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  • Day495


    November 3, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    We'd heard good things about Ghent from Diderik, our WWOOF host and were looking forward to our visit. Leaving the van along with others on a spacious free car park next to a rowing club on the riverside we began walking the few kilometres in to town.

    From the student area, water polo court, kayak club and flats that looked like university accommodation we passed into a neighbourhood that seemed to have united behind a community campaign. More than a dozen houses displayed posters demanding a 30kmph speed limit and a change to the traffic circulation. After translating one we found it focussed on the thousands of vehicles that passed their houses every day. A lot of building and roadworks were taking place; grand old stone buildings with arched windows and embelished facades were mixed in with popup flat roofed concrete boxes with no character.

    Even in the suburbs bicycles were well provided for with quality bike lanes. Cyclists and parked bikes increased the closer we got to the centre and it made a difference on the roads. Like Brugge, Ghent's canals were alive with heavily laden tourist barges offering a different perspective on the city. We like the feeling these waterways give a city centre, breaking up the slick of concrete and high rise blocks. Old stone bridges arched over these canals, and as the sun was high, many of those cast with shadow appeared in black and white, as if watching a movie of years gone by.

    Our first stop was Vrijdagmarkt square where a Friday market was still held. Vicky picked up an 'appelflap' pastry and Will a pot of cooked snails in a spicy celery sauce. Despite it being crowded here in the centre, it wasn't particularly noisy. Café tables lined many a cobbled street with people sitting quietly sipping hot drinks.

    Making our way towards Avalon, a vegetarian restaurant, we passed Ghent's well maintained but small castle. Unfortunately Avalon had a sign in its window stating it had 'closed forever' so we chose a frituur and had fries for lunch instead; it is Belgium after all! We later discovered the vegetarian restaurant was running on site at the farm where the food for all its dishes is grown!

    When working at De Woudezel, our host's friend Stoffel had brought round cheese from the small organic cheese co-operative he worked for. It was real quality produce and we'd resolved to visit their base in Ghent to get some for ourselves. On the way we came accross an alley that had been given over to graffiti. A group of young men seemed to be trying to film a rap video but we were just two of the many people they politely encouraged to walk past them. The street just looked too interesting for inquisitive tourists to leave it alone for too long! The day turned into a culinary tour of Ghent when we were lured down yet another interesting side street; this one strung with colourful bunting. Down here we found Mie Vie; a vegan café. Deciding to make up for the closed veggie restaurant, we ordered tea and fruits of the forest muffins which turned out to be some of the best we've eaten. The atmosphere was chilled and we enjoyed relaxing before setting off once again towards the cheese shop.

    Het Hinkelspel was a kilometre or so out of town in a factory building adjacent to a canal. From the road we could see large cheese rounds maturing on shelves and stepping inside, the shop just blew us away; we'd never seen so much artisan cheese! We explained that Stoffel had brought cheese to the farm and we'd liked it so much we'd come to buy some of our own. Ordering Vicky's favourite white cheese and some smoked with seaweed in, we asked for blue and were given tasters of the 8 week old, then the 8 month mature. Both were gorgeous but the older one was so rich and creamy we decided to get a big chunk. To our surprise, the person serving added a good sized end of the smoked cheese to our growing pile. We'd already picked up some local honey but asked if there was a nice dry red wine. They had two, but drew our attention to the 8% ale they had designed to compliment their cheeses. It was a no-brainer, all that was to be decided was what size bottles to get. The person serving suggested we take a couple of small ones from the fridge to have straight away but Vicky wanted to wait until we were back to drink them. Will fancied a bench picnic, but we went for 2 large bottles in the end. We paid and were on our way out when the person serving grabbed a chilled bottle and handed it to us "here, just in case you do find a bench somewhere!".

    We were grinning from ear to ear as we left. This Organic Co-Operative is just the kind of business we like to support. Its products speak for themselves and it is ethically aware, but on top of all this we were given an wonderful experience as customers, not to mention the much appreciated freebies!

    It had been a full day in a fun city with a progressive vibe. We were both tired but happy when we returned to the van, so instead of cooking, we did as the locals were doing and visited the frite cabin at the far end of the car park for a veggie burger and shared bag of fries. There were even some left over for Poppy!
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  • Day35

    The Flemish Ardennes to Gent

    June 10, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ 🌙 64 °F

    Nancy and I have returned to Gent for the weekend. We had coffee with Manu and Katelijn before cycling up the Schelde River into Gent/Gand/Ghent.
    If you would like to experience cycling along a canal in Flanders go here:

    If you would like to experience cycling into Gent (and right up to our apartment go here:

    This was the city we spent three month in last year. We had a great time and had to return before kicking off our summer in Amsterdam.

    The crafts fair was happening this morning at the Vrigemarkt around the corner from our place on Baudelostraat. A market has been held here continually each Friday since the ninth century.

    Mo and Nasi had us over for a Persian dinner of lamb and rice last night. Tonight we'll go out to dinner with them.
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  • Day66


    June 8, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Because we are sleeping in different dorms we had planned to meet up at 9am in the common room for breakfast.
    I got up.
    9 quickly came and went. I fb messaged Will several times but he didn't respond.
    I finally learnt he wasn't dead around 9:40.
    By this time I had had the free breakfast - Coco pops because I figured if I was going to find out he was dead best have a full tummy to deal with the days events.
    I was only concerned because I knew he had gone out drinking with people from the hostel which could mean he had made all sorts of stupid decisions.
    He was ok, it was ok.
    He was just hungover as all hell so we both went back to bed agreeing to meet up at 12 for the tour.
    Met up at 12, he still looked like death so we decided we would do the tour tomorrow - meet up at 3.
    We met up, he said he was going to have a shower and could I please get him McDonald's. I did and we met back in the common room
    - half these problems would have been resolved if either of our phones had battery but our charger doesn't fit the portals in our rooms.
    Wills phone was off - hence his lack of response.
    He was still tired and I was really absorbed in my new book so we agreed to re-meet at 6:15.
    At 6:15 we went and got dinner - he got dinner and I got the most expensive 4 lettuce leaves I have ever purchased.
    We went back to the hostel and I intended to read my book. We agreed I would charge Wills phone for 20 mins in the middle of the room.
    2 kiwi chicks from my room came in with Will.
    If I didn't find them as funny as I did I would have stayed in and spent the night reading but they seemed like fun so I agreed to go out with everyone.
    We first went to a shoe bar - not its correct title but I will always remember it as such.
    You could order these big beer shaft things but in exchange you had to give them your shoe.
    It was suppose to stop you from stealing the glass which costs 90€ to actually buy. You got it back once you finished the shaft.
    It was funny seeing everyone without shoes.
    This place was so overdone by rules though.
    You couldn't do anything - you could only have one shaft or they took it away - we pulled a sneaky on them though and I ordered one for someone else.
    I had some house red wines. They were pretty good for the price.
    I really really liked the group of people. Will met the all last night when the idiot asked someone to hit him on the ass with a cricket bat and when they all did shoeies (you pour your drink into your sneaker and then skull it - such a goose 😷😷😷)
    They were mainly American but one, extremely odd Brazilian who kept talking about suicide and the kiwis. We then went to another bar that was TERRIBLE - it was so bad we boogied for a little bit taking the piss.
    We then walked on and found another place .
    I spend my time talking to a Swiss lady that I assumed was late 30's but is actually 27 :0 She ha offered me a free walking tour in Bern 💪🏻
    I enjoyed people watching at the bar.
    Will was hungry and wanted food - one of the kiwis was tired so they came back with us.
    I crashed hard considering I spent the day doing literally nothing.

    Will got sent videos of hit being hit with the cricket bat and doing a shoe-y.
    The American who did it with him - Chris, sent the video to his mum.
    She sent back "that's a shoe-y"
    Chris was so proud " ahh my parents are so cultured"
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  • Day9


    September 10, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ 🌬 18 °C

    Gent ist etwas grösser als Brügge, jedoch ist der die Altstadt eher kleiner und wird immer wieder mit neueren Bauten unterbrochen. Doch auch Gent ist wunderschön.

    Hier findet man auch die Graffitigasse, eine kleine Gasse die voller Graffitis ist. Weitwinkelobjektiv zu empfehlen!

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