Ocozocoautla de Espinosa

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  • Day100

    Outreach Teil 1

    December 21, 2021 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    🤗Zägg da bini wider ...I befinde mi iz ir Mitti vo mim Outreach u ha entschide hie glich paar Iträg z mache miteme iblickli was mir bis iz so hei erläbt im Outreach...

    Di ersti Wuche u no chli meh heimer in Berriozábal und Tuxtla verbracht wime da uf dr Charte cha gseh.
    Mit dr "iglesia de nazarena" hei mir hie verschideni Arte vo ministry gmacht ...sigs mit Chinder Zit verbringe u Lieder singe, Dramas uffüere im stetli, i Spitäler u vor Spitäler für d Lüt bätte, medizinischi Hiuf abiete oder Läbesmittu bringe...
    Gschlafe heimer imne Huus oder vilech besseegseit Ruine oder öpis ähnlechem.😅 D Lüt hie hei d Wänd äxtra no blau agmale für üs bevor mir si cho😘 so süess.
    Es isch cool gsi zmizt imne Quartier i Mitte vo Mexikaner z läbe, i ähnleche umständ z huse u z pfuuse.

    Zwöi Welpe vore Strassehündin vor üsere Tür hei üses Erbarme gfunde u so heimerse ufgnoh u afa ufpäpele mitem Schoppe...doch nachere Wuche wosi hei afgange überau häreschisse hei üsi Leader d Nase vou gha u mir heise demnah wider müesse laga😆

    I liebe d Grosszügigkeit vode Lüt hie, so dienendi Härze hani vorher no säute gseh☺️...mir wärde täglich beschänkt mit Tamales, Tuktuks, offnige Hüser u no meh.
    I liebes hinge uf de Trucks u hocke dr Wind zu gspüre u derzue paar Lieder z rocke...
    I liebe di wunderwunderwunderschöne Husmalereie wo überau z finde beidruckend...
    U i liiieeebe z Ässe da........jaa

    ...Bis i Bräch/durchfall ha bercho wi wed Floodgates of heaven offe wäre gsi 🤮mis ganze Team hets ä Tag speter o gno u so simer ä Wuche lang, meh oder weniger Tag u Nacht uf z WC gsprunge, hei ab u zue es loblied gsunge aber schüsch d Chraft für nüt angers gfunde...speter het sich usegsteut dases eue äs cheibe Parasitli isch gsi wo da z Unheil het agstiftet.

    Nachere Antibiotika kuur simer de wider uf Tour u hei no paar tolli ministry Täg chönne erläbe.

    Was mir aui hei gmerkt Isch wimer immer u immer wider nöii Chraft hei chönne tanke, sigs im Danke, Bibuläse u eifach Zit mit Jesus verbringe!!!😍😍
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    Bigler Rina

    wuuunderschöni Wasserfäu mit naturpools u Rutschind, höline, Liane u fasch keni Lüt 😍

    Bigler Rina

    Kids Dramas 🎉

    Bigler Rina

    health Day ; gratis Gsundheitscheck für aui wo wei cho

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  • Day645

    Fahrt auf der Mex 180 nach Veracruz

    March 1, 2021 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Von Tuxtla fahre ich auf der Mex 180 Richtung Veracruz. Am wunderschönen Stausee des Rio Grijlva, übenachte ich auf dem Restaurant Parkplatz mit Seesicht und geniesse den Sonnenuntergang.

    Berni Maria Südamerika

    mmh gseht sehr fein us 😋

    Berni Maria Südamerika

    schönes Bild:-))

    Roman Giacometto

    Bure Brodwoerscht!!!!

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  • Day292

    I Know a Dead Parrot When I See One...

    March 4, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    (If you don't recognise the Monty Python skit, shame on you!)

    After tearing ourselves away from the beach we spent a day restocking our dwindling supplies of food, water, beer & petrol. We then headed inland, crossing an incredibly windy estuary that logically was home to a huge windfarm and made for an interesting drive.

    We wound our way up to about 600m above sea-level & headed 3km down a dirt road to a community cooperative-run area of natural beauty, Cascadas El Aguacero. After over 750 steps down into the sandy bottom of the deep canyon we had a wonderful natural shower under the cool waterfall & lounged in the more bath-like (albeit a lukewarm one) river. The carpark gradually emptied & we spent a lovely quiet night with electricity from their incredible solar power set up with just the resident cat for company.

    Despite the temptation to descend back to the lush waterfalls we headed on another couple of hours to another eco-tourism place, Sima de las Cotorras (aka Sinkhole of the Parrots). I don't think I need to explain much more about this place, but we spent a lazy afternoon watching them sweep down x-wing stylee to their roosts on the cavernous walls to a raucous screeching from the existing inhabitants. We even got up at sunrise to see them spiralling out for the day too.

    We then cruised an hour or so down the road to El Cañón del Sumidero (Canyon of the Drain!), and took a couple of hours boat trip into the national park. It was a fun ride on a fast boat and we saw plenty of crocs sunning themselves on the banks. After such an early start it was only early afternoon so we decided to plow on to our next destination, the much anticipated San Cristóbal de las Casas, climbing from a few hundred metres up to over 2,000 in only 40 minutes (fortunately it was a decent road, albeit a toll one).
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    Eileen Limbrey


  • Day205

    Riding into Chiapas

    February 23, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 35 °C

    Feeling recharged we left the next morning with 2 new friends: Justin from Canada and Julian from Columbia. We bought a few delicious mangos in Tapanatepec and headed back into the hills, excited to be heading towards cooler climes. It was a beautiful climb out of the valley of mango farms on the 190 Libre - we even passed a large tempting lake soon after the summit, but didn't need to swim as badly as we had in previous days so we opted to ride on. Once again a tailwind picked up in the afternoon and we sped along over rolling hills to Cintalapa where we decided to try staying with the Proteccion Civil as they had a nice open hangar just outside of town. We checked out some roadside restaurants, but everything was closed at 6 pm (meal times are different in Mexico, and we keep forgetting that it's hard to find a meal in small towns around our Canadian dinner time), so we ended up coming back to the hangar and cooking a simple dinner with an audience before going to bed in the first cool evening we have experienced since our return to the coast.Read more

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