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    • Day 11

      Day 8 to Najera

      June 30 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      Our hike today was pretty level. Our submit was nothing special other than the view but long miles again. 20 for the day. We walked by some fruit trees and ate them right off the branch. No washing them or concerned how dirty they could when we drank water right off the hose. So freeing. Pretty yummy. Don't know what they are called but they tasted like a mini nectarine. I had a good dayRead more

    • Day 11

      Part 2 of Day 8

      June 30 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

      Today, we hit a hard mental block... William is being challenged with a lot of pain on his left knee. My challenge is a lack of sleep as you can see in the videos, that my eyes are super swollen. Last night, I got about 2 hrs. It's so dam hot in these alberges. It's just not enough recovery time when we're pushing 18 to 20 miles a day. For William, we're pushing many miles a day, his knee is bone on bone and its screaming 😱. Embrassing the "suck" is part of the journey. Tomorrow we will take it easy on the miles and just go to the next town. We are listening to our bodies, and we're going to rest for most of the day. Saw more amazing churches and saw the biggest dandelion I have ever seen. It was the size of a big big apple 🍎Read more

    • Day 5

      Najera downtown

      July 21, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

      Ending our walk for today, the Dutch and Swedish mix of pilgrims arrived in Najera. It’s hot and the shops and bars are closed for siesta, so we’re chilling in the streets, drinking coke and eating patatas bravas.Read more

    • Day 8


      July 30, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      I'm spending the night at albergue Puerta de Nájera. It's very pretty inside, looks like a hotel, if not for the dorm style rooms. I have a small room with only one set of bunks, I was very lucky. It gives me some privacy. I have to walk through 2 other rooms to get to mine, but no one walks into mine.
      I'm going to bed early tonight. Last night I didn't get enough sleep and was feeling sleepy during the walk.
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    • Day 12


      September 16, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

      10.6 miles today. I sent my bag ahead to lighten my load and give my knee a bit of a break. I'll do the same tomorrow.
      I went faster today and was able to enjoy the town. They are in day 2 of a 4 day festival so we got to listen to a Spanish group singing while we waited for the monastery to open.
      The monastery was so cool. It had a mix of Roman and Gothic architecture, and had the tombs of ancient kings and their families.
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    • Day 13


      September 17, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

      Left town about 6:45am as many people were still trying to find their way home from celebrating all night after Spain beat Germany in basketball. It was sunnier today but cooler temps. In other words, another day of perfect hiking weather. We walked through endless grape vineyards with harvest just getting underway. Beautiful.

      We were finally able to reconnect with Miguel, one of our favorite Camino friends, in Najera. We had beers and a yummy Pilgrim dinner of Chinese food.

      The sad news is Tom has developed some tendinitis and grabbed a taxi the last 7 miles of the walk today. He will taxi ahead to the next town tomorrow as well in order to give his leg a rest. Hopefully with a little down time he will be as good as new and rejoining me on the trail.

      Buen Camino
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    • Day 18

      To Naverreta and Najera

      September 17, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Day 14 Naverreta and Day 15 Najera - Left fairly early from Logrono and reached Navarrete before noon. Didn’t enjoy the walk because I miscalculated and didn’t have coffee till I got to Navarrete. Needless to say, the day was a bit joyless. Sections of the trek were along a noisy road and I couldn’t listen to my book, so listened to and sang along Bollywood music instead!
      Today was fun, and I’ve stopped for the night in Najera - which turned out to be better than I expected after I crossed the River Najerilla. I’m staying in this old Albergue that is close to the Monastery of Santa María la Real that was consecrated in 1056. There’s a festival in town and loud music and bands everywhere. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight.
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    • Day 17


      September 21, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Droga wila się przez większość czasu pomiędzy winnicami. Rozpoczęliśmy od około 10 stopni Celsjusza ale pod koniec dnia doszło do 24. Słońce i wiatr.
      Z ciekawostek historycznych zaraz przed wejsciem do miasta po lewej stronie ruiny romańskiej świątyni z XII wieku, które służyły za hospicjum dla pielgrzymów, był to ważny i bardzo nowoczesny na tamte czasy ośrodek, dzisiaj tylko zostały ruiny, trochę pojawiło się zadumy podobnej do wizyty szpitala na Łąkowej.
      Piękny portal, pozostałość hospicjum, przeniesiono w XIX wieku troszkę dalej za miasto i służy teraz jako wejście na cmentarz.
      Dochodząc do Najery bardzo blisko wioski Aleson stoczyła się walka pomiędzy legendarnym Rolandem a gigantycznym królem Syrii Feragutem ,który w tym czasie mieszkał w Najerze. Miał ponad 9 stóp wysokości i siłę czterech dorosłych mężczyzn i przerażający wygląd twarzy. Walka trwała 4 dni i Roland wygrał w końcu pchnięciem miecza w pepek olbrzyma który okazał się jego bardzo słabym punktem.
      Wchodząc do Najera najpierw mija się nowe miasto potem za mostem nad rzeką Najerilla wchodzi się w malutkie stare miasto wcisniete między rzekę a czerwony klif. Była to najpierw osada rzymska ,pozniej mieszkali tam Wizygoci i Maurowie. W XI wieku król Sancho III Wielki postanowił zrobić to miasto siedziba swego dworu.
      Głównym budynkiem zajmującym prawie całą starówkę jest Klasztor Santa Maria la Real. Zbudowany, nie przypadkowo w tym miejscu, gdyż właśnie tutaj król Sanchez polując, odkrył w grocie figurkę Santa Maria de Real. I w tym miejscu rozkazał wybudować świątynię, którą doczepiono do tej właśnie groty. Powstał gotycki główny gmach z barokowym ołtarzem i nawami bocznymi. Jest to miejsce spoczynku XII władców Nawarry jak również ich żon i dzieci.
      Kościół król Sanchez w XI wieku przekazał Benedyktynom, a obecnie opiekują się nim Franciszkanie.
      Nie udało się zobaczyć chóru bo był zamknięty z powodu renowacji. Wiele obrazów namalował tam Hans Memling od Sądu Ostatecznego z Gdanska i są ponoc równie dramatyczne.
      To chyba na tyle, idziemy spać.
      It was a very pleasant day... Feet didn't hurt, the distance wasn't too long, and scenery of the vineyards and wineries along the way, constantly reminded us about the delicious, chilled , inexpensive wine waiting for us at the end of our day. I drink white wine, Tomek drinks any wine, but his favorite is vino tinto. Surprisingly to us, it has been served chilled also and he says tastes amazing . At home he always dranked red wine in room temperature. Looks like from now it will changed... Lesson learned on Camino ❤️
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    • Day 12

      Day 12: Nájera

      September 21, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 73 °F

      We left Navarrete before dawn aiming for breakfast in Ventosa, about 7 kilometers away. It was our chilliest morning yet, with a brisk wind that had me wishing I’d remembered to move my gloves to my daypack, as my backpack remained behind for transport to our next lodging.

      After a little more than an hour’s walk, we found that the final kilometer to Ventosa is as an “art walk.” It was fun to read an inspirational passage and admire poster-sized art along this stretch of The Way.

      By the time we reached the Bar Café Buen Camino, we were more than ready to order hearty breakfasts of sliced tortilla (who knew tortilla would vary so much in flavor and consistency from place to place!, toast with jamón ibérico and tomatoes, chocolate filled pastries, freshly squeezed orange juice, and coffees.

      We left Ventosa with an energetic spring to our steps, admiring the vineyards lining much of the Camino to Nájera. Many of the vines were dripping with grapes. A few, had already been harvested.

      A couple of farm tractors and a few farm vans passed by, kicking up clouds of dust each time.

      As we neared Nájera, we chatted with a pilgrim from Brazil who passed us by. It turned out that she was going to Albergue Puerta de Nájera, so we ended up getting to know her a bit more as we waited for the albergue to allow us all in at 1 p.m.

      I took advantage of the wait time to get a haircut around the corner from the albergue. I’d opted for a short “Camino” cut before we left home, but it had grown in enough to need a trim.

      After checking in—while bumping in to three of our dorm mates from yesterday—we were escorted up two flights if stairs to our shared room. Tonight, we’re in a 4-bunk room. Quite cozy compared to last night’s 12-bunk configuration. This albergue is highly rated, and booked full for the night. The Camino is very busy this year, with an extended Holy Year, plus many who are taking deferred-by-Covid trips augmenting the usual numbers of pilgrims.

      So far, we’re having good luck reserving our lodging the night before: a requirement if I’m scheduling my backpack’s transport for the next morning. When we get closer to Sarria, we’ll book those final few nights to Santiago ahead of time. That’s the recommended approach in a “normal” year, given the higher number of pilgrims on the final 100 kilometers, a requirement to receive a Compostela in Santiago.

      That’s still quite a ways off for us, so today, after taking a shower, I headed off for a solo lunch while Allan took a restorative nap. Dinner last night did not sit well with him, and rest was more appealing this afternoon than a meal. I, meanwhile, am loving the Spanish tradition of a big lunch followed by a light to nonexistent dinner.

      Tomorrow, we’ll head to Santiago de la Calzada, 21 kilometers away.
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    • Day 11

      Etappe 8 - Nájera 2

      September 22, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

      Angekommen in Najera gegen 12 Uhr. In vorhanden Pilgerherbergen wollte ich nach den letzten Nächten nicht absteigen. Brauche wieder eine Nacht für mich. Kleines Hotel gefunden: letztes Zimmer bekommen. Sauber und fein. Teile mir mit einem anderen Zimmer das Bad. Kein Problem. Wäsche gewaschen, hängt zum trocknen. Hoffe, dass morgen wieder alles trocken ist.
      Nach einigen kleinen OP 's an den Füßen bin ich zu einem kleinen Spaziergang aufgebrochen. Konnte noch einem Ehepaar aus Südafrika helfen, denn in meinem Hotel waren noch drei Betten in einem 9-Bett-Zimmer frei.
      Viele Pilger kommen jetzt schon mit ganz großen Blessuren an den Füßen. Sieht teilweise schlimm aus. Ich bin davon auch nicht ausgenommen, hoffe aber, dass ich morgen weiter kann.
      Trotzdem Nájera einmal Sitz der spanischen Könige war, ist dies kaum noch zu erkennen.
      Heute ist sie zur Bedeutungslosigkeit verkommen.
      Die Kirche bzw. das Kloster Santa Maria La Real bleiben das Kleinod der Stadt und sind für Spanien sehr wichtig.
      Mehr als die Hälfte der Bilder dieser Serie zeigen den prächtigen Bau. Fortsetzung folgt im Teil 2 dieser Stadt.
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