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  • Day8


    December 31, 2016 in Egypt

    At last we're back in Cairo after exploring the East and West Banks of the Nile River where we also rang in 2017! We saw a lot of amazing history dating back to one of the first civilizations on this planet and witnessed the magnificent temples, pyramids and tombs first hand. Unfortunately modern day Egypt didn't keep up with the progress made by the ancient people. Cairo now the capital of the country is actually pretty dirty and congested. There are many abandoned buildings, half built apartments that would have their ancient relatives rolling in their tombs, piles of trash on every street, and 9.1 million people struggling to make a decent living off of the hurting tourism industry.

    Looking past all that, while in Cairo we visited the Egyptian Museum which houses thousands and thousands of artifacts that gave us an even deeper looking into this civilization. We got to explore the mummy exhibit where we stood in front of many of Egypt's past Kings and Queens. Many still had their hair, teeth, and nails! It was a cool experience that left you feeling a bit chilly! In the museum we also visited the King Tut exhibit that holds many of the gold treasures found in his tomb. The most impressive was the solid gold face mask that covered the King which is the most iconic image of ancient Egypt. It is said that if tomb raiders hadn't robbed the tombs of many kings over the years, then Egypt would have been the wealthiest nation in the world today!

    Lastly, attached are a few pictures of various temples we visited along the way that we haven't posted about yet, at Edfu and Philae Temple. Overall, Egypt was a great experience and we're glad we could visit before there is even more uncertainty in this region of the world! We'd recommend it if you have an open mind about safety concerns and take a well known organized tour!
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  • Day35

    Egyptian Museum

    June 13, 2015 in Egypt

    First thing is first, the Egyptian Museum! We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but I took a few from outside. The museum was built in 1920. In the museum there is 120 thousand pieces displayed and a total of 2 million. Egypt have two flowers the lotus, which represents lower Egypt (northern), and the papyrus flower for upper Egypt (southern). There is only one replica in the whole museum.
    Inside the museum we got to see mummies, it was crazy to think how old they were and hiw the Egyptians preserved the bodies.
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  • Day35

    Overnight Train

    June 13, 2015 in Egypt

    Well this is going to be an experience, we are taking the overnight train to Aswan! We have been put in rooms of two and I am sharing with AJ. I guess I have figured out how to sleep on planes, buses and ferries so I should be able to sleep on a train.. right?

  • Day10


    October 16, 2017 in Egypt

    We awoke to another glorious morning in Cairo, with the honking of car horns our new 'normal'. We were on the bus at 8am & headed to one of the seven wonders of the world - the Pyramids of Giza! It didn't take long before we spotted them in all their glory, sitting right alongside the city fringe - you could have Pizza from a Pizza Hutt that was less than 100m from the Sphynx!
    We were in complete awe at the magnitude & splendor of them - they were breathtaking! The biggest one, known as the Great Pyramid or Cheops, was the burial site for Khufu who ruled during the Fourth Dynasty in the first half of the Old Kingdom period (26th century BC) - we even got to trek inside & visit his burial chamber located about two thirds of the way up! It took about 15 minutes to walk up via steep passages, some of which were incredibly expansive, & low, close tunnels; completely worth the $12AUD each for the privilage, albeit slightly terrifying & almost overwhelming knowing you were inside one of the most ancient & mystical structures on the planet!
    Next, we drove around to the 'Sahara Desert side' of the pyramids, this is where we got the perfect picture opportunities, with all 3 of the major structures visible. It is from this location that we also began our iconic camel ride - a highlight of the trip so far! We were speechless & the view from the Sahara Desert, looking at those ancient marvels & the glistening city beyond, was a memory that will be etched in our memories until the end of our days.
    After our ride we boarded our bus & headed back towards the 'city side' of the pyramids where we viewed the mighty Sphynx statue before heading back to the hotel for a restful afternoon; many in the group were coming down with the lurgy and this time allowed us to pack & prepare for the 3.30am wake up tomorrow morning for our flight to Jordan.
    After a quick tidy up at the hotel, we ventured out for a walk in the crowded, dusty streets before coming back & preparing for our trip to view a laser light show at the Pyramids, before a formal dinner at the famous Mena House Hotel; another historic site in WWI history, as it was here that our ANZACs were based before moving through to Israel (then Palestine).
    Another fantastic day done & dusted; we are ready for Jordan tomorrow!
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  • Day9


    October 15, 2017 in Egypt

    After an early wake up call, we were on the bus at 3am heading to Ankara International airport, for the next destination in our journey - Cairo, Egypt!
    The flight was a little under 2.5 hours & we arrived to a beautiful morning. First impressions - Wow! - Istanbul was exotic but Cairo is ancient! There are 20 million people living in Cairo & it is a thriving, throng of humanity & culture. Only one word accurately describes the traffic in this city - crazy! You indicate with your horn & there are no real line markings on the road, so it is every man for himself! Roads that might comfortably hold 3 lanes of traffic in Australia, hold at least 5 here!
    As our hotel was not ready until midday, our buses carefully navigated the traffic to the famed Egyptian Museum of Antiquities - wow, wow, wow! This museum is so full of antiques & ancient artifacts that it cannot hold them all! A new museum is currently under construction, directly opposite this important treasure, & is scheduled to open in 2018 - we will have to come back for another visit then. The current museum is breathtaking, although cramped with pieces in boxes stacked haphazardly everywhere. With new artifacts being found on a daily basis, this facility is bursting at the seams & our guide (a local Coptic Christian & Archaeologist), informed us that there are multiple warehouses around the city, stacked high with pieces that have never before been seen! 🤤
    The history held within the museum's walls dates back to at least 2500 years BC! Tutankhamun's artifacts are all stored & displayed here. It was absolutely mind blowing! There is a definite sense that being surrounded by these ancient artifacts is just 'normal' for the local Egyptians.
    We stopped for lunch at a boat docked on the Nile River, before heading to our hotel (Barceló Hotel) for an easy afternoon. The Nile River is surprisingly filthy (that's the last time I'll be purchasing Nile Perch) & boy does it flow; like really fast!
    At 6pm we were on the bus again & heading to our boat cruise dinner on the Nile where we were entertained by a Belly Dancer & a Twirling Dervish, the latter of which was absolutely mesmerising. How he spun for at least 10 minutes without getting dizzy was beyond me 😁.
    We were asleep within 5 minutes of our head touching the pillow, just after 10pm.
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  • Day35

    Day 34: Back to Cairo

    April 8, 2011 in Egypt

    Another long day of travelling today. We packed up our 4WDs and set off from the deserts north-east towards Cairo. Finally arrived mid-afternoon to find that downtown around Tahrir Square was jam-packed with an enormous protest. We had been travelling around not long after the first phase of the revolution had ended (President Mubarak had stepped down and fled the country, but the political turmoil and rise of extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood was yet to come).

    Since it was a Friday and regular Friday prayers had finished for the day, the people flooded onto the streets to air their grievances and utilise their new freedom of speech. We drove nearby and had a look, but decided not to join in! I contended myself with flying an Egyptian flag out of the window as we drove towards the hotel, which Mohamed assured me would be completely fine.

    As an aside, everywhere we went in Egypt was generally free of tourists. Due to the revolution most people had cancelled their tours, and this trip was actually the first one Intrepid had run since it had kicked off in January. But we never once felt threatened or unsafe - people's grievances were with the government, not with foreigners, and we were generally left alone. Though I remember one conversation with a tearful lady who showed me photos of her sons who had both been killed by government forces in the uprising. She pleaded with me to go home and tell my friends and family that Egypt was a safe place, and that everyone was welcome. Tourism is the majority of the Egyptian economy, and without the tourist dollar a lot of people go hungry.

    We didn't venture out far in the evening, only having dinner at a nearby felafel roll place, given that the protests and demonstrations in the Square were only 700-800 metres away (in the map above, follow Ramses Street southwest to the Museum and that's where the square is; the X marks our hotel). As it was our last night together, we all went to a nearby tea & shisha place where we drank tea, smoked shisha and played backgammon for a while. The group was pretty great and had no real conflicts thankfully!

    A bit of noise around midnight and the riot police moved in and dispersed the crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets. Also saw a pair of Apache attack helicopters buzzing around, noses pointed low and ready to go which was a bit of a thrill!
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  • Day23

    Day 22: Pyramids & Egyptian Museum

    March 27, 2011 in Egypt

    Met the rest of the group over breakfast. There's 10 of us - two couples from Melbourne (Tim & Cara, Matt & Clare), a couple from Brisbane (Shane & Jodie), a single mum from Adelaide (Cheryl) and a pair of Canadian girls from Toronto (Jess & Jenn). Everyone is young and friendly and seem pretty chilled out which bodes well.

    First stop for the day was the Pyramids which literally just stick out of the city. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said about them. They're huge, impressive, so iconic it's hard to believe they're really there, and surrounded by friendly people doing their utmost to rip you off. Being brought up with British manners, it's hard to not reply when someone calls out "hello my friend, where are you from?", but they only want to part you with your money. One kid even rode his camel into a photo and then demanded a tip for being in the photo!

    We wandered around for a couple of hours and went inside the Great Pyramid to the burial chamber which was incredible. Visited the boat museum (they found an enormous wooden boat buried next to the great pyramid in the 1950s) and the panoramic vantage point where we took some silly group shots.

    After that we went down the hill to the Sphinx which is beautiful but smaller than I expected. And again surrounded by street vendors and touts. Had lunch at a nearby local joint where we ate koshari - Egypt's national dish of noodles, rice, chickpeas and other stuff mixed in. Very delicious, but carb overload!

    In the afternoon we visited the Egyptian Museum. The collection is mammoth and way more than we could see in an afternoon. I wandered around with the Canadian girls, marvelling at the statues, sarcophagi and so on. And of course the entire wing dedicated to King Tut's burial chambers. Sadly we missed the Rosetta Stone!

    Back to the hotel where I killed time for an hour or so before a group meeting ahead of our overnight train to Aswan. We got upgraded to sleeper cabins which is awesome, though I had to share with Cheryl the single mum, but that was no big deal. Much better than sitting up in a seat for 14 hours!
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  • Day2

    Ägyptisches Museum

    February 25 in Egypt

    Heute haben wir einen freien Tag in Kairo, bevor es morgen weiter geht in Richtung Assuan. Und was macht man an seinem freien Tag? Richtig, man nimmt sich ein Taxi zum Ägyptischen Museum 😎

    Da gestern Abend schon klar war, dass die derzeitige gesundheitliche Verfassung den ursprünglichen Plan "Museum bis zum Exzess" nicht zulässt, tun wir uns heute morgen die Ruhe an, schlafen gemütlich aus, gehen in aller Ruhe frühstücken, und erreichen am späten Vormittag das Museum. Hat den Vorteil, dass der erste Schwung Reisegruppen schon durch ist.Read more

  • Day2


    February 25 in Egypt

    Das ägyptische Museum in Kairo gehört sicherlich zu den großartigsten Schätzen dieser Erde, ist aber sicherlich auch eins der chaotischsten Sammlungen, die wir je gesehen haben. Natürlich haben wir uns im Vorfeld damit beschäftigt und uns genau überlegt, was wir mit begrenzten Möglichkeiten doch noch gut machen können.
    Also gehen wir direkt in die erste Etage und besuchen zuallererst die Pharaonenmumien, von Ramses II., Hatschepsut, Sethos I. und Co. Da es sich hierbei um ein Grab handelt, ist Fotografierverbot (für den Rest des Museums haben wir uns natürlich die Fotoerlaubnis gekauft). Und die Mumiensammlung hier erscheint uns zumindest um einiges würdevoller als seinerzeit die Mumie von Tutanchamun in seinem Grab im Tal der Könige.

    Nach den Mumien widmen wir uns den unglaublichen Grabschätzen des Tutanchamuns. Und stehen staunend vor den Dingen, die man schon unzählige Male auf Fotos gesehen hat, diesmal im Original.
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  • Day14

    Nach einem letzten schnellen Frühstück mit Pyramidenblick müssen wir unser schönes Hotel verlassen. Um 6:45 Uhr startet unser Transfer zum Flughafen, um 10 Uhr geht unser Flug zurück nach Münschen. Wir hatten ja gedacht, es sei eine gute Idee am Freitag nach Hause zu fliegen, werden aber eines besseren belehrt.Die Fahrt zum Flughafen ist tatsächlich kürzer, unser Fahrer fährt sogar noch quer durch die Stadt, und wir können auf die Art im Vorbeifahren wenigstens noch einen Blick auf Zitadelle, Alabastermoschee, Altstadt und die berühmte Nekropole Kairos werfen. Trotzdem sind wir innerhalb von einer halben Stunde am Flughafen, um viertel nach 7 also, massig Zeit...
    Die Sicherheitskontrolle am Flughafeneingang dauert, ist aber diesmal problemlos (der Problemkugelschreiber vom letzten Mal befindet sich mittlerweile im Koffer). Bis kurz nach 8 brauchen wir allerdings zum Check-in... Es ist Freitag, halb Kairo scheint unterwegs zu sein, und Egyptair hat nur 2 der 4 möglichen Schalter für Flüge nach Deutschland geöffnet...
    Die nächste Dreiviertelstunde geht für die Ausreise drauf, kurz vorm geplanten Boarding um 9 Uhr erreichen wir total gestresst unser Gate, und das, obwohl wir ja eigentlich massig Zeit hatten. Gottseidank boardet Egyptair ja grundsätzlich nicht pünktlich. Kurz vorm Gate findet sich dann auch noch eine Toilette und eine Raucherecke, so dass wir die finale Sicherheitskontrolle unmittelbar vorm Boarding dann wieder mit Gleichmut ertragen können. Mit einem Feuerzeug weniger in der Handtasche (der Hase rückt ja nur raus was er muss, und hat immer mindestens 2) gehen wir dann endlich an Bord...
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