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  • Day13

    Oslob - Whaleshark town

    March 10, 2019 on the Philippines ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    After spending a boring night in oslob town (not main city), me and my friend went for food and drinks at local restaurant.
    Its was not bad and had live music for the attending 4 people.

    Lucky prior to drop off, we stopped at a super market, where I bought snacks and drink. This came in handy as it was more fun and social at the hostel.

    Waking up 4am once again, our hostel walked us over to a waiting area and our group was the 1st to go into the water.
    Still being dark, we asked to wait till sun break horiy so it would make for better vision in the water.

    We had a discussion within the group of who dives in first or how far do we think they'll take us to swim or like does these great animal really not eat people.

    Our boat guide called, aaaand just rowed like 500m off shore, we all just dove in - every man for themself.
    Some got nervous as these enormous teddy bears came closer and decided to get back on boat. While myself stayed and dove deeper to get the full experience.

    I think im a big guy, but they made me feel so small and this was just an amazing feeling.

    Getting back to shore, we all had a foul smell of rotten fish, as they feed the sharks to draw them closer for the tourists. Not ideal but my favorite experience.

    After some cleaning up, we met again for breakfast. Pancakes galore as everyone ordered the same dish.

    Well we're off to the ferry to catch up with our other travelling friends on siquijor island.
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