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  • Day1

    Day 1 in Brussels, Belgium

    August 31, 2019 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    So...this city brought back a lot of memories. Brussels was my second ever solo trip when I was new to travelling. I remember my first trip actually got cancelled due to terrorist attacks and I had to rebook it.

    So today I hoped on a train to Belgium, after being stuck in England for the last 6 months. My travel bug has been re-ignited! I came here specifically to stock up on beauty products. I tend to use French products because they work better with my skin. They are more natural in comparison to the crap that we have in England.

    So after beauty shopping, I did some sightseeing. I saw most of the sights that I have seen before...the peeing statues, Atomium, Grote Markt. I also ate a waffle and some frites. Funnily enough they didnt taste as good as the ones that I had on my last trip to Belgium. I suspect this is because I got them from the central touristy area. On my last trip, I didnt eat in the central area.

    The beer is still good as always. I bought a few to take home, but I think I might buy some more tomorrow if the supermarket is open in the morning.

    Overall...Brussels is not one of my favourite cities in Europe. It never has been. But i'm glad that I have seen it twice in different seasons. My first trip was in the winter and this one is in summer. It's a completely different atmosphere. I definitely preferred the winter. It was less crowded so I got to actually observe/ learn about the locals and their culture.'s 11.27pm and time to sleep.

    Au revoir
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  • Day21

    Last day in Bruxelles

    August 12, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    My time in Bruxelles is coming to an end. I'll have more than just fond memories to take with me though, I spent the day buying various potables and libations to bring with on the next leg of the journey. Will be an interesting challenge trying to get them there (and back to the States) intact.

    Also got to enjoy flowertime, and the various arrangements put together by Artisan florists.

    Chris had recommended a place right by Mannekan Pis called Poechenellekelder. Super cool place, with many puppets and other knickknacks decorating the walls and ceiling. Great beer selection too!

    Bonus pictures: Laura picked up Mira from my mom today. She's so big!! Miss my pup!
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  • Day16

    On the way into Brussels, this happened

    May 12, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Yet another parade when I enter a new city! This is starting to be a thing. Found out its called the Zinneke Parade and it went down the street where I am staying and continued to the Grand Place, where the floats and peeps hung out to continue the reveling. The parade theme was ILLEGAL. A cultural event that uses residents along with artists that work together to build bridges between all cultures. A very enthusiastic group!Read more

  • Day13

    All of Canada touches the border.

    July 2, 2016 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Let our Belgium adventure begin (or should I say Brussels adventure?).

    We slept in a tad, after spending the night watching Wales beat Belguim/finishing Orange is the New Black. By sleeping in, I mean, meeting our tour group in the lobby by 10:30am.

    We started our tour in Grand Place (with the rain) There is so much to know and learn about the building's in the square. Grand Place itself was built by 5 different Archetics. If you look at it, the building is off Centre. This was one purpose because the right side of the building would block the street. Today, it is town hall and many people can get married there. We were lucky enough to see a family there for a wedding.

    Across from town hall was the "royal palace". This isn't really the royal palace, but the king at the time did not want to be away from all of the action, so he built a palace near grand place.

    We continued our tour, we visited Manneken Pis. This is Brussels' famous statue (the little boy who pees). The size of him is quite a disappointment (even our tour guide compared it to the Mona Lisa). They're not quite sure why this little boy is so popular, but as much as they know, the place where you find the statue use to be known as "the pis market." People, especially young boys, would come here to pee and receive a small commission to return. This was due to the am onion found in pee. In addition to this, they thought to distract the people from on side of the town hall, it would be great to add a peeing girl on the other side (well it wasn't the best idea).

    We continued to visit Brussels Gardens which has a large fountain at the center - and the fountain is only on when good days are coming. These good days refer to Spring and Summer. Many people jog, hold festivals, and so on in the gardens!

    At one end of the gardens we find the royal palace. The royal palace has a flag on top to indicate that the king is in town (apparently he's not gone that ofren). The royal palace has opened draps for people to look into, but it appears that the king and his family don't live there. They live in another area of brussels which is more north as this royal.palace is used for nothing. The tour guide, Adrien, said that it's a useless building taking up land.

    We also saw the Cathedral of St-Michel. This cathedral took 100 years to build, and the construction was finished in 1999. This is incredible. It was such a beautiful cathedral and it is open to the public.

    We visited the St-Nicolas church, pedestrian street, and made sure to get our elephant drink at Dilirium. Of course we ventured further off track. But don't worry, we got another waffle!
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  • Day19

    The Royal Palace and Manneken Pis

    August 10, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Spent the first part of the day touring the Royal palace in Brussels. The thai jewel beetle shell ceiling was unique and beautiful. The palace itself is interesting with its many chandeliers and paintings, but it was the artifacts from prince Charles' life that I enjoyed the most. One of his report cards suggested that he'd do much better it he paid more attention in class.

    After the walking through the palace, I walked all the way over to the Parc du Cinquantenaire. By the time I got there, the rain was coming down pretty hard, so I took shelter under a tent set up in the park to have lunch. When it became clear the rain was here to stay, I went inside (for WiFi and to dry out) to do something much neglected -- figuring out lodging and transportation for the last week of the trip, which was getting alarmingly close.

    That accomplished, I needed to see one of the iconic landmarks of Brussels - Mannekin Pis. The cheeky devil is gearing up for the flowertime, which starts tomorrow. The famous flower carpet is only done in even numbered years, but I'm happy to settle to seeing the Grand-Place decked out.

    Dinner once again failed to disappoint - tempura veggies, and some sort of Belgian-poultry-but-not-chicken dish served at Pré de Chez Nous.
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  • Day17


    May 13, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Just scratched the surface but glad that I visited Brussels. Hotel La Legend was perfect, location stupid close to the train station and the Grand Place a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Took a walking tour and would have never found the bar that was tucked away down an alley. It boasts a Guinness book record for most varieties of beer sold in a week, 2000 of them. They have since reduced that to 100, such restraint. Tried my first Belgian chocolate, Galler, a local confectioner that does not export, yum. I found the city to be easier to navigate than Bruges, I could not pull it together there, even with my handy dandy compass. Final word on Belgium, they like to celebrate!Read more

  • Day6

    Things I ate and didn't eat in Bruxelles

    June 6, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    The five basic food groups of brussels are: waffles, beer, fries, chocolate, and mussels. It's a weird combination, to be honest. Well, this unpopular opinion penguin is here to say:
    1. I don't like chocolate, so I didn't bother
    2. Waffles in the US are better. They're too sweet here. Even just the plain ones have sugar carmelized on them and powdered sugar on top of that. Gross. Gimme chicken and waffles anyday.
    3. Delirium Tremens (see photo) was voted the Best Beer in the World in 2008 in the World Beer Championships in Chicago. I think it's fine.
    4. I'm allergic to mussels, brussels
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  • Day2

    Typisch belgisch

    February 18, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Was wäre Belgien 🇧🇪, ohne Pommes Frites 🍟, Waffeln und Bier🍻? Und was wäre Brüssel, ohne bemalte Häuserfassaden und wundervoll dekorierte Schaufenster? Diese Dinge sind von hier einfach nicht wegzudenken.Read more

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