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  • Day4

    Unwetter in Uithoorn!

    August 27, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Wir sind mit dem Abendessen am Boot gerade fertig geworden, da kommt Wind auf. Angenehm, nachdem es den ganzen Tag drückend heiß bis 37 Grad war. Doch die schwarzen Wolken kommen auch bedrohlich schnell daher ...
    Beim Griechen (wir liegen ja genau davor) fangen die Kellner hektisch die flatternden Schirme ein, die bisher gemütlich essenden Leute versuchen, so viel wie möglich in die Hand zu nehmen und sausen ins Lokal.
    Paaafffff, da ist es! Ein Hagelwetter der Sonderklasse!
    Voll lässig, jetzt kann ich mein Zitronenwasser wieder gekühlt trinken :-) habe mir einige Hagelkörner in die Flasche gegeben!

    Nach dem Unwetter gehen wir ein bisserl spazieren - so richtig angenehm ist es!
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  • Day38

    First Ride to the Polders

    June 13, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Our first ride! A 50 kilometer loop to the polders south of the city. It took us about 20 minutes to thread our way through the city throngs to find some solitude and nature. We made our way through Vondelpark where the Riksmuseum and van Gogh museums reside. A few kilometers later we entered Het Amsterdamse Bos (forest park). Further south we entered the agrarian polders where we zigzagged over to the Amstel River from which Amsterdam takes its name. The return loop included a ferry ride and drawbridge, not to mention a few old windmills.

    Nancy took a slow speed fall heading back through Ouderkerk when a small boy darted into her path on a narrow street. Not too bad a fall and a small band aid fixed her up. A good reminder to wear our goofy helmets on these longer rides.

    Riding in Amsterdam proper is quite an experience. I've ridden motorcycles in Asia, driven cars in Spain, and pedalled bicycles pretty much all over the planet, but I haven't run across the combination of speed and numbers that I experience on the cycle routes here. As icing on the cake they generally allow motorscooters on most of the bike paths here. This seems like adding a whole other level of madness to me. On tge llus side, they are very good at riding bicycles here! Still, I'd better adopt the Dutch attitude of 'ride fast, be normaal, and get out my way' pretty quickly. Ding ding, ding ding.
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  • Day60

    Solo Ride to Abcoude

    July 5, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Well, the kids are gone. Augie is reportedly having a great time in Budapest while Sophie and Jacob have settled back in Bolinas. Our friend Alison is visiting for the week and took in some museums this afternoon. She's been on a circuit with her daughter Ariel through Scotland and Norway. Ariel has gone home too. With time on my hands I figured it was time for another bike ride.

    I set off in the early afternoon. It took about 20 minutes to reach the open countryside. As I rode south I came to a bend in the Amstel and there was an animal rescue ambulance blocking the road. Two rescue workers were there with a captured goose that had gotten into some oily patch in a small adjunct canal. I spoke with a Veterinarian named Inga who said that they were getting ready to clean it up and release it back to the wild.

    Next up I passed group of five cyclists out for a ride in the farmlands. Two riders were elderly and being ferried by a couple of workers from an area assisted living place. Pretty cool vehicles. They are electric assist and probably cost more than a new Prius. Still, we need to get those at Eagle Crest and Coventry Village. I could see folks getting out along the rail trail to Trempeleau and circling Point Pinos.

    About halfway around the 31 mile loop I passed my dream house. If you look at the 4th photo you'll see that it has its own swinging drawbridge. Enough said.

    Next up I came upon a leaking dike. You can witness it in motion here:
    There was an official there with a clipboard and cell phone reporting the issue to a contractor for repair. Pieter Becker is his name. He suspected that a local farmer had caused the problem because it hadn't rained much for a few weeks. We talked about Home Exchange and Belgian beer. He shared that many Dutch people would try to convince me that Dutch craft beer was just as good, 'but don't ever believe a Dutch person' he said with a wink. When I introduced myself he said that this couldn't be because the story of Hans Brinker alsio wasn't true. 'This is not a true story. The woman who writes it only came to Holland once for a short visit.' I offered to show him my California driver's license but he said this wouldn't be necessary. He did want a photo with me to show his coworkers. He also suggested that I stick my finger in the dike to see if I could fix it that way. I left him with my phone number and offered to take him out for a beer when he takes a driving trip down the West Coast next year.

    As I headed north I came across another human powered ferry similar to the ones we'd used along the Leie near Ghent last year. Pretty fun. I'll be taking Nancy and guests on this loop soon.
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  • Day159

    Day 160: Exploring Amsterdam

    July 24, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    First day in the Netherlands! Awoke at 6:30am to the whistling melody of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" as the ship approached the coastline. Got up and had a quick shower, then buffet breakfast in the on-board lounge. It was a bit of a zoo, lots of snotty kids running around shrieking and fat people on mobility scooters, so we ate fairly quickly and left.

    Packed up our stuff as the boat was docking, then went down and got Schnitzel. Had to take it in turns as we weren't allowed to take him upstairs, so we had to bring our luggage down separately and pack his stuff back in my bag. As the only foot passengers with a pet, we were basically first off the boat which was nice! Straight through customs and immigration at the dock, then onto a bus to Schliedam station near Rotterdam, then a train north to Amsterdam.

    Felt a little nostalgic arriving by train at Amsterdam Centraal Station early in the morning, as this was the exact steps I'd taken the first time I arrived in Europe 12 years prior. We dropped our bags in a luggage locker (10 euros well spent!), and headed off into the city.

    After stopping for a coffee (at a cafe, not a "koffeehuis"!), we wandered around the old medieval city. Lots of good stuff to see, as it's really a very pretty city. The canal houses are so picturesque the way they lean over and forward, looking like they're about to fall over but have stood for centuries in the same way.

    Grabbed some lunch, then headed south into the canal district where most of the canals are. This area is UNESCO World Heritage listed, so we did some filming and pieces to camera while exploring. It's interesting to see how well planned it is, despite the water being everywhere. This part of the city was dug out of marshland in the 17th century and is very orderly, lots of straight lines and direct routes everywhere. And very pretty, with the trees and bicycles everywhere of course.

    Walked past Anne Frank's house and boggled at the size of the queue (Shandos had entertained ideas of going in but snuffed those out quickly), then retreated to a bar and grabbed a drink. Quick wander around the red light district as well before heading back to the station to collect our bags and grab another train.

    Our Airbnb for the next week is about 20 minutes south-east of the city by train, partly because they allowed dogs, but also because we want to spend a couple of days in the nearby city of Utrecht and it's easier to stay halfway than move every few days.

    More transport dramas though - the trains were delayed for reasons only explained in Dutch, so after watching everyone else get off our train we asked a guy who said we could get on the train sitting at the adjacent platform which would stop at our destination. So we hopped on, in the first-class carriage. When we realised, Shandos jumped back on to the platform to change carriages, just in time for the doors to close and the train to leave - with me on it! Very helpless feeling, as the open-door button didn't do anything!

    Thankfully we both had data on our phones and could communicate, plus we both knew where we were going. So I just waited on the platform at our destination, and thankfully she managed to find and board the next train. Called our Airbnb hostess who picked us up, as the houseboat we're staying on is 5 minutes drive from the station (but about 30 minutes walk).

    Nice place, good size and comfortable which is good. For dinner we rode bicycles back into the nearby town and ate on the terrace of the local pub. Bikes were provided by our host, and a nice touch! Everyone cycles here, it's something you hear about but really only sinks in when you're here.

    It's a beautiful little town too - canals running through, narrow cobbled streets, pretty church tower, drawbridges, flat fields around, and (modern) windmills dotting the horizon. It's very very flat, very idyllic and very pretty. Looking forward to exploring more of the countryside here!
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  • Day164

    Day 165: A Day Off

    July 29, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

    Had a nice day off today. And we picked a good day to do it, as it rained heavily for almost the entire day! Did some videos and some writing, and a bit of planning for the next couple of weeks as well. Took advantage of a brief break in the rain in the afternoon to head out and film a nearby fort that forms part of the Amsterdam Defence Ring. Unfortunately it was closed as expected, but we could still film outside!Read more

  • Day72

    Take off 1... Amsterdam - Warschau

    March 28, 2016 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    Vlucht LO270 was voorzien te vertrekken van Gate B23 om 07:05... maar captain speaking : "Enkele minuten vertraging door overvloed aan vliegtuigen op weg naar startbaan..."
    De Embraer 175 zette zich dan toch na een kwartiertje schoorvoetend in beweging om de wielen van de grond te halen om 07:33...
    Nog geen 2 miniten later vlogen we al volop in en boven de wolken...
    09:11... terug voor heel even met beide voeten op de grond.
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  • Day2

    Lucky Lake Hostel Amsterdam

    June 25, 2016 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Last night we took a short trip into Amsterdam where we enjoyed a lager in the Red Light District! Today we spent 6 hours in the city where we visited Anne Frank's House, Vondelpark, the I Amsterdam Letters, Heineken Brewery and enjoyed another lager in the centre! We got back to Lucky Lake at 6:30pm and made our evening meal for a grand total of €3! Tomorrow we leave Amsterdam at 11am for Berlin!Read more

  • Day1

    Lucky Lake Hostel Amsterdam

    June 24, 2016 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    So after getting two and a half hour's sleep last night, we left at 2am for Luton airport! At 4am we said goodbye to Bill and many thanks for making the early journey to drop us off! We took off at 6am and from take off to landing it only took 35 minutes to get to Amsterdam! After a slight trek to get to our hostel consisting of nearly getting the wrong bus, finding the right one, walking 25 mins and then getting another shuttle bus, we arrived at Lucky Lake at 10:30am! We knew this place would be cool, but we didn't realise how cool it would be! So chilled, friendliest people and anything goes ;) We've had our free breakfast, had a nap and shower and now we're hoping to get a shuttle bus to the centre of Amsterdam to spend the evening and find a bar!Read more

  • Day37


    August 4, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Diesen Tag starten wir ganz entspannt. Nach einem späten Mittagsschlaf gehts mit den Rädern in die nahegelegene Stadt Vinkeveen. Wir sind sehr begeistert von den hübschen Häusern mit deren vielen kleinen und größeren Booten und den verbindenden Wasserkanälen. Dadurch gibt es kaum Zäune und die Gegend wirkt sehr offen und freundlich. Wir halten an einem Eisladen der nicht nur leckeres Eis hat, sondern auch noch direkt an einer, sich öffnender, Brücke liegt. Boote und Leute gucken gibt's hier also inklusive...Read more

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