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    • Day 73

      Sail from Great Exuma to Long Island

      May 29, 2022 on the Bahamas ⋅ ☁️ 79 °F

      We are now on full sailing mode after our last visitor left. Our boat insurance wants us to be in a certain area for hurricane season by July 1st and so do we. The last thing we want is to get trapped by a hurricane when everything we own is on this boat. The second we dropped mama Pat off at the airport we set sail for Lond Island. We had horrible winds but we made the best out of it with lots of reading and naps. Thankfully, weather conditions were perfect so we really enjoyed it. Right as we were coming into our anchorage for the night, there were like 30 birds diving hard in front of us. We circled around to them and caught a couple Bonita. We decided to try to pass by them one more time and we caught a TUNA! This was in the same area we caught the Wahoo a couple weeks back.

      The next morning we woke up early and started sailing for Clarence town which was on the other side of Lond Island and farther south. Right away we hooked a little mackerel which in our opinion is some of the best sushi. After 5 miles into our 30 mile sail the winds started to die again which was to be expected. We had to leave this day either way with storms pushing through the next couple days we may have not made it until later next week. So we motor sailed the rest of the way and followed the coastline where there were some major drop offs. We had both lines out, hoping to land some more fish to make the trip more thrilling. A little over half way there and our big rod gets slammed with a fish! Carson comes down to fight it while I lay off on the motors. All the sudden, we see a Blue Marlin jump several times out of the water!!! We couldn't believe it. He almost completely spooled the line before Carson was able to get him to swim towards the boat. After 15 minutes of fighting we got him to the boat where we had to try and revive him for a few minutes before releasing him. Carson was holding him by the bill swaying him around to get him back to normal again. You could tell he was exhausted. We were able to release him safely and he swam off.

      We landed a 200 lb Blue Marlin while sailing 2 miles off the coast of Long Island!! Still in total shock! Not even 30 minutes later, we hooked another one, a bigger one! Saw him jump a couple times then he came off. We were actually happy as we may have not won that fight lol.


      Ended the day, with homemade tuna and mackerel sushi rolls. NOM NOM
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    • Day 74

      Kindest Island, Long Island

      May 30, 2022 on the Bahamas ⋅ 🌬 82 °F

      Arrived here a couple days ago. Dove in right away to find 30 beautiful sand dollars underneath the boat. They were dead so we were able to scoop them up and maybe do something cool with them one day. 😊

      Next morning we woke up to a nice calm anchorage. Only three sailboats surrounding us. We decided to hit the spearfishing spots our friend Steph gave us. Within an hour I got 2 hogfish and Carson got a nice tiger grouper! The ledges and ocean bottom floor here are incredible. We were within a 5 minute dinghy ride to the boat, the diving was in our backyard!

      Went into Clarence town that evening to walk around only to find the guy that we met a few weeks back that works on a sports fishing boat at Flying Fish Marina. He invited us to have some Kalik's. We got to meet the other fisherman on the dock that we’re around our age and hear what their stories were. These guys bosses pay them a nice income, benefits, food/drinks, stay, etc to stay on their boats while they are away and then when they come around they take them fishing for big game fish like blue/white marlin, yellowfin tuna, etc. They were telling us that catching a blue marlin the way we did the other day is unheard of. One guy gave us a couple lures to test out during our travels because they said what we were using is ok but not great. Obviously it’s been working for us though! Such generous guys!

      Baxter, the guy we met last time, let us use his mini van the next day to visit the Shrimp Hole, Max's conch bar and the grocery/liquor stores. The shrimp hole was breathtaking. Super pink/reddish shrimp everywhere, blind cave fish swimming around, bats flying across the caves roof and not a soul in sight but us. We had the whole place to ourselves. The cool part is to get to the cave you had to park in front of this old abandoned church. The walls on this place had to be over 2 ft wide. Max's Conch Bar did not disappoint either. Met some locals that insisted on buying us a round of shots and drinks. They were called the Rowdy crew and things did get Rowdy! Everyone on the island is SO excited about the sailing regatta happening this weekend. It'll be the 53rd regatta they have had on the island but the past few years they cancelled it due to Covid so they are thrilled for it to be back. Heck, their already starting the party! They said vendors and DJ's are coming in from Nassua to help throw on the party. Yes, we will be staying for this fun-ness and we cannot wait!

      Time to learn how to party like a Bahamian!
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    • Day 276

      Wir verlassen das Boot

      June 18, 2022 on the Bahamas ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Nachdem in den ersten Segeltagen doch einige Auseinandersetzungen entstanden, wurde das zusammenleben auf so kleinem Raum immer schwieriger. Während einem Stopp auf Long Island, war es dann so weit, wir drei hatten wieder mal eine heftige Diskussion und Mark betrank sich den einen Abend, an dem wir eigentlich hätten weitersegeln wollen, so sehr, dass wir keine andere Möglichkeit sahen, als das Boot zu verlassen. Auch wenn wir so wahrscheinlich unseren großen Traum, das Festland per Segelboot zu erreichen, aufgeben mussten.
      Ganz wollten wir es noch nicht wahr haben und so fragten wir die umliegenden Boote, ob sie nach Miami segelten und uns mitnehmen könnten.
      Eine Familie konnte uns so zumindest zur nächsten Insel bringen.
      Dort suchten wir erneut nach Booten, konnten aber nichts finden, da die Hurricane Season schon zu weit fortgeschritten war.
      In den Tagen auf den Bahamas campten wir am Strand, um nicht in die unglaublich teuren Hotels gehen zu müssen und genossen für die kurze Zeit das Paradies.
      Schlussendlich entschieden wir uns dafür, doch einen Flug zu buchen.
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    • Day 339

      Long Island

      March 6 on the Bahamas ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

      March 4-March 6

      We anchored in Calabash Bay for 3 nights—most reviews said there would be a rolly night here and there, but luckily we didn’t experience a lot of rolling.

      We took the dinghy out as free times into the shallows, and took the electric bikes with us to bike up to the Columbus Monument—it was breath taking.

      Pat did a bit of snorkeling and tried to find fish or lobster, but no luck!

      We ended the night with happy hour drinks with a few fellow cruisers, and some unwanted guests—No See Ums.

      Heading towards Conception Island bring and early tomorrow.
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    • Day 20

      Long Island, Thompson Bay

      February 19, 2016 on the Bahamas ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      We spent 8 days at Long Island. There were alot of boats at this anchorage, everyone fled for north wind protection. There is a wonderful farmers market on Saturdays. They have plenty of fresh produce and other stuff. Down the same street is a phenomenal grocery store and a couple hardware stores. The cruisers always have an event going on. The greet and meet with sun downers was nice. One of the cruisers organized groups to volunteer to help those residents that lose alot during the hurrican that occurred October of 2015. We all volunteered. The following week we rented two vehicles to tour the entire island. We visited a couple of gorgeous beach front resorts. Cape Santa Maria Beach is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. We also visited the Columbus Monument and Deans Blue Hole. We really enjoyed Long Island. Almost every day we walked over to the Atlantic side to spearfishing and walk the beaches for treasures. This is where I learned about sea beans. Now I love walking the beach in search for sea beans!Read more

    • Day 229

      Long Island & Dean's Blue Hole

      May 6, 2016 on the Bahamas ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

      From Crooked Island we went to Long Island and had another beautiful downwind sail. We tucked into Little Harbor finding ourselves alone again. The cut into the protected anchorage is narrow and East-facing. Don’t time this cut incorrectly or it’ll prove to be a dicey and uncomfortable motor into steep strong standing waves. We timed it perfectly at slack tide and found the harbor to be curiously inviting with a half submerged boat in the shallows. I enjoyed my morning coffee watching the occasional green turtle surfacing.

      The following day we made anchor in Clarence Town and the nearby marina had a nice laid-back bar we really enjoyed. From there we hitchhiked to Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole In The World (cool! blue holes are water filled sinkholes). Most known blue holes in the world average 110 meter/360 feet deep. Dean’s Blue Hole is a whopping 203 meters/666 ft deep. A couple of locals picked us up no problem and dropped us off…. on a beautiful white sand beach…. with about 30 other people and a …film crew… (?). Not what we were expecting either. The International Freedive Competition was camped out and taking place before our very eyes.
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    • Day 230

      Dean's Blue Hole II

      May 7, 2016 on the Bahamas ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      We watched as five deviously laughing young men surprised someone, picked him up by his arms and legs, ran him over to the water and tossed him in. The man they threw in the water was William Trubridge, who earlier that day, set the new world record of free immersion diving to 124 meters (407 feet). Good grief! The idea of diving with weights and a scuba tank past 90 feet scares me…. I can’t imagine swimming freely for another 327 feet. We wandered the premise enjoying the sights and watching this close-knit world of free divers around us. We eventually strapped on our own dinky snorkel fins and mask and swam around the blue hole. The diving competition took place within a square, marked off by 4 floating pcv tubes. Friends and spectators could hang off them and watch. As curious spectators, we floated in the warm clear water with the pros. We asked questions as to how athletes started and met their depth. We learned the long wire that hung straight down had flags at predetermined depths for each diver to reach and retrieve their own flag. Upon their ascent two aiding free divers swam down 100 feet only to assist if something was awry. When the athlete surfaced they were required to perform basic functions to show they were stable. It’s not completely uncommon to witness a diver black out or show problems breathing. Not to fear, there are completely qualified and trained medics standing on the raft and in the water to help should any serious problem arise.

      We stayed and watched several divers. They were beautiful, elegant swimmers. They disappeared into the abyss with purpose and rose back to the surface like slow rising smoke or an unearthly ghost – it was fascinating. I watched one woman ascend from afar by diving down a few feet. Through my own mask I could see her face. Her nose pinched off by a plug, and her eyes closed. She was completely zen and relaxed. If it wasn’t for her feet effortlessly moving I would have thought she was asleep.

      We made our way back by hitchhiking again. A diving competitor from Germany, generously stopped for us and gave us a ride back to the marina. She kindly listened to our elementary questions on the sport and we hung on to every word she had to say on what it was like to dive down that deep.

      Seeing Dean’s Blue Hole was beautiful and unique and a great start to visiting Long Island…
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    • Day 231

      Jess n Justin - Long Island

      May 8, 2016 on the Bahamas ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

      We had a most beautiful sail down to Salt Pond Bay.
      But the day Jess n Justin arrived, it poured… I mean it poured hard. We had rented a car to run a few errands like laundry and groceries then pick our friends up at the airport. When the rain subsided we ferried our dry warm clean laundry and groceries back to Gaia. As we opened the hatch we found that we (cough..Mike cough) left the hatch above the aft cabin bed completely open. The neat and tidy bed we had made was drenched. Bugger. What a way to start off a vacation for friends. We picked them up at the airport returned to the boat and sure enough the sun began peaking out of the clouds just before sunset. It wasn’t going to be so bad… they’d just sleep on the settees. All the running around and being swamped by buckets of rain was all made better when Jess n Justin pulled out of their luggage 4 steaks from a cooler bag. The last time we had a decent steak was in …. New York? 8 months ago… god that long… yeah not cool. Mike and I were aside ourselves incredulous with happiness. We broke out the good wine and the good the silverware, the only silverware, and went to work.

      The next day we used the rental car to drive over to Dean’s Blue Hole. The free dive competition was gone but a few curious tourists and a class for free-diving was taking place. Jess and Mike were bold enough to climb to the edge of the limestone cliffs and plunge about 25 feet into the blue hole. Both had good form.
      We set sail for Calabash Bay near the northern part of Long Island and found a trail that lead to the Christopher Colombus memorial. The walk over was easy and nice to catch up with old friends.
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