Port d'Alcúdia

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    • Day5

      5. Tag - Platja de Muro

      July 9, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Heute früh stehen wir bereits 5 Uhr auf um an einem echt schönem Steg den Sonnenaufgang anzuschauen!
      Der Snnenaufgang ist schön aber wir haben uns da etwas mehr erwartet.
      Nach dem Frühstück geht es zum Aussichtspunkt "Cap de Formentor".
      Unser Ziel heute ist die kleine Stadt "Sóller"
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    • Day330

      Catching up with Kennet

      June 6 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      On Saturday we move into Puerto de Alcudia which is a nice tourist town at the top of a beautiful long beach that stretches around the head of the bay. This anchorage has come highly recommended from our Danish friend Kennet who has been here for the last two weeks. We made a connection with Kennet over the winter in Cartagena when we discovered that we had the same boat. They are carbon copies except that Kennet’s has a red cockpit cover and and a TV and we have a blue cockpit cover and photos hanging in place of the telly.
      It is great to catch up with him and hear about his recent adventures as a skipper to paid guests. So far so good for his new business venture. He had been a baker for 20 years in Denmark and gave it up to go sailing.
      While we are catching up over coffee we are interrupted by a commotion on a neighbouring yacht. A bottle nose dolphin is swimming around their boat and diving underneath proceeds to pull at their anchor chain. It’s harmless curiosity and everyone is very excited about this close encounter. The skipper on board is the most excited and when the dolphin surfaces near his stern he jumps in, nearly landing right down on top of him. The dolphin must have got a fright because the next time we see him, he far away and he doesn’t return.
      A baby cormorant is our next close encounter. He takes up residence on our dinghy for a day. We swim nearby and he doesn’t budge, we pull the dinghy into the stern and he looks up at us. It is only when Ronan steps into the dinghy to go ashore that he jumps finally jumps off into water.

      Staying at anchor here for several days, we visit the old town which is a few kilometres further inland. This is common in many parts of Mallorca - where the town, often fortified like Alcudia was built away from the port as a defence against surprise pirates attacks. We walk along the top of the 14th century walls and admire the mountain views. We descend out of the sun and walk alongside the beautiful walls, delighted to be in their shade. Temperatures are well above average, hitting over 30 degrees by afternoon.

      We are all happy to return waterside and cool down. With lots of water based activities on offer in the port we decide to sign up for one the following day. It’s electric surfing and foiling and it is far more challenging than we had expected. The propulsion is controlled by a device in your hand. When you achieve a steady speed by squeezing the trigger you are then suppose to move from a lying or kneeling position to standing. In all the excitement and attempted movement it is hard to maintain a steady press on the trigger. I either let the trigger go or press it tight with the same result - splash into the water.
      After our short session we were bruised, exhausted and exhilarated. It was such fun.
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    • Day327

      Coming into Alcudia Bay

      June 3 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

      The landscape becomes very dramatic as we sail from east to west cross the bay of Alcudia. Ahead of us are high mountains and cliffs soaring from the sea. They are awesome and beautiful. We sail to an anchorage surrounded by cliffs. It is totally wild with no sign of civilisation ashore. The thought of dropping anchor and staying here overnight is exciting and daunting because of the looming cliffs. As we hover in the bay we feel the swell rolling in, it will be an uncomfortable night here. A good night’s sleep trumps a good view so we take in our surroundings for a little while longer and then sail into Alcudia bay leaving wilderness behind. We find a rather more civilised little anchorage next to Alcanada golf course. We have a combined shopping and picnic expedition ashore and come home for a good night’s sleep in this sheltered spot.
      The next day is overcast and windy but Régal is comfortable as she is protected from the swell by the little island to the north. Ronan goes for a snorkel to see how things are under the waterline. We are in 5 meters of water but when he swims around the boat he discovers that there are plateaus of higher rock nearby. If the wind changes direction the boat will too and our keel may end up over one of these rocky outcrops or worse, on one. To ensure we are okay no matter which way the wind blows Ruby and he get in the dingy with a lead line to measure the depths a various high points on the rocky shelves. Shortly afterwards I help too and jump in the water with mask and snorkel to find the high patches. The shallowest patch we find is 2.7 meters which means we can rest easy as our 1.8 meter deep keel will never touch it.
      The wind picks up more and we watch the day trippers on tourists boats try to enjoy Paddle boarding but it’s no fun in these conditions.
      Nearby a dinghy breaks its mooring and is blown into the hard shoreline. We watch as it continuously bangs against the rocky shore and nobody comes to its rescue. Then Ronan, all heroic like, puts on his superman togs and swims in to the dinghy. He grabs its painter rope and ties it across his enormous manly chest. With his arms powering through the water, he tows the dinghy back out to the mooring bouy and ties it off securely.
      He leaps back on board Régal and from his crew he receives some limp and short- lived praise. If only there had been other on-lookers. They would have been very impressed but the crew of Régal have become accustomed to living with such a hero.
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      All that training in Myrtleville came to good use Ronan😀

    • Day13

      Parc natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca

      April 8 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Ein sehr sehenswerter Naturpark, der vor allem für Vogelliebhaber einen Besuch Wert ist. Es gibt viele Beobachtungs-Unterstände von denen aus man die Tierwelt beobachten kann. Momentan sind die Säbelschnäbler am Brüten.Read more

    • Day9

      Días en la playa Muro

      June 14 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Es geit immer so schnäu ume, wenns schön isch...☀️ Nach üsere "Tour de Mallorca Nord" hei mir üs no Strand Täg gönnt (das brönnt denn ou, eifach angersch 😅) Morn geits wieder retour id 🇨🇭, haub so wild, für 30°C si mir scho aklimatisiert 😉Read more

    • Day7

      Platja d‘Alcúdia

      May 6 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Strahlend-blauer Himmel und viel Sonnenschein ließen die Pläne für den Tag schnell feststehen: Wir werden heute noch ein bisschen Urlaubsbräune tanken.

      Damit der letzte Tag aber nicht völlig tatenlos vorbei geht, sind wir zum Strand in Port d‘Alcudia gefahren.

      Hier startet morgen auch der Ironman. Und zufälligerweise führt die Fahrradstrecke quasi an unserer Finca vorbei 🤩
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    • Day1

      Anreise und Ankunft

      November 10, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

      Um 3:00 früh aufgestanden, Tino hat uns um 4:00 zum Flughafen gefahren und nach zwei Stunden Flug auf Mallorca gelandet.
      Im Gepäck hatten wir eine Männergrippe und ganz viel Regen.
      Also warten wir ab was eher vorüber geht.....Read more


      Gute Besserung. 😘 Lasst euch vom Regen nicht ärgern, ist nur Wasser. 😉 Genießt den ersten Tag!


      Igeloldies Danke!! Freude groß, Gute Erholung und Wetterbesserung. Heute erste Sonnenstrahlen hier, schicken sie Euch.

    • Day7

      Platja d‘Alcúdia

      September 20 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Im Meer schwimmen, am Strand spazieren, Muscheln sammeln, in der Sonne liegen, rätseln, lesen. Im Meer schwimmen, am Strand spazieren, Muscheln sammeln, in der Sonne liegen, rätseln, lesen. Im Meer schwimmen, am Strand spazieren, Muscheln sammeln, in der Sonne liegen, rätseln, lesen.
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      So soll’s sein 😍


      Das beste Bild von euch Beiden 😍👍🏽kommt gut nach Hause 😊

    • Day3


      June 14 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Heute steht der Nachbarort Alcudia auf dem Plan. Es ist eines der schönsten Dörfer hier auf Mallorca, und hat von verwinkelten Gassen, historischen Gebäuden und traditionellen Geschäften viel zu bieten. Sie ist komplett von einer Mauer umgeben, so daß sie gut zu erkunden ist. Mit dem Bus sind es nur ca 30 Minuten bis dorthin. Doch da wir unsere Masken vergessen haben, müssen wir schnell noch einmal zurück flitzen. Sehr lange verweilen wir in Alcudia leider nicht, es ist einfach unbeschreiblich heiß. Ich hätte sicher noch mehr angeschaut, wenn ich alleine unterwegs gewesen wäre, doch zu zweit muss man eben den ein oder anderen Kompromiss eingehen. Dafür bekommt man viele andere schöne gemeinsame Momente. Ein kleiner Abstecher zum Hafen und dann befinden wir uns auch schon auf dem Rückweg. Nachmittags gibt es dann noch ein Lunch in einem der kleinen Restaurants in der Nähe, bevor wir den Tag mit einem Spaziergang entlang des Meeres beenden.Read more



    • Day4

      Markt in Alcúdia

      May 3 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Für heute war zum ersten Mal „Regen“ angesagt, deshalb waren die Pläne für den Tag erstmal verhalten. Regen gegen 10 Uhr hieß es. Kam aber nix außer ein paar Tropfen. Mehr Regen ließ sich zum Glück erstmal nicht blicken🤪🤷🏻‍♀️

      Also ging es nach dem Frühstück und einer Runde Yoga ganz entspannt zum Markt in Alcúdia. Ein bisschen schlendern, ein bisschen shoppen.
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