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  • Day122

    Aussie salute

    March 7, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    As almost every morning, we woke up with the sunrise. It just makes sense to try and use the cooler part of the day for activities. Today that meant exploring the coast line around Kalbarri. We went to one of the parkings and had a walk along the cliffs. We noticed once more that we were the only car on a pretty big car park. By now we are doubting that that is because we are so early. Maybe the West Coast is just not busy generally, it is not main season or corona keeps all tourists away. We don't know but we like it.

    We also went to a place called Pot Alley. On the pictures the water and beach looked very nice. Being there it was actually the impressive red rocks and Cliffs surrounding it that made us like it a lot.

    When we arrived in Kalbarri we did some grocery shopping, but when we returned to our van and wanted to load the stuff in, one of our plates slid out of the kitchen 'drawer' onto the asphalt and broke into many pieces. We already anticipated for awhile this could happen but we didn't really have a solution for it. Now we had enough and searched long enough for a carton box that fit and helped so that it won't happen again.

    Due to a lack of free campsites around Kalbarri we went for a paid one. The bonus of this is usually decent kitchen facilities. To make it easier for ourselves in the evenings, we cooked the warm meal of the day for lunch again. Wraps was on the menu for today, but we hadn't anticipated that we had to share it. Dozens of bush flies joined our lunch, and it turns out that besides our skin, they really like meat and lettuce as well. It was difficult to prepare it properly without them touching everything, and if they fly into your eye on every other bite then eating wraps isn't very relaxing either. We researched a bit about the bush flies and learned that they're the cause behind the Aussie salute gesture, where someone "waves one hand in front of their face at regular intervals in order to prevent bush flies from landing on it, or entering one's nose or mouth". We were slowly becoming masters of this gesture, but were still happy we could escape to our van afterwards where they didn't bother us much.

    We had some time left, the weather was warm and we were in a coastal town. So it was logical to ask for the local swimming beach and give it a go. It was very refreshing but we have to add that even if you know that it's supposed to be a swimming beach it is a bit of an uncomfortable feeling if there is none else in sight. After a quick dip in the refreshing water and a shower, we headed to the perfect sunset watching spot. Yes, we are not getting tired of trying. And this time we were rewarded. Apart from a tiny cloud layer, we could watch the sun disappear in the ocean. Back at the camping the sky turned pretty orange and red which had a cool effect at the river delta. So Susanne went for another small walk before we fell into bed being quite tired.
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    Suzanne Schönbeck

    Awh! ♥️

  • Day123

    Gorgeous gorges

    March 8, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    The alarm went off extra early today. We even spared the time of eating breakfast and just did so while driving the 35 minute drive to the inland part of the Kalbarri National Park. We were actually lucky to be able to visit the park for several reasons. 1: the road leading to it was only sealed 2 years ago or so. 2: two weeks ago the park was closed for a week for undertaking a goat control program.

    We arrived there at 7:06. On the way we read a sign telling us the loop track we wanted to do was closed after 7:00 due to heat risk. That took us a bit by surprise although we didn't get up that early for no reason. We knew it was going to be hot. We just didn't know they would close a track that early. Anyways, we decided it was OK to start 10 minutes later than allowed. After the first 100 meters we had a stop in the shade to apply sunscreen as we skipped that before due to time reasons.

    After another few hundred meters we made it to probably the most popular attraction, Nature's Window. Incredibly red, very interestingly layered rocks formed a natural window through which one could see the gorge and river below. It was really very picturesque. Nonetheless we decided to actually undertake the 8km loop track starting right behind it. First along the ridge of the gorge, later along the river banks. There are some bushes and trees for breaks in the shadow but the actual trail is almost entirely in the sun. The views of the cliffs were truly amazing and the river was actually flooded due to recent rain. Apart from seeing trees in the water that also meant we had to climb around a narrow cliff part for a few meters which added a nice challenge to the track. While still early and also windy when on the ridge, it got very warm once we were walking in the gorge. They really are not joking when they warn people to not start this track too late. So we were happy when we were back at the car park at 11:00. In the last section Machiel was a bit too tall for a tree passing, so a short break to rest was very needed.

    We forgot to mention, the flies were again really horrible. Now they even went into the van. So an hour later we went to yet another viewpoint. Luckily that was only 650m from the car park. Nonetheless, doing this at 12:00 just didn't feel good. The views were of course great though as we could see another part of the gorge called Z-bend.

    Back at the car we were totally sweaty, annoyed by the flies and hungry. So we decided to spontaneously drive back to Kalbarri for some coastal climate and showers. The 24km detour was worth it. They had some free showers at the beach and great shadow parking with wind from the sea. Ideal for some resting. We also spotted some pelicans in the bay.

    In the late afternoon we left again. On the way to our free camping at the highway, we stopped at two other view points. They were nice but not so much compared to what we had seen this morning. The campsite was again having millions of flies. Even after sunset when they weren't flying anymore, they were still sitting all over our van and would not leave until we drove 110km/h for several minutes the following morning.
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  • Day35

    Pink Lake

    February 9, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 25 °C

    Unsere Weiterfahrt führte am Pink Lake vorbei. Zuerst dachten wir der sei auch nicht mehr pink wie der bei Esperance, da wir nur das weisse Salz sahen. Weiter vorne offenbarte er uns dann seine pinke Schönheit.Read more

    Evelyn Chollet

    Das ist ja beeindruckend, mega schön!

  • Day518

    Geniale Nationalparktour

    March 2, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Als ein verlängertes Wochenende ansteht, fällt die Entscheidung auf die 600 Kilometer entfernte heiße und interessante Region im Norden, Kalbarri. Tolle Nationalparks liegen auf dem Weg. Mitten in einem Örtchen im riesigen Nationalpark ist unsere Unterkunft. 🌳 Die Sunset Lodge hat einen großen Balkon mit spektakulärem Blick auf den Sonnenuntergang über dem Meer. 🍀

    Daniel ist so hin und weg, dass er seinen Chef schreibt, ob er das verlängerte Wochenende noch etwas mehr verlängern kann, weil's hier so schön ist. Und der sagt... JA! 😄 Australien! Hier ticken die Uhren etwas anders. 👌 Also bleiben wir einfach länger.

    Es gibt soviel zu erkunden. Den Pinnacles Nationalpark, die Hutt Lagoon mit ihren von Algen pink gefärbten Wasser, etliche tolle Klippen, den Kalbarri Nationalpark, tolle Strände, Sanddünen und viieeles mehr. Zudem werden direkt vor unserem Balkon jeden Morgen Pelikane gefüttert. 😄👍

    Zu manchen Zeiten sind allerdings hunderte Fliegen unterwegs, die gerne in Augen, Nase, Ohren oder Mund fliegen. Bei Sven, Danje und mir landen beim quatschen und lachen welche im Hals. 😂 Ich knacke an einem Tag den Rekord mit drei Fliegen. 🤢😄 Morgens und nach Sonnenuntergang sind sie weg. 😊 Das ist wohl recht typisch für einige Regionen in Australien.

    Die Jungs versuchen ihr Glück beim angeln. Sie geben alles, aber irgendwie möchte außer einem Kugelfisch nix beißen. 🐟🐠 Also genießen wir die schöne Atmosphäre und sitzen abends bei Spaghetti Bolognese oder Pellkartoffeln mit Sourcreme und Salat zusammen auf dem Balkon. 😄

    50 Grad zeigt das Thermometer an einem Tag im Auto an, als wir am Strand langfahren. Also nutze ich die kurze Fütterpause für die kleine Kiana, schlüpfe fix aus meinen Klamotten und laufe ins kühle Meer. "Tzzzzzzz" zischt es. 😉😄 Ist das ein Traum. Auf einmal muss ich vor Freude laut loslachen. Ist das geil das erleben zu dürfen. 🍀🤩

    Die Wellen treiben mich an den Strand, wo ich mit Sven ein bisschen entspanne, um ein paar Minuten später wieder ins Meer zu jumpen. 😄 Danje kommt auch mit und kühlt sich im erfrischenden Nass ab, bis sie von einem Krebs darauf aufmerksam gemacht wird, dass sie auf seinem Kopf steht. 🦀😄 Beim ersten mal piekst er sie sanft, beim zweiten mal etwas stärker. 😂

    Mit Allrad geht es weiter über den weichen tiefen Sand, wo wir fast stecken bleiben. 😅 Aber nur fast. 😄

    Die Strände sind voll mit wunderschönen Shiva Eyes. Genau mein Ding! 😃 So landet ausnahmsweise das ein oder andere ganz kleine Müschelchen im Rucksack. 🐚😍

    An unserem letzten Abend genießen wir den Sonnenuntergang am Strand. Traumhaft! 🌅

    Zurück geht es am Pink Lake vorbei und mit Allrad durch die Sanddünen. Yihaaa! ❇️
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    Petra Eichmanns

    Perfekt 👌 ❣️

  • Day18

    Geraldton - Kalbarri

    February 18, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Tag 16

    Vorhang auf, die Sonne scheint uns wiedermal ins müde Gesicht und der blaue Himmel motiviert uns los zu fahren. Zuerst fahren wir nochmals kurz zu den Pinnacles, um diese bei Sonnenaufgang zu sehen und den schmalen 4 km langen Sandweg zwischen den gelben Steinen hindurch zu fahren. Danach nehmen wir die Fährte nach Geraldton auf und ich verspeche mir viel von dieser Stadt, denn die restlichen Käffer hier in der Umgebung sind für gar nichts. Dort angekommen übertrifft es unsere Erwartungen, eine wunderbare Strandlandschaft, dahinter liegen grüne Wiesen mit schattenspendenden Bäumen und einigen Cafes. Wir legen uns an einen der feinen Sandstrände und lassen den Tag ausklingen, später am Abend gehts noch ins Pub wo wir uns einen Schlummi gönnen.

    Tag 17

    Wir entscheiden uns nochmals einen kompletten Tag am Strand von Geraldton zu verbringen. Baden, sünnelen und Milchshakes schlürfen. Am Abend gehen wir ins kleine Stadtkino und schauen den Film "Escape Room". Trotz seinen Horrorscenen lässt uns der Film kalt und wir schlaffen ohne Alpträume durch.

    Tag 18

    Heute fahren wir nach Kalbarri, der Ort ist bekannt für dessen Nationalpark und sein Naturewindow. Unterwegs finden wir wiedermal ein Schild das mit "Pink Lake" angeschrieben ist, wie immer prüfen wir das. Und schau da, der See schimmert tatsächlich leicht Pink. Wir geniessen die Aussicht, machen Fotos und fahren weiter nach Kalbarri. Dort angekommen entschliessen wir uns für eine 5 km lange Küstenwanderung und das Highlight, Tags darauf zu erkunden. Zum Znacht gönnen wir uns heute mal ein Schweinsfilet mit Gemüse und Reis, richtig lecker. Später schauen wir uns den wolkenlosen Sonnenuntergang an und geleiten sanft in unser Camperbett.
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  • Day54


    February 28, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Da wir von der langen Fahrt ziemlich erschöpft waren, machten wir uns einen gemütlichen Tag. Nach einem sehr leckeren und ausgiebigen Frühstück genossen wir den Tag am Strand bei der Flussmündung.
    Abends suchten wir uns noch einen anderen Lookout als beim lezten Mal und schauten mit einem anderem Blickwinkel auf den Sonnenuntergang.
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  • Day337

    Pink Lake

    September 22, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    ▪️Wie der Name schon sagt sollte der See wirklich pink sein
    ▪️Vor Ort waren es rosane Felder im blauem
    See - trotzdem unfassbar schön
    ▪️In Geralton haben wir im Park Wraps gefuttert und fuhren anschließend 2h weiter bis zu unserem Campingplatz direkt hinter den Dünen
    ▪️Für 20 AU$ pro Auto konnten wir am Sandybay übernachten

    💡Es gibt mehrere pinke Seen in Australien, zb. in Melbourne. Die Farbe bekommt er durch bestimmte Algen.
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  • Day32

    Goodies Eco Camp

    February 6, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Auf der Suche nach Wind und einem Campingplatz mit Dusche, landeten wir auf Goodies Hippie Camping. Neben einer luxuriösen Dusche mit warmem Wasser verfügte der Camping über Plumpsklos mit Licht, Waschmaschine, Küche und Rugby Feld. Tagsüber beobachteten wir die Surfprofis bei ihrem Fotoshooting am Coronation Beach.Read more

  • Day11

    Dongara to Kalbarri

    September 5, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Sad to leave our villa this morning but WOW our accommodation tonight is something else. Called into Geraldton, a rather large but beautiful town. Tauranga could take some waterfront lessons!!! Visited the small beach resort of Horrocks, so nice then lunch by the water at Port Gregory. Pink Lakes came next, incredible, photos don’t do it justice. Then on to Lucky Beach, like a DOC reserve, eco friendly but not the roads of sand and dirt🥴🥴Saw a ‘blue tongued lizard on the road🦎. Arrived at our accommodation in Kalbarri and again WOW, across the road from the beach and sheer luxury. Even a complimentary bottle of wine
    which we are enjoying now.
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  • Day13

    Kalbarri National Park

    September 7, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Up early this morning and out to the park for what I thought was a 7.2km walk. I was right J was trying to kill me, it was a 9km walk. Only one word ‘stunning’. We were early birds, no one else there when we set off, only about 10,000 flies!!! Emus & Kangaroos on the way to the park. We did the Loop Trail, Class 4 and it lived up to its class, challenging at times and hot towards the end but well worth it. Some difficult terrain.
    Took us 4 hours but we stopped for something to eat and drink and of course I had to stop at times. Phew, we did it.
    On the way home we saw a Bungarra, a rather large lizard, about 1.5 - 1.8 metres. So fascinating and huge. Home for lunch and rest then drove out to the Natural Bridge on the coast and the Blue Holes, then I was too knackered to do anything else.
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