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  • Day11

    Day 2 in Amsterdam

    February 11, 2020 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌬 4 °C

    Well heading back to the hostel after meeting Gary for a few beers again..... It's safe to say we were both very rough today haha.

    Bit of sight seeing and of course shopping today. Had the most incredible hot dog ever worth every penny

    I love this city, always have and always will...... Can't wait to come back again.

    Off to Berlin tomorrow!!.

    Can't believe I have bee traveling for 11 days already it's going so fast 😓.

    Can't wait to see my mum in just 3 days!!.
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    Evelyn Hak

    So glad you’re having a great time in Amsterdam it’s another great city 🌃 xx My case is packed ! Enjoy Berlin 💋 xx

    Helen Braidwood

    I love Amsterdam Linz especially Kookenhoff Gardens...think I spelt that wrong as was 12 yrs ago😂Hot dog looks lush..glad you're having a fab time😃xx

    David Braidwood

    Great city. Looks chilly.

  • Day27

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    June 18, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Amsterdam 18-22 June
    We planned to spend a few days in Amsterdam before setting off on our bike barge trip from Amsterdam to Bruges. It was lovely that we were able to meet up with friends from Australia who were also travelling. As we had all been to Amsterdam before we decided to do something outside of Amsterdam.Read more

  • Day1

    Es geht los...

    June 10, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Es ist soweit... Der Tag, dem wir so lange entgegen gefiebert haben ist gekommen! Wir haben es sogar schon nach Amsterdam geschafft und wenn alles gut geht, besteigen wir in wenigen Minuten das Flugzeug nach Vancouver! Die Aufregung ist groß! Unser Abenteuer beginnt!!!Read more

    Nicola Käpernick

    Es geht loooosss 😁😁😁🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Guten Flug und eine ruhige Weiterreise 🛫😊

  • Day5

    First Day, Amsterdam

    August 17, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Headed into Amsterdam Centraal on a cloudy morning. Instead of visiting the major "sites," I spent the day walking around, semi-guided by a Rick Steves audio tour, taking in the small things I saw

    - a couple enjoying a snack on the canal
    - a small place of peace above chaotic Damrak
    - children laughing and people protesting in Dam Square.

    There was plenty of marijuana on offer-- sex too, for those willing to pay-- but I was content as is.
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    Giovanni Colletti

    Looks interesting - looking forward to more pics and some beautiful country scenes too

    Giovanni Colletti

    The guy with the rollerblades looks like he has partaken in too much of all the above

    Joe Colletti

    Yeah, looks like he's a few slices short of a loaf. There will be more pics. Been off the grid in the Black Forest this weekend...but that's a future story :)

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  • Day3

    A Day In Amsterdam

    August 8, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We woke up refreshed and ready for a new day of exploring. This is a beautiful city and you could spend days just walking around looking at the amazing buildings.

    We first went on a quest to find coffee! Our first stop didn’t live up to Pete’s expectation so we continued on till we found a small cafe that had great coffee and amazing food. Happy and full we set off to explore. We just kept walking and found a flower market that had sooooo many bulbs and plants so I was in heaven. We tried cheese in a shop dedicated to cheese and I was in seventh heaven. Jumped on a barge and did a canal tour during which we spied a market which we then tried to find on foot. Lucky Pete is good with direction, I would have had us walking in circles or in the wrong direction. Think we are on a but of a food tour too with a couple of stops to fill our faces on Dutch pancakes, croquettes and meatballs. Oh beer too of course.

    Made it back to the hotel after a walk through Vondelpark to revive before we head out to find the red light district and maybe a coffee shop!
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    Peter Bowman

    Father & Son Warehouses!

    Carole Jenks

    Fabulous photos Sandra. Have you been to the Rijksmuseum - really worth a visit + Van Gogh’s. plus the Royal Palace if you have time. Keep enjoying xx

    Sandra strongman

    Thanks Carole. Pete tried to get in to the Van Gogh’s museum but it was closing! Oh well next time xx

  • Day31

    Hello Amsterdam, Goodbye Portugal

    October 18, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    It certainly would have been very easy to spend more time at the Castelo de Estremoz. In fact it would have been very easy to settle into this lifestyle permanently. With its palatial rooms, marble staircases, incredible antique furniture and priceless works of art, it really did give us a brief taste of what royal living must be all about.

    To complete the fairytale picture, we awoke to find the surrounding area had been covered over by an impenetrable white blanket of cloud. The castle and a few other nearby small mountains protruded through like islands on a white sea. It was spellbinding to see and we felt that our adventure had been given the final seal of approval.

    It would also have been wonderful to have spent much longer over breakfast. The huge dining hall and carefully prepared tables surely warranted at least an hour or two while we savoured our cereals and pondered the news of the day. Unfortunately it could not be. The problem was that the servants did not open the breakfast hall till 8 am and our bus was due to leave at 8.30 am. Where was the justice in that ? Life can be cruel sometimes.

    In spite of the haste, breakfast was still something I will never forget. I have dined in some pretty exotic places over the years, but this was probably the epitome. Everything else will be pretty mundane by comparison.

    When we loaded our luggage into the bus I walked over to the statue of Santa Isabel, where we had left the two scallop shells. They were still there. Behind the statue the white sea of cloud showed no sign of lifting, although the sun was already shining brightly over our heads. I hoped that Paul and Jan were enjoying the views with us since they had accompanied us all the way in our hearts.

    All too soon it was time to bid farewell to Estremoz. The bus squeezed its way out through the medieval streets and over the drawbridge. Soon we were on the huge motorway and speeding back to Lisbon. An ideal opportunity to grab a few more minutes of sleep.

    We still had one final Portuguese highlight to experience. The incredible Vasco da Gama Bridge across the Tagus River was completed in 1998 and, at 14 km long, it one of the longest in Europe. It certainly must have made a huge difference to life in the capital when it was opened to the public.

    At Lisbon airport we bade farewell to the rest of the group, while Allan Barlin and I headed inside to get some information about our flight. Our next stop was Amsterdam for a couple of nights, before heading on to a week in Switzerland. Allan is a farmer from NSW and I had shared several adventures with him in the past. I always enjoy his wild sense of humour and his easy going manner.

    Our flight to Amsterdam went quickly and smoothly enough.Somehow we even scored the only empty seat on the plane - right between us. We arrived at Amsterdam's huge Schipol Airport right on sunset.

    The walk to the baggage collection area seemed almost as long as our Camino Walk a couple of week's earlier, but we eventually found carousel number 4 and waited for our luggage. About twenty minutes absolutely nothing had come out of the chute. Not a thing. At least we weren't the only ones waiting, so we weren't really worried.

    After a few minutes longer I decided to do some investigation. I made an immediate discovery. On the very next carousel a familiar looking bag was looking very lonely as it went around and around all by itself. It was my beloved blue bag. I don't know how long it had been going around while we had been facing in the wrong direction, but I was just pleased to be reunited with it. I called Allan over and we soon found his bag as well.

    We then walked about 3 km to the taxi stand (Schipol is a VERY big airport) and waited for the next taxi. Instead of a taxi, a futuristic black craft pulled up alongside us. The alien invited us to get aboard, so we did. The alien pressed a few buttons on a giant touchscreen and we silently slid off into the traffic. I wondered if the alien knew any English so decided to speak to him.

    "What sort of machine is this ?", I asked.
    "It is the new Tesla, Model S", it replied.

    Apparently it was only two months old and it certainly made for an interesting and entertaining ride. It took off like a cut snake and cruised effortlessly and silently at 120 kph while the huge screen showed our progress through the streets of Amsterdam. I had certainly never been in a taxi like it and it was almost worth the 55 Euro it cost us for the transfer to our hotel.

    After we had checked in to our rooms, I took Allan on a brief tour of the neighbouring area. I had to explain to him to be very careful when you order cookies with your coffee. It's that sort of place.
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  • Day1

    A'dam. Tolle Stadt, scheiß Wetter.

    September 11, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Dass ich noch nicht mal einen Tag weg bin, kann ich kaum glauben. Wir sind heute viel durch die Innenstadt gelaufen und haben uns über das teure Essen beschwert. (Das könn' die Deutschen!) Dem Geldbeutel zuliebe haben wir uns heute Abend für Nudeln mit Pesto entschieden, die wir uns im Hostel gekocht haben. Ja, richtig. Das mit dem Couchsurfen hat tatsächlich nicht geklappt, aber das Hostel ist ziemlich cool und noch annehmbar günstig. Ich habe außerdem heute tatsächlich noch ein völlig überteuertes Paket mit überflüssigen Klamotten heimgeschickt. Jetzt bin ich zumindest nochmal 2,2 kg leichter. Ob das den Kohl nun fett macht, weiß ich auch nicht.😅
    Chris sollte ja heute auch in Amsterdam schlafen, allerdings war da irgendwas mit der Planung durch AIDA schief gelaufen, weshalb wir uns heute nicht mehr sehen konnten. Er wurde nun nämlich zu einem Hotel in Rotterdam chauffiert. Naja. Lange wäre unser Treffen wohl eh nicht gegangen. Bella und ich sind hundemüde. Ein anstrengender Tag geht zu Ende. Morgen geht's dann offenbar nach New York. Ich bin immer noch nicht ganz unterwegs...mal sehen, wie es morgen im Flugzeug so steht...😒🛫🛬
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    Heidi Gudera

    Huhu, freue mich sehr etwas von dir zu sehen/ lesen. Ich wünsche eine gute Tüte Schlaf. Für morgen....alles soll laufen wie geplant😆 Kussi Mama

  • Day1

    Der verwirrte & bekiffte Deutsche

    April 10, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Beim schlendern durch die Gassen mit dem nächsten Ziel Rembrandtplein im Visier sind wir in einer Seitenstraße auf einen wunderschönen Innenhof gestoßen. Während ich das Foto gemacht habe, hat uns ein etwa Mitte 40 jährige Herr angesprochen, ob wir denn auch Deutsche sind. Erkannt hatte er es an meinem Beutel mit deutscher Aufschrift. Er war sehr froh das wir ihn verstanden haben und hat angefangen sein Leid zu erzählen. Da er direkt damit angefangen hatte, dass er extrem bekifft ist, war seine Verwirrung logisch. Er hatte seine Frau wegen Ohrenschmerzen alleine ins Hotel gehen lassen und hatte somit kein Geld mehr. Er hat uns deswegen gefragt, ob wir ihn für die Tramfahrt 4€ geben können. Leider hatten wir kein Bargeld dabei und konnten nicht helfen. War für ihn aber kein Problem, er war trotzdem dankbar und hat uns einen schönen Tag gewünscht. Die Frage ist, ob wir ihn sonst Geld gegeben hätten, wenn er sein ganzes Geld verkifft & versoffen hat. Wohl der typische deutsche Tourist in Amsterdam.Read more

  • Day1

    Die bisher schönste Gracht - Raamgracht

    April 10, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Die bisher mit Abstand schönste Gracht haben wir hier beim schlendern gefunden. Leider gibt es wenig Infos über Ride Raamgracht, also bleibt es bei den wunderschönen Eindrücken. Während dem Fotografieren haben sich plötzlich zwei Enten angeschlichen und sind uns dann erst mal ein paar Schritte nachgelaufen, bis sie sich anders entschieden haben und der Straße weiter gefolgt sind. Wir sind abgebogen und entlang der wunderschönen Gracht weitergegangen.Read more

    Hans Gebhart

    tolles Bild

  • Day1

    Montelbaanstoren - Historischer Turm

    April 10, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Der Montelbaanstoren ist ein historischer Turm in Amsterdam. Er wurde 1516 an der Oude Schans, die auch Montelbaansgracht genannt wird, erbaut und erfüllte im 16. Jahrhundert als Teil der mittelalterlichen Stadtmauer zunächst die Funktion eines Wartturms über die Hafenanlagen und das Gewerbeviertel Lastage, nachdem dieses mehrmals von den Geldernschen in Brand gesetzt wurde. Ab dem Jahr 1606 wurde der Turm für seine ursprüngliche Aufgabe nicht mehr genutzt und erhielt eine vom Architekten Hendrick de Keyser entworfene Holzspitze inklusive einer Uhr mit Schlagwerk. Seitdem misst der Turm eine Höhe von 48 Metern. Da der Turm von 1878 bis 2006 der Stadtbehörde zur Wasserstandsregulierung in den Grachten unterstand, war er nicht öffentlich zugänglich. Der Turm war unser weitester Punkt für heute, also ging es jetzt allmählich zurück.Read more

    Hans Gebhart

    sehr schönes Photo


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