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  • Day58

    Mud vulcanos

    July 26 in Romania ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Another long day ahead, another early start. Again, we stopped for breakfast at a minimarket after 25km. This time, a group of people surrounded us as soon as we stopped. They all wanted to know about our trip and couldn't believe we cycled from Germany to Romania. A guy who works in Germany and spoke broken German later explained to us that the group were gipsies and we should be careful. We didn't feel unsafe around them though.
    The first 95km of today's route were very flat again and sometimes reminded us of Mongolia. The wind had turned to Northern directions and was a lot more challenging, so we couldn't go as fast as yesterday. Still, we made the boring part by noon and stopped for lunch in order to regain energy for the last, more interesting, 30km day.
    We had to climb again, never higher than 400m, but steep and often and on gravel. At one section, we even had to push our bikes on the loose rocks. But the effort was totally worth it, as we were rewarded by beautiful small mountain paths on the way down.
    Our destination today was a private campground next to some mud volcanos. After a refreshing shower, we visited those and enjoyed the view of the blubbering mud pools surrounded by lush green mountains. Another very cool spot in Romania!
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  • Day59

    Push bike roads

    July 27 in Romania ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Finally, we had some proper mountain roads ahead of us. We started at 7am, when everyone else on the campground was still asleep. The idea was to have breakfast in one of the minimarkets again. But today, this turned out to be more difficult. As we went on really remote roads, we found the first decent shop only after 27km. Not a problem on flat roads, but today's route started with a lot of up-and-down-riding, loose gravel and a 350m elevation gain. So we were already quite exhausted when having breakfast.
    Afterwards, we faced another climb of about 650m. On the last 350m, the elevation gain was over 15% continuously which is crazy on our fully loaded bikes on this distance. We actually pushed the bikes for the last bit in order to give our upper legs a break and use some other muscles instead.
    The landscape, however, was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed the views. Plus, there were very few cars on the street and we came to remote villages where the locals still live in wooden houses and where kids were bathing in the river.
    After the climb, we had a technically challenging but fun downhill to a valley and cycled on a paved road along a river for a few kilometres. And as we are in the mountains again, a thunderstorm was coming, so we decided to stay in a little guesthouse. We had to hide from the owner, as she was nice but definitely overcaring...
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  • Day9


    July 28, 2018 in Romania ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Wir wollten nicht einfach weiterfahren ohne uns die Schlammvulkane tatsächlich aus der Nähe anzuschauen - und tatsächlich haben wir sie gefunden nachdem uns das Navi zuerst mal wieder auf Schotter falsch gelotst hat.....Read more

  • Day12

    Die Schlammvulkane

    May 19, 2017 in Romania ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Mittel frühen Morgens, also um 10 Uhr, starteten wir die Tour zum "Vulcanii Noroiosi de la Paclele Mari". Nach ca 100m Fußmarsch erreichten wir den Eingang, an dem uns eine sehr nette Dame empfangen hat. Eintritt = 4,- Lei / € 1,-
    Die Schlammvulkane bieten ein wunderschönes Naturspektakel mit einem etwas gewöhnungsbedürftigen Duft nach Schwefel.
    War ein cooler Tipp aus einem anderen Reiseblog ;-)
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  • Day187


    October 7, 2017 in Romania ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    So we got woken again by the damn housekeeper only this time asking what time we were leaving.
    Don't know why the Bnb dude couldn't have just messaged me to ask me that rather than send her round...
    he will score low for communication.
    I get so much satisfaction reviewing things hahaha

    We both showered and packed. I gotta send a lot of stuff home soon, by bag is too big. Time for some winter clothes me think! Today is a consistent 9 degrees.

    It was raining so we jumped in a taxi who we knew was dipping us off but didn't really care. He offered a fixed price way more than what it would have cost but I understand - it was only 4km away and accepting us meant when he has to rejoin the really long taxi line so he has to make it worth it for himself to do it.
    He charged $7
    Got there no troubles and found the ticket place relatively easily.
    We got the tickets and got a discount. She explained why but I couldnt understand her so I just nodded.
    Our train leaves at 7:15 tonight.
    We found lockers that were massive - only $8 for 24 hours for all our stuff so that's not bag considering what they can sometimes charge.
    Now, we were going to walk to an open air museum but it was bucketing.
    We spent the next 7 hour hanging out in the station.
    At least we didn't have to lug bags around.
    We chilled in the maccas free wifi zone then in the station waiting bay where the most aweful smelling human I have ever smelt sat near us.
    He later actually got asked to leave and that could have been why.
    I couldn't believe the assault on the senses.
    Will reckons he smelt like a coin. Hahahahaha
    Not a typo.

    Another man got asked to leave because I think maybe he was drunk. He was talking to everyone so loudly and i think harassing one lady.

    We had subway for dinner and charged our phones there.

    Got on the train at 7.
    We couldn't figure out how to get into our apartment.
    The worker needed to unlock it for us. Why is wasnt already unlocked...

    No one else is in our compartment YAYAYAY.
    And Will fits the mattress YAYAYAY
    This is so cool.
    It's an old soviet train that hasn't been redesigned.
    It reminds me of a Nana's house.
    Terrible curtains and carpet with way too much velvet.
    ...An Autumn colour scheme haha

    The toilet isn't that bad considering. The toilet seat was metal and my ass has never experienced such a temperature but it as least had a flush button.
    No toilet paper though 😒

    It's like being in a rocker. We both had a 2 hour nap straight off the bat.

    It's now 11. Will is now watching and I'm working up to reading my book.

    According to other people's recounts of their experience on this train - at about 1-2am there is going to be a very long and loud disturbance because they have to change every wheel over 😂 it takes them a while apparently.
    They have to change the wheels because the tracks are different in Moldova. - one of Stalins strategies to slow people down lol

    Will keeps beating me at chopsticks and it's bullshit

    We should have brought another bottle of water

    Will won't stop singing and I'm close to telling him to sleep outside. So freaking annoying lol

    We are both really enjoying the journey.
    it's 12:28am so all new adventures of the journey will be in tomorrows records.
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  • Day12

    Zu den Schlammvulkanen

    September 10, 2018 in Romania ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Nach dem Frühstück und einem Strandspaziergang verlassen wir das schwarze Meer und es geht wieder durch die kleine Walachei 294km in 6 Stunden, inklusive einer Stunde Mittagspause in Buzau mit "Thüringer Bratwurst". Wir fahren durch urige Dörfer und chaotische Städte und erreichen am Nachmittag den sehr schönen, in einem kleinen Tal eingebetteten Campingplatz Muddylan am Paclele Mici, dem kleineren aber schönerem Vulkangebiet. Wir wandern am späten Nachmittag gemütlich zu den Vulkanen und finden eine Mondlanschaft vor, die durch die mal am flachen Boden spuckenden, mal mehrere Meter hoch aufgetürmten blubbernden Schlamm-Wasserlöcher produzieren. Wir erleben hier einen unvergesslichen Sonnenuntergang und spazieren durch schöne Wiesen zurück zum WOMO.Read more

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