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  • Day61

    Pushkin - Katharinenpalast

    August 4, 2018 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    About 30 minutes from St Petersburg by train there is Pushkin. A small city famous for the Catherine Palace. We only visited the gardens and enjoyed the view on the castle but this was really nice.

    Circa 30 Minuten mit der Bahn von Sankt Petersburg liegt Pushkin. Pushkin ist eine kleine Stadt die für den Katharinenpalast bekannt ist. Wir haben uns den Palast nur von außen angesehen und sind durch die Gärten gelaufen. Es hat sich in jedem Fall gelohnt!Read more

  • Day7

    Tsarskoye Selo-Catherine Great's Palace

    April 12, 2018 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    This morning we were planning to have breakfast at a cafe near St Isaac’s Cathedral and then go into the cathedral but when we had a look at the cafe it didn’t look like they served much in the way of breakfast food, unless you liked caviar or soup for breakfast. There weren’t many other cafes around so we just went into a hotel and had breakfast there. We all ordered eggs Benedict and that’s what we got - no frills! Normally there’s a bit more in the way of bread, spinach, decoration etc but it seems the way of things here. No time for frills!

    We were also going to Catherine the Great’s Palace today and they only had visits for non tour group people between 12 and 2. As the morning was getting on we decided to skip the cathedral for now (I think this is the third time we’ve tried to visit it unsuccessfully for one reason or another!) and head to the palace. We again had to catch the metro and then a bus out to Pushkin where the palace was located. Eli and I made a brief stop at a bakery on the way to purchase some tucker for later 😉

    Eli had been carrying Heidi and stopped to see if she would walk - at which suggestion she decided to lie on the ground 🙄 then a Russian guy came over and was trying to coax her up in Russian. He switched to English when he realised and was saying ‘Stand up, stand up’ and gave her a cheer when she did 😂 so funny!!

    We weren’t exactly sure which stop to disembark from the bus and as a result missed the one we should have taken, ending up a distance away from the palace! The bus driver instructed us on the bus we needed to take back and we hopped out to wait. Their buses don’t seem to have very good suspension or the driver didn’t slow down enough over the speed humps - I bounced off the seat a couple of times which was not particularly comfortable!

    We caught another bus back and managed to get out at the right stop. We crossed the road and were able to enter the palace gardens (no cost at the moment) and walk up to the palace. It was another magnificent palace - blue and gold.

    There seemed to be a lot more people at this palace or it was just we were later in the day. I’d hate to come in the middle of summer seeing what it was like today! There was the usual ticket buying, leaving coats etc in the cloakroom and then starting the tour. It was less enjoyable as there was people everywhere and you didn’t feel like you could spend much time enjoying a room as you didn’t want to get overtaken by the tour group you had just fought your way through! A few of the rooms were similar to those at Peterhof Palace. There was one room called the amber room in which the walls were covered with amber stones. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos in here. Apparently this was a gift from a Prussian to Catherine the Great. It has since been reconstructed - took 20 years to reconstruct and 11 million dollars as it had been sacked by the Nazis.
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  • Day7

    The Grounds of Catherine Great's Palace

    April 12, 2018 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    We kind of hurried through the last part of the palace as we were a little over all the people and Heidi was getting fidgety. We stopped at the cafe and bought Heidi a drink and sandwich before continuing our tour outside.

    They were doing a bit of maintenance around the place so some of the buildings had scaffolding around which was a pain for taking photos.

    Heidi really loves steps and we were able to put that to good use as an incentive to keep her moving round the grounds by pointing out the next set of steps ahead 😂 she found another little girl about the same age as her who was running over a bridge and back with her Mum. The boys has gone off to see if the golf carts were in use so Kyria and I stood on the bridge and waited. Heidi had fun running over and back on the bridge with the little girl and then they started throwing rocks over the bridge into the water. They were very cute together and Heidi actually played nicely...phew.

    The golf carts were not in use yet so we just walked around instead. There was a big lake in the grounds that we walked around. It was still mostly covered in ice which looked pretty. The others thought they might try and stand on the ice to see how their weight held. There was also another pond on the way round where the ice was thicker and they were able to walk on it. I filmed just in case they fell spectacularly into the water 😉 but all was well!
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  • Day7

    Lazy Afternoon

    April 12, 2018 in Russia ⋅ 🌙 2 °C

    We walked most of the way round the lake of the palace and then exited via a side entrance. We were headed home from here. Outside the bus stop, there was a shop selling shawarmas so we bought two and shared them on the bus. I don’t know if it was because we were cold and hungry but they tasted amazing - hit the spot! Plus they were cheaper than in Israel!

    It was a straightforward trip home. Heidi fell asleep on the way and ended up staying asleep even once we were home. I think she had some catching up to do!

    We didn’t have too much on for the rest of the afternoon so we relaxed in the apartment until Heidi woke up and then we headed out for dinner at a Georgian restaurant.

    We over ordered and ended up with much more food than we could eat! The problem is that their entrees, rather than being small amounts as we’re accustomed to, are basically the same size as a main meal! They also brought it all out together which didn’t help! So in future we will just order one or the other! I felt like I needed another walk after all that food - even after doing nearly 20,000 steps today!!

    Eli and Kyria went out to get some night photos as Mike didn’t feel up to going out and I stayed home to put Heidi to bed. I just about fell asleep on the pillow with her!
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