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    • Day 217

      UNPAZ university Dili

      October 26, 2022 in East Timor ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      One day later a post again?
      For that special day I need a own post!

      Today was the first day of Uni in my life, I mean I never went in Germany, so first day as a „student“ check!
      I was more like a special guest there, I talked to a lot of students about different things like traveling, Europe, environment, money, the life in Timor-Leste and more.
      Everybody was really friendly and it looked like they been also happy that I visited them. Tourism is here not really a thing and a tourist that visit them is even more rare.
      First I had a tour in the area and they show me everything, then we went to the forest and planted some trees (picture 3).
      Doing something good for the nature is always nice.
      After we finished the work I chilled with 3 of them in a Café and we talked a bit more.
      They told me that a lot of people want to work in Europe or Australia because the money here is so bad. When you think about in Germany are people they get a apartment and money from the government for doing nothing and the people here work hard (not everybody is working hard but you know what I mean) and get maybe the half of that.

      It’s not a fair world and I knew that before, but it’s different when you see it and feel it.
      We can be happy that we are born in better circumstances. The time here is a really good reminder for me to think about something like that more often.

      The day was really interesting for me and I hope for them too. It was a big pleasure to go to university for one day. I wish all of them just the best in life.
      I will never forget that and I am thankful!
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    • Day 212

      Dili (Timor-Leste)

      October 21, 2022 in East Timor ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

      Country number 11!
      What a ride so far, in 3 days I travel for 7 month and I just reached a new country.
      Not many people go here and that was one of the reasons for me to go!

      So far it’s really good (just two days in) I met in my first night a journalist working for the German tv.
      He got some recommendations for me and that helped me a lot.

      Yesterday at the Jesus I talked to a school class and the teacher and they invited me for next week to come over. I am really excited for this opportunity.
      I am not really sure what I will do there but the teacher was so nervous to see and talk to me that I can’t say no to that offer!

      Today I will leave Dili (the capital city) behind me.
      It’s so hot here let’s hope the other places are better.
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    • Day 177–179

      Exploring Dili - again 😅🥰

      January 17 in East Timor ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Relaxing a few days in Dili was needed and very relaxing, the DaTerra hostel, part of an amazing permaculture project in Baucau, is a great place to stay.
      I decided to go to Atauro island, next , to explore the outstanding reefs there, but wanted to heal my wounds, first, so some more time to go around in Dili.
      Thanks to Sara, volunteering in the DaTerra hostel, I have seen a local handcrafts workshop, producing awesome craved artworks from mostly woods, stone and bones.
      Furthermore we visited a very small private "zoo" from a local businessman. This was quite sad to see, animals were not really kept and cared for properly, the crocodile there was in a very bad shape and really looking heartbreaking.
      Passing by some extraordinary artworks, especially a huge one, close to the museum of resistance, stood out: Building a bridge between the cruelties of the past, the diversity of local cultures and tribes, the relationship to the world's people, the struggles of present days, the nature, the future of Timor Leste, so many aspects put in that amazing piece of street art!
      This country and this city are something special, it's hard to describe, but it's definitely a unique place.
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    • Day 102

      No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition

      January 19, 2020 in East Timor ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Life is pretty awesome, especially when the unexpected happens. First unexpected thing was an invite to dinner tonight by NUTS ON and his wife. So, we roll up to this cool place across the street from the beach, and sit down for a couple beers. THEN, we get an invitation for a ride in the only stretch limo in East Timor. Not saying no to that, so off we go. Turns out, this was David Bowie's limo, shipped here from the US. Does a lot of wedding support, parties, etc, and it just so happens the owner is a hasher. We rode around Dili for about an hour, all sorts of picture takers on the street, we are jammin on the inside, listening to mostly 70s and 80s rock, but a few newer cuts like Ed Sheeran. Sometimes you just never know what will happen. We then went back for a delicious dinner, and songs around the table. Great times in East TImor. Don't miss out, book your tickets today. ON ON.Read more

    • Day 185–192

      Bye bye Timor Leste 🇹🇱👋

      January 25 in East Timor ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

      Being sick while traveling is not nice, but if you're lucky, you are staying in a great, nice place with awesome people. So Sara and the whole crew from DaTerra Dili Hostel took care of me so nicely and helped wherever needed, simply awesome!
      And after a few days suffering a lot I luckily started slowly to recover.
      However, after 8 days I felt good enough to travel on. There are still some big Indonesian islands I wanted to see! 😅
      So on the first of February, after staying exactly one month in Timor Leste, it was time for me to get back to Cepi and travel on by scooter, up to the north! 😬
      So it means first going down to the south of Timor island, back to Kupang, to catch the ferry to Flores.
      Would've had other plans for Timor Leste, but things are changing and listening to your body is imo one skill helping a lot while traveling...😅😉
      So some last impressions from Dili and my trip back to Indonesian Timor!
      Timor Leste, I will definitely come back, one day! 🥰
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    • Day 5


      May 20, 2023 in East Timor ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Dili is the capital of Timor-Leste, the smallest and newest country in Asia. And this is the least visited country in Asia.
      The 1st picture is the Christ the King statue on a hilltop overlooking Dili and the harbor. It is reminiscent of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio.
      The 2nd picture is the presidential palace, and the 3rd picture is a portion of the parliament building. The 4th picture is of a former presidential house that has been converted to a museum commemorating the life and presidency of Jose Ramos-Horta. Mr Horta received the Nobel Peace prize which is show in the 5th picture.
      The 6th picture is one of several traditional markets in town.
      The 7th picture commemorates a dark time. When the people is Timor-Leste voted overwhelmingly for a independence, the anti-independence group went on a rampage and scorched earth retreat. It became a genocide. This cemetery is when those killed at the time are buried. This particular monument is to a journalist who brought news of the killing to the world community, cementing international support for independence.
      The 8th and 9th pictures are of the Roman Catholic cathedral.
      The last picture is of the headquarters of the political party and that became the party of the early national government. As is typical of revolutions, the group leading the rebellion often takes power in the new government. That is the case here, and this is the party descended from that group. They remain a political party, albeit in opposition these days.
      Our visit coincided with both the national (independence) day and national elections. So many places were closed
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    • Day 164–167

      Dili - sightseeing

      January 4 in East Timor ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      After my long and exhausting journey to Dili and directly jumping into New Year's Eve celebrations, my body demanded some rest. So after a few days resting, mostly lying in a hammock and not doing too much, I started to explore the city a little.
      The contrasts are huge, as only around main roads and the city center the infrastructure is good, but in most of the other areas everything is very basic. Still you can see a lot of development, a lot of constructions and new built housings, especially around the coastal road and the city center some very modern buildings are built, the ocean promenade was newly built in a very beautiful way, there's clearly progress going on. Nevertheless you everywhere can see and feel the lack of resources, a lot of places need maintenance, repair or have to be renewed - a poor but developing country. As usual in bigger cities, people are not that much approaching, except of the kids, but as soon as you're asking for help or advice, you'll receive very nice and kind support. Public transportation is limited to taxis and the microlets, small public buses, run by private companies, going around the city on 13 different routes.

      As Timor Leste decided to not have its own currency they're using the US Dollar for amounts from 5$ upwards, any amount below is paid with local Centavos, coins worth from 2$ down to 5¢. Probably due to this, but as it's a small country with only around 1.3 million citizens, too, everything here is relatively expensive, especially compared to neighbouring Indonesia.

      It seems sometimes as if Timor Leste is focussing a lot onto it's history and it's fight for independence, but as this fight was ongoing for around 25 years, it's clear that this is an important part of their identity and obviously there are a lot of outcomes of this long time suffering, still affecting present times. The Museum of Timorese Resistance was an impressive experience, a very detailed exhibition, guiding through the history of that time, explaining and contextualizing the whole situations and the political backgrounds very well. No need, but nevertheless important, to say, that the so called "Western world" did act shameful and selfish, completely ignoring Timorese people's suffers, as long as public attention wasn't big. Again I was reminded, that it's usual (and way more easy) to point fingers on other countries' cruelties, than acting by himself with moral integrity. But this leads again to the unbelievable ability of Timorese people to forgive their suppressors all the cruelties and live in a peaceful neighborhood with their past enemies.
      Several monuments are reminding on their history and suffers, but still it feels as if this place is moving forward, without forgetting it's past, it feels as if this city is full of life (even if after around 8/9pm not too much is going on, in most places 😅), vibrant and busy.
      Have a look at some sights I've seen, there'll come probably another posting about Dili, showing more places and perspectives. 😉

      Learn about Timor Leste:

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    • Day 59

      Wieder zurück nach Dili

      July 4, 2023 in East Timor ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

      Nun ist es soweit und es heißt heute Abschied nehmen von Atauro. Mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge packen wir unsere Sachen im Schlafsaal zusammen. Auf der einen Seite war es absolut wundervoll hier. Die Leute waren herzlich, das Essen war gut, die Tauchspots sind absolut einmalig hier und die Insel liegt so paradisisch und abgelegen wie im Verschollen in dem Tom Hanks sich seinen besten Freund Wilson aus einem kaputten Volleyball bastelt. Die andere Seite ist die, dass wir uns beide wieder auf anständige WCs und Duschen freuen und allgemeine eine zuverlässige Gewährleistung von Strom & Wasser sehr schätzen. Für uns beide war es hier auf Atauro eine erstmalige Erfahrung mit solchen Zuständen und das nächste Mal wenn einen so etwas erwartet ist es klar nicht optimal, aber man weiß besser mit der Situation umzugehen. So wie wir das jetzt auch gemacht haben. Einfach das Beste daraus machen 😊👍
      Beim Mittagessen gab es noch eine "böse" Überraschung. Direkt am Hafen sind ab und zu mehrere junge Frauen die hier Fleischspieße zubereiten und diese dann über einer Feuertonne braten. Super lecker und absolut einmaliges Erlebnis. Ich habe mir direkt vier Spieße bestellt und diese auch mit Heißhunger verzehrt. Das Fleisch in den Boxen da aus wie Hähnchen und schmeckte auch sonst. Allerdings ist mir beim Essen aufgefallen, dass das seltsame Knochen sind. Letztlich hat sich herausgestellt dass es Hundefleisch war. Alles in allem jetzt nicht super schlimm aber für uns Westeuropäer dennoch seltsam auch wenn es im asiatischen Raum sehr normal scheint.
      Gegen 15 Uhr mittags legte dann die Fähre zurück nach Dili ab und zwei Stunden später waren wir dann auch schon wieder in Dili. Vom Hafen aus ging es auf direktem Weg etwas Abendessen bevor wir dann wieder in das selbe Hotel wir schon auf dem Hinweg sind.
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    • Day 161–164

      Timor Leste: Dili - city impressions

      January 1 in East Timor ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Timor Leste is the first new sovereign state of the 21st century, after fighting for independence for nearly 25 years against a cruel Indonesian occupation and suffering from a Genocide. Depending which figures you want to believe, Timor Leste lost around 20-40% of it's whole population, during that time, between 1975 and 1999.
      Nowadays Timor Leste is a role-model, how peace building under UN-support can work out, as they're now living in peaceful and cooperative neighborhood with Indonesia.
      Nevertheless Timor Leste is still one of the poorest countries in the world, working hard on rebuilding a functional country and self sustainable economy. Due to a lack of industrialization and a weak economy, relying now on an oil field, which will be worn out in around 8 years, the future of this country is on the edge. (Scroll down, for further information about supporting this country!)
      Visiting this country and seeing, how this country is rebuilt and how this very unique successful peace building process did work out, was one of my main goals of my whole travel.
      This country is very special in so many ways, these people are simply unbelievable and the vibes in this society are awesome, sometimes surprising, in good and difficult ways, always solidly united and helping each other's, full of lust for life, but still struggling with their past, but dealing with their struggles in a unique way, I couldn't imagine before.

      In the area of Dili around 1/3rd of Timor Leste's inhabitants are living, so it clearly is the center of this country in any way. After New Year's Eve the city was like sleeping for 2 days, slowly woke up during the 3rd of January and went back to it's vibrant life on the 4th. It's a Christian catholic country, even if their religion has widely integrated ancient tribal beliefs and rituals.
      As I've been the last 4 months in Indonesia, some comparisons will come up, even if there only the south east Asian or even oceanican roots are common with Indonesia.
      I'll try to tell more about my impressions from this country and go a little bit deeper in my following postings, but for now please enjoy some impressions from my first days in Timor Leste's capital city.

      Learn about Timor Leste:

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    • Day 53

      Abflug nach Osttimor🇹🇱

      June 28, 2023 in East Timor ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

      Heute geht es los und wir fliegen nach Osttimor. Die noch sehr junge Republik nur knapp 1,5 h nördlich von Australien mitten im Timorinesischen Meer ist "bekannt" für seine noch unangetasteten und farbenfrohe Unterwasserwelt. Bekannt in Einführungsstrichen weil so gut wie niemand dieses Land bis Dato kennt und wir noch niemanden getroffen haben der dort war und irgendetwas berichten kann. Da Laura seit April ihren Tauchschein hat wollen wir diese Gelegenheit natürlich nutzen und uns das nicht entgehen lassen ein noch so unbekanntes Land kennen zu lernen und dabei noch ein paar Tauchgänge zu sammeln. Am Flughafen angekommen wurde Nikita auf dem Langzeitparkplatz geparkt und wir haben am Terminal unser Gepäck aufgegeben. Gegen 10 Uhr ging es dann los und sind los geflogen. Nach dem turbulenten Flug in der kleinen Maschine sind wir dann in Dili, der Hauptstadt Osttimors gelandet. In klassisch schlecht organisierter, planloser, asiatischer Manier konnten wir visumsfrei und kostenlos einreisen und sogar direkt unser Gepäck abholen. Mit dem Taxi ging es dann direkt weiter in die Innenstadt zu unserem Hotel in Hafennähe. Auf den Weg dorthin merkten wir direkt die großen Unterschiede zu Australien. Von einem so strukturierten Land in absolutes Chaos zurück. Überall wird Müll verbrannt, Roller überholen links und rechts, unser Taxi ohne Stoßdämpfer und das alles gemischt mit subtropischen 34 Grad und so hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit dass man im Taxi hätte Orchideen aufziehen können. Im Hotel angekommen mussten wir uns erstmal wieder an die neue Situation gewöhnen. Laura erinnerte das Ganze sehr an Indonesien. Vor Ort haben wir dann noch Wasser eingekauft und sind etwas Abendessen gegangen. Das Preisniveau ist sehr durchwachsen. Manche Dinge wie essen sind sehr günstig, teilweise sehr teuer Übernachtungspreise sind im allgemeinen eher teuer. Diese Preisschwankungen sind der offiziellen Währung, dem US-Dollar geschuldet.
      Abends sind wir mit neuen Eindrücken früh ins Bett, da es morgen wieder früh los geht und wir die Hauptstadt verlassen.
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