June 2017 - January 2018
  • Day200

    The souk in Marrakesh

    January 6, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    The souk or old market in the medina is a wonderful place. Narrow, winding streets/alleyways with innumerable merchants selling anything you can think of. Even though it might look like it is indoors, it is not. The roofs are there to block the sun in summer. It very easy to get lost. I was thankful for GPS that got us out.
    The tour guide warned me that locals would call me Ali Baba because of the beard. They did, often, and in the souk I got my inner Ali Baba on.
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    Dunbar Burdt

    Ali Baba, the markets look similar to some of the fabric shops I have dragged Dale to while here in Thailand. Wherever you go, the markets like our money! Safe travels

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  • Day200

    Bahia palace

    January 6, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Home of the vizier to the royal whose palace is under reconstruction. This palace is mostly restored. Pics are of various rooms and spaces in the palace. The 2nd pic is the harem garden

  • Day200


    January 6, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Most enjoyable city on the tour. Maybe because it just is. Maybe because I had adjusted to the culture. Maybe both. First pic is dinner in the medina. Very large open square that fills up with food stalls in the evening. Then a couple views over the m edina and a storm nest on the wall of a palace.Read more

  • Day198

    Essaouira fortress and harbor

    January 4, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Old Portuguese fortress protecting the old harbor. One picture I don't have is of the fish market right at the harbor. I got too busy eating fresh oysters while we bought a lot of different fish for lunch that we took to a restaurant that prepared our fish for our lunch. I didn't get any pictures if that either. I was too busy eating. Then I went for a Berber massage.Read more

  • Day198


    January 4, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Argan is a tree that grows only in this area of Morocco. It gives a fruit that produces an oil like olive oil but with a different aroma and taste. The pics look out at the Afghan forest, a closer look at a tree and of the fruit. The last shot is taken in the women's cooperative where they press the oil by hand and make lots of various products.Read more

  • Day198


    January 4, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    A fishing and resort town on the Atlantic. And one of my favorite places we visited. Of course that might be related to being in the Sahara and Atlas Mountains where we had trouble getting warm. 70F was welcome. But so was the town. Pics are of the center of town, some gates in the city walls with detail, a small street in the medina, and view of the ocean past the quarantine island where visitors had to wait to proved they weren't carrying any diseaseRead more

  • Day181


    December 18, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    That is the correct name of the last and highest village in the High Atlas Mountains, at the foot of Jbel Tubkhal, the highest mountain in North Africa. This was the view from the Gite or home stay where we stayed.Read more

  • Day181


    December 18, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Film capital of Morocco. Many known films made here, from Lawrence of Arabia to Gladiator and many more. Ait Ben Haddou is the old town where much of the filming takes place. The second pic is the first arena in Gladiator, for example.Read more