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  • Day4

    The Egyptian Museum

    May 11 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    We both woke super early this morning(see my earlier post!), so had a leisurely morning over breakfast and coffee. We then packed our gear, and the hotel stored it for us, then we hit the street. We negotiated a driver, Ibrahim, a toothless wonder, to take us to the Egyptian Museum. The new museum, being built across the road from our hotel, will unfortunately not be ready til next year (at least). It will, however, be worth it. Recommend anyone planning to visit Cairo wait for it to open! The building is massive!

    So, the drive was about 30 minutes, and asJill will attest,they are mad, but amazing drivers! We arrived to the Museum at 9.30 am,and Ibrahim went to find a spot to sleep, to come pick us up at 4 pm. All that for 150 EGP (about$12).

    The museum is amazing, but everything is jam packed in. There has not been much care of the artefacts, and most of the display labels are so old they’re barely readable. But, the artefacts themselves are mind blowing. There were two royal mummy rooms that we paid extra to see, but photography was not permitted. Ramses, Hatshepsut, all the Thutmoses and Akhenaten were there. Very surreal to see the bodies of these Pharoahs I studied in high school. It almost is sacreligious - I’m sure this is not what they planned their after-life to be. Other mummies still are stacked up on shelves, three and four high!

    Tutankhamen had his own room, with artefacts I studied at school, the gold throne, the gold mask. Unfortunately,I did not see the ‘no photography’ sign, and I was made to delete the great photo of the mask I got. Oh well! It is in my head, and was amazing.

    We wandered through the museum for about 5 hours. Too early for Ibrahim, we decided to walk to the Nile,and cross a couple of bridges. It was quite warm at this stage, so the walking was hard. We took our life in our hands, and crossed the road a few times. This is no mean feat - there are no traffic lights with pedestrian signals, and certainly no zebra crossings! Somehow it works, and we didn’t die. A great achievement, I think! There are no lanes, so there an be 6 cars across what is essentially a 2 lane street. In between that, pedestrians run across the road. It is chaos,with the beep beep of car horns, motor scooters with three people on ( the rider, his wife in her galabaya side saddle across the back, and at least one child sandwiched between, or perched in front of the rider. They weave in and out of the cars. , who miss them, and each other by centimetres.

    The afternoon was very hot, so we went to the Ritz- Carlton for drinks by the pool. It was bliss. We are both a bit jet-lagged today, after a very busy couple of days, so at 3.30, we Called Ibrahim to come get us.

    We got back to the hotel, collected our bags, and persuaded Ibrahim to drive us the one hour to the airport. He took us by way of Old Cairo, which was very interesting. We passed the tomb of Anwar Sadat, guarded by soldiers.

    So, now here we are, awaiting our flight to Aswan, ready for more adventures tomorrow!
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  • Day8


    December 31, 2016 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 59 °F

    At last we're back in Cairo after exploring the East and West Banks of the Nile River where we also rang in 2017! We saw a lot of amazing history dating back to one of the first civilizations on this planet and witnessed the magnificent temples, pyramids and tombs first hand. Unfortunately modern day Egypt didn't keep up with the progress made by the ancient people. Cairo now the capital of the country is actually pretty dirty and congested. There are many abandoned buildings, half built apartments that would have their ancient relatives rolling in their tombs, piles of trash on every street, and 9.1 million people struggling to make a decent living off of the hurting tourism industry.

    Looking past all that, while in Cairo we visited the Egyptian Museum which houses thousands and thousands of artifacts that gave us an even deeper looking into this civilization. We got to explore the mummy exhibit where we stood in front of many of Egypt's past Kings and Queens. Many still had their hair, teeth, and nails! It was a cool experience that left you feeling a bit chilly! In the museum we also visited the King Tut exhibit that holds many of the gold treasures found in his tomb. The most impressive was the solid gold face mask that covered the King which is the most iconic image of ancient Egypt. It is said that if tomb raiders hadn't robbed the tombs of many kings over the years, then Egypt would have been the wealthiest nation in the world today!

    Lastly, attached are a few pictures of various temples we visited along the way that we haven't posted about yet, at Edfu and Philae Temple. Overall, Egypt was a great experience and we're glad we could visit before there is even more uncertainty in this region of the world! We'd recommend it if you have an open mind about safety concerns and take a well known organized tour!
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  • Day3


    January 11 in Egypt ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    With a few hours between my 2 Urban Adventures tours today, I headed nearby to the Cairo Tower on Gezira for a panoramic view of the city. Our driver was kind enough to drop my nearby, saving me precious time. The view was good, but the newly increased admission felt a bit high, though some would argue it's comparable to other buildings around the world.

    Next, off to the neighborhood of Zamalek, location on the north end of the island. It's been described as an area for more affluent folks, and several embassies, including Nigeria are you. You'll know it's an embassy if it's a really cool building you want a photo of, but the guards to wave you off. It's true, it happened twice today...maybe if I were quicker on the draw.

    There's a few streets of interest and exploration, one block some pretty neat mosaics. I also read about a skin care line named after Nefetari, but I didn't end up finding the store as it was time to start heading back to meet for my second tour. Maybe I'll come across it later.
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  • Day5

    Giza Pyramids & Egyptian Museum

    January 13 in Egypt ⋅ 🌬 11 °C

    Off to the pyramids of Giza today! They're quite close to the city so it's a fairly short drive. There were a few busloads of tourists but nothing crazy. We got ample time to walk around and take our pyramid photos. The main one we're told is to pretend you're holding the top of the pyramid. At the Great Pyramid (Cheops). you can go inside for 360 LE, but there's nothing to see. For the experience of going in itself, we were advised better to save our money and pay 60LE at the second pyramid instead.

    The second pyramid belongs to the son of Cheops' son. According to tradition, he couldn't build a pyramid bigger than than his father's, so to compensate, he built his smaller pyramid on higher ground, so it you look at the pyramids in a line, it actually looks as tall as the first one. You can see the pyramids line up at a viewpoint, but it was quite dusty out, so it's a bit hard to see.

    After the pyramids, it was off to see the Sphinx on the side of the complex. The guardian of the burial area, it was really cool to see this man head on the body of a lion. There's a sound and light show in the evenings as well, and is supposed to be the best in the country.

    We had some free time in the afternoon, and most of us went to the Egyptian Museum. It is being relocated once the new building is built, but we still got to wander through a lot of exhibits of sarcophaguses, burial masks, perfume bottles, mummies and more.

    Tonight, it was off the train station for an overnight train to Aswan. There's something rustic about travelling by trains in this part of the world, giving us a feeling that we were travelling as folks did decades ago when they visited this exotic land.
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  • Day1

    Not even four hours!

    November 24, 2018 in Egypt ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Wenn's um Tauchurlaub geht, führt kein Weg an Ägypten vorbei - und wenn's um erstklassiges Hausrifftauchen in dem nordafrikanischen Land geht, ist das 5 Sterne "Mövenpick Resort El Quseir", gelegen an der "El Quadim Bucht" ( dazu mehr in den nächsten Tagen ), einer der Top Adressen des Wüstenstaates. Im Dezember 2015 verbrachte ich mit Susi hier wunderschöne Tage - nach drei Jahren wollen wir ab heute, für zwei Wochen nahtlos daran anknüpfen.

    Nach einem ruhigen, knapp vierstündigen Flug mit Start in Nürnberg, landet die vollbesetzte Boeing 737 mit noch erträglicher Verspätung, gegen 13.00 Uhr Ortszeit in Hurghada. Weitere drei Stunden später, gerade noch rechtzeitig zur "Chocolate Hour", ist die Location für den gemeinsamen Winterurlaub 2018 erreicht.

    Der Anreisestress ist schnell vergessen, als wir einen tollen Bungalow mit Meerblick beziehen. Frau Stoof, die trotz Grippe die Anreise mit Bravour gemeistert hat, freut sich riesig über unser "Zuhause" für die nächsten vierzehn Tage - "Happy wife, Happy life"! Ein Highlight steht uns heute allerdings noch bevor - bald ist Zeit für's Dinner und.....die Kulinarik ist hier wirklich outstanding!
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  • Day3

    Unexpected early flight to Luxor!

    January 10 in Egypt ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Große Überraschung bei uns, als wir gestern Abend von unserem Reiseleiter erfuhren, daß wir heute schon um 4.45 Uhr vom Hotel abgeholt werden. Ursprünglich war der kurze Flug von Hurghada nach Luxor auf 18.00 Uhr angesetzt - stattdessen hebt die schnittige Bombardier kurz nach 7.00 Uhr ab, um bereits fünfundzwanzig Minuten später am Nil zu landen. Eine Stunde danach betreten wir unser Schiff - die "MS Royal La Terrasse". Der erste Eindruck ist allerdings eher bürgerlich - das haben Nil-Kreuzfahrtschiffe ( bis auf ganz wenige Ausnahmen ) aber so an sich!

    Nach größeren Anfangsschwierigkeiten ( das hatte ich so auf Reisen noch nie erlebt ) und komplizierten Gesprächen mit dem Reiseleiter an Bord, konnten wir endlich um 11.00 Uhr unsere Kabine beziehen.

    In Kürze ging es einfach darum, daß ich anfangs sehr höflich bei Mohammed angefragt habe, welche Kabine auf welcher Etage uns zugeteilt wurde - auf Nil-Kreuzfahrtschiffen werden Kabinen nämlich zugeteilt!

    Wichtig zu wissen ist, das von den drei Etagen, die unterste am schlechtesten ist. Zudem steigt der Geräuschpegel in den Kabinen stetig an, je näher diese in Richtung Heck liegen - dort befindet sich der Maschinenraum! Auf den Punkt gebracht....., die besten Unterkünfte auf dem Schiff liegen auf Etage 4 vorne - die schlechtesten sind auf Etage 2 hinten ( auf Etage 1 befindet sich das Restaurant ). Die freche Antwort des Reiseleiters auf meine Frage, ich sollte mich gefälligst gedulden bis er mir die Kabinennummer mitteilt und.....überhaupt werden Selbige eh zugeteilt und fertig damit, habe ich noch sozialverträglich ( für meine Verhältnisse ) aufgenommen - für uns war doch tatsächlich ( Allah'a büyük ) die Unterbringung mittig der obersten Etage vorgesehen. Doch zu früh gefreut - beim Check in wurde mir vom Reiseleiter mitgeteilt, daß er da wohl etwas "versemmelt" hätte - unsere Kabine 403 wurde bereits vergeben und stattdessen sollten wir in 202 einziehen, so ziemlich die übelste Räumlichkeit an Bord! Es ist sicherlich nachvollziehbar, daß sich da meine Begeisterung in Grenzen hielt - vorsichtig ausgedrückt! Es wurde so lange probiert mir diesen Mist für Gold zu verkaufen, bis ich unmißverständlich zum Ausdruck brachte, daß ich gegenüber solchen Geschichten komplett immun bin, definitiv auf die Kabine im Oberdeck bestehe und er doch einfach diesen Blödsinn den Passagieren erzählen soll, die sich bereits in 403 tummeln.

    Hat er dann auch getan - dreißig Minuten später ist nach viel Tamtam großer Umzug von 403 nach 202 und von der Rezeption nach 403.....mea culpa!
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  • Day9

    Tag auf see

    August 20, 2017 in Egypt ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    Gestern sind wir also mit dem boot rausgefahren om bei 3 verschiedenen koralriffen zu schnorcheln und unterwegs delphine zu sehen. Wir hatten viel glueck und haben 2 gruppen gesehen. Kay hat sich an bord prima amusiert mit seinem neuen freund aladin. ( der heisst wirklich so🤣) . Da ich vorgestern einen stachel vom seeigel in die zege bekommen habe konnte ich meine schwimmflossen nicht an und war das schnorcheln im meer sehr ermuedent. Morgen gehts zum neuen hafen und bummeln...Read more

  • Day12

    Zum hafen und shoppen

    August 23, 2017 in Egypt ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Gestern haben wir uns zum neuen hafen fahren lassen. Danach wollten wir uns noch die moschkee ansehen die wir vom boot aus gesehen hatten. Leider war die nur fuer maenner. Dann noch ein bisschen shoppen und ueber die dreckigen stinkenden strassen zurueck zum taxi. Selbst fahren waehre hier keine option gewesen da das hier ganz furchtbar ist. Keine ampeln keine regeln und grosse ego's😉 Kay neues fussbal outfit und happy😀👍Read more

  • Day5

    Snorcheln und geburtstagsessen

    August 16, 2017 in Egypt ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    Gestern und heute nur geschnorchelt. Kay hat den dreh gut raus. Leider festgestellt das die sim karte von der go pro noch zuhause im computer steckt. Also da erst mal ne neue kaufen. Heute. Auch nemo gesehen👍👌 gestern abend lybisch essen gewesen noch zu meinem geburstag 😀

  • Day7

    Tag im hotel

    August 18, 2017 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Das hotel ist sehr gross und man braucht sich hier eigentlich nicht zu langweilen. Gestern am pool gesessen und abends show von einer sandmalerin und feuertaenzern. Kay fans es toll. Morgen gehts den ganzen tag aufs boot. Dan wird wieder gesnorchelt und wir hoffen natuerlich unterwegs delfinen zu begegnen.😎👍Read more

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