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  • Day69


    June 15, 2017 in Croatia ⋅

    We had a couple of nights in the capital before leaving Croatia.

    Zagreb is not a big city and was the first place that didn't seem to be swarming with Tourists. Lots of great things to see when wondering around and a really chilled out atmosphere. We arrived in the afternoon on the first day so we took a slow meander around - it was like 35 degrees - and took in some of the main sights. First observation that it was really green and really clean. there are also lots of statues, but Nikola Tesla is the only name I recognised, albeit I had to google what he is famous for :)

    We rented a room in the flat of a Croatian chap about our age. So the first night we spent with him and his friend. We drank beer together and they told us about Croatia:

    the corrupt politics;
    the mass migration to Germany;
    the lack of recycling;
    that it is legal to ride a scooter without a helmet;
    that there are many places we really should visit next time;
    that their "popstars" are just regular people who like to sing, earn a normal wage and live in the local neighbourhoods; and
    the women...

    Croatian women appear to all be beautiful and slim... in a country where they make croissants filled with chocolate, I don't know how that is possible!

    On the second day we walked around the Dolac Market. We bought some Burek (traditional Croatian stuffed pastry) for lunch. We then visited the Cathedral, which I thought we had been told was the tallest building in Croatia - despite the various high rises that have sprung up - but I have since read that apparently it is the tallest in the Country. No wonder I couldn't fit it in my photo! It had an impressive interior and the ceiling looks like it is covered in stars. It is also rumoured that its three chandeliers were in fact made for a casino in Las Vegas but ended up here instead.

    Next up we headed to the 'Museum of Broken Relationships', whose exhibits are items contributed to by people who have been broken hearted alongside the stories that accompany them. Our host was not keen when I suggested we were going to go but we went anyway. Whilst the items were some regular and some random - many household and many weird - the stories made it for me. Varying from funny to strange to tearjerking.

    By this point we were both a little weary so we headed to Tkalciceva Street to people watch. Its basically a cool street full of bars and restaurants where you can sit and watch the Croatian world go by.

    To finish the night we went to a Croatian restaurant for traditional BBQ food recommended by our host. As you will see from the picture.. it was a real meat feast. We had already tried some of this in Plitvice from our host there so had an idea of what to expect but it was really immense. Meat stuffed with cheese.. dreamy...
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  • Day58

    3 nights in Zargreb

    September 9, 2016 in Croatia ⋅

    The ride here from SlavonskI Brod was uneventful, pleasant country side and towns/villages to pass through. All anyone seems to do here is eat and drink - was trying to work out how they seem to stay relatively fit looking and not overweight. I finally worked out absolutely everyone smokes, and I mean chain smokes (not many restrictions s here you can pretty much smoke where you like). If it wasn't for the side effects of smoking it would be perfect for weight control !!!!

    Nice city, and the centrum (middle) is pretty compact. They have amazing pedestrian crossing here, at T intersection there are 3 crossings that lead to the middle of the intersection, you simply walk there, wait in the missing middle as cars, trucks and bikes etc cross and then when there is a gap in traffic you just walk though to the side you want to get to. No traffic lights and 2-way tram lines. Seems to work but I'm not sure what the casualty rate is. First time I tried it I got stuck in the middle for a while!!!

    Got a mini-service on the bike while I could. BMW fitted me in because I was travelling through - normally a 2 week wait.

    After picking up the bike I took a ride up the mountain range behind the city - only about 10 kms fromm the Centrum. Have a look at the pic from Google maps (that's only a small section that I could fit in a pic) it's just very steep switchbacks one after another. It was hard work going up (climb about 1000 metres in a short space) and it was only on the way back I realised a good part of it is one-way. Was stuffed by the time I got back.

    Food continues to be great and cheap. Deboned stuffed pork cutlet, bread, salad litre bottle of mineral water for under $20 !!!

    Nice relaxing 3 days.

    Next stop Slovenia
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  • Day13


    May 15, 2015 in Croatia ⋅

    Did AirBnB again with a nice couple. We've visited a Museum for Modern Art which had a slide. The next day we went to the Museum of Broken Relationships. The rest of the time we've walked around a lot in the city and also visited a botanical garden.

  • Day20

    Arrival in Croatia

    April 25, 2018 in Croatia ⋅

    We had another early morning pick up by the taxi this morning which thankfully arrived right on the dot. Heidi was again excited to be going on another plane - it doesn’t seem to grow old for her! Thankfully it is only a relatively short flight to Croatia - Zagreb.

    We arrived at the airport with a couple of hours to spare which we thought would mean we had a good amount of time to have a decent breakfast as we were all hungry by now (it took about an hour to get to the airport due to traffic. However it took ages to check in, go through security and customs. At a couple of points the computers broke down so they had to move us to another one. At customs I ended up sitting on the floor cos it was taking so long and I’d been standing for ages by that point!

    Mike had bought some breakfast for us while they were waiting which was very thoughtful of him so we had some hot croissants to munch on. The others did some last minute shopping to try and get rid of some of their Russian currency - any excuse 😜

    We were flying with a different airline - a little bit classier than the last so we were actually sitting together and we even got served food! It was only a relatively short flight so not too uncomfortable.

    We had to wait ages for our luggage at the other end and we thought it had been lost as everyone else seemed to have their bags and there were only a couple going round. We went to file a claim and Kyria and I thought we’d just take another look and they’d finally put our bags on! We had ordered a taxi and he wasn’t waiting there - Mike rang him and let him know we had come out.

    Eli had about 2000 rubles left over (the lady at the previous apartment had held 5000 as a bond so we didn’t get it back until the day we left) and he tried to exchange them at the airport for Croatian Kuna but they wouldn’t take it! Hopefully he can exchange it when we get home cos it amounts to about $40.

    The taxi man was very chatty and spoke English well - I don’t think we’ll have much trouble communicating here! Mike had booked a nice apartment in the centre of town. Everything was so green and warm - it almost felt like a balm to the eyes after the cold and wintry landscapes of Russia.

    Heidi fell asleep for about 15 mins on the way to the apartment and of course, she wasn’t going to go back down for a sleep after that! So we settled in to the apartment which is really nice - I should have taken photos before we made it all untidy with our luggage. Then we headed out to stroll around and explore the city. It was so warm outside - it was so nice to be in just a skirt and t-shirt again! We started off with an ice cream from the ice cream shop over the road recommended by our taxi driver!

    There was a sort of Mediterranean feel to the city. Pretty flowers were everywhere and we found a lovely park to sit and rest our legs for a few minutes. We popped into a Cathedral and were lucky enough to hear a choir of young people rehearsing for something. They sang beautifully, of course the acoustics helped!

    Heidi was petted and smiled at and given lollies to by random people. I can’t say she was appreciative of people invading her space though - she would shout ‘No!’ at them or push their hands away - embarrassing child. It’s nice how they love kids though. You don’t really get that back home.

    We found markets and souvenir shops, cafes and bakeries, tried a bit of this and that. We had a quick dinner and then Kyria and I had a wander round the streets while the boys took Heidi back to bed. We met them back home and then they headed out to watch a soccer game at one of the eatery joints.
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  • Day22

    Museum of Illusions

    April 27, 2018 in Croatia ⋅

    Eli and Heidi had a nap, I put my feet up on the couch and Mike and Kyria went out to do more walking - crazy people. Kyria brought me back some awesome socks 😁

    Once Heidi and Eli woke up, we went down for ice creams and then visited the Museum of Illusions which reminded me a little bit of the one Eli and I did in NZ a few years ago but a much smaller version. They had little puzzles around and optical illusions. There were only a few rooms. I managed to do one of the puzzles - fit all the pieces in the egg shape but didn’t have much success with the others. They require a lot of patience 😂

    From here we walked about 1km the other way and found somewhere for dinner. It was a nice area with eating places all along and tables and chairs lining the walkway.

    Then Mike and Kyria went walking about while we took Heidi back for a bath, bed and to pack our suitcases and we went for a last walk when they came back before hitting the sack ourselves. Being a Friday night there were lots of people out and about.

    So endeth our last official day. The next two days are basically travelling home so nothing very interesting! Croatia has been great - it would be nice to come back and visit the coast which looks beautiful.
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  • Day9

    Zagreb part II

    August 13, 2017 in Croatia ⋅

    Today, we first visited the “Museum of broken relationships“, a place that is at the same time funny, shocking, weird, cute and depressing. It consists of donations of objects by people from all over the world that remind them of a past love, together with their story. After that, we took a walk a bit outside the mere center and relaxed in one of the parks.
    In the hostel we had been recommended to also go to the cemetery, which was “only a 20-minute walk“ away - turned out it was almost an hour. Tired, bad reported and starving as we hadn't had lunch, we finally got up there, not really believing anymore that the place was worth all the effort, but we were surprised: the cemetery, which gives home to all great former Croatian personalities, from the outside looks rather like a castle. Due to its enorm size, it is divided into over 100 areas, each of which contains another load of graves.
    When finally we had gotten back to the hostel and eaten dinner, we met our Argentinean friends Ángeles and Matías, ans a Chilean named Bruno, who took us to a cool hippy-style place with pingpong and beers.
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  • Day39

    Walking around Zagreb

    July 18, 2016 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Unpacked and ready to walk around and get our bearings. This area is really cool with lots of bars, eateries and a few small shops. Looking forward to the next few days.

    Lots of nice areas to walk and take in the history.

  • Day39


    July 18, 2016 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia and located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river. Zagreb lies at an elevation 122 m above sea level .The population of Zagreb urban area is slightly above 1.1 million inhabitants which is approximately a quarter of a total population of Croatia.

    Zagreb is a city with a rich history dating from the Roman times to the present day and is the
    4th largest city in Southeast Europe by population, but it is 2nd largest city in Southeast Europe by area.

    Zagreb is made for strolling with cobblestone streets, peppered with church spires. The buildings are a mixture of art nouveau, neo-baroque and art deco buildings.
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  • Day41

    Dolac Market

    July 20, 2016 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Dolac Market is right in the centre of town on the top section of the square are the full fruit and vegetable stalls. Cherries $2 a kilo so cheap.

    The street level has indoor stalls selling meat and dairy products and a little further towards the centre square are flowers.

    The stalls at the northern end of the market are packed with locally produced honey, oil, handicrafts and cheap food.Read more

  • Day4

    Tag 4 Von Ljubljana nach Zagreb

    September 5, 2017 in Croatia ⋅

    Heute stand wieder Reisen auf dem Programm und ich habe meine kleine wohlfühle Oase Ljubljana verlassen und mich in Kroatiens Hauptstadt begeben. Kroatien hat mich mit einem lachenden und weinden Auge Empfang. Zum einen habe ich Problem weiter zukommen zumindestens so wie ich es wollte. Auf der anderen Seite habe ich wieder Glück mit dem Hostel gehabt. Unten eine Fette Bar drin, günstig und mitten in der City gelegen. Morgen mehr:Read more

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