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  • Day3

    A day around Vancouver

    December 29, 2018 in Canada ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    After a lazy late start spent the day seeing a few of Vancouver’s sights.
    Headed to Vancouver Aquarium and then thought we would catch a taxi up to Grouse Mountain which was closed due to bad weather so we ended the day with a long round taxi trip up and back down the mountain to the Maritime Museum.
    A final stop for the evening was a taxi to Granville Island to enjoy a wander around the markets of fresh produce and treats before dinner at Edible Canada.
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  • Day70


    July 9, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Wir fuhren weiter mit der Fähre auf Vancouver Island und dann rüber nach Vancouver. Es war bedeckt, dadurch war das Wolkenkratzer-panorama von Vancouver leider ganz nicht so beeindruckend. Die kleine Wohnung hatte eine super Lage, neben sehr vielen internationalen Restaurants und Geschäften in einem belebten Viertel, gleich beim ganz tollen Stanley Park und dem Waterfront. Am ersten Tag mieteten wir Rad-Trailer und machten eine Radtour durch den Stanley Park. Dabei machten wir auch länger Pause am Third Beach. Es war etwas kühl, aber bei heissem Wetter hätte man gut baden können. Wir blieben noch lange auf einem Spielplatz und sahen auf der Rückfahrt noch einen Waschbären, bevor wir die Räder wieder abgaben. Für den letzten Tag (mit sonnigem Wetter) wünschten sich die Kinder in das türkisfarbene Schwimmbad direkt am Meer baden zu gehen, was wir auch am Nachmittag taten. Vormittags spazierten wir die Waterfront entlang und trafen mittags auf ein Pub, wo ein WM Halbfinalspiel gezeigt wurde.
    Am Abend machten wir noch einen kleinen Spaziergang zum English Bay, bekannt für Sonnenuntergänge. Die Stimmung mit den vielen Menschen am Strand war toll, und die Kinder bauten mit Stöcken einen Kran und posierten neben grossen Metallskulpturen. Es war ein toller letzter Tag unserer Reise! Aber die Kinder waren auch sehr glücklich, dass es nun wieder nachhause zu ihren Freunden ging.
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  • Day95

    Last night im Canada

    September 6, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Returned our car in the morning driving all these kilometers without a single crash or damaging incident and got even a bit lf fuel refund from the company since we filled up to much gas at the end.

    Spending the rest of the day with an easy going walk through the park, relaxing and pre-packing of our stufd at the hostel for the airport tomorrow and a nice dinner at a better restaurant in town, followed by an evening walk along the harbor.Read more

  • Day3

    English Bay Beach und Chinatown

    August 10, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Am Strand entlang spaziert und ein paar Muscheln gesammelt. Mit dem Wassertaxi nach Granville Island gefahren - ein kanadischer Viktualienmarkt - mit Shops und Galleries. Mit dem Aquabus weiter nach Chinatown. Heute Abend geht es nach Bridgeport zum Nachtmarkt.

  • Day2

    Wir fahren Fahrrad im Stanley Park

    August 9, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Nach leichtem Frühstück zum Fahrradgeschäft um die Ecke und 3 Räder ausgeliehen. Super easy und wir sind ‚on the road‘. Radeln im Stanley Park ist super schön, da es tolle Radwege gibt und die Landschaft ist wunderbar mit Blick auf die Skyline.

  • Day2

    Vancouver Waterfront und Gastown

    August 9, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Nach Rückgabe der Räder ging es für uns zu Fuß Richtung Downtown weiter.
    Es wurde ein langer Weg – soviel vorweg – ! Entlang der Waterfront haben wir startende und landende Wasserflugzeuge gesehen, Jachten, Hausboote, ein Kreuzfahrtschiff (die Silver Shadow mit der Mama und Papa in der Karibik waren) und vieles mehr.
    Bis zum Abend sind wir noch auf den Harbor Tower hochgefahren (28 Stockwerke mit Panoramalift und 360 Grad Blick) und waren super gut Essen in Gastown, wo die berühmte Dampf–Uhr steht.
    Nach dem Heimweg zum Hotel (natürlich auch zu Fuß) waren wir alle platt!
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  • Day20

    Mainly a travel day

    August 15, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We were on 12.15 ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver Horseshoe Bay today, reverse of Friday's trip. About 2.5 hour drive to ferry so we wanted early start. Decided hotel breakfast would not be conducive to this so coffee in room then off just before 8, intending to get breakfast when we saw somewhere for a brief pit stop.

    Drive was smooth and about hour and half in we got near port Alberni (where Blain was from) and a coffee shop and restaurant. Pulled in, got some toasted sandwiches and coffee and used loos then back on way. Got to ferry terminal about 11 and checked in, reservation seemed to get us to front of line. Loos and shops on other side of terminal - Ed counted 36 traffic lanes, ferries go to various places from here. Bought ice creams and sat in sun listening to a busker. He was good and Sam bought his cd.

    Then back to car to await boarding. We were first on and went right to front of ferry. Went up and joined queue for food, which hadn't opened yet, were first in line there too. Got burgers, fries and drinks, big portions again that we couldn't finish. Ed got the smaller lego model from shop - it was sane boat exactly as way over so stock was identical to then. Journey passed quickly, had walk around and looked at view. Less windy and water calmer this time outside. Couple commented on Tasha's nat schools jumper that they had been there too. Daughter at Lady Eleanor Holles it turned out. They had said to kids how can they ever top this holiday. Fair point, though NZ also good place to go!

    When we docked we were the very first car off and set sat nav for Times Square suites. Traffic was slow as we approached main bridge into downtown Vancouver, Lions Gate Bridge, built by Guinness family it transpired to connect their exclusive British township in west Vancouver to the main downtown. Moved slowly for about half hour as various roads merged together crossing bridge. Hotel was just other side of bridge, through Stanley Park. Found it though couldn't park at front, but parked round back in alley way where car park was for hotel, though needed key to access.

    We had two adjoining suites so funnily two kitchens and two lounges. Kids bedroom singles, ours a double. Ed had wanted to get Funko Pops from time we arrived so we looked up where sold them in Vancouver. Turned out shops walkable had closed so we decided to drive to Oakridge Mall. Took about half an hour, plenty of parking. Lots of shops, some designer. EB `games had a huge selection of Funko Pops and Ed had trouble deciding which to get. We had our first and last Tim Horton's a Canadian coffee shop institution, famed for donuts which were tasty but very sweet! Tash visited Lulu Lemon and got a rucksack while Ed and I went to Lego shop where he customised three lego men and we got a Lego hedgehog for Nanny and Grandpa. Was small but very cool, must visit London one.

    Got some stiff for dinner from Safeway as Ed had had an A and W burger along with Tim Horton's stuff. Got a maple leaf on wall at A and W for donating to their charity collection, so Ed name will be up there for some time, they hope to cover all the walls with them

    Navigated our way back to room ok, Ed did good job with sat nav.
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  • Day21

    Grouse Mountain

    August 16, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    On the ferry over day before had booked three of us to do ziplining up Grouse Mountain, Vancouver's ski resort in winter. Was about 20 minute drive, though traffic was slow across bridge so took little longer. Had breakfast of bagels in room from Safeway night before. Collected our tickets and got Sam one to go up and caught next gondola. Was just one up one down, they were big, holding 90+ people and taking 5 minutes to do trip. Swung a bit at the two stantions and Sam didn't like it. Up top we went straight to zip line place and did waivers then got kit on. Was same design as Whistler, with bar attached to trolley you carried. Got same safety demo etc. Only difference was landing position, legs together not spread apart like before.

    Got a go pro so kids could film each other and their own rides. They went first down ride one, was quite slow and tame but good intro to the 5 lines in all. Two Aussie blokes in their 50s were doing it too, one hated heights and was very nervous on all the wires, but he did it. Second line was a steeper faster one and had to go down in the screaming starfish. Legs and arms spread like a starfish to slow you down. Screaming optional but good for other visitors on path below that we traveled across. This was more fun. At end they had bags on the springs for your legs to hit as you swung up. Hence why didn't need legs apart for landing.

    Third wire was over a lake, quite pretty but fairly slow again. You did roll back over lake at end making you think things had gone wrong before you rolled back into the landing area. Emily one of our guides had forgotten to start the kids go pro, so they walked back up and got to do the ride again. Steve the other Aussie guide had said on radio to her did you forget something as kids landed. Tash thought she had done something wrong with set up and that was why they had rolled back across lake!

    After this we had to take chairlift up to summit of mountain. Was very slow lift. Took 14 minutes but could have done it in third of time if it had been normal lift speed! It went quite high above the ground and the Aussie guy had his eyes closed the whole time. Last two wires at top started from higher platforms and went across the valley then back again. First was 360m or so, second a little longer. These were great lines. Good views down valley, high up and fast. Had to go in speeding bullet position to make sure you got all way across. Legs straight out in front and lay back as far as you could. Got some real speed up. I rocketed past Asian lady I was paired with (lines were tandem so two at once, all like this).

    Flies were a bit ferocious especially at the top here, though none of us seemed to end up with that many bites. Was all good fun. Went back down chairlift. Aussies walked! Steve talked about driving on right and Canadians speeding and love of the horn, which would be seen as much more aggressive in U.K and Oz. Lack of speed cameras over here very different to U.K and difference is noticeable on people's attitudes to speed.

    We bought photos and got the go pro video download, all came out well.

    Then went for a drink. Tash and I had talked about doing tandem paraglide, so we asked whether any available. 1.30, 2.45 and 5.15 had one spot each. After consultation with others I went for 1.30. It was now 12.45 so had to pretty much head up chairlift to meet at 1.15 up there. Tash was undecided so I left them all and went up. Got given a waiver form to fill in and waited for my pilot to come up chairlift. He arrived, Carlos from Venezuela. One oft other pilots was his brother and both had been taught to fly by their dad when 13 and 11. He spread our chute and I got harness on. Then clipped to him and chute. We had to walk forward straight to pull parachute up then walk harder and run to get us off ground. Important to keep running until fully off ground. So ended up doing comedy run in mid air, cartoon like.

    Was actually easy process and was easily up and floating. He described it as a magic carpet and I could see why. We swooped across chairlift and down the valley sides. It was very manoeuvrable and he turned it one way then the other. Took photos and videos with a Go pro and talked about what we could see. Mount Robson in distance was in USA about 100 km away. Lake below, Capilano Lake was man made and fed Vancouver with 30 per cent of water. He asked if I wanted to do roller coaster style moves and flipped the chute from one side to the other. Have to say made me feel little queasy, was all in the head rather than the stomach which I would have preferred. Then headed into land. Came in very fast which Carlos had said we would, had to hold my legs up, then he tugged in chute and brought us to dead stop. Put my legs down nd stood up - very smooth. Looked at video on tablet while he packed away then went back to gondola on mini bus.

    Followed the guys through staff entrance and up with them then all way up chairlift as had text from Tash to say she had signed up for 2.45 flight. Chatted with Carlos, he does summer in Vancouver then time off then December to March in Cape Town then to Columbia. Trying to save up for house and some land to build paragliding hostel and live there making some money from visitors and enjoying life. Asked about comeptitions. Three types, landing where have to land accurately on a coin, quite boring he said. Acrobatics which his brother did, can do loop the loops, 271 the consecutive record. Now do tricks with wires crossed for extra difficulty, Carlos does regatta style races, where have to go to different GPS points in fastest time. Competitors wear GPS trackers to show they have followed course to markers.

    Saw Tash at top. Ed and Sam had gone up chairlift with her. Sam hated it, was very steep above ground. Carlos took Tash too. We all went down take off strip to watch her. She was nervous asking lots of questions as her coping mechanism . Most worried about having to run at the start. Only needed to do that for about 5 metres at most and Carlos was pushing you on for most of the time.

    She took off smoothly. Sun was now out and she went much higher on thermals than I did and even swooped back across take off area, waving at us. She landed and we met her at the picnic tables near gondola. We asked about 5.15 slot but it had now gone as Ed wanted to do it, though he was quite uncertain and I think maybe a little relieved the slot had gone. Next time for him. We promised him we would go parasailing in Lanzarote, Sam promised she would do it with him!

    Went to see the bear talk of the two grizzly bears that live in a compound on mountain, koola and grinder. They came out for the snacks placed around, though we had seen them earlier from the chairlift. They were orphaned and couldn't live in the wild. Very cute and made us sure the one we had seen in Banff was a grizzly, looked just like these guys.

    Took some pics then went to get seat fir the world famous lumberjack show. Ed and Tash went off to get beaver tails - a fried flat donut thing with topping of your choice. Ed got melted oreo for him and maple syrup for me. They were very very sweet and sickly! Show was good fun, two competing lumberjacks at various challenges, sawing, axe throwing, chopping between legs, log rolling, wood carving and climbing up tree to ring bell using rope and spikes. Our team won. We saw guy heading home in our lift later, with his axe in a special big case. He was a 5 time world champion in the log climb apparently so no wonder he won that!

    A 'tourist' wandered on set at one point then secretly climbed the pole and did some stunts on top before falling off and zipwiring down. Part of show though not obvious at the start until he was climbing. Was fun show and script was tongue in cheek. Carved a stool from wood and gave it to youngest person there, 4 month old baby asleep despite chain sawing!

    Went back down gondola and Tash and I went to Safeway for food. Fell asleep early as was shattered with all fresh air and excitement. Last day tomorrow.
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  • Day23

    Vancouver Step 1

    October 15, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    Heute waren in Vancouver 🙂, wir sind über die Lions Gate Bridge über den Stanley Park in die Innenstadt gelaufen. Die Stadt ist sehr eindrucksvoll mit ihren riesigen Wolkenkratzer aber sehr übersichtlich. Leider haben wir das Wail-watching nicht mehr machen können da die Saison vorbei ist, schade. Aber somit konnten wir uns gemütlich ein Teil von Vancouver anschauen, natürlich haben wir die Steamclock von Vancouver besucht, die Uhr läuft nur mit Dampf! Leider hat es sehr stark geregnet und gestürmt, aber nun ja es ist ja Herbst.

    Auf dem Rückweg konnten wir noch 2 Waschbären beobachten, die genüßlich am Straßenrand die Würmer zusammengesucht haben 🙂
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