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  • Day25

    Caught the bus up to good old Canada.
    Liking my accommodation already with a proper drip coffee machine.
    Went searching for a bbq place for a late lunch as I need an intake of red meat. Found Memphis Blues Bbq house
    Luckily takeaway doggie bags are offered. When they're offered when I've just finished ordering I think I may have ordered a bit too much 😁
    Started with rib ends and spicy fried calamari. Then also got a brisket salad as I had always wanted to try it. And what a coincidence, there's a wine shop across the road. Lunch and dinner sorted.
    It's raining so it's a night in for me. Lots of sightseeing planned for the next 2 days.
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  • Day26

    It was so good to have dinner plans with a friend. As much as I may love solo travel at times, the dinners by yourself are always boring. Any other meal is fine, but by the end of the day I've already talked to myself too much.
    So it was awesome that Freya saw I was in town and got in contact. I met her during the UK tour. And she was super nice to choose a place that was literally 2min walk in a straight line from my hotel and her train station. Perfect! My phone data doesn't work here, so no maps on the go for me.
    And you know your in Canada when even the pizza has maple syrup on it. Of course I tried it 😊
    Went for a stroll after dinner. Found Gassy Jack, an English sailor that ended up here and made a name for himself. They named him Gassy Jack because of his talkative nature and storytelling abilities. The name stuck and the area around his bar is now known as Gastown.
    There is literally a steam powered clock.
    I think all you need a the night and some fairy lights to make a place look pretty.
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  • Day27

    Checked out Stanley park with the totem poles. So pretty with all the yellow and red leaves.
    Continued onto Lions gate bridge with singe amazing views. Cool to hear about and see the forest history. The trees were too big so they were cut down from a higher height. Leaving the large left over trunk to break down and become a natural pot plant for trees to grow out if it.
    Also saw Vancouver's very own little mermaid statue, only it's a woman wearing a wet suit and goggles to tell the tide.
    There's also a cannon that finally got caged up after the engineering students stole it and held it for ransom. It still goes off, now with a blank, at 9pm every day to let the boaties know it's come to the end of the day.

    Stopped at Granville island for lunch. Had a beef stew pot pie, perfect for this slightly rainy day. The market was really cool. Had to try a cranberry white chocolate cookie for dessert. Which was pretty tame based on what they had to offer.
    Again with the maple syrup everything. They make maple smoked salmon.

    Drove through Yaletown and China town to the Vancouver lookout.
    Finished off with some amazing views of the city, even if it is a bit cloudy.
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  • Day59

    Today we caught the vehicular ferry back to Vancouver, it is a very smooth crossing. The coach driver did a sightseeing drive through Stanley Park, around the Cruise terminal, which is the 3rd busiest in world and then to our hotel, The Sandman, where once again we have a full suite with a kitchen on the 14th floor.At 6.30pm we departed for The sunset cruise on the harbour, without the sunset, although it was lovely to see the city lights come on.Read more

  • Day59

    Woke up to rain showers, so decided to have a fudge out day...packed our bags ready for tomorrow....our flight isn't until 11.45pm, we have to be out of our room by 12md, but can leave our bags here until our taxi to the airport.
    After lunch we went for a walk down to the river. The rain had stopped, but still very overcast. Took some photos of statues. The so called beaches are disgusting compared to Australia...Even Redcliffe looks good compared.....
    We are having dinner here in our room tonight....
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  • Day60

    What a great day we have had today. First we visited the Canada Place and did the virtual flyover of Canada. I was very anxious...You sit in a seat, get strapped in, then off you go...the seat moves as if you are in a helicopter, when it flew through clouds you got the mist on you, when in the forests you could smell the trees...on occasions you felt that your feet would touch the water. It was just amazing. A couple of times took my breadth away...and yes I was hanging on for grim death...It was good doing it at the end of our trip as we recognised all the places we flew over....
    After that we caught a shuttle bus up to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Another great experience...the bridge is 137 meters long, suspended 70meters above the Capilano River. After going across the bridge we did the tree top walk...then after coming back across the swaying bridge we did the Cliffwalk...a boardwalk, suspended by wire roads o the side of the cliff. The whole park is just magnificent....Thanks to Don for recommending we go there.
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  • Day7

    This bridge is so tall when viewed from the lower area. Almost as tall as an apartment block and wide to support multiple lanes in both directions.
    In the style of typical American bridges like golden gate , the structure is steel girders and concrete.

    Plus thus bridge is not alone, either in being a connection from downtown to south Vancouver, nor in terms of size of bridge, i saw at least another 3 in addition.Read more

  • Day14

    Apparently the best in... The world :)

    After the chef won a Gellatoria-Best competition in Italy.

    Tried his dolce del leche in a shake. Sonu had his salted pecan and caramel. Plus helping of miky one.

    They were very good :)

  • Day47

    OK so I'm anal! I had to start the day with us walking to the Central Station to get our connector tickets to Vancouver Island later in the week. Did it have to be done now? Yes, then that box would be ticked and we could enjoy Vancouver. No, we couldn't buy them there as they only sell two hours before the departure time - it had to be done on line. A hot dusty walk walk for nothing. Well we do now know where the station is at least.
    Skyway train to Burrard St Station and we were finally set to explore downtown Vancouver.
    The sun was shining gloriously and Vancouver is a stunning city, a city of towering buildings, a city of glass, a city with a beautiful harbour and a great shopping district. By the time we had walked from the station up to the visitor's centre, along the harbour walk past the cruise ship terminal, around a marina, over the hill to Robson Street, along Robson Street window shopping, along a myriad of other streets, through Chinatown and home we had walked a long long way. I guess we had not had the intention of walking that far and I do try to be mindful of Neil's sore leg but it was a long, long way and Neil's leg was quite painful during the night. But it was an amazing day.
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  • Day48

    She who never gets a cold or the flu is down and out with a case of the flu. Well not out but definitely not feeling myself. Fevers and a general not feeling up to anything much had me back on the bed after breakfast.
    Neil went out for a wander on his own. Always a worry as his sense of direction is not brilliant but he found his way back, thankfully.
    Neil offered to find a pharmacy to get me some tablets but I decided to go out with him. After we got some tablets we continued walking along Hastings Street East to Gastown.
    Hastings Street East is an eye opener. It is sad, very, very sad. It is the street along which the homeless and drug addicts congregate and the numbers are many. We witnessed people shooting up in the street without much attempt to hide what they were up too and there are a number of safe injecting rooms along this street but many don’t seem to be able to summon the energy to get there.
    All this is happening just around the corner from Gastown, the gentrified working class area that is now a big tourist attraction.
    We found a great vegetarian restaurant/bar then walked back home.
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