüchten uns erstmal in die kleine Kirche.

  • Day11

    Hafen von Capri

    October 12, 2016 in Italy

    Im Hafen von Capri wird dann auch klar, dass die berühmte blaue Grotte - das Must See auf Capri - für uns leider ausfällt. Der Seegang ist zu stark, die Ausflugsboote fahren heute nicht. Dann also gleich mit dem Funicolare vom Hafen nach Capri-Stadt.

  • Day11

    Capri - Piazetta und so

    October 12, 2016 in Italy

    Ja, wir laufen noch ein bißchen rauf und runter, um noch den einen oder anderen schönen Blick zu erhaschen, aber uns verlässt bald die Lust, und so verschlägts uns zurück auf die Piazetta, wo es eine überteuerte Mini-Pizza zum Mittagessen gibt.

    Möglich, dass uns tatsächlich die blaue Grotte zum Glück gefehlt hat, die Insel Capri hat uns nicht wirklich überzeugt und so machen wir uns am frühen Nachmittag schon auf den Rückweg nach Sorrent, um den Rest des Tages auf der Dachterrasse zu genießen.Read more

  • Day23


    June 21 in Italy

    After checking into our B&B we hiked up to Piazza Umberto. Once we got there we had amazing lemon gelato! We then walked to Giardini Du Augusto which was a small but beautiful garden with amazing views of Capri. Near the official gardens were other lovely gardens owned by hotels. We had fun picking up fallen flowers off the ground and playing with them. We then spent a few hours walking more around the piazza. I even stopped by the get a quick mani pedi since I forgot to bring nail clippers with me on my trip. The mani pedi experience was less luxurious than what I’m used to when I’ve gone in the states but still nice! We then spent the afternoon sailing around the island of Capri on a three hour private tour given by the best sailor in all of Capri, Camillo! He gave us some interesting history and stories about different stops as we passed them. He would drive us into many of the grottos to see how amazing they were from the inside. We stopped twice to swim. The first time was to swim into a hidden cave which was super cool to explore. The other swim stop was to swim into the famous blue grotto which was absolutely incredible. In that grotto you are completely surrounded by a deep blue which felt pretty unreal. On our tour he pointed out the spot where the legend of the sirens from The Odyssey takes place. In the legend the sirens song would draw sailors in and they would be so enchanted that they would never leave. After sailing around Capri while the sun was shining with wine in hand I can’t say I blame the sailors! It was a truly blissful experience. That night for dinner we went to a restaurant called Da Paulino. It was one of the most unique dining experiences I’ve ever had! At the restaurant you eat under lemon trees in a way where you feel surrounded by lemons! It was like the rainforest cafe but for lemon loving adults! To honor the location we were at I made sure to have a lemon inspired appetizer, pasta, and of course limoncello. Th next morning we took the chair lift to the top of Mount Solaro in Anacapri. The lift itself took about 10 minutes each way. It was a really relaxing experience riding the lift with birds chirping and great views! The view at the top was a bit foggy while we were up there, but you could say that we were up in the clouds! No buses that would take us back to the port arrived in time for us to make our ferry so we had to take a taxi instead. The taxi was a fun experience since all the taxis are convertibles. So we ended our trip cruising through the hectic streets of Capri. I guess the sirens may not have trapped us in the island, but I’m sure their song will draw me back in some day!Read more

  • Day67

    Capri boat tour

    June 28 in Italy

    We took a day boat tour to the island of Capri which is about 45mins boat ride from Sorrento. We stopped off to look at the different coloured grottos, but weren’t able to go inside the famous blue grotto as the tide was too high. Instead of queuing for the train to the town of Capri we took the steep stairs and were rewarded with the beautiful view when we reached the top. We spent 5 hours on the island before returning to Sorrento. On the way back the captain stopped off at a waterfall where he reversed the boat back to give us a freezing cold shower! In the evening we ate like the locals in a traditional pizza shop and went for gelato.Read more

  • Day12

    Isola di Capri

    March 25 in Italy

    Nach einem wie immer feinen Frühstück ging es runter an die Marina Grande. Der Himmel ist blau und die Sonne scheint auch schon.
    Mit der Fähre war ich schnell auf Capri; ich hatte einen angenehmen Plausch mit einer Amerikanerin aus Virginia.
    Leider war das Funicular außer Betrieb und auf die kleinen Busse wollte ich nicht warten also ging es zu Fuß hinauf ins Centro.
    Das war für mich heute mein Credo: gehen!
    Nachdem ich mich orientiert hatte war mein erstes Ziel die Gärten des Augustus.
    Capri ist eindeutig mondäner, „reicher“ - all die tollen Häuser und ihre gepflegten Gärten, von den teuren Shopping Adressen ganz zu schweigen.
    Aber es gibt sie auch noch - die Einheimischen; entspannt und vielleicht auch ein wenig genervt von uns Touristen.
    Von den Gärten aus gab es einen tollen Blick hinunter zu den Faraglioni - Felsenspitzen die wie extra hingestellt wirken.
    Mein nächster weg war das Kartäuser Kloster mit seiner wechselvollen Geschichte; 2 Kreuzgänge, tolle Fresken und eine Ausstellung riesiger Bilder eines deutschen Malers war auch das eine gute Entscheidung gewesen.
    Und dann: Tiberius oder Munthe.
    Es wurde die Villa Jovis; 40 Minuten zumeist bergauf - meine Füße sind heute ziemlich dran gekommen.
    Kaiser Tiberius ließ sich die Villa als Sommer Residenz bauen - um sich zu vergnügen. Die Ruinen auf einem Felsrücken sind beeindruckend.
    Der Rückweg war entspannt - und als Belohnung gab es einen Café und ein Eclair mit Schokolade.
    Wieder zurück in Sorrent ein Campari bitter und danach ruhte ich mich 1 Stunde aus um dann erneut zum Sunset an die Promenade zu gehen.
    Noch einmal ein Spaziergang, ein kleines Dolci mit Walderdbeeren beim besten Eismacher und Konditor in dieser netten Stadt - und dann heißt es ein letztes x: Buona notte.
    Ein Urlaub sicher geprägt vom Wetter - aber auch Italien von einer besonders urbanen und schönen Seite.
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  • Day26

    Capri… a tale of too many selfies

    September 14, 2017 in Italy

    After all our delays and disasters with the Italian transport system we decided that it was just easier and less stressful to book a tour to Capri. No having internet access at the time we just went with the one in the brochure – it retrospect I am not sure that it was a particularly great deal but it was OK. We were picked up just down the hill from the convent and taken by minivan to a small town about 20 minutes away. Here we were issued wristbands (pink) and asked to wait. It wasn’t actually too long before our group was called and we ushered on board the boating being captained by the young (BUT we were to discover, very skilled and patient Antonio).
    We headed out to Capri – the day was overcast and there was a bit of a swell, plus the wakes of the numerous other boats heading in the same direction. Ours was a jet boat and so it was prow up and lots of bouncing. There were only 12 of us on the boat… 8 normal people (4 Aussies, 2 Scotts and 2 Americans) and a groups of 4 Italian, selflie addicted….. well “Slappers” is the term that springs to mind – think scanty clothing and too much make up of women no longer quite in the first blush of youth (perhaps early 30’s – it was hard to judge with all the make up and the dodgy boob job – we could see the scars). These 4 ladies spent the entire trip over draped over the front deck of the boat, frequently popping up to take selfies while draped over the front seat and rail – it was a tad annoying but the rest of us – who stayed at the rear of the boat tried to ignore it.
    On arrival to Capri we had to wait for a mooring slot and then were literally thrown off the boat. We had been informed that the Blue Grotto was closed as the swell was too rough and combined with the high tides the little row boats would not be able to get in. It was suggested that we take a ticket on the “Private Bus” (15euro) which would take us to the 2 main towns on the Island and then bring us back to the boat in time for our “around the island” cruise. We were also handed our “light lunch” which was a bread roll with tomato, mozzarella and herbs – nice but not really very impressive. We took up the private bus option (the public buses are unreliable and the taxi fare was 30euro each way (although they ARE all fiat convertibles and so very cool).
    Boarding the bus, we headed off to our first destination, the town of Anacapri (the other town is of course Capri – very inventive naming on this island). Anacapri is on the other side of the island is accessed by a very narrow, very steep road. The “buses” are about 22 seaters and certainly nothing larger could fit – indeed there were places where they simply cannot pass and one or the other of the facing drivers would have to pull off the road or even back up to allow the other to pass – even so – the passing space was rarely more and a few centimetres and the drivers of the buses would often high five or shoulder punch each other as they passed. Anacapri just seemed like another tourist spot with restaurants and the usual tourist shops. However there was the attraction of the Chairlift up Monte Solaro. Costing 11euro for the return journey (13 minutes each way) the lift was built in 1952 (reassuringly it was completely overhauled in 1998) and has 156 single chairs. It rises up to the peak of Mt Solaro which is 589m above sea level and so provides amazing views. We jumped on board for the exciting ride to the top passing over terraced gardens with grapes, olives, chestnuts and assorted veggies, before moving high up the mountain through forest (beech and pine) and then to the scrubby rocky top. The view was great as was the decent a short time later, going up your are looking inland, however on the way down you get amazing views over the town and out to sea. Arrive at the base of the lift we had about 20 minutes to wander the town, away from the main tourist area it was rather cute with very narrow lanes and a well-cared for look. We returned to the pickup point and waited with the million (ok exaggeration – but there was clearly a couple of cruise ships in port so it was busy) other tourists. We were eventually returned to our bus and it was back over the mountain and back to Capri “Village”
    I am not sure why they insist on calling it a village – it seems a sprawling kind of place. The centre does have very narrow lanes (often not more than a metre and scarily infested by high speed motorised vehicles (for delivering things by the look of them) that come belting around the corners at a great rate. I didn’t really like Capri – one clearly has to have excessive money to be there – coffee was 3,50 euro for an expresso (usually 1euro) and the streets were line with expensive restaurants and boutiques. We wandered around looking for somewhere to get a coffee that didn’t cost the earth, got totally lost in the maze of little lanes (that weren’t on the maps) and then had to leg it back to the bus pick up for our transfer back to the Marina.
    Reunited finally with Antonio and our boat it was time for our circumnavigation of the island. And this was when the selfies started to REALLY get on everyone’s (well the 8 normal people’s) nerves. First we were shown where the Blue Grotto entrance was, and it was certainly clear why it was closed as it would have been far to dangerous to try to get a row boat (which is all that can fit) in with the tide and the swell. We continued on around the island with more and more selfies happening. We visited the “green grotto” I pushed my way up onto the front deck but it was still hard to see, let alone take a photo with the aged nymphettes draping themselves in the way and pouting at their phones. We moved on to an area where one could swim and snorkel if desired (way to cold for me or any sensible human being) the Nymphettes stripped off and jumped in with much posturing and shrieking. In a calculated move 6 of us (the Aussies and the Yanks) dashed up to the front deck and spread out lying about in the now present sunshine and taking OTT selfies ourselves. This meant that upon their return the selfie addicts were denied free access to the deck and we were all in the way of their photos. We stayed firmly put despite their grumbles only returning to the rear of the boat when we headed off to visit the white grotto and the sea arch – again not enjoying a view as the 4 ladies were back to their tricks.
    After completing the circuit of the island, it was back across to the mainland. The sun was out and we all enjoyed some basking in it as we returned. We promptly disembarked and were then shuttled back to the convent.
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