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  • Day13

    Craft beer

    May 21, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    I like to incorporate a bit of nature and park things into my itinerary. I find it relaxing to just walk around in a forest or just stare at mountains in the distance. So today i chose to go to Tazawanuma a caldera lake east of Morioka. The trip would be a fairly easy one, just one ride with the Shinkansen to Senboku station and then a short 12 minute bus ride to the lake. I got out of the bus and the tourboat was already waiting and so within 5 minutes i was cruising the lake. I can't tell you much more about the lake except that it's 442.3 meters deep since all the explanation was only in Japanese. Nevertheless it was a nice boatride and since the weather was really sunny and clear we had some nice views of the surrounding mountains. There were two short stops along the way, one for a shinto shrine and another one was a famous statue of a local girl called Tatsuko. According to legend, Tatsuko was a beautiful girl who prayed to retain her beauty forever but was instead cursed and turned into a dragon and eventually sunk to the bottom of Lake Tazawa. After that it was back to the pier and i took the bus back to Senboku station. I checked the timetable for the Shinkansen that would take me back to Morioka. The train arrived and i was kind of suprised since i expected the train to come from the opposite direction but since i have this all the time here in Japan i did not think very much of it and boarded the train and fell asleep. After about an hour of light napping i was surprised to hear the anouncer call Akita as the next and final station. I got into the wrong train! At first i wanted to take the next train back to Morioka but i figured i could just stroll around Akita for a bit and take the next train back. That turned out to be a good choice. A local TV station held a small festival there with music and i believe some famous comedians. And of course plenty of food stalls with all different kinds of meat skewers, noodles and whatnot. And somewhere tucked in between was a stall from a local Akita craft beer brewery. They use rice as one of their ingredient and it gives their beer a wonderfully refreshing tast. Of course i had to try all three beers they had on tap and meanwhile i had a nice talk with Ikukosan from the brewery. Slightly inebriated, I got to the station and actually took the right train back to Morioka. I watched some crazy karaoke show in my hotel room for a while and went to bed.Read more

  • Day220

    Road trip - West/North of Honshu

    July 18, 2020 in Japan ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Road trip around Japan 🚙🗾🍙🏯
    Starting the road trip around Japan with my little Kei Car (a car but smaller, Japanese style!) with my co workers from Myoko and my chilien friend Nico.
    Heading north of Honshu on the west coast.
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Akita, Präfektur Akita, Prefektur Akita, أكيتا, Акита, Prefectura dAkita, Akita-gâing, ئاکیتا, Prefektura Akita, Gubernio Akita, Prefectura de Akita, Akita prefektuur, استان آکیتا, Akitan prefektuuri, Préfecture dAkita, Maoracht Akita, 秋田县, Akita-yen, אקיטה, अकिता प्रीफ़ेक्चर, Akita prefektúra, Prepektura ti Akita, Prefettura di Akita, 秋田県, Préfèktur Akita, ខេត្តអាគីតា, 아키타 현, Akitos prefektūra, Akitas prefektūra, अकिता, Wilayah Akita, Akita-koān, Akita Prefekture, Prepektura ning Akita, ضلع اکیٹا, Prefectura Akita, Akita Prefectur, Akita prefektuvra, Префектура Акита, Préféktur Akita, Akita prefektur, Mkoa wa Akita, Префектураи Акита, จังหวัดอะกิตะ, Prepektura ng Akita, ئاكىتا ناھىيىسى, Префектура Акіта, اکیتا پریفیکچر, 秋田縣