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  • Day68

    Road from Bern to Aosta

    September 19, 2016 in Italy

    This blog is just about the road from Bern to Aosta in noryhern Italy. The route I took goes close along the shore of Lake Geneva and the Great Saint Bernard road that includes the pass over the mountain range separating Switzerland and Italy. It also includes the 8 km long Saint Benard tunnel, part of which is through the mountain range and part of which hangs off the side of the mountain. The pass itself is just under 2,500 meters high. This means a couple of things. 1. Fantastic views and 2. Bloody cold. Had to stop to put on winter gloves and just about every bit of clothing I had until I looked like the Mitchilin man. The road is mostly good and very very windy!!!

    This is hard to admit, but I was glad when the road straightened out - I needed a rest!!!!
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  • Day68

    Aosta Italy

    September 19, 2016 in Italy

    I've really been looking forward to getting to Italy to visit my parents' birth place, catch up with relatives that I've only ever met once before (previous trip with Anne) and the ability to speak the local language - well a bastardised English version anyway. I won't see the relatives and mum and dad's old stomping grounds until I get to Asti in Piedmont, but can't wait to have a conversation, without having to resort to mime, even if it is with a total stranger.

    Aosta really took me by surprise. I stayed in a cheap (because it isn't ski season yet) hotel about 15 minutes walk from the centre and the "old town". It's a lot bigger than I thought and it's bilingual French/Italian. Most of the town signage is in both languages and streets often have straight out French names. There is even a lift from the town that takes you to close-by ski slopes. The old town was just fabulous with, lucky me, lots of (American) tourists visiting. I got to speak Italian (even when people wanted to talk in English!!!). I'm sure they wondered why a simple request for a hot chocolate turned into a 1/2 hour conversation about what a great day it was. Aosta has beautiful buildings (some back to the middle ages), the obligatory huge piazza & large Cathedral and the best gelato I'd eaten in 10 years (eg. last time I was in Italy). The streets weren't too busy so it was a safer introduction to some of the craziest drivers and riders in Europe.

    I also love Italy's ability to meld old and new together in a very practical way. There are 3 photos below of APM (that's an automatic pizza machine for the uninitiated) 2. a condom vending machine and 3. the local Aosta Cathedral. The two vending machines were almost next to each other on the same building wall which, in turn, was a very close walk to the Cathedral. It was explained to me that this was the practical dating solution for young un-married catholics. With 1 you both got a a cheap meal. With 2 you both got the dessert that you both wanted but couldn't ask for at home, and with 3 you got the immediate forgiveness needed to have an other date next weekend!!!!!

    Next stop Alessandria. I need to fast for at least one day before I go stay with relatives - boy do Italians like to feed you 🐷
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  • Day3

    Aosta, Italy

    December 23, 2017 in Italy

    Beautiful quaint town in Italian Alps. Went for a hike to peak in Aosta Valley to get a lay of the land(couldn't find snowshoes to rent so had to rough it😀) 4 injured due to snowball fight 😉. Walked all over the town, drank coffee, ate pizza. Airbnb amazing again. Vineyard view is from bedroom window! Weird to see all the grape Vines covered in snow. Found humongous grocery store. Didn't think those existed in Europe. Too many cheeses to choose one. Will have to move here😀 Also cheese on pizza really good... something s different about it. Can't figure it out😀 also pepperoni is not's red bell peppers😀 Visited Roman ruins too. Apparently almost as many in this Valley as in Rome.Read more

  • Day4

    Aosta day 2

    December 24, 2017 in Italy

    Spent the day in Gran Paradiso national Park and the beautiful town of Cogne. We hiked in pretty deep snow for a few hours for some amazing views. Brought our own lunch to small village of Gimillan where the hike ended. We ate sausage, cheese, bread and fruit right outside someone's house on a tiny street with a view of some Italian Alps. From there we headed back to Cogne for more walking, cafe, crepes and sweet breads. Wyatt ordered hot chocolate and literally got a small cup of pure melty chocolate...super thick. We all poured it all over our breads. Mine had a pretty strong liquor center...yippee😀..who knew. If you look carefully at the cafe pic there are literally 4 old Italian men sitting around playing cards. It was too stereotypical. We all had to laugh. Stopped at a castle too😀. Midnight mass on the agenda. Merry Christmas Eve to you all.🎄❤🎄❤🎄❤Read more

  • Day149

    Francesco's house

    March 25, 2017 in Italy

    Francesco and his two lively children, Matthew and Beatricia, showed us to our spacious apartment. It's a daylight basement with peekaboo views of the mountains. The main room is heated with a pellet stove so it was like sitting in front if a fire while we drank our delicious Chianti Classico for happy hour. A good place to rest.

  • Day2

    Étroubles à Aoste

    July 3, 2017 in Italy

    Via Francigena 2017
    Lundi 3 juillet : Etroubles - Aoste
    (18 Km, 1’090 m de descente – 4h.00, sans les pauses)

    07h.30 Lever – Sacs faits BuS
    08h.00 Déjeuner (à l’Hôtel Beau-Séjour) Réception du pic-nic
    08h.45 Office à l’église
    09h.30 Départ (alt. 1’270 m) sur VF 103, par le cimetière
    10h.00 Echevennoz (alt. 1'233 m) Chapelle peinte, poursuite de la marche
    le long du Rû Neuf, Grotte de la Vierge
    11h.00 Croisée de Buthier – Pause Bus 11h.30 Poursuite de la marche (forte descente… pour arriver à Gignod)
    12h. 00 Gignod, place de l’église (alt. 997 m) - Bus
    Office et pic-nic (WC)
    13h.30 Reprise de la marche Via Hôtel Bellevue, Chez Curtil et chez Henry
    14h.15 Variney (alt. 782 m) Chapelle, puis entrée à Signayes, et montée dans les
    15h.00 Arrivée à Aoste (alt. 580 m)
    15h.30 Installation à l’Hôtel Mignon (proche de la zone piétonne + mag) Bus
    16h.00 Visite guidée de la ville d’Aoste (durée 1h30 à 2h00)
    18h.30 Office à l’église (Saint Ours ?) Via l’Hôpital, Cathédrale (Rue Martinet),
    Place de l’Hôtel de Ville (Rue des Etats)
    19h.30 Repas en commun (Rest. de la Vache Folle)
    22h.00 Retour à l’Hôtel - Repos!
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  • Day3

    Aosta à Fénis

    July 4, 2017 in Italy

    Via Francigena 2017
    Mardi 4 juillet : Aoste - Fénis
    (17 Km, 200 m de montée, 250 m de descente – 5h.00, sans les pauses)

    07h.00 Lever – Sacs faits BuS
    07h.30 Déjeuner (à l’Hôtel Mignon)
    08h.30 Office (à l’hôtel ?) et achats pic-nic
    09h.00 Départ (alt. 580 m) et achats pic-nic, sur VF 103, par l’Arc d’Auguste,
    à gauche après le pont, direction Saint-Christophe
    11h.00 Parking Maison communale de St-Christophe (alt. 635 m) -
    Pause Bus
    11h.30 Poursuite de la marche
    12h. 30 Château de Quart (alt. 750 m) - Bus
    Office et pic-nic
    13h.30 Reprise de la marche Sur la VF entre les Vignes et le long d’un bisse
    15h.00 Seran – Chetoz (635.) – Pause Bus
    15h.30 Départ Forte descente sur Mazod
    16h.00 Arrêt à Nus – Achats pour le pic-nic du lendemain
    16h.45 Reprise de la marche
    17h.15 Arrivée à Fénis (alt. 550 m) - Installation à l’Hôtel
    Comtes de Challand Bus
    19h.00 Office (à l’Hôtel ou à l’église ?)
    19h.45 Repas en commun
    22h.00 Repos!
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  • Day4

    Fénis à Saint-Vincent

    July 5, 2017 in Italy

    Via Francigena 2017
    Mercredi 5 juillet : Fénis – Saint-Vincent
    (20 Km, étape avec de nombreux dénivelés : 400 m de montée, 400 m de descente – 5h.30, sans les pauses)

    07h.00 Lever – Sacs faits BuS
    07h.30 Déjeuner (à l’Hôtel Comtes de Challant)
    08h.15 Office (à l’hôtel ?)
    09h.00 Départ (alt. 550 m) sur VF 103 à partir de Nus, via Rovarey
    11h.00 Eglise de Diémoz San Martino et Santa Lucia(alt. 700 m) - Pause Bus 11h.30 Poursuite de la marche par Champagne ( alt. 500 m), Poya
    12h. 30 Chambave (alt. 508 m) – Office à l’église (ouverte) Bus
    et pic-nic sur la place de parc (WC au parking plus bas – avertir l’agent
    de police)
    13h.30 Reprise de la marche
    15h.00 Châtillon ( alt. 527 m) – Pause sur le parking public Bus
    15h.30 Départ via Eglise San Pietro pour Saint-Vincent (forte mais courte
    17h.00 Arrivée à Saint-Vincent (alt. 567 m) au carrefour « Les Thermes »
    descendre à droite pour rejoindre l’hôtel Elena Via Biavaz
    17h.15 Installation à l’Hôtel Elena Bus 18h.30 Office (à l’Hôtel ou à l’église romane des Capucins?)
    19h.30 Repas en commun à l’Hôtel
    22h.00 Repos!
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  • Day6

    Arnad à Pont-Saint-Martin

    July 7, 2017 in Italy

    Vendredi 7 juillet : Arnad – Pont-Saint-Martin
    (10 Km,: 60 m de montée, 50 m de descente – 3h.00, sans les pauses + visites)

    07h.30 Lever – Sacs faits Bus
    08h.00 Déjeuner (à l’Hôtel Elena) – achats pic-nic
    09h.00 Départ (alt. 361 m)
    09h.15 Office à l’église Saint-Martin – reprise de la marche
    sur VF 103, Pont d’Echallod, puis rive droite de la Doire Balta
    11h.00 Hône (364 m), Pause pour l’apéritif (sur la place) Bus
    11h.30 Poursuite de la marche Via E. Chanoux, au pont à droite puis dans
    le bourg Via Vittorio Emanuele
    12h. 00 Bard (alt. 400 m) – Office à l’église Bus
    puis pic-nic sur la place (WC)
    14h.00 Visite guidée du Fort de Bard (durée 1h15)
    15h.30 Départ en direction de Donnas
    16h.00 Pause sous le pont routier (au départ de la route romaine) Bus
    16h.30 (dernier) Départ pour Pont-Saint-Martin via Donnas
    17h.30 Arrivée à Pont-Saint Martin (alt. 345 m), installation Bus
    à l’Hôtel Crabun
    18h.30 Office (à l’Hôtel ou à la petite Chapelle sur la VF ?)
    19h.30 Repas en commun
    22h.00 Repos!
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