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  • Day120


    June 29 in Spain

    We walked another 18 miles through vineyards today to Nájera. When we got into town, the woman at the market told us it was Fiesta San Pedro. We got to witness the most amazing celebration by a town I have ever seen! The Spanish people know how to celebrate! I added a small video snippet of some of it. Such a happy and joyous time.

    We met up with our Camino friends this evening to eat outside at a bar, but the the skies opened up with thunderstorms, and so the town people in the bar brought us inside and treated us like family...good times!

    Another “feel good” moment for today: We were getting tired as we crested our last climb today, but we were greeted by a wonderful man playing a guitar. It lifted our spirits 🙂. This same man (we found out later) left all of his guitars and other instruments and ran down the trail for 10 minutes to give a woman her money belt she had left behind. She shared with us how she cried with gratitude because she had $500 euros in it. She said she will never forget it.

    Tomorrow is a little bit shorter day, and I am sure my feet will be happy about that. We are going to Santo Domingo.
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  • Day10


    May 30 in Spain

    Heute waren es dann nur 15 km, irgendwie ist gerade der Wurm drin. 🤨
    Zum einen hat mein Rucksack beschlossen mich zu ärgern, indem er einfach kaputt geht und mich dabei auch noch verletzt.... Böser Rucksack.

    Zum zweiten hab ich mich wohl doch überlastet und heute heftige Schmerzen im rechten Fuß und der linken Schienbeinkante bekommen..... der Fuß ist nicht das Problem, aber das Schienbein bremst mich doch heftig aus.... bergab und bergauf sind kaum möglich. Nun lieg ich hier, gedopt mit Ibuprofen und Kühlpack und hoffe, dass morgen alles wieder in Ordnung ist. 🤞😁

    Sonst war der Weg an sich heute echt nett, wenn nicht mal wieder der Regen wär. Bin durch unendliche Weinberge🍇🍷 marschiert (wie es sich für Rioja auch gehört), leider waren die Trauben noch nicht reif 🤨. Einen uralten Olivenbaum hab ich gesehen und jede Menge kleiner Steinmännchen.

    Aufgrund des Wetters 🌧⛈ und der Schmerzen und weil ich zu Beginn blöderweise 6 km neben einer Autobahn laufen musste, hatte ich seit Langem mal wieder Musik in den Ohren. Dabei hab ich festgestellt, dass bestimmte Musik Schmerzen erträglicher macht, irgendwie komisch aber es ist so. 😁🤔
    Zu erwähnen hierbei die Musik der 90iger, Ace of Base ins besondere. Bei der Musik lief es sich wesentlich schmerzärmer... Gar nicht gingen die Backstreet Boys, da war fast jeder Schritt doppelt so schmerzhaft. 😂

    Ich werde es weiter beobachten.

    Morgen sind eigentlich ca. 20 km geplant..... mit Hilfe des Heiligen Jacobus und der modernen Schmerzmittel wird es hoffentlich klappen 😁 Drückt mir die Daumen 😘
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  • Day15

    Hello from Santo Domingo, Spain. I got a late start from Najera this morning, so I arrived a little later to Santo Domingo at around 4pm. I met up with an 81 year old Australian guy named James on the way into town. He was at least a km behind me and caught up with me in under an hour. He walked the AT at the age of 65, walked the full length of the UK in his 70’s and now the Camino at age 81. I am a little embarrassed to admit that he crossed the Pyrenees in 7 hours at age 81 and it took me twice that long. Very humbling. He is actually in the bunk next to me tonight in an old monastary run by a group of nuns. The trip here today was uneventful really....lots of vineyards, grassy fields and hills, a 14 mile day. One note of interest...I walked through a literal ghost town today...very weird. Apparently a developer created an upscale community complete with a golf course and hundreds of condos...the whole thing flopped and it was abandoned as is. It felt like I was in a nuclear area like Chernobyl in Russia in the 80’s. Tomorrow I will attempt to make it to Belorado. Some stories from the Camino: On the same day I crossed, a guy arrived at the Albergue Orrison (the only refuge on the Pyrenees crossing) at around 5pm...they had no room for him and turned him away. He went a mile up the trail, pitched his tent and settled in until the wild horses came along and destroyed his tent...scared the guy half to death apparently but I hear he survived okay. I met a 19 year old kid hiking the Camino backwards...started in Portugal and is walking to his home in England...about a 4 month trip. There is apparently another guy from Maine hiking somewhere near me but haven’t met up with him yet. That’s it from here for now....I am getting there. I have walked over 100 miles so far but can’t pin down the exact number but that means I am 20% of the way and still alive! Take care, I hope this finds everyone well!Read more

  • Day6

    Fith stop - Nájera

    May 4 in Spain

    Logroño -> 28km -> Nájera
    Today was a challenging one - a second long day in a row. Pushing myself was necessary, especially the last 2 km when you just don't see the end of it! Aching from the waste down. Tomorrow will be more chill

  • Day16

    4th of July, so hamburgers, cokes and fries were the perfect thought for lunch.

    However the Spanish take it literally and our hamburgers included chopped ham..

    Viva America! Where hamburgers are 100% beef, except at McDonald's.

  • Day15


    May 17, 2017 in Spain

    I *really* didn't feel like walking today. Tired, achy, pissed off that my alarm didn't work. My pack felt heavier than it had been. And after two days broiling, it looked like we'd get hit with rain midday. No, the high thread count hotel bed definately seemed like a much better alternative.

    But...I coffee'd up and dragged myself outdoors, resigned to completing the short (18km) day ahead. And things worked out. The storm held off, the hills were quite mild, and I ended up in the lovely town of Najera by 3:00. Now it's evening and I'm in a comfy room, showered and fed and listening to raindrops hit the courtyard outside.

    A bunch of people have told me that The Camino is much like Life, the journey to Santiago one extended metaphor. I've certainly discovered the truth of the saying "Wherever you go, there you are!"

    So when mornings like this one happen again after Santiago; when I find myself slowed either by "what is" or "what I fear," I pray I'll remember how today worked out, and find whatever I need to just walk on.
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  • Day13

    Stage 9: Navarrete to Nájera

    October 6, 2016 in Spain

    Date: 10/06/2016
    Distance: 17 km, 10.5 mi

    We are in the Spanish vino country now; vineyards as far as can see. Shortest distance day so far on the Camino, by plan and by need. My feet (little toes, specifically) are beat up, my ankle is sore from aggravating a previous injury. All part of being 50 and having led a very active life, I suppose. Zach didn't mind a short walking day.

  • Day13


    May 8, 2017 in Spain

    Relatively flat 10 miles of walking made for an easy day. We've come 120 miles total and I would feel more of a sense of accomplishment if I weren't sitting in a waiting room, practicing how to say "my ear hurts" in Spanish. Good news on all fronts, the general md we met with (who used Google translate to explain my prognosis ✅) said it should clear up on its own and there we weren't charged for the visit. Estupendo! We spent the afternoon reading in a great area by the slowly trickling stream, buying groceries, dining at cafes (as a vegetarian, mixed salad is always my main course) and chatting with Danni, the Australian girl we'd befriended a few days back.

    In an act of indulgence, we stayed in a private double room with a "una cama de matrimonial" or marriage bed. It was the first time we slept in a bed larger than a single (often doubles are just two singles pushed together and it leaves a gap in the center) and I slept 9 hours, waking without an alarm at 6am. 😴😄
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  • Day15

    Navarrete to Nájera

    September 21, 2017 in Spain

    9.21 Thursday
    Another, what now feels like short, 10 mile walk through Incredible grape filled vines. Again we were fortunate to happen upon a hand picked grape harvest. We took some photos and they offered us huge bunches of grapes to eat. The were soooo delicious and just the thing to keep us going to Nájera. Here we met up with more peregrinos from Panama, Sweden, Indonesia. We had no pains after enjoying a fabulous bottle of Reserva 2009 Marques de Murieta.Read more

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