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  • Day94

    Kay Wood Shelter 1565.7

    August 5, 2017 in the United States

    We had an amazing morning at the Upper Goose Pond Cabin with a freshly brewed hot coffee and blueberry pancakes - classic with butter and maple syrup. This really gave us the energy necessary to make it to the "Cookie Lady" about 11 miles later. According to the thru hiker guide she "puts often cookies outside for hikers" and we hoped for that for lunch. And we were lucky even though she wasn't home her grandson took care of the hikers. He brought cookies and sold sodas and ice cream.
    On the way to there we came by a special place. It was a really moving moment when we crossed the I90 a busy interstate leading from Boston to New York State. We've been at exactly this point half a year ago when we drove to the Niagara Falls. We saw the sign back then and it was cool but now we know what it means. This journey that is behind the "Appalachian Trail" and that's not over yet. We were there in the warmth and comfort of the car, now the opposite on our feet.

    After a two hour break at the "Cookie Lady" and some blueberry picking we went back on the trail to finish the day. The Shelter we stayed at is just about three miles away from Dalton, so perfect to hike in for breakfast :)
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  • Day95

    Mary Assumption Church Cheshire 1577.2

    August 6, 2017 in the United States

    As we made it already so close to Dalton we had plenty of time to sleep in. And as always when you can sleep in, you can't... This time because of some incredibly noisy teenagers that were hiking around with their Bootcamp group and having their tents right next to ours -.- So we decided to tear down our tent and hike in to Dalton for breakfast. On the way there we met an incredibly cute and entertaining porcupine that was walking along the AT ahead of us. It took ages before it noticed us, so I could do a two minutes video and take some pictures. It ran away and climbed slowly up a tree, so we had plenty of time to pass and leave it alone.
    When we finally arrived in Dalton we got a Breakfast Sandwich, Everything Bagel and an Avocado Sandwich. For our trained hiker stomachs not enough so we went to the gas station for muffins. The medium fed ourselves were in need of a shower and laundry. In front of the CRA building I got trail mix bars from a random guy who asked if we are hiking the AT - so not another homeless experience.

    Around noon we met with Julias family who came all the way from the Boston area. After all a three hour drive to the other side of the state. So we were super happy that they came, especially the smallest and newest member of the family was the star :) We had a great time and relaxed afternoon. Unfortunately we didn't have more time...
    By 3:30 they needed to head back home and we also went back on the trail. It was only about 9 miles to the next town so we went for that. When we were just about to arrive in Cheshire there was a sign catching our attention advertising for "local honey". So we went there, bought a glass (!!!) of honey and got a free tour around the garden and the bee hives.
    For the night we camped at the St. Mary of the Assumption Church Parish Hall. They are offering a campsite and restrooms for the thru hikers. On the menu for dinner was today cold ravioli straight from the can :D Proper town food!!
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  • Day96

    Camping before MA/VT border 1596.1

    August 7, 2017 in the United States

    We've had an extended breakfast in the morning at the church before hiking half an hour to the second breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. As we also had WiFi there we were vortexed and it took me another hour to get moving.
    Luckily we haven't made any proper plans yet so we went up Mt Greylock for the lunch break. This point marks the highest point in Massachusetts and it was supposed to be very touristy but by the time we arrived there, there were just a few.
    We made the plan to sleep in Vermont tonight which didn't seem to be an all too tough hike. But as it started raining in the evening we got slower and slower.
    So in the end we didn't manage to make it to the borderline but - as we saw the next morning - we were really close. It started getting dark and the rain got heavier so we set up our tent. While setting it up it up it got wet inside so we dried it up with a towel and went to sleep hoping that it will stop raining in the morning.
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  • Day92

    Tom Leonard Shelter 1527

    August 3, 2017 in the United States

    For breakfast we stayed at the campsite and were soon joined again by not sure. Over chatting with him it took us more than an hour to head out. It was even tougher to start as we hit a steep climb up Mount Everett right in the morning. Up there we met Jon again who had camped a bit before the campsite. Together we climbed down and encountered the so far largest rattlesnake we've seen on the trail. Luckily it didn't care too much about us so we could pass quite easily.
    For lunch we stopped at the Appalachian Trail Headquarters North. It was very unimpressive, the main features were a spigot and two electrical outlets.
    Then Jon encountered that he was almost out of food so he went to the next town. We moved on to the upcoming Shelter after about five miles and arrived there after three hours and lots of swearing on the bugs.
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  • Day93

    Upper Goose Pond Cabin 1548.1

    August 4, 2017 in the United States

    After a late start on the trail it started raining at about 11 and turned into a downpour. We decided that it doesn't make sense to have lunch in the rain and to shoot for Tyringham. By the time we got there we were super hungry and not sure if the food we have lasts until Dalton. We asked an older couple that we met on the way for directions and if they knew if there is anything like a Cafe or deli in the town. Apparently we must have looked pretty bad because they gave us a bag of pretzels and two yogurts :) At the post office was a hiker box where we found another bag of pretzels and some oatmeals. Lucky us!
    After enjoying our lunch, we enjoyed the perks of the internet to catch up with some things. Jon also arrived at the post office an hour after us. He was looking pretty bad, a wound at his leg got worse, he was exhausted and didn't eat anything yet. So we gave him some pretzels and supported him with information/directions to Lee, Massachusetts. He headed there to rest, do laundry and get a proper meal.

    In the afternoon we had quite a nice and easy hike to the Upper Goose Pond Cabin. That's a cabin close to a lake with opportunities to swim and canoeing. There are also bunk beds with mattresses but by the time we got there, they were already full so we set up the tent near the lake. Then we went for a great, refreshing swim in the lake. The water was pleasant and it felt good to give our bodies a different kind of movement. For dinner there was "Suddenly Pasta salad" on the menu that we found in the hiker box. Don't do it!! Its probably not as bad when it's cold, but as a pasta dish it's awful!!
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  • Day29

    The Finish Line

    October 8, 2016 in the United States

    You see that line on the map? That's it! I was sure I would make it, but it feels real good to get here. I have a leisurely 3 miles back to meet Neal, then I will sit for two days before coming home.

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Berkshire County, مقاطعة بيركشاير, Бъркшър, বার্কশায়ার কাউন্টি, Condado de Berkshire, Berkshire konderria, شهرستان برکشر، ماساچوست, Comté de Berkshire, Berkshire megye, Բերկշիր շրջան, Contea di Berkshire, バークシャー郡, Berkshire Comitatus, Berkshire Kūn, Hrabstwo Berkshire, برکشائر کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Berkshire, Беркшир, Округ Беркшир, برکسشائر کاؤنٹی، میساچوسٹس, Quận Berkshire, Condado han Berkshire, 伯克夏縣

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