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  • Day377

    Day 378: Across to Malta

    February 27 in Malta

    Time for a long day of travel. Checked out of our Airbnb around 10:30am, and drove the hour or so south to Catania airport. Dropped the car off with no issues and walked into the terminal. Check-in process was fairly quick and easy, long line at security but we got through with still about 45 minutes before boarding.

    Had some arancini and a coffee for lunch before boarding our plane. Only a handful of people boarded and it looked to be a super empty flight, until we actually got on and realised it had come from somewhere else and was already mostly full!

    Our seats were a couple of rows from the back, and we had a group of three to ourselves which was nice. Schnitzel sat in his bag underneath the seat in front of me and didn't make a sound - probably a bit scared. The flight was extremely short, only about 35 minutes or so. We were still over Sicily when the captain throttled back for descent which I found quite funny.

    Landed on the ground no dramas, and we were both very relieved that Schnitzel had behaved himself. I think because he's in his bag and crammed under a seat he has no idea what's going on - when he's been on the floor of trains and buses there's usually more people moving around which in turn makes him bark a bit more.

    Bus to the terminal and then a wait for our bags, as we were met by the animal control officer. He checked through Schnitzel's paperwork then strongly advised we register him at the nearest vet office in case he got out or otherwise escaped. Turns out he mis-heard "eight nights" as "eight months" and thought we were staying much longer!! No need to register for 8 nights, obviously.

    Decided to get a shuttle bus service to our apartment since taxis here are a rip-off and the buses are comically unreliable. Didn't have the greatest first impression since the traffic was very heavy and our driver was quite aggressive. It's the typical story of a dense population with tiny historic streets and way too many cars for the system to handle. That and people have a real third-world style of driving, just stopping and putting hazard lights on whenever they need to.

    Our apartment's in a neighbourhood called Sliema, an expat enclave across the harbour from the capital Valletta. Typical mid-90s crumbling concrete apartment building, though it's been renovated and is fairly nice. Will be comfortable here for 8 nights, and I have no complaints!

    Spent a couple of hours unwinding before heading out for a drink and some dinner at a nearby bistro. Decided to have a burger while Shandos had a chicken salad. Still a bit spun out that I can understand others' conversations, and I can't help but eavesdrop on the banalities of life.

    Back home to mull over things - it's an odd place so far! It really feels north African, like Morocco or Tunisia - very different from Sicily and Italy, that's for sure. Will see how things pan out over the week!
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  • Day384

    Not much to report again today! Still working, editing video and writing, and playing a few games as well.

    Went out for dinner at least, to a nice waterfront place about 10 minutes from the apartment. Shandos finally got to try Maltese rabbit which she really enjoyed, while I had a Maltese burger (beef, Maltese sausage, ash-covered goat's cheese and peppers). Both quite nice, and well-priced too! Last night in Malta.Read more

  • Day1


    December 30, 2017 in Malta

    Yo das mit dem Transfer hat dann doch noch geklappt. Am Hotel Check-In war nicht so viel los, aber die, die eingecheckt sind, waren glaube ich zum ersten Mal in einem Hotel. Aber auch die Warterei konnte mich nicht aus der Ruhe bringen. Das Hotel ist ganz ok. Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten des Blickes: Meerblick oder Baustellenblick. Guess what ich bekommen habe.
    Die Gegend, wo das Hotel liegt, ist etwas dunkel und nicht ganz vertrauenswürdig. Aber ich bin ja hier auf Malta, da isses ja nicht so schlimm.
    Da es schon dunkel war, bin ich heute nicht mehr so viel rumgekommen. Ich habe noch in einem coolen Pub „The Scotsman“ ein Guinness getrunken und ein bisschen Fußball geguckt. Morgen erkunde ich dann mal ein bisschen die Stadt.
    In dem Pub hab ich mich dann noch lange mit Liam aus Irland unterhalten. Er kommt aus dem County Meath. Und er sagte, du weißt eh nicht wo das ist. Und ich sag doch, das ist wo Slane ist. Und schon waren wir Kumpels. Lustig.
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  • Day7

    St. Julians

    September 3, 2013 in Malta

    ...danasnji dan smo zaceli z zajtrkom, in avtobusom seveda :) ...stevilka 12 proti mestu St.Julians,ki je v principu mondeno druzbeno sredisce morsko, kjer je luksuzna marina, kjer je Hilton,kjer so Casinoji, kjer so cene vse visje kot drugod po Malti...v principu kot neke vrste nas Portoroz,Bernardin in Piran...
    ...danasnji dan smo preziveli sprehajoc po mestu, v morju se je bilo nemogoce kopati,saj je cel dan zelo pihalo...celo krajsi naliv smo doziveli in ga prevedrili na kosilu...smo pa nasli bazen,kjer je nasa mala popotnica veselo plavala in uzivala, voda jo je utrudila,da je danes morala celo popoldne spati :)...
    ...ob vrnitvi v Bugibbo smo po vecerji sli v mestece,kjer si je Eva izbrala svojo prvo rocno urico in spet smo pogledali skupinski ples in bocanje...cel zur...najbolj pa je dogajalo Evi,ki je otroski vlakec in ostale "luna park" zadevice, vse brez izjeme sprobala...
    ...jutri bo dan brez avtobusa...tudi zato,ker te ob vrocinimin vlagi,pa ko tak noro povsod nazigajo klimo, z lahkoto prehladijo...
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  • Day1

    There, then here

    October 4, 2017 in Malta

    After an unnecessary, but unsurprising, 3am wake up for both of us, the taxi arrives bang on time at 05.45. Security is efficient, we buy supplies and very quickly, it seems, we're belted into seats 3a and 3b.

    The flight leaves on time but we're delayed starting our descent into Malta due to the depression that is sitting over the island preventing us landing. We're warned of probable turbulence during the approach and landing, to the extent that the staff are handing out extra sick bags! In the event, the turbulence clears and Captaim Eammon executes a textbook landing.

    It's raining. A lot. Yuck.

    We whiz through this tiny airport and are in our taxi to St Julians within minutes. We drop our bags at our apartment at midday but cannot stay long as the cleaner is due but do step quickly onto our terrace to check out the view.

    Then we potter off into the grey damp with the prospect of several hours to amuse ourselves. Thank goodness the rain has eased so we wander round the harbour checking things out for a while. Eventually it starts raining more again so we dip into Bar Moak, opposite Balutta Church, for some cold local beer, Cisk (pronounced Chisk), and some lunch, mussels for me and just tomato bruschetta for John, who had only recently eaten his Gatwick all-day-breakfast sandwich. We move on to the Irish pub, The Dubliner, for another beer until, finally, we can take possession of our apartment.
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  • Day1

    Now we feel we're here

    October 4, 2017 in Malta

    We settle in and gradually the clouds begin to break up. We're not talking clear blue skies but enough to give us a teaser of what to expect. A small glass of red improves matters and I can see this terrace getting a lot of use over the next week.

    Our dinner reservation tonight is at Wigi, just next to where we ate at lunchtime. We need to arrive early if we're going to get one of their coveted window seats. We do! But by five past seven all four window tables are gone. We have a lovely view across the water to Balutta Church.

    We enjoy Thai style calamari fritti and beef carpaccio with celeriac remoulade for starters. I retract my avowed dislike of celeriac and redesignate my dislike to cooked celariac. Main courses are a local fish called meagre, in a delicate olive oil and lemon sauce and pink rack of lamb served with Moroccan spiced vegetables. Mmmm. Predictably, I am defeated too soon, leaving John with some of the fish and most of the lamb to deal with...

    Then back for final drinks on our terrace, before an early night.
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  • Day2

    What to do in Valetta in the rain?

    October 5, 2017 in Malta

    As we leave the ferry in the rain I spot a sign for a free exhibition, "Fort Builders" so we duck in there. It's a detailed and interesting exhibition about the development of the fortifications of Malta over two millennia. Malta has been so historically significant in the Med due to it's superb location in the channel between Italy and North Africa, dividing the Med into the east and west basins, it has been blessed with a magnificent harbour and is easily defendable so that maintaining strong defences has been of paramount importance to its many occupiers.

    We leave and, hey, no rain! So we start wandering the streets to get a sense of this city. After a while we swing by Ortygia, a Sicilian restaurant, for lunch and enjoy a platter of meats and cheeses. Stepping outside afterwards it's clear we have, again, escaped the rain!

    We check out the city gates, the massive walls, wander the streets and finally end up in Upper Barakka Gardens shortly before the firing of the evening gun at 4pm. This cannon was traditionly fired twice daily at noon and 4pm to advise any ships in the harbour of the correct time.

    We drift down the city, passing the arrival of a bride at a church, ending up right at the end where the massive St Elmo's Fort guards the harbour entrance. No time for a visit today so we head back to the ferry.

    One's in but there is such a huge line waiting that they leave without a lot of people. We join the remaining queue for the next ferry and are 74th and 75th in line (some of us have too much time on their hands!). This crossing the coveted seats are outside on top and we get two of the last. We're straight on a bus after disembarking, and crawl back to San Giljan in the evening traffic.

    Next, a couple of asides...
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  • Day2

    Maltese balconies

    October 5, 2017 in Malta

    As you wander the streets of Valetta, take the time to look up and you will see the unique Maltese balconies in abundance. Their origins are vague but one thought is that they were acceptable forms of decoration for the Knights whilst Valetta was being built. Others believe an Arab influence seems likely and it is a popular thought that women in the 18th century could sit hidden up there and watch the world go by.Read more

  • Day3

    Mdina and the classic cars

    October 6, 2017 in Malta

    We wait and wait for the 202 bus to Mdina. Finally it comes round the corner but it's full and doesn't stop for us... Just great. And the next bus isn't for another hour so we have to call a taxi, instead of using our already paid for bus passes. The taxi is air conditioned and quick so there are advantages over standing, crushed, on a hot bus for an hour.

    We walk through the huge main gate into beautiful Mdina, once the ancient capital of Malta. We explore the narrow steets and alleys, enjoying how pretty it is.

    The Classic Cars are on display in St Paul's Square, in front of the cathedral, so we head over there. We enjoy a glass of Prosecco and admire all these lovingly maintained cars, in the buzzy atmosphere.

    Then to Bacchus to share a Maltese platter of sausage, olives, sun dried tomato, cheese, octopus, bean dip, bread sticks and bruschetta for lunch. The restaurant is inside the old powder store with big arched ceilings.
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