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  • Day62

    Thredbo & Jindabyne, Australia

    April 18, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Nach der Geschmacksexplosion zum Abschluss unseres Aufenthaltes in "Canberra", starteten wir unsere Weiterfahrt am 16.04.2018 zu einem weiteren Highlight unserer Reise. Nach knapp 180km erreichten wir "Jindabyne", wo wir uns vorerst mit Material in der Touristeninfo versorgten. Der Plan stand kurzerhand fest - am nächsten Tag sollte der höchste Berg Australiens, der "Mount Kosciusko", bestiegen werden!
    Wir fuhren noch knapp 20km weiter in den "Mount Kosciuszko National Park", für dessen Eintreten wir für einen Aufenthalt von 24 Stunden 17 Dollar zahlen mussten, dafür aber gleich einen der freien und wirklich schönen Campingplätze im Wald nutzen konnten. Bereits als wir ankamen und das Abendessen zubereiteten, war es ziemlich kalt und verhieß für die bevorstehende Nacht nichts gutes - ganze 3 Grad waren angesagt! Wir hatten zwar bereits einen Temperaturabfall von knapp 20 Grad hinter uns, als wir in "Canberra" ankamen, aber nun waren es ganze 30 Grad!! Die sternenklare Nacht auf dem "Thredbo Diggings Campground" haben wir, trotz eisiger Temperaturen, ohne Verluste von Extremiteten überstanden. Zwar war das Abwaschen des Geschirrs und Vorbereiten des Frühstücks am Morgen des 17.04.2018 nur möglich, indem wir alle möglichen langen Sachen die wir hatten, Lagenweise anzogen, aber es war machbar. Dabei bekamen wir Besuch von einer sehr aufdringlichen und unerschrockenen Ente (*Frida haben wir sie getauft), die uns am liebsten mit in den Bus geflattert wäre.
    Gut gestärkt fuhren wir danach in das alpine Dörfchen "Thredbo", wo uns bereits die wärmende Sonne erwartete. Von hier aus starteten wir unsere Wanderroute bei herrlichstem Sonnenschein bis auf den 2228 Meter hohen "Mount Kosciuszko", der uns noch einmal ein anderes Bergpanorama bescherte, als unsere bisherigen Touren und noch dazu, man mag es kaum glauben, Schnee!! Nach 23 km und knapp 1000 Höhenmetern hatten wir es geschafft, wir hatten den höchsten Punkt Australiens bestiegen und hatten uns, zurück im Tal, eine warme Dusche in der Touristeninfo verdient. Da wir den Park bis 17h verlassen haben mussten, fuhren wir im Anschluss zurück nach "Jindabyne", wo wir uns ein nettes Plätzchen zum abendlichen Dinnieren suchten, bevor wir uns zu unserem nächtlichen Stellplatz begaben (leider gab es hier nicht so eine gute Auswahl an freien Plätzen).
    Am Morgen des 18.04.2018 fuhren wir gleich nach dem Aufstehen an die Uferpromenade des wunderschönen Bergsees "Snowy River", der durch den gleichnamigen Fluss gebildet wurde. Hier unternahmen wir gleich nach dem Frühstück noch eine 10 Kilometer lange Wanderung um den See und genossen den herrlichen Blick auf das Panorama. Nachdem wir uns noch ein wenig bewegt und uns einen Kaffee gegönnt hatten, mussten wir wohl oder übel, wieder in unseren Balu steigen, um das nächste Ziel anzusteuern.
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    Daniel Ackermann

    Das Bild erinnert mich an unsere „kleine“ Mountainbike-Tour in Österreich!!! 😝 I bin der Hürzeler und mache gern a Fürzeler!!😂😂😂

  • Day8

    A day in the snow

    October 1, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 1 °C

    Breakfast was included with our deal here, and we were surprised to find that it was a full spread, and not just a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast. While waiting at the toasting machine I happened to look at the person alongside me and recognized him as someone who used to play in our band. After a brief chat and a selfie with Rae, he left with his friends. We were bound for Thredbo, about a half hour away. We stopped first at the Jindabyne information centre where we paid for entry into the National Park (Thredbo is in the middle of it). We could have paid at one of the booths at the entry to park, but we got it out of the way here, Our payment covered us for 24 hours, but we would only be going for the day. We were informed by the assistant in the information centre that it had been snowing overnight and still was a bit, but that visibility was low at the top of the mountains,

    Since Rae had never been in this alpine region of Australia, and I worked out that it had been some 40 years since I had, visiting the ski fields was a must, although neither of us would contemplate actually partaking in any skiing or snowboarding, as it would probably mean going home with a broken ankle or dislocated knee.

    Even from Jindabyne, we could see a tiny bit of snow at the top of the mountains and this became more visible as we approached. Thredbo was really the only driving option for us, as you have to have either a four wheel drive or wheel chains to drive into Perisher or Blue Cow. The road to Thredbo took us alongside a little creek, so it was really quite pretty, especially with the snow on the mountains behind it. The town itself is typically alpine, with steep roofed houses set on the slopes of the valley. Although I say houses, most of the places are small holiday units spaced quite closely to one another.

    We parked the car in the large car park and took with us everything we thought we'd need - which meant all items of warm clothing that we had. I had on a long sleeve top, a jumper and my padded jacket, as well as a beanie and gloves. I hadn't thought to throw in my boots. However, I carried my woolen overcoat as I couldn't actually wear it over my padded jacket.

    We also put on our light hooded rain jackets as it was windy and raining, and I took a light umbrella for good measure. We did put the umbrella up, but I expected it to invert because of the wind. We took refuge first inside the information centre... not really much more useful than the one in Jindabyne, and then made our way to the bottom of the ski lift. As this was near the end of the ski season (the final weekend, in fact), only two lifts were operating. There were plenty of people with skis and other gear in the queue to buy tickets. The only option was to buy a day ticket for $36 pp, which would allow entry to both ski lifts for as many times as we wanted. It would be poor value for us, as we really only wanted to experience the ride up and back once, but hey, you can't come all this way and just stay at the bottom.

    From where we bought the tickets we made our way over to where we got on the lift. We were told to rug up (which we knew anyway), so I wrapped my extra coat around me. Rae bought himself a beanie as he'd left the only one he had back at home. The girl helping us onto the chairs advised us that it would be a good idea to have waterproof pants which we could hire back where we bought the tickets, but not wanting to go back there (it was quite a wait in the first place) we just got on and went up, up and away.

    The trip on the chair was cold, but at the same time we both found it peaceful (quiet), beautiful, and exhilarating. I kept constantly adjusting my layers over exposed parts of my body, especially after trying to take photos! What a buzz! All too soon we were at the top - we had taken the Kosciusko express, and we headed straight for the cafe at the top, boasting that it was the highest restaurant in Australia, at 1937 meters, still a way from the top at 2228 meters.

    We spent some time here, chatting to the waiters, having a hot chocolate, taking photos, and drying our soaking wet jeans. We managed to get dry-ish,but there wasn't much else to do up here - it was not suitable for walking around as there were people skiing, and it was sort of raining, sleeting, snowing and windy the whole time. A couple of people who did come to ski today said it wasn't really pleasant conditions for skiing.

    We braced ourselves and went back to catch the chair down. The attendant said it was much better going down as the wind was at our backs rather than in our faces. He was right, but it was still very cold and again we were soaked by the time we reached the bottom. Having had the experience, we didn't really feel like more soaking, so made our way into the pub to have a drink, some lunch and warm up again before making our way back to the car and having a short driving exploration of the town.

    On our way out of Thredbo we both saw a sign to the Ski tube. Not knowing what it was, we drove in there. It was a large building with a large car park with lots of cars there. When entering we found it was a train station for transporting skiiers through the mountain and up to Perisher Valley. we know we wouldn't be able to drive up there, so we asked how much to get the train up and back. It appeared that the tickets were for train as well as chair lifts up there, so he looked at us and just said it would be OK for us to just get on the train to have a ride up and back for nothing.

    We were both staggered by the length of the tunnel - the trip took about 10 minutes to get there. We were a bit disappointed that we couldn't see anything from the Perisher train station as it was underground, and we didn't want to push our luck by getting out to have a look then explaining to someone that we didn't have a ticket so we just stayed on the train and watched all the weary skiers hop on and fall asleep on the trip down. Anyway, we certainly found out what it was, so we were glad we made the detour.

    We thought we might try the road to Perisher for a while - we had to basically go back to Jindabyne to do this, but after about the 3rd warning sign about 'no chains, no entry' we just turned around and went back to Jindy. We were both a bit goosed after the day, so had a rest for the remainder of the day before heading out to look for a restaurant for dinner. I was mightily sick of being cold, and my knee was playing up, but we eventually found a cosy pub with a bistro and was happy to order a plate of lamb shanks and a glass of wine.

    All in all, we had been successful with our trip to this area, and the fact that it had snowed we considered to be a bonus!
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    Trish Forrester

    On the Kosciusko express chair lift

    Trish Forrester

    Rae sporting his new beanie

    Trish Forrester

    Yep, quite a lot of snow at the top (this is right next to the restaurant/bar entry)

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  • Day9

    Australia's highest mountain

    March 19, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    We did it! Being the mountain lovers we are, we couldn't go past Australia's highest mountain without climbing it. Mt. Kosciuszko is part of the snowy mountains, one of Australia's few areas where you can actually ski in winter. During the other seasons it's still got plenty to offer though! Lake Jindabyne is close by, the road that leads through the national park is pretty stunning no matter the weather and Thredbo itself offers a vast net of hiking and mountain bike trails. Vivi and I opted for the chairlift and hike, Tom joined us but went down with his bike.
    As it had been raining heavily the day before and we were about to go up to 2228m (compared to the highest peaks anywhere else it's quite low, I know), we hadn't been too sure if it was actually a good idea to do the hike, and the rainy start to the day wasn't too affirmative either. But we couldn't wait for the weather to improve, hence we wore appropriate clothes and packed extra and off we went.
    We were rewarded as soon as we reached the chairlift's top station: sun rays were already shining through and turned our surroundings into a sea of glitter. And we staid dry and almost warm throughout the whole 13kms return track to the peak. Such beautiful views, such stunning landscape. Australia does have mountains after all! Aborigines say mountain peaks are "where the spirits dance" and I couldn't agree more. A very serene feeling and a reminder of how small our part in the world is. Climb a mountain to find out yourself!
    As we didn't have enough time to turn our hike into a roundtrip (there are plenty of options though), we quickly went back the way we came and waved Tom farewell at the top of the chairlift station. In spite of the still wet and muddy conditions, he had been very keen on the trails. I was quite glad to have him back in one piece when we rejoined by the car and it turns out, so was he. Seems like the trails were quite tough after all. (Comment from the cyclist: Holy moly, one would think after a few years of casual mountain biking you would qualify as intermediate. Man, was I wrong... Drops, berms, rocks and all of them too high, too wide or too big for this “beginner” rider!)

    By now, the sun had reached the valley as well and we took our chance to quickly refresh in the river, fully intending to drive out of the national park despite of the time (it was 3.30pm already).
    However, the sun was too tempting as our wet gear really needed it (not a single pair of dry shoes lefy) and we certainly did, too. Hence we decided to stay at the Geehi Plains campsite still in the National Park and oh boy... it seems like we reached paradise. A spot right next to the river, plenty of kangaroos, parrots, bunnies and: just before we went to bed we saw a wombat! What a day. Thank you to the world for guiding us so well and providing these super special and inspiring moments. Moments I never want to forget.
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  • Day114

    Snowy Mountains / Kosciuszko NP (summer)

    March 12, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Australisches Hochplateau und zudem der einzige Ort auf dem Kontinent auf dem man Schnee finden kann. Dort ging es per Seilbahn und 4Std Hike auf Australiens höchsten Berg, den Mt Kosciuszko ( 2228 m)
    Später im Winter sollte ich nocheinmal wiederkehren.
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  • Day171

    Waiting for the snow

    May 8, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    Da es mittlerweile Winter war, hatten Henrik und ich uns auf eine ziemlich verrückte Idee eingeschossen. Wir wollten es schaffen in Australien Schnee zu sehen. Da es nur einen einzigen Ort auf dem Kontinent gibt, an dem das möglich ist, machten wir uns von Sydney aus auf in Richtung Kosciuszko National Park, den Ort den ich bereits im Sommer mit meinen Holländern besuchte.
    Angekommen in Thredbo erwartete uns jedoch erstmal alles andere als Schnee...
    Es schüttete lediglich aus Eimern und wir erlebten Windböen, die so stark waren, dass wir nachts sogar den Van umparkten mussten, weil wir Angst hatten umgeweht zu werden.
    Ach ja... arschkalt war es 2-5°C würde ich jetzt mal schätzen.
    Letztendlich verbrachten wir 2 Tage ununterbrochen im Auto, bis wir uns dann entschieden auf einem Campingplatz einzuchecken, wo es eine kleine Hütte mit Billiard-Tisch und einem brasselnden Feuerchen gab. In den sturmfreien Stunden stand zudem die ein oder andere Känguruhsafari an^^
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