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  • Day2

    Arrived at My Airbnb in London

    January 21, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 37 °F

    My flight landed in London and I took the train to Hammersmith station then a taxi to my room at an Airbnb. Met my hostess Isabella and her boyfriend Ed. It is a nice location close to the conference and tube station is not far away either < 1 mile. Its cozy but will do for my stay here in London.

  • Day7

    Addison Gardens London

    January 26, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌫 30 °F

    Back to Isabella & Ed's Airbnb flat for the night. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/11290436

    It was a very long day and I had a great day seeing the sites though. I need to pack to fly out to Edinburgh. One thing I realized is that I PACK TOO MUCH STUFF. Note to self: Need to start minimizing what I bring on journeys as I typically end up only using less than half of the clothes, computer equipment, etc. that I bring because lugging heavy bags around is not fun especially when you're trying to plan how to get to the airport via walking and the Tube!Read more

  • Day2

    Das Hotel

    April 28, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    K-West Hotel & Spa heißt das Haus, in dem wir momentan beheimatet sind... einfach ein Träumchen 👌🏻 deshalb haben wir beschlossen den Abend, im schön eingerichteten Empfangsbereich des Hotels, bei zwei Cappuccinos ausklingen zu lassen .. und wir haben es genossen. 😁 In diesem Sinne: Good night London, see you tomorrow again 😉😴Read more

  • Day3

    Good morning London !!

    April 29, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    .. auch in der Sache Frühstück hat uns das Hotel nicht enttäuscht 😋😋
    Gestärkt und voller Tatendrang haben wir uns auf die Führung quer durch Westminster begeben, um den geschichtlichen Teil von London ein bisschen näher kennen zu lernen.

  • Day3

    Einfach, aber wertvoll..

    April 29, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

    Der heutige Abend fällt in die Kategorie „zu wertvoll, um zu posten“ .. Tiefe Gespräche, bei gutem Essen, in einem schönen Ambiente.. Das Alles wird da bleiben, wo es hingehört, in unseren Erinnerungen.. und bleibt den Weiten der virtuellen Welt und des Papiers verborgen. Bevor es jetzt zu poetisch wird, beschließen wir diesen Tag und morgen geht es weiter in alter Frische (gut neuer Frische, wäre vllt besser 😅)Read more

  • Apr13

    Dubai day 2

    April 13 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

    Day 2 – Arrive in Dubai
    We arrived at 5.30am feeling pretty good. Dubai airport took a long time to get through, but most of that was because we walked a long way. When we were supposed to arrive at midnight on our initially flight, we booked a non-cancellable hotel close to the airport. So we still used that to have a wee sleep before being able to check into out other one. They upgraded us to a 3 room suite with 2 bathrooms and a big bath. It would have been great to have that the whole time we were here. Neither of us slept for very long – maybe an hour, but it was great to have a lie down and a nice shower.
    Our 2nd hotel is around 800m from the Dubai Mall, but much smaller being just one room with 2 single beds close together. But we chose it for the location which is great. We got all checked in around midday, and then really needed some food, so went off to the mall. It is still as huge as I remembered! Had a nice mixed grill thing for lunch, and found the supermarket for the yummy passionfruit that I had in South America. The aquarium is spectacular in the mall with sharks and lot of different rays.
    Before I came here I had googled different things to do. The global village looked good, but that was closing before I arrived. But, it had an extension so the last day was now today. So after recovering from our mall visit – feeling a bit jaded by then – we jumped into taxi and set off.
    As we were leaving the clouds were looking threatening so we put in light jackets, and my umbrella. It took 40 mins to get there, and by that time there was quite a bit of rain. The village was a bit like Epcot in Orlando. Lots of different countries had an entrance off the central area, and there were lots of culture specific foods and products. We went into several; Yemin, Turkey, Iran, South Africa but by that stage the rain was quite heavy with lots of thunder and lightening. Some of the cobble areas were a bit slippery, and lots of women walking around with their long black dresses getting wet at the bottom. I was surprised at all the honey stalls in Yemin, I had no idea that was a product from there, and loads of different varieties. The vendors were quite pushy about getting us to try the honey. I bought some dried fruit in Turkey, and at another stall just wanted a couple of figs, so held up 2 fingers. The man said 2 kilos? And I said no just 2. I think he was a bit disgusted about that, so gave me 2 figs and wandered off. They were very nice, maybe I should have got 2 kgs…. So after about 1.5 hours, we bailed. It was starting to get dark, and was getting harder to keep track of each other in the rain – it was mainly outside. We were pleased that we went to see it, and could have spent a long time going into all the countries, but in reality we had arrived that morning, hadn’t had a lot of sleep and weren’t really up to investigating it until the 3am that it was open to.
    So a taxi back to the mall because I seem to have managed to lose my cell phone charger cord. Very annoying as I am normally careful about that, and remember putting it into a snap lock back – just can’t find that particular bag. Lucky to have lost it when we were close to a mall that sells absolutely everything! We were feeling a bit wet – Jody’s denim shorts were soaked. So we watched 2 of the fountain shows, and then made our way back to the motel. I had vege sticks and watermelon for tea. Jody had a Macca;s burger and chips (she could join our team in Tok!) She has been having trouble with cramp, so wanted some salt.
    We now have an exciting excursion planned on Monday which is different to what we were going to do, and we are both pretty excited about – must be for me to put excited twice in one sentence! More news about that later….
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  • Apr14

    Dubai day 3

    April 14 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Day 3
    After a nice relaxing morning just chilling out, we finally managed to get organised to take the hotel shuttle to the old part of Dubai at 10.45. We had thought we would need to take a taxi back, but the shuttle driver said he was coming back at 3pm, so that sounded great. We have had a bit of a problem working how much money we would need here, so saving some seemed like a mighty fine idea.

    It was nice walking through the old souks – some pretty amazing flowers, some of which were edible. Then I showed interest in some scarves – not always a good idea to show interest unless you want to be captured. So I bought 1 scarf there. Then we got stuck in a spices shop which had dried fruit – it was fun trying to guess what fruit they were, the avocado got us stumped. They also had various dried teas, so we had to buy some to test out in the motorhome. The price was 1 dirham per gram, ie about 40 cents. We decided then that we really did need to get some more cash, and found some ATMs by a bank. It took a while to persuade one to give up cash – didn’t like mastercard, but Jody had success with a Visa.

    Then we took the little boat across the Dubai Creek and headed for the gold souk. I did get some gold chains shown to me, but decided against them – around $500 NZ for the one I liked. But later on I found a nice gold plated chain, and Jody bought a cute little silver fish and necklace. Then it was back on another wee boat, and we had lunch river side. The lamb was really tender – I quite like this sort of food, nice spicy tender meat with rice, yoghurt and chutney.

    On the way back to the shuttle, we ended up in another shop as I wanted to buy some nuts. We tried more dried fruit there, and this shop owner was way less pushy and also sold scarves. We ended up buying 2 each, and liked the same ones, so just bought the same. Not likely that I will be going out to the same places as Jody with the same scarf.

    Back at the hotel we had a bit of a quiet time, and then went down to check out the pool. It was quite windy, and not super hot. Jody had a swim, but I didn’t bother. Then it was back to the Dubai mall again for dinner and watching the fountain show. We think by tomorrow we might have cracked the code for how to get out of the mall, and are getting better at finding our way around. Though this evening we ended up in the Fashion Avenue which I hadn’t seen before. That is the quickest exit to get back to our hotel.

    On the way our tonight there was a open top black rolls Royce with orange seats outside the hotel that we just had to admire. Then Jody asked if they were on their way to the mall? Hmmm, yep the answer was no!

    We have to get up at 3.30am tomorrow ready for our special excursion. Am hoping to have some pretty great pics to share with you all from that.
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  • Apr15

    Dubai day 4

    April 15 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Day 4
    We both had a pretty crap night’s sleep, but still had to wake with the alarm at 3.30am for our early morning pickup to go chasing the sunrise in a hot air balloon! This wasn’t something that we had intended to do, but I had a lovely present from a friend with instructions to do something special with it, and Jody was keen as mustard so off we went.

    The drive took about an hour, and then it was very exciting watching our balloon being inflated along with 3 others. Jody asked our pilot where he was from (expecting it to be South Africa), and he was from NZ, and from Hamilton of course – used to own a hot air balloon company there and is involved in the Flying High for Kids World Balloon Project in the off season. We got good instructions for how to get into the basket, and when it was time piled on in. There were 4 sections in the basket, and about 6 of us in each section. Jody did well getting in first as we were very close to the handler with the falcon who was joining us on the flight.

    Neither of us had been up in a balloon before, and it was every bit as good as we had hoped. It was a bit windy, and conditions were perfect for us to fly across the whole of the conservation area. We did that at different heights, and could see different animals running around below us. The view of the sun coming up over the mountains in Oman was spectacular, and we got some great pics of a balloon eclipse as one of the other balloons was between us and the sun. The falcon was released to have a fly around, and then came back to the handler – Peter. Peter owns the falcon company, and explained to us how it came about that the falcons were part of the flight – sounds like just in the right place at the right time with the ruling Sheiks brother. There were falcons on the other 3 balloons as well, but they couldn’t be let off to fly at the same time as ‘they don’t like each other!’. Apparently in the wild falcons only fly for a few minutes each day. They are trained when really hungry, and don’t have a sense of bonding or loyalty with their handlers, they just respond to the fact that that person gives them the food. After returning to the Peter, he fed raw quail from his hand for the remainder of the flight.

    The flight took an hour, and we travelled around 20kms. The landing was pretty interesting though – apparently when it is under 10kms, the basket will stay upright on landing. With the wind at 20kms today, that was pretty windy apparently. Our pilot did a great job, we bounced a couple of times and were pleased we had obeyed the instructions for how we should stand ie knees bent, pulling back on the handholds, but it was quite rough. Then we stayed upside down for a while until we all eventually managed to extricate ourselves. So we missed the sight of the other balloon that didn’t land as well and ended up drapped over a fence, and nearly on a building.

    Then we were taken to a camp and had breakfast which was just ok. I didn’t try the caviar, but the eggs and rice were quite nice. Then we were off in 1950’s jeeps for a wildlife safari. Our guide told us a bit about the plants in the area, and we saw quite a few onyx on the way. But this was pretty low key after the excitement of the ride. After that we were back in car on the way to the hotel – very surprised to realise that it was only 10am and were back at motel by 11.30.

    So then it was packing time as we have an early flight in the morning. We managed to do that and then chilled out for several hours until it was time for the hotel shuttle to take us to the beach. That was a great decision. I tried out a step paddle board, and was surprised at how hard it was. With a normal paddle board you use all of your body to power it, and can stop and have a rest if you want. With the step paddle board, you only really used your legs, and had to step constantly. The handlebars were a bit wobbly, so it didn’t pay to stop. I didn’t quite last out the full 30 mins (actually quite a bit less….). I had a nice swim after that, and then we went for a walk along the lovely boardwalk. The whole beach area had a great boardwalk and heaps of eateries. It would be a great place to stay with family. They also did gourmet gelattos which we couldn’t go past.

    After being at the beach for a couple of hours we caught the hotel shuttle back – it is very convenient having shuttles that go to the major places, and saves on taxi fares. The shuttle stopped at the Dubai Mall on the way back to the hotel, so we got off there and went to the restaurant that we had spied with a good view of the fountains. When we were seated I walked around the balcony a bit, and found that the next restaurant had an even better view. So we jumped ship and had a lovely meal at Todd English Food Hall. We watched 3 fountain shows which were pretty good, but it was a shame that in the 3 nights we had been watching, we only had one where we knew the song – Whitney Houston, I will always love you.

    So then it was time for our final walk back to the hotel – we have gotten pretty good at finding out way back by now. So a pretty big day after getting up at 3.30 am. Early tomorrow as well – 5.30am so can catch our plane to Rome.
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  • Apr16

    Leaving Dubai day 5

    April 16 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Day 5
    We seem to both be a bit paranoid about being late for flights, so checked how long the taxi would take – possibly up to an hour. So we got up at 5.30, ready for the taxi on time at 6.15, and were at the airport by……..6.30! What time did we need to be there? 7.40. But, both of us were happy with that.

    Once on the plane we did have our 2 aisle seats next to each other. But when I went to sit down, the lady next to me asked if I would swap with her husband who had an aisle seat on the other side of the plane. I agreed to that (she got me on a nice Fiona day!), but then when I went to my new seat there was a kerfuffle about a double booking. So I said I am not interested in swapping a seat which is double booked. The cabin crew then got a bit confused as to who actually was booked in the seat, but finally solved it, and then I stayed nice Fiona and sat in the new seat. It was a 6 hour flight which went smoothly, and we arrived at Roma.

    Again because we don’t like missing flights or trains, we had factored in a possible flight delay, so we then had a 2 hour wait at the airport before we could catch our first train into Rome, then 20 mins to find our train to Florence, and then it was a very short 10 mins to try and find the platform for our final train to Poggibonsi. We weren’t quite sure how we would work out when we needed to get off the train, but the helpful train guard spoke English, and had an ipad with the route on it that Jody took a picture of. It was a short work from the train to a restaurant, and we had our first authentic Italian meal which was really nice. Jody ordered a glass of wine which came in a little jug, and was 250mls for $3 NZ. I had bruschetta, and beef cooked with red wine and pepper and peas. Oh yes, Jody did have some food with that wine – lasagne.

    After our meal we asked for a taxi. I had thought it might be a bit of an issue to get one, so was great for the restaurant owner to try for me. He rang 4 different individuals to try and get one, and we had a choice of 20 euros with a 40 min wait, or 30 euros for now. Of course we chose now! So off to Hotel Semifonte which was a bit average, but lovely and warm. Quite a bit chillier here than it was in Dubai.
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