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  • Day4

    Tag 4 Von Ljubljana nach Zagreb

    September 5, 2017 in Croatia

    Heute stand wieder Reisen auf dem Programm und ich habe meine kleine wohlfühle Oase Ljubljana verlassen und mich in Kroatiens Hauptstadt begeben. Kroatien hat mich mit einem lachenden und weinden Auge Empfang. Zum einen habe ich Problem weiter zukommen zumindestens so wie ich es wollte. Auf der anderen Seite habe ich wieder Glück mit dem Hostel gehabt. Unten eine Fette Bar drin, günstig und mitten in der City gelegen. Morgen mehr:Read more

  • Day5

    Tag 5, Zagreb

    September 6, 2017 in Croatia

    Zagreb hat eine wunderschöne Seite mit Kirchen, einer Kathedrale und anderen wunderschönen Gebäuden. Hinzu kommt eine kleiner Botanischer Garten. Negative ist allerdings das es in der Innenstadt von Nike Stores und Drogeriemärkte nur so wimmelt. Ein muss bei eurem nächsten Kroatien Besuch sollte Zagreb aber doch sein. Skål Tom

  • Day190

    Es ist das berühmteste Museum in Zagreb, das Museum für zerbrochene Beziehungen. Und in allen Reiseführen steht, es ist ein absolutes Muss!
    Also besuche ich am Valentinstag das Museum für zerbrochene Beziehungen

    Die Idee ist einfach - Leute aus aller Welt können ihre Denkmäler der Liebe; nachdem die Liebe vorbei ist, an das Museum schicken, ein kleine Geschichte dazu schreiben und fertig. Zusammen ergibt das, das kurioseste Museum in Zagreb, das Museum für zerbrochene Beziehungen.
    Die Ausstellung reiste um die Welt, bis sie in Zagreb ihr zu Hause fand. Mittlerweile gibt es das Museum auch in Hollywood als Dauerstellung.
    In dem Museum schlendert man durch Geschichten die manchmal komisch, manchmal berührend und manchmal zum Fremdschämen sind.

    Ein Beispiel? Im Museum ist eine Axt ausgestellt, mit welcher die Lebenspartnerin zwei Wochen lange die Möbelstücke ihrer Ex-Lebenspartnerin kaputtschlug.
    Die Ex-Lebenspartnerin wollte sich nicht über die Zukunft der beiden äußern, wurde deswegen aus der gemeinsamen Wohnung geschmissen und fuhr dann, mit ihrer neuen Partnerin in den Urlaub. Und diese zwei Wochen wurden genutzt um alles was nicht Niet und Nagel fest war, zu Holzmehl zu verarbeiten.

    Ungewöhnlich, aber sehenswert. Im Jahr 2011 erhielt das Museum den Kenneth-Hudson Award als innovativstes Museum in Europa.

    Wer danach noch nicht genug hat, kann sich im Museumsshop Souvenirs kaufen. Verkaufsschlager ist der riesen Radiergummi „für schlechte Erinnerungen“. Und natürlich gibt es auch ein Kaffee. Im Sommer mit Terrasse und Jazzkonzerten.

    Für umgerechnet drei Euro ist man dabei, also wieder ein richtiges Schnäppchen.
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  • Day39

    Walking around Zagreb

    July 18, 2016 in Croatia

    Unpacked and ready to walk around and get our bearings. This area is really cool with lots of bars, eateries and a few small shops. Looking forward to the next few days.

    Lots of nice areas to walk and take in the history.

  • Day39


    July 18, 2016 in Croatia

    Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia and located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river. Zagreb lies at an elevation 122 m above sea level .The population of Zagreb urban area is slightly above 1.1 million inhabitants which is approximately a quarter of a total population of Croatia.

    Zagreb is a city with a rich history dating from the Roman times to the present day and is the
    4th largest city in Southeast Europe by population, but it is 2nd largest city in Southeast Europe by area.

    Zagreb is made for strolling with cobblestone streets, peppered with church spires. The buildings are a mixture of art nouveau, neo-baroque and art deco buildings.
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  • Day41

    Dolac Market

    July 20, 2016 in Croatia

    Dolac Market is right in the centre of town on the top section of the square are the full fruit and vegetable stalls. Cherries $2 a kilo so cheap.

    The street level has indoor stalls selling meat and dairy products and a little further towards the centre square are flowers.

    The stalls at the northern end of the market are packed with locally produced honey, oil, handicrafts and cheap food.

  • Day207


    October 27, 2017 in Croatia

    Will had to get up an hour before me hehe sucker. He didn't pre pack.
    We did our final pack up and headed out - we put our keys in their letterbox.
    We went straight to a bakery where we bought delicious pastries. So good. Like a banitza cake.
    We then went to the station and sat by the train waiting.

    On we popped. Some old lady was trying to communicate to us that we were in here seat, we were like no, show us your ticket. She then pulls out this magnifying contraption to try and read her ticket 😂
    I was oh dear hhaha I send her in the right direction.

    It's a 7 hour train ride and so far we have had some decent sleeps.
    We didn't get an exit stamp from Serbia so that was a little concerning but Croatia stamped us in so it doesn't matter now. Just disappointed because we are trying to fill our book.
    Woman are always so much better with my passport photo - it's like that have a better understanding that hair changes. 😂

    2 more hours to go.
    We are both pretty hungry.
    The landscape has varied. Some very flat and brown and others have had such cute villages with chickens and such.
    The villages are mainly quite well put together. I think if i was born in Serbia if prefer village life over Belgrade. It's jut so bland lol.

    My ass is so numb.
    I haven't drunken enough water but I've already peed twice and don't want to have to go again..

    30 mins away and there is a storm outside 😒😒😒😒 I dont want to have to walk in it 😔

    Ok some crazy lady gave us a Jesus card on the train. Well she tried too. This lady was full blown retard. She tried to hand us I why I presume to be a Serbian pamplet thing and I said sorry but no thankyou we can't read it. She responded in English and goes "oh ok, German"
    She then hands us a pamphlet in german.
    So I said the same thing IN ENGLISH sorry but we can't read it.
    She was so stumped by this. She pointed at Will and goes "he is german"
    Uhm, no?
    Crazy lady.
    She eventually gave us a download a bible in your language app card. Then Went down the train passing out pamphlets.
    We were talking in English why not think to try give us an English pamphlet 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    Anyway, arrived in Zagreb. It wasn't raining thank goodness.

    Immediately impressed by Croatia.
    Stunning entrance. The buildings, gardens and cleanliness. It has a Belgium/Poland feel.
    I likey.
    We found our hostel, dumped our stuff and headed back out. The foyer was so loud, its like a club lol. So many people too.

    We headed to the Museum of broken relationships. I was really excited about going because I had heard so many good things but I was a little let down. There were some funny and sad displays but most had too much writing and Will was bored out of his brain hahah
    It's basically a museum with items and a backstory. There was a funny one about a toaster. Basically I think she got cheated on and so she stole his toaster "sucker, how's he going to toast anything now?!"
    There were ones of suicide and divorce which were far more heart breaking.
    Still, happy I went and saw.
    We had to climb up so many stairs to get there too. There was a view but unfortunately it was too dark. I think it would be lovely at sunset.
    We went looking for food and ended up at a restaurant after a long search only the prices were RIDICULOUS - this place had their damn food menus on smart tablets - that gives you a rough idea of their attempt at poshness.
    We had our cokes and found a burger joint. Very good. Still pricey but it comparison, a bargain!
    We are now back at the hostel and have booked a day trip to the Lakes for Sunday.
    Tomorrow we are going to the post office - how excitinng.. haha

    Serbia didn't have button at their traffic lights and it annoyed me.
    I need something to push to make time go quicker - some of them have a clock countdown and sometimes it was 90 seconds. It goes very slowly.
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  • Day208


    October 28, 2017 in Croatia

    Ok so this hostel is ridiculous. We are sleeping on top of a night club. the music was like drilling through the walls. Also Will doesn't fit the bed so his sleep was super..
    We decided to skip the post office and do it in another city and instead do the free walking tour the hostel puts on.
    But first, food. I had the most delicious cheese pastry things. Like a banitza but more of a pie 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    The tour started from the hostel. Our guide was a complete loon 😂 quirky isn't the right word but oh man was he quirky. He does what I do and gets really loud and makes loud noises and sounds when awkward.
    He took us on a journey for sure.

    First stop was the lift that takes you up the stairs we walked up yesterday. It's in the Guinness book of records apparently for shortest lift.
    Croatians all view it with fondness because it's what you do as a child so everyone has nice memories with their parents. And I assume that's true. We saw so many families use it.

    Next stop was the top of the stairs to explain why Zagreb is the capital - it had a big wall and a moat so everyone moved there. Pretty simple really.
    There is also a cannon at the top that goes off everyday at noon.
    The story that goes with it is a long one about a painted cow and a chicken being shot out of cannon which scared the energy away because it made it look like they had plentiful amounts of food when they didn't.
    The cannon saved the city and at that time the city was united but at war with each other too. Too stay separate the 2 areas operated on a different time zone. This was changed when the cannon started being used 150 years ago.
    We heard it go off.

    Next museum of broken relationships which we have already been to but he explained that the original concept was created to show the "violent divorce" of Yugoslavia. And it just continued on.

    Next St. marks church which has really really cool ceramic roof tiles. There was also a red square in the centre of the square where public executions took place.
    Parliament was next door and not impressive at all. The word I would use is maybe cute? It's like a fancy house.

    There money is named after a weasel type animal that the were highly sought after for fur. It's even represented on one of the crests on the roof.

    Next was an old pharmacy
    Next a high school. He made me laugh here... he goes however long ago it was a high school. As you can tell by the weeners on the wall... it is still a high school.
    So many penis drawings 😂

    Then onto the city gates which is a pilgrim sight for good luck.
    If you get what you asked for you put up a tile - it seems to work a lot - lots of tiles there!

    Next a well. The well goes into a secret tunnel system.

    We then walked though a nice park until we reached the only open tunnels for the public - this was sso very serious AWSOME.

    Basically the plan was when they got attacked everyone was to go into the tunnels and up to the fortress. It never happens though.

    Anyway, the museum was free and cool.
    It was like a time line. Pictures and pictures of time and then it had side sections we didn't enter - one had a film and one had music


    To remember WW2 where 2 million died they though instead of an exhibition with lots of bodies ...


    We entered and all had to grab an umbrella and walk 30 meters through rain. It was so cool and an awesome way to do it I think. It was pitch black except for one light. The sound echoed.

    So impressed.
    It was fun tbh.

    We came out at the farmers market.

    Then we went to a cathedral. He talked about its construction and how it's always under construction because of the original stone used was crap and has stone cancer. There were display pieces explaining what the means and the difference it makes to the appearance.
    It's a lovely church but not worth the 1000 years of constant rebuilding lol.

    We saw other bits and pieces along the way but overall it was a good tour.
    He was so awkward though. He said he was gonna tell a joke and then say it and it wouldn't be funny nor a joke.
    A very odd man. His name was Ivan.

    We then went for our own little walk around.
    We sat outside some impressive building talking for ages and me pointing out every dog that walked past 😂😅
    We then went and had dinner, got money out and went to the hostel.
    Will got a beer and we sat outside.
    People joined us and we chatted for a bit. One dude was a knob and ignored my existence.

    An Asian girl in our room brushed her teeth for 15 minutes straight. No word of a lie. It was ridiculous.
    I don't even think she put toothpaste on... but I sat there staring and timing here 😂 it could have been longer. Will made me leave the room after 15 mins.

    Croatia isn't cheap at all.
    I booked Bosnia accommodation today - also not super cheap.

    I really like Zagreb. For a capital city it is so so lovely! I just think it's so spacious, clean and still old.
    Big tick from me.

    In bed now and keen for tomorrow. Hopefully it's not too cold.
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