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  • Day10

    Copenhagen Denmark

    May 30, 2019 in Denmark ⋅ 🌫 13 °C

    Copenhagen May 30
    Denmark is the smallest, flattest country in Scandinavia 5.8 million people and surrounded by water. It has 6000 windmills creating 25 pc energy..very environmentally responsible. Our guide showed us a huge new facility that turns garbage to energy for the whole area of Scandinavia. The building is multi the country is so flat. It was built on an angle so people can dive in the underground layer by the sea and ski down the angular roof or rock climb up the building.
    The country was occupied by the nazi's from 1939 to 45. Danes were known for saving 6,000 Jews during the war. They have a long history of very smart naval defense from historic times to the cold war. They say they have no resources to export so they gave free education creating a society of very bright leaders who have become leaders in corporations around the world. We visited the little mermaid at water's edge and the sites of Hans Christian Andersen. Paul remembered being there in 1972.
    Maersk the world's biggest transportation co..created a huge danish foundation that built the danish opera house designed by 5yrs.... 500 mill US dollars. Danish designs feature simplicity and functionality and harmony with nature. Most sustainable country..great architects..use sea water to cool and heat buildings.
    People swim at harbours...any sunny day...known as most swimmable country..
    600km bike lanes and trails...throughout Copenhagen..bikes and electric scooters everywhere.
    Following the tour we walked all over ending up at Tivoli Gardens. We all loved the historic city and vibe of Copenhagen.
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  • Day10

    Der Landgang von Kopenhagen

    September 28, 2019 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Statt Shuttle Bus sind wir ganz normal mit einem Linienbus ins Zentrum gefahren. Kopenhagen ist eine moderne und kulturelle Stadt.
    Aufgrund der kurzen Zeit an Land haben wir alles in größter Eile getan.
    Das berühmte Rathaus, die alte Börse, Tivoli, Christiansborg und und und.
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  • Day2

    Der Tag in Kopenhagen

    October 10, 2019 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Als ich nach meinem privaten Ausflug und 28 Kilometern in den Beinen wieder am Schiff ankam, war ich fix und fertig. Aber es hat sich gelohnt, da auf der Tour berühmte Drehorte der Olsenbande, Sehenswürdigkeiten und Stadien der Topklubs in Dänemark dabei waren. Kopenhagen ist wirklich eine absolute Fahrradstadt und jede Generation bewegt sich damit fort, weil auch die notwendige Infrastruktur gegeben ist. Nun folgt morgen Aarhus, die zweitgrößte Stadt Dänemarks...Read more

  • Day4

    Day 4, Copenhagen

    September 4, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    So we had to set our alarm last night to make sure we didn’t miss the 10am dock this morning. We were up and about at 8am and headed to the deck for breakfast rather than the dining room. No Lemon Danishes and we’re in Denmark !!. Never mind, the muffins were a good substitute. As we didn’t dock until 10am, we went to the front of the ship and watched the approach and dock. We just glided in, all nice and peaceful. We were able to pick landmarks out from when I worked here and our visits to Jens & Eva’s.

    Usually when we dock here we are off the ship and we walk up in to Nyhavn which is a very pretty, colourful harbour where Hans Christian Anderson lived. This time we berthed at a dock that was much further out which meant we had to get a bus in. It was a little bit of a pain but I guess that’s because we are used to doing it the other way. So we got the bus which dropped us of at Nyhavn (means New Harbour I believe), traffic was a nightmare but we went past the apartment I used to have when I worked out here and it fetched a few memories back. We had a wander around and stopped for some lunch and a pint in the sun. We then had a wander through the city and out to Tivoli Gardens at the other side. The weather was tremendous and it was a lovely walk. We wandered around at the other side of the city before making our way back leisurely and finally catching the shuttle bus back to the ship. The number of cyclists still amaze me, they are everywhere.

    Once back on board we had the obligatory snack or two followed by tea and cake before grabbing a bit of a granny nap while Sharon watched the end of some documentary about some ballet dancer. Once that was done we headed out and spent a couple of hours in the hot tub watching the sun go down, it was lovely, beautiful clear skies, nice temperature and fairly quiet. I have however detected a few brats on board, not caused us to much bother yet, hope they don’t, they make an awful noise when you have to drown them 😂😂.

    Next we decided we would go to our cabin and watch “London has Fallen”. It’s a film we never saw but always wanted to mainly due to it being based in London. I’ve trawled Netflix, Amazon etc and it’s gone so was going to buy it but it’s on the demand TV in the cabin. Wow, what a great film, we both really enjoyed it. We did say we wasn’t going to do dinner tonight, and to be fair we didn’t go to the restaurant, but after the film finished we popped upstairs to the deck just to get a cuppa and watch us leave Copenhagen. Well, there was pork loins, potatoes, fish bites, all sorts really so bugger it, we had some, oh and more pink cake 🍰.

    It’s 10.45pm now, just polishing off the cake and we’re waiting to depart for Skagen. Sat out at the back of the ship, pleasant temperature and a perfect end to a lovely day.

    Until tomorrow peeps 👍
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  • Day1

    Etwas ist faul im Staate Dänemark...

    December 30, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ 🌧 3 °C

    ...hat schon der gute alte William Shakespeare geschrieben, und wir sind uns ziemlich sicher, dass er eigentlich das Wetter damit meinte 😕

    Wir wurden zwar Freitag Nacht von einem sternenklaren Himmel empfangen aber ab Samstag morgen zog es zu und regnete beinahe in einer Tour. War zwar bissl grauslich aber trotzdem verließen wir gegen 10 unser echt cooles Appartement in Nordhavn und kauften schnell paar Lebensmittel für das Wochenende ein
    (hatten auch ne Küche und alles dabei), um uns das teure Essengehen zu sparen.

    Danach ging es zur kleinen Meerjungfrau 🧜‍♀️, der Frederikskirche und weiter zum Palast und nach Nyhavn. Dort bestiegen wir ein Boot und machten eine einstündige Kanaltour, die aber nicht sonderlich spannend war. Deswegen stiegen wir schon etwas früher aus und machen noch einen kurzen Abstecher zum Tivoli, aber hoben uns den Eintritt noch für Silvester auf. Schon etwas müde nach sehr viel Gelaufe und auch schon etwas erfroren sind wir dann heim um uns mal zu duschen und um uns aufzuwärmen. An dem Abend sind wir dann nur noch essen gegangen und nach ca 20km Marsch ziemlich müde ins Bett gefallen.
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