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  • Day53

    Day 53: Champagne to cliffs and T lakes

    September 11, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Aaaaah there is to much to tell and it all happens so fast that I forget what happend on what day after 3 days already. I forgot to tell something about lunch after the forrest walk, the wreck and the sand dunes. The lunch was nice. That's all. No it made up from wraps ham cheese and salad, and everybody needed it or 2 ;-). The wreck on the beach we visited was the biggest ship in the world before the titanic and again after the titanic sunk. It washed up on Fraser island when the Japanese were returning it and failed to do this for a good or a bad reason ;-). Than the ship was used as a succesfull bombing practise and blew half of it all over the place. Still very interesting remains. After this we went back to camp and walked to the Sand Dunes called blow hole or something just next to our camp. Very beautifull sunset as well but mainly a lot of fun. And than we made diner. Sorry about that now we can continue ;-).

    Good morning we had a typical australian camping breakfast, it is the same as a free hostel breakfast and is the same as: toast, jam, peanut butter, more toast, jam, peanut, butter and coffee or thee. Sometimes there is serial and milk... that's the luxurious version. After this we went in the cars again and up to north part of the Island. We went in the Champagne pools (probably because the sea water comes bubbling over the sides of the natural pool and because the living organisms at the side shoot water when you press it. I sat there on the rocks and watched the waves for a while. It's hypnotic to see them smash the rocks. After this we went with the 4WD's to the cliffs and on top we could do some whale spotting since they coincidentaly passed by. Back for lunch and when that was done we saw the dragon (komodo varaan look a like) near the toilets. Back on the road again past the airstrip made of beach and to the Thee coloured lake, very beautifull but more cold this time. I did the 40 minute drive back to camp and driving with max 80 on this beach is really so much fun. Than diner and I helped with cooking and off all the things I hate to do it is cutting onions aaaarg. Ok well, Idid it for the group, I cutted like 7 big onions and cried, but was done after that. I liked the food, I loved the beers and my Goon boxes but not with wine, but with Pina Colada and Mojito. We played games at the fire and when I was drunk enough we visited Bratt Corner and there the party started haha. To bed around 2:00 I guess, don't have a clue since I almost got lost finding the toilets haha. Time to rest, the sleep is most welcome ;-). Photo's from yesterday and from today: in the champagne pool, dragon, cliffs, on the rocks at the champagne pools :).
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  • Day10

    Indian Head and Champagne pools

    October 9, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Day 2 on Fraser Island, and we slept surprisingly well considering we were in a tent on the beach with the waves crashing behind us, but we did pay a little bit extra for a bed rather than a camping mat. This was a good decision!

    Thankfully one of the guides had managed to find me a spare right foot flip flop after my one had broken immediately on our arrival and I was left with no other footwear!

    After breakfast, we jumped back in the 4x4s again and went to a lake which used to be massive that had almost been fully covered by a sand drift, and were taught how to throw a boomerang the Aussie way. During our drives the guide would radio in to tell us to look out to sea to see whales breaching, or to give us the shout that a Dingo was up ahead.

    We stopped at a place called Champagne Pools which is an area on the north coast of the island known for its pools of bubbling water caused by waves crashing over volcanic rock. No bubbles today though but crystal clear water to swim in and some lovely little fish swimming about with us. Finally, before heading back to camp, we climbed up a near cliff face to get to Indian Head, a great lookout over Fraser Island.

    After dinner we shared our Goon with some of the guys and went to bed with a huge thunderstorm lashing over our tents. Thankfully they were fully waterproof.

    Last day tomorrow before heading back to Noosa in the eve! X
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  • Day81

    Fraser Island (day 10)

    October 5, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    When you have to leave the house at 6am it should better be worth it.
    I can give you a little preview it definitely was. 💕
    We left the house at 6am and made our way to the Brisbane Transit Centre where we got picked up at 7am to go on a two day Fraser Island tour.
    Our "bus" was a bit funny looking but we got to understand why later that day. But first we had to get to Fraser Island.
    From Brisbane it took us about 4h until we reached Rainbow Beach where we made a short break at the beach.
    We then actually drove on the beach with our bus to get to the ferry which was waiting for us at the shore. Probably 10 minutes later our bus left the ferry again and we were on Fraser.
    It now became quite clear why our bus wasn't a normal bus. There are no roads on Fraser Island you either drive on the beach or in the rainforest.
    It can be a hell of a bumpy ride especially through the rainforest and you will definitely be glad for your seatbelt since it feels a lot like a roller coaster ride.
    Good thing nobody got sick and we actually had a lot of fun driving around. Our tour guide and driver told us some facts about Fraser and he had a really good taste in music, too so it definitely was never boring (and thanks for the photos Rhett). 💕
    Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and the aboriginal people call this island K'gari which means paradise 💕. I can definitely see their point this island is just pure perfection💕.
    Fraser is surrounded by the ocean (salty water) but there is fresh water constantly coming from under the island up to the surface.
    This means that there are various streams, creeks and seas on the island. All of them filled with crystal clear fresh water because the water is filtered through all the layers of sand before it reaches the surface of Fraser.
    Our first stop was at Eli Creek which is one of those crystal clear creeks. We went for a swim before driving to the Maheno ship wreck.
    The ship was once 120m long but it keeps sinking into the sand so you can only see the top of it today.
    Our last stop of the day was Indian Head which is basically a cliff from which you can get the best view of the whole island. 💕
    But it was not only the whole island we got to see from up there, we also spotted humpback whales, dolphins, eagle rays, a turtle and some really big tuna.
    It was such an amazing experience there are basically no words to describe it and even though the photos are beautiful they are nothing compared to what it looks in real life.
    On our way to the resort we were staying that night we also saw on of the many dingoes who live on Fraser Island.
    After we had dinner in our resort Rhett (our tour guide) took us to the beach to show us the stars and a special surprise in the sand. I have never seen so many stars at once. We could even see the Milky Way and two other galaxies 💕.
    The surprise in the sand was equally beautiful. Every time you walked over the sand right at the shore the sand would light up in a green-blueish light. The phenomenon is called bioluminescents and is coursed by tiny bacteria living in the sand. It was just stunning 💕.
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