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  • Day19

    Bath time

    October 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Travelled with detour via Cardiff to spend couple days in Bath.
    I have enjoyed it (and we have had nice weather), peeps are very friendly here

    And Ingrams and Meags will be happy to know... that yet to have any sweet dog walking ladies approach and face punch me 😃

  • Day4

    Royal Crescent-Circus

    July 30 in the United Kingdom

    Visited the first major Stone structures in Bath, designed by John Woods the elder, and completed by his son, John Woods the younger. Interesting back stories of patrons, craft-guilds, and revitalization of a city. Great example of the Georgian style (1714-1830's).

  • Day17

    Bath, June 15

    June 15 in the United Kingdom

    Arriving in Bath yesterday gave us a bit of a cultural shock having been in the woods and the smaller communities for the past two weeks. We were better this morning. Nothing like a solid breakfast to chipper the spirits.

    After breakfast, we decided to do laundry in the PM, to take advantage of the early morning schedules and visit the places we wanted to see as the weatherman was calling for rain tomorrow morning.

    Bath was known as Aquae Sulis to the Romans, meaning Waters of the Sun. The Baths consist of four main features...the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temples, the Roman Bathhouse, and the Thermal Spring. Our tour included each one. The audio guide steered us through an amazing maze of twists and turns providing the history of the Baths. We walked just above the ruins on a metal walkway and parallel to where the ancient Romans must have walked 2000 plus years ago.

    The Roman engineering was a marvel as they could drain the baths, clean them, and refill via a series of gates. The dirty water was "flushed" into the Avon River (environmental engineering was not one of their things). The water must have a fair amount of iron in it as the drain that we could see was very rust colored. Believe it or not, the drains are still working as designed and built centuries ago.

    During the archeological work, thousands of coins were found and are now displayed. Their coin manufacturing was darn good given the evident detail of the coins.

    We spent three hours roaming around the Baths and then grabbed a bite at an outside cafe (coffee, pain au chocolate, and pain au raisin. This is Arlene's spelling as I would use the Spanish word for bread which is pan). Good to sit and enjoy the sights of tourists walking around looking very lost and confused, but we knew exactly where we were and where we were going :).

    Next stop was the Pulteney Bridge. One could walk over the bridge and never know that it was a bridge, but seen from the side, it became evident. Tour boats were moving lost tourists up and down the river.

    The Bath Abbey was a work of art. The stain glass and the ceiling were quite exquisite. The Abbey was founded as a convent in 676 AD, then in 1090, the Norman Cathedral was built, and in 1499 the current Abbey was built replacing the ruins of the Norman Cathedral.

    Last, but not least, is the Royal Crescent built to house royalty (perhaps we should go there and introduce ourselves). It is a huge building built in the 18th century and reminds me of the I G Farben building in Frankfurt, Germany that I recall measuring for painting when I was stationed there in 1969.

    Queen Victoria's monument was also on the list of things to see and we saw that too.

    After laundry, Arlene treated me to a half pint and she enjoyed a wine. Hit the spot!

    Dinner was at another Italian restaurant just a short walk away (I am so looking forward to driving again). Martini's was excellent and we will have another dinner with them tomorrow...our last night in Bath, as well as Great Britain.
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  • Day4

    Beau Nash

    July 30 in the United Kingdom

    Interesting local character who helped to put Bath on the aristocratic map. He brought in lots of money...and made lots of money by gambling with those aristocrats - and started the first "eHarmony" service for matching up eligible nobles for marriage..and he got a percentage off of the woman's dowry with a successful match. Brilliant! 😃

  • Day18

    Bath, June 16

    June 16 in the United Kingdom

    Our last day! What should we do?

    Number one (perhaps two) on the list was to fuel up for a day of walking and making sure we didn't miss anything.

    After breakfast, we walked to the train station to get our tickets for tomorrow and to orient ourselves in case time was short. Next was the walking tour, but after listening for a few minutes we decided to check out a few other places as this was an overview and we felt that we had accomplished that.

    We walked down Great Pulteney Street towards the Holburne Museum and the gardens, stopping at shops along the way. The gardens were very nice and the flowers (few that there were) were very colorful on a cloudy day. Then for a coffee, and to really finish this off, a hot chocolate and scone at the Bath Bun Tea Shoppe.

    Along the walk back to the B & B to drop off a few items, we passed a weekend bowling contest (Bath Boules) at one of the green parks that exist throughout the city.

    The Royal Crescent (Number 1 is a museum) was a step back in time. Built in the mid-1700's and sold to individuals, some units today are privately owned and occupied while others are rented as apartments. Number 1 is a museum that contains period furniture and excellent narrations of what we were seeing. They lived well, but we like the times that we are living in.

    Love the dog in the exercise cage used to turn the meat on the spit!

    Dinner turned out to be a real treat. We enjoyed another Italian meal at the Martini Restaurant and the waiter made it very special. Seldom have we run into someone who has such a love for his work that it shows like this individual. Very prompt with our requests, the water glasses were always full, used dishes were promptly removed, and the bill came quickly. He was singing (this man was a real Italian) and having a good time serving others. Of course, he did mention that if I wanted to leave a tip, this is what I needed to do when we paid the bill. He deserved it.

    Taxi is reserved to pick us up at 0700 for a 10 minute ride to the train station. It will be good to get home even though we have both thoroughly enjoyed our trip to England.
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  • Day54


    October 18, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Alle, die mich kennen, ahnen (hoffentlich schon) vom Titel, was für ein toller Tag das heute für mich war! Ich war in Bath, wo Jane Austen wirklich lang gelaufen ist, wo ihre Charaktere wirklich lang gelaufen sind! Ahhh!
    Nach einem kurzen Frühstück hat mich Sarah, Vickis Schwester, mit zum Bahnhof und in den Zug nach Bath genommen. In Bath war ich dann alleine unterwegs. Ich war relativ früh da, weshalb ziemlich viel zu war. Nachdem ich die Abbey besichtigt hab, die wie eine Kathedrale aufgebaut ist, aber weder das eine noch das andere ist..., war ich in den römischen Bädern. Das Museum, das nicht Museum genannt werden will..., war wunderschön, aber die dampfenden Bäder waren extrem beeindruckend. Vor über 2000 Jahren haben Menschen da etwas wunderschönes aufgebaut und ICH konnte da heute lang laufen. Oh und natürlich ‚I went to take the waters in Bath.‘ Genial geschmeckt hat das nicht, aber ich war von vornherein begeistert also konnte mich da nichts von abhalten!
    Nach den Bädern bin ich zu der Victoria Gallery gegangen, wo in dem alten Teil schöne Werke waren und ich ein bisschen gelesen habe und der neue Teil mich verwirrt hat und ich ganz schnell wieder gegangen bin, nachdem ich natürlich höflich einmal durch den Raum geschlichen bin.
    Irgendwann hab ich Zeit gefunden für ein kleines Mittagessen. Danach hab ich dann an einer Führung teilgenommen. Die hat ziemlich lange gedauert aber war echt super interessant, was vermutlich an den häufigen Kommentaren lag, die auf Jane Austens Verbindung mit den Orten hingewiesen haben. Das war echt einfach nur toll!
    Bevor ich dann wieder zum Bahnhof gelaufen bin war ich bei dem Fashion Museum, was auch interessant war, aber nicht schlimm, dass ich nicht unglaublich viel Zeit mehr hatte.
    Heute war das erste Mal, dass ich in England Zug gefahren bin! Yay! Viel sehen konnte ich nicht von der Landschaft, weder auf der Zugfahrt noch in Bath, weil alles nebelig war, aber zum Glück ist Architektur immer relativ nah dran...
    Der Tag war sehr schön aber auch echt ermüdend.. mal läuft ganz schön viel in so Museen und Führungen!
    Jetzt schlafe ich und hab hoffentlich für morgen wieder Kraft. Gute Nacht!
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  • Day122

    A little 'Pride and Predudice'

    October 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Bek and I had a wonderful little high tea with Mr Darcy (oh, and Jane Austen may also have been there)

  • Day122

    Delving into the history of fashion

    October 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    The very best part of my day! Sewing idea heaven! - my visit to The Museum of Fashion.

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