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    • Day 12

      Katoomba - Blue Mountains

      September 9 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

      Up early (again!), walked up the road to a local market for a Danish pastry and a coffee. Then jumped on a train out of the city to Katoomba which is 2 hours out West. Arrived at Katoomba and headed for Scenic World, where we rode the world's steepest train journey into the forest at the bottom of the Blue Mountains. Had an hours walk around the forest and then rode the cable car back to the top. Got some lunch then got back on the cable car to go back down and finally returned to the top on the steep train again! 2 hours back to Sydney then took a ferry to the other side of the harbour and had a fab curry. Full on day again but so much to see and do in a little time 😁Read more

    • Day 14

      Sydney Botanical Gardens

      September 11 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

      After my trip to Bondi Beach, I walked back into the city through the botanical gardens. Like everything else in Sydney, the gardens are immaculate. My photos don't do the trees and tropical plants justice. It really is an incredible place 🌴.
      The gardens offer some amazing views over Sydney Harbour, and I took the opportunity to take some arty photos of the bridge and opera house. The view from Circular Quay over towards these iconic landmarks is the most beautiful that I have ever seen that's been made by man.
      As the sun set, I took the ferry over to Manly Beach, which is one of Sydneys northern beaches. I didn't stay long, but what I saw was stunning and probably bigger and more popular than Bondi.
      This is my last footprint about Sydney, and I'm genuinely sad to be leaving - there's so much more to see. I absolutely loved this wonderful city ❤️.
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    • Day 116

      Welcome to Australia

      November 29 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

      Me voici arriver en Australie je suis sensé être avec ma cousine mais petite problème d’avion alors solo arriver à l aéroport je suis aller chercher carte SIM des dollars australiens puis puis je me suis rendue à mon hostel en train 🚊 cetais cool arrive à mon hostel je n’étais pas bien alors je me suis reposé le lendemain je suis aller visiter l opéra de Sydney j’avais plein d étoile dans les yeux puis j’ai traversé le pont pour aller en direction du Luna Park en se moment c’est n’est pas encore l été en Australie et il pleut souvent à Sydney en se moment je suis revenu à l hostel vers 19:00 pour le free diner j’ai rencontré une espagnole et plein de francophones 😂 on as passer une soirée chill a l hostel et go dodo pour de nouvelle découverteRead more

    • Day 42

      Sydney fällt ins Wasser

      February 9, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

      Dieses Jahr trifft es Australien wirklich hart. Erst brennt es überall und dann wird das Land überflutet. Ich lande in Sydney als das Wetter gerade umschlägt: von 48 Grad und monatelanger Trockenheit zu 20 Grad und tagelangen heftigen Regenfällen. Beides nicht schön. Aber die Australier sind froh, dass es endlich regnet, egal wie. Die letzten Buschfeuer werden gelöscht und das Land kann aufatmen.

      Ich hänge 3 Tage größtenteils in meinem Hostel und nahegelegenen Cafés ab und weiß nicht recht, was ich machen soll. Diese Stadt ist für schönes Wetter gemacht. Einmal denke ich, ach egal: Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur schlechte Kleidung und mache mich in meine Regenjacke gehüllt auf den Weg zur Oper. Die Stadt ist wie ausgestorben und die weltberühmte Kulisse präsentiert sich mir in tristem Grau. Ein paar vereinzelte Unerschütterliche kämpfen verzweifelt mit ihrem Regenschirm gegen den Sturm. Das Wasser rinnt in Sturzbächen die Straßen hinunter und quillt aus den Gullis. Ich gebe auf. Weil ich bis auf die Haut durchnässt bin, nehme ich ein Uber zurück zum Hostel.
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    • Day 87

      Auckland to Sydney

      July 15, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

      The Auckland sky was locked in resolute clouds as we waited patiently for our plane to take us to Sydney.

      We flew with Emirates, a choice made by a coincidence of timing and conditions that fit our budget when our itinerary went through STA Travel's computers 9 months ago. Yet what a choice it turned out to be.

      Whilst some of you will have experienced or perhaps even be accustomed to the kind of service that Emirates offer even its Donkey Class customers, we were not. After zipping through check-in early and boarding an on-time plane, we sat down in large comfortable seats and a warm scented face towel. Greeted with smiles we dined on a 3-4 course dinner and watched the latest films. When the lights dimmed, stars shone on the ceiling and we couldn't get believe what we were receiving for a 3 1/2 hour flight. As we descended into Sydney airport we watched the plane touch down onto the runway by a camera mounted on the nose of the plane.

      Having arrived in previous destinations very late at night and/or very jet lagged it was novel to feel fairly refreshed. It didn't all go according to plan however as when we used the self-service passport machines, they did not consider Alex's face matched his passport (maybe the hair) so he had to join a long queue of other passport rejects. We were prepared for Australia's tough bio-security but it turned out to be the woman in front of us who was the biggest challenge. After being in a long line with lots of signs alerting her to be prepared, she was still on her mobile and having to search for her documents when she got to this section whilst the rest of us queued behind. The security officer's face was classic as he gave a knowing look to his colleague.

      We arrived at our hostel under the driving skills and humour of shuttle bus driver Shane. He told us that he showed his son an AUS$5 note, which has the image of the Queen on it and asked who this was. His son replied 'Grandma'. Shane explained 'Grandma' happened to look a lot like the Queen but he didn't mention his son's age, hopefully it's not 17.
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    • Day 88


      July 16, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

      A new city and country welcomed us to start the day but rain slapped against our raincoats and ricocheted off the pavement as we ventured outside for breakfast. Thunder rolled off the sky’s anvil as an open fire pricked at our skin and hot banana porridge kept hunger at bay.

      Yet it was not long before the sun's chariot charged to scatter the angry clouds. Its light refracted on the window onto our faces, calling us outside. We crossed tree lined streets with English names, passing brick terraces with metal verandas whilst glazed condos and office blocks looked over us. Palms, a reminder of warmer times, hung their broad leaves in a melancholy nod to passers-by.

      The clock tower of the city’s central railway station guided us toward the Oz Experience office, where we confirmed bookings for our upcoming journey north to Cairns. Before this lay Belmore Park, its edges lined by the worn out colour of shanty town tents, an unavoidable reminder of the city’s homelessness and a stark contrast to the towers of big business surrounding it.

      Northward in Hyde Park we came across the haunting ANZAC memorial, which invited ‘silence to be your contribution’. The sun bleached the art deco windows whilst the domed ceiling carried thousands of stars. Steps led down to a reflection pool lined by winter bare trees whose bark is scarred with a myriad of graffiti. Along the avenue Hills Figs lay thick intertwining roots into the soft rain nourished grass, past which lines of uniformed school children signalled the time of day.

      The weather and a search for bearings let time slip away. As the light faded we planned our next moves for exploring the city from tomorrow.
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