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  • Oct6

    Update - Onto Santiago!

    October 6, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    After finishing in Oviedo, I decided that my next course of action would be to go back to the Frances. I could meet up with aussie Paul, and continue from Sarria which is just a little more than 100 kms from Santiago.

    I took a bus to Astorga, and stayed overnight. Next day I went by train to Sarria.
    I started walking from there only a few kilometers per day, until Paul and I met up again in Portomarin. We should both be entering Santiago by Monday.

    Just 85 more broootal kilometers. Here are some camino frances pics.
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    Mary-Anne McLaughlin

    Great photo !

    Sylvia Thomas

    This is a great picture!

    Mary-Anne McLaughlin

    Pilgrim brothers.

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  • Day46

    A change in the air

    September 26, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Suddenly it's cooler as we approach Astorga and the last of the Plains of the Meseta. Thank God that's over, I did not enjoy the Roman roads, the heat, the straight line of the way etc, etc, etc.
    So many people say "ahh but it's good for the mind,".
    I felt like I should like it but I did not. I like curves in the road, hills, ups and downs and the anticipation of what's around the corner. I don't have any major issues I need to go into my head to solve. Give me a hill over a straight flat road any day.
    Astorga was grey and rain threatened as we arrived at Siervas de Maria albergue. We were lucky and got a two bunk room so we could have the window open. We went for a, wander around and ate lunch. I had eggs and bacon and chips which came out with the eggs kind of chopped across the top of the chips and bacon in pieces sprinkled across it. The weirdest serving of a, simple meal I've ever had. The church bells here sounded like someone dropping a, rock in a bucket... Dung, dung, dung(a hint of what was to come in Galicia, the next province after Castilla y León)
    Later we sat on the terrace of the albergue and watched the thunderstorm come in then massive cannon blasts sounded throughout the town for what we do not know but it was very very loud.
    We are both feeling good at this stage no injuries, no blisters and enjoying the walking but we decided to take an easy day's walk to a medieval. Village of Castrillo de Polvazares., the streets are cobbled and it retains its medieval charm. The albergue here is tiny and is and another couple were the only people there. We had dinner at a Flores del. Caminó Pensión where they were also holding an art workshop and we got to meet the teacher and group. It was icon painting which looked very detailed. We found a small bar on the way home and sang an impromptu jam session with the locals which was fun.
    Next stop was Rabanal del camino where we went to hear the local monks sing the psalms in Gregorian chants. All I can say is give if I ever want to praise da lord I'm going to da gospel church not the Gregorian chanting church(totally depressing music), I'd even rather listen to country & Western music than Gregorian chants and that's saying something! I can't imagine God being cheered up or feeling praised by this chanting, I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible.
    After this was Cruz de Fiero a huge cross where you stand with a stone you brought from home and throw it over your shoulder onto the massive pile that is already there. It was a bit of non place for me I didn't feel that reflective or soulful as I threw my rock. There were three coaches pulled up and lots of people clambering up the pile to get thier photo taken on the pile of rocks. Maybe some find it spiritual and meaningful but for me it was not. We moved on fairly quickly and I didn't even take a picture
    The funny part for me was as I walked the landscape changed and the track became rocky and rubbly as if I was still clambering through all of what I'd left behind with the rock that I'd flung on that pile.
    The road to El Acebo climbed higher into the mountains and there were more rocks that had to be carefully managed. My pace became that of a snail, slow and steady. I sang all the rocky songs I knew. Papa was a rolling stone, rock n roll, I wanna rock with you and so on until I saw the mountain village of El Acebo. Like Clovelly in Devon but in Spain and of course our albergue was right at the bottom. Oh well, great sunset if a bit nippy.
    I'm loving these hills and trees it's green and pretty and almost Swiss mountain like. My heart is happy.
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    Mo Godbeer

    It's getting cooler and wetter, rain on this day so ponchos were on.

    Mo Godbeer

    Storm coming into Astorga but it was lovely and cool and the colours were great.

    Mo Godbeer

    Night in Astorga

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  • Day25

    What makes a pilgrim?

    October 4, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    I still haven't answered that question.

    Some would argue that it involves a measure of sacrifice,. There are those who fall in the "no pain, no gain" camp. For others it is walking every mile of the Camino with your full backpack -- no luggage service and no taxis.

    I've developed shin splints and so incurred a measure of suffering today. That said, I don't feel any more a pilgrim today than I did yesterday when each step was pain free.

    I do know that each pilgrim has the physical and mental resiliency to get up each day to walk 20-30 km. and then do it again the following day. Pilgrims share stories, medical advice and some deeply personal convictions. They help and look out for each other. A remarkable community that reshapes itself around you everyday.
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    Laura Paul

    Every walker has a story and a privilege it must be to share. Hope they also have some ice to share for those shins!

    Ben Nielsen

    Of course, "no pain, no gain" has a different meaning at 16 than it does 40 years on. I do believe it does engrain a more lasting memory of an event if that is any consolation. So, you will never forget where you were on the Camino when the pain set in. Hope it was a picturesque spot. Keep well my friend.

    Marie Hutchison

    Ahhh...such a fascinating question...I wonder if you will have an answer once you complete this incredible journey? Hope your shins heal quickly!

  • Day30


    June 28, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    It was wet again, but lots of fun 🎉
    Today marks day 28 of walking. Four weeks of walking?? How did that happen so fast? Celebrated by getting a beer at every single stop. Starting at stop one at 8:00 in the morning 😱
    Also, I passed the 100km mark!! Crazy 😊 feeling very happy that I've made it so so far
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    John Buley


    Steven Buley

    That looks good Kate well deserved

  • Day36

    Contemplative Mood

    October 4, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Cocooned in the woodland paths today, the deeply rutted trail beneath me, hand made stone walls each side, and forest canopy above, I've found my steps slowing, each experience more nuanced. Less than 100 kms to Santiago.Read more

    Faye Reynolds

    Looks ancient

    Coleen Paul

    Like walking through time.

  • Day21

    Tag 20 geschafft

    June 28, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Heute war ein langer Tag für mich obwohl wir nur 18 km gepilgert sind, sind wir gerade erst in der Herberge angekommen. Ja genau wir! Gestern Abend in der Herberge hab ich 3 andere Frauen getroffen und wir haben uns auf Anhieb so gut verstanden, das wir beschlossen haben zusammen zu gehen. Und wegen meiner Verletzung ist mir das gerade auch lieber, nicht allein zu laufen. Wir sind immer noch in Galizien und ja es ist immer noch so als wenn wir durch eine andere Zeit gehen. Sind heute morgen von Ferreiros gestartet und nun in Castromaior angekommen. Zwischendurch haben wir eine längere Mittagspause in Portomarin gemacht und dort zum Mittag gegessen. Es macht echt Spaß nicht allein zu laufen und zu wissen das immer jemand da ist tut echt gut! Hier in der Herberge ist gleich meine Challange zu duschen. Des es gab Duschmarken und wenn man die in den Automaten gesteckt hat, hat man 2 min Zeit um sich auszuziehen und dann 6 min zum duschen😂. Mit meinen Beinen ist das aber gerade nicht so einfach. Ich werd schauen und das Beste draus machen. Ab hier sind es nun noch ca 83 km nach Santiago💪🏻. WuhuuuuuRead more

    Andreas Ferl

    Super, dass du jetzt immer jemanden unterwegs hast, falls mal etwas ist 😊 Im Zweifel aber immer auf den eigenen Körper hören, und nicht zu viel wollen, damit fährst du am Ende immer am besten. Und wenn es der Körper wirklich kann und zulässt, dann Feuer frei 😁 Du reitest und spürst sicher, wann dein Pferd wirklich los galoppieren kann und will. So ist es beim Wandern auch. Das eigene Gespür dafür ist das Wichtigste. Das ersetzt nichts und niemand.

    Waltraud Wessels

    Das ist ja toll, dass Du jetut Gesellschaft hast und nicht alleine gehen musst. Trotzdem..... achte auf Dich und mute Dir nicht zu viel zu. Du hast es ja nicht mehr weit. Gönn Dir auch mal eine längere Pause.🔜 Tschacka, du schaffst das. 🏋️‍♀️Ich denke an Dich🔆♥️

    Mareike Wessels

    Danke ihr lieben😊

  • Day28


    September 27, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Und wieder ein Tag mit 35km. Langsam wird das wirklich anstrengend. Die ersten 15km sind immer echt entspannend. Wir laufen recht zügig in der Kühle des Morgens, haben nach 10km unser 2. Frühstück und gegen 12:30 dann Lunch. Und da fängt es an: Wir sind vollgefuttert,es ist warm, man hat noch 20km zu laufen und es macht einfach keinen Spaß mehr. Aber gut wir haben es uns so ausgesucht! Wir wollen am 30. in Santiago sein. Also los geht's! Nachdem wir vollkommen fertig angekommen sind,sind wir überrascht, was die Herberge in dem Kaff zu bieten hat! Heute residieren wir in der Casa Garcia, einem recht sauberen kleinen Hof mit etwa 30 Betten. Das sonst nicht so pralle Pilgermenü kann sich hier richtig sehen lassen! Anständige Pasta, Entrecôte, Käsekuchen und Ein Getränk für nur 10 Euro! Wow! Danach könnte man allerdings auch nur noch schlafen gehen.Read more

    Rouya Matu

    Nilo, go go go. Das Ziel ist absehbar! Du schaffst das!

  • Day30

    Gonzar - Jour 30

    October 10, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Après une bonne nuit, je me réveille et entends Norman se préparer, mais malheureusement cette fois-ci je vais lui laisser un peu d’avance! Je veux marcher seul ce matin alors va en bas et manger mon déjeuner avant de partir vers Gonzar. C’est encore brumeux, mais dans la ville ça marche bien quand même. Quand je sors de la ville, c’est très difficile par contre avec la lumière de ma lampe frontale à cause de la brume, mais je prends mon temps

    Je vais vers le prochain village qui s’appelle Barbadelo. J’y arrive après une petite heure de marche. Je vais dans le premier gîte et je vois Lise assise à la table. Je commande mes choses et lui fais la surprise en arrivant à la table. Elle décide de rester quelques instants et jaser de notre soirée d’hier. Elle repart un peu avant moi, mais je sais que je vais la rejoindre, car elle marche lentement. Comme je pensais, je la rejoins après une 30 minutes et continuons notre route ensemble.

    Nous arrivons finalement à Portomarin et décide de faire un petit pique-nique ensemble. Vraiment le fun et j’aime bien sa compagnie après l’avoir connu un peu plus. Nous continuons pour Gonzar ce soir et pendant que nous marchons nous faisons la rencontre de Frankie de la Catalogne. Il fait beaucoup de kilomètres c’est incroyables... environs 50km par jour!! On parle un peu de ce qui se passe là-bas et croyez-moi il ne veut pas l’indépendance, mais je ne comprends pas tout à fait son point. Nous arrivons à Gonzar et il n’a pas grand-chose là-bas. Je fais ma routine quand j’arrive sur les lieux et je vais manger en boire une et aller manger aussi. Jean-Marie me demande s’il peut se joindre à moi. Je lui demande si sa journée avait bien été et sa réponse fut non. Nous en parlons de cela un bon moment et je crois qu’il était content d’en parler avec quelqu’un... vraiment gentil ce monsieur.

    Nous retournons à l’albergue, car l’heure du dodo arrive!! Finis les préparations pour le lendemain et amène le sac en bas, car comme ça ça ira mieux pour partir tôt. Je pars avec Lise et croyons pouvoir aller à Melide.

    Bonne nuit!
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