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  • Day21

    Lucky 300

    February 26, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    300 Kilometer pro Tag - soweit bringt uns unser kleiner ‚Hippie‘ im Schnitt! Das ist gerade eine Tankfüllung à 30 Liter. Gemütlich reisen wir, fängt die alte Kiste doch an zu vibrieren sobald man die 100 km/h Grenze übersteigt - aber das ist auch gut so, es gibt einiges zu entdecken und ab und an muss man reaktionsschnell einem Schlagloch ausweichen.

    Nach der beeindruckenden Weltmetropole Sydney sind wir für 2 Nächte untergetaucht und haben jeweils auf einem kleinen Rastplatz neben dem Highway übernachtet. Die erste Nacht durften wir neben einem Golfclub verbringen, von welchem wir im Morgentau den Kängurus beim Frühstücken zusehen konnten. Die zweite Nacht war dann sehr heiss, wir waren auf einem grossen Parkplatz. Je nördlicher wir fahren, desto wärmer wird es - mittlerweile sind wir bei 30 Grad angekommen (juppyyajjee endlich die langen Kleider im Rucksack verstauen und die Badeklamotten auspacken). Aber auch der Regen setzt vermehrt und sintflutartig ein - der ‚Hippie‘ ist nicht mehr 100% dicht, lustigerweise dringt das Wasser von unten in die Fahrerkabine (denkt man doch, der Regen kommt von oben🙏🧐).

    Im Moment sind wir auf einem Camping und geniessen einen der seltenen Internetzugänge (Hallo ☺️). Morgen geht es weiter über die ,Byron Bay, und die ,Gold Coast, nach Brisbane.
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  • Day92

    Tea Tree Lake

    December 20, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Das leichte Brummen im Kopf ließ uns aufwachen. Die letzte Nacht macht sich diesmal doch bemerkbar...
    verkartert chillen wir im Hostel mit Jake und Brian und fahren später nach Lennox Head und zum Tea Tree Lake. Der See ist umgeben von Tea Trees, dessen Öl in den See topft und er deshalb rötlich gefärbt ist, ein bisschen so wie „a Cup of Tea“, und einen leichten Ölfilm hat.
    Wie man sich vorstellen kann, ist es besonders gut für die Haut dort zu baden. Was wir natürlich auch ausgiebig taten...
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  • Day94

    Byron Bay

    July 22, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    The night’s rain dripped methodically off the garden’s foliage as we breakfasted on a creamy porridge with strawberries, bananas and oven roasted nuts. Tie-dye sheets hung from a sheltered washing line whilst a colony of ants marched up a drainpipe. Out of sight wildlife nattered and chirped, making the sounds of laser beams and rattles.

    We decided to immerse ourselves into this hipster surfer’s paradise by taking a morning class of yoga. Drawing back the heavy fabric door, we ducked into a marque tent of Hindu imagery, calming music and scented candles. We sat in a semi-circle of mats as our calm instructor, Jane, took us through a class of restorative moves. Kim had tried yoga before but never with Alex, for whom this was a first. Whilst it took time for our brains to truly relax by the final ‘svastha’ we were completely ‘chilled out’.

    Feeling like new age hipsters and beaming with energy we took a quick lunch before heading off for an afternoon surf lesson. Our instructor, James, was every bit the stereotype we had in our minds of an Australian surfer ‘dude’. Tanned skin, crow’s feet around his eyes and a beard peppered with greys whilst his sun bleached hair was tied back. Radiating cool with his accent and persona, he looked like he might have been born on a wave. After donning our wetsuits and receiving beach side instruction we took our boards out onto the waves.

    Treading the water, we watched and waited with giddy anticipation as the waves rolled in. Jumping up onto our boards we paddled hard as the rush of white water clipped the back accelerating us forward. This was our signal to get up into a standing position and surf our way out. However describing it and rehearsing it on the beach is one thing, doing it and staying upright on the board was another. As the staff said, ‘practice practice practice’ and once we started we couldn’t get enough. Our wetsuits and adrenaline kept us warm as we nosedived and tumbled into the water again and again. Salt water filled our mouths and blurred our vision but each time we strode back out into the waves, eager to improve our technique.

    When the moment came that we succeeded, it was exhilarating, so much so that all the technique left us and we fell back into the water whopping with laughter. As our session came to an end James announced ‘one more wave’ but neither of us wanted to leave and we sneaked in as many waves as we could before it was finally time to go.

    Alas there are no photographs of us surfing to share as we were unable to take our own and the company running the surf lesson wanted alot of money for just the few pictures of us. Those that they showed us were more funny than cool but we had a brilliant time!
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  • Day30


    January 11, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Today I woke up and quickly packed and ate breakfast before texting Annika who I had planned to go snorkeling with. She had found something else to do but it turned out John wanted to go too so we met up at the beach around 10. The snorkel site was a shipwreck only about 40 meters offshore on the main beach that was marked by the top of the mast that stood about 5 feet out of the water. It didn't look very far but as soon as we got in the water we knew we were in for a tough swim out against the rough and constant waves. After lots of complaining and mouthfuls of water we finally made it out to the mast. I tried holding on to it for a second but quickly realized it was a bad idea after a swell pulled all the water out from under me and I was left hanging only to be ripped off of it by the wave. I took a look and was met with utter disappointment that came in the form of one fish and the three feet down I could actually see before the water turned dark green. After one look I knew it was hopeless and we headed back to shore. We played in the water a bit and made a lumpy sandcastle before heading to the train station to meet the rest of the Swedish crew. After saying goodbye they boarded and headed off but not before giving me some free fries. I headed back to the hostel and had a quick shower and made myself some pasta before heading to the library in hope of better wifi. The wifi was still bad and it took a few hours to download less than an hour and a half of content. In that time I bought a book and had a nice long nap. Then it was time I retrieve my belongings and head to the bus station. Thankfully the bus was less than half full so I could put my bags anywhere and still stretch out over two seats. We stopped in two hours at a very small town named Alstonville which I explored for a bit before buying banana bread and a pineapple fritter. Then I sat under a huge tree with hundreds of parakeets until the bus left. We were off again and I started my book before I got distracted by a lightning storm we were passing by. I was pretty sleepy so I decided to put the book down and blow up my neck pillow and quickly fell asleep.Read more

  • Day164

    Beach Hopping

    March 11, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Anstelle von Island Hopping machten wir heute Beach Hopping. Und da es an der Ostküste hauptsächlich schöne Strände gibt, ist das auch einfach und gut möglich.
    Wir waren am Strand für das Frühstück, fürs Baden und Sonnen, für einen Spaziergang, für Fotos, etc.

    Am Nachmittag waren wir einige Zeit in Byron Bay. Dieses herzige Städtchen ist an einem sonnigen Samstag voll von Touristen und Einheimischen. Sie kommen alle hierher zum Surfen, Baden, Shoppen, Sehen und Gesehen werden. Da mussten wir auch dabei sein...

    Übernachtet haben wir in einem Motel in Ballina, welches von Schweizern geführt wird.
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  • Day23

    Lennox Head

    December 30, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Beautiful spot. After the hustle and bustle of Byron Bay, Lennox Head was a lot more laid back. Plenty of holiday makers around, but no problem parking or getting around. Went back 3 times to have a swim in the tea tree lake (Lake Ainsworth)...a very unique place with Lennox beach on one side of the road, and the tea tree lake on the other.Read more

  • Day7

    Bijna bij Byron bay

    November 3, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Hele mooie zonsopgang met allemaal velden in de mist.

  • Day23


    December 30, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Stayed 4 nights at the Showground. Good spot although busier than we thought. Alstonville is a beaut little village and a two minute walk from the showground. Was a great base to visit Ballina, Lennox Head, Byron Bay, Bangalow, Mullumbimby etc. Bangalow is a very folksy eclectic town. The scenic drive from Bangalow to Mullumbimby was beautiful.
    Temperature 18-31°
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  • Day57

    Back on the road again

    May 29, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Wir sind nun wieder back on the road. Unser holländisches Pärchen ist alleine weiter gereist, da sie die Ostküste schon gesehen haben und nun ganz in den Norden wollen.
    Nach Feierabend an einem Freitag kam der Chef von Aussie Orchards zu uns und meinte sie haben keine Arbeit mehr für uns, da wir alle schneller gearbeitet haben als erwartet. Erst ab der dritten Juniwoche haben sie wieder Arbeit.
    Also sind wir los, die ersten Tage noch mit dem anderen Pärchen, und uns wieder auf die Suche nach einem Job gemacht. Es ist schwierig, weil alle Backpacker jetzt im Winter arbeiten wollen und viele aus dem Norden nach unten kommen.
    Gestern waren wir wieder auf einem uns bekannten Campingplatz in Alstonville und haben dort deutsche getroffen, die dort wohnen und in der Nähe auf einer Farm arbeiten. Wir haben natürlich nachgefragt, ob wir dort vielleicht auch arbeiten könnten, aber sie wussten, dass die Farm leider keine Leute mehr braucht.
    Heute sind wir wieder auf der Ballina Rest Area Unterhalt sparen 😉
    Ich bin gespannt wo uns es uns die nächste Zeit hinführt 🙃
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