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    • Day27

      What a Difference Sunshine Makes

      September 16, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      All those who took part in our 2015 ride from Orleans to Le Croisic will never forget the first day on the bikes as we rode out of Orleans. It has been indelibly etched on our memories as one of the coldest, wettest and darkest days we have ever spent on our bikes.

      On that occasion the rain fell continuously from the moment we left the Oceania Hotel in Orleans, the temperature never left single digits and the punctures came in regular bursts (pardon the pun). It was a indeed a bleak day.

      Forur years later to the day, the conditions could not have been more different. The sunshine was unbroken for the entire day (actually it has been unbroken for the entire time we have been in France). The temperature hovered in the mid twenties and as for punctures ? We don't know what punctures are any more - these bikes are unbreakable. All of these factors made for a very enjoyable (and relatively short) ride.

      Our first challenge was to get out of Orleans. I had made the foolish decision to allow the women some shopping time before we got on the bikes. Since most of the shops had been shut yesterday, they were showing definite signs of shopping deprivation. I gave them definite instructions that they would need to be back to start the ride by 10 am. That must have gone straight over their heads as they started to slowly (but happily) drift (or is it doidle ?) back with their bulging bags of treasures.

      As least the women were happy, but their husbands almost certainly won't be when they get the credit card statements. Sometime around 10.30 we were finally ready to leave the city. Maggie had said that she knew a good way to reach the bike path, so I handed her control of the peloton. To my surprise, her route actually worked and we were soon all safely back on the Loire a Velo bike path.

      As we made our way along the bike path it felt good to be back on somewhat familiar territory. I had ridden this part twice before - in 2013 and 2015. It felt even better to be able to enjoy it in perfect conditions. The kilometres quickly slipped by. The riders happily chatted together as they rode along. After our rest day in Orleans it actually felt good to be back on the bikes and resuming our ride along the Loire.

      I guess the only somewhat sad note to the ride is the low level of the water in the river. It is painfully obvious that the lack of rain has severely reduced the flow of water and the usually majestic Loire River is only a much reduced version of its normal self.

      Since we had a short ride, our plan had been to stop in Meung Sur Loire for morning tea and then continue to Beaugency for a late lunch. The only problem was then we arrived in Meung, most of the shops were closed for Monday. (Yes Monday is a bit like a second Sunday here). We searched for coffee in vain. Just as we were about to give up, we were spied by an elderly lady who asked in very broken English what we were looking for. Apparently she had not spoken English since she had been in school, but she did reasonably well.

      When she realised that we were looking for coffee, she explained that she knew a place. We were instructed to follow her. So off we went.

      "It's about 100 metres", she explained. (That was a lie). We went up and down hills, through narrow alleyways, around roundabouts, etc, etc. We looked at each other, wondering just where she was taking us, I just hoped that she wasn't the famous poisoning Frenchwoman who was leading us all back to her house.

      "You will have to forgive me, I am very old" , she explained. I thought that she must be at least 90 or so to be making such slow progress, but she went on to add "Yes I am 71 years old ". Crikey at that rate she would have been one of the youngest in the Ghostriders. We shuffled on and on. I was just glad that Maggie and I had both updated our wills before this trip started.

      Just when we were all about to give up, she finally led us around a blind corner and VOILA, there was a cafe. Although we were told that they had no milk at first, all came good in the end and we were able to enjoy our cappucinos after all. Crisis averted and another wonderful insight into the French psyche. It will be recorded in our memories as one of the highlights of the ride.

      Our home for this evening is the L'Ecu de Bretagne" Hotel. It is the same place I had stayed in twice previously, although it was the first time I had the doubtful privelege of having a room on the top floor. With no lifts in the place, scoring a top floor room is like being allocated a poison chalice. After dragging our suitcases up the narrow winding staircase I felt like the mythical Sisyphus who was condemned to spend all eternity rolling a massive stone to the top of a huge hill, only to see it roll down to the bottom again every night.

      In the evening we all shared what will surely become the most memorable dinner of the trip. The restaurant had set up a huge outdoor table for us in the central part of the town. We watched the sky change colour from blue to pink to purple as we ate and chatted together. The food was amazing, buit it was the location that was pure magic.
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    • Day3

      Quer durch Frankreich/Teil 2

      September 9 in France ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Meung-sur-Loire hat uns diesmal nass begrüßt und nass verabschiedet. So haben wir keinen Radtour-Tag an der Loire eingeschoben, wie wir das sonst so gerne hier machen. Nach einer ruhigen Nacht und einem guten Frühstück brechen wir auf und starten unseren Seppl für die letzte wirklich lange Strecke, um an den Atlantik zu kommen. Dort wird dann mal einige Tage Pause gemacht, bevor wir den Atlantik entlang nach Galizien und Portugal zuckeln wollen.
      Ab in den Südwesten! 😎🌊😎
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      Wohnmobil Rund Reisen

      Hallo, wir starten in 2 Wochen Richtung Loire. Noch immer sind wir nicht sicher.. Räder ja oder nein 😂😊Wir sind ja die Rastlosen..heute hier morgen da…aber immer einen Parkplatz suchen in den Städten 🙈😳. Könnt ihr dazu einen Tipp geben?


      Wir haben unsere Räder immer mit dabei. Besonders an der Loire gibt’s wunderschöne Radwege, sind wir vor einigen Jahren gefahren. Aber da wir auch in den Bergen und zwischen den Dünen mit unseren MTB herumdüsen sind wir etwas 🚲 fixiert. ☺️ Euch eine schöne Zeit!

      Wohnmobil Rund Reisen

      Danke euch und gute Fahrt

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    • Day37


      July 18 in France ⋅ ☀️ 38 °C

      Lundi, 18 juillet 2022
      Nous partons de bonne heure pour échapper aux grandes chaleurs. Nous arrivons peu après midi à notre lieu d'étape, Lailly-en-Val, tout près des bords de la Loire. Nous sommes stationnés au lac communal, un endroit très idyllique. Nous dînons sous les arbres, pendant que la climatisation est mise en marche dans le cc. 37° dehors, cela fait que nous profitons du frais de l'intérieur du cc pour nos jeux. Nous partons vers 19h à la découverte du village et trouvons une auberge “vielle France" qui veut bien nous faire un souper. La surprise était de taille: c'est une famille vietnamienne qui tient cet hôtel et le repas est donc exotic. Des nem's et des crevettes tempura,  du boeuf aux oignons et du porc caramel avec du riz cantonnais et des desserts. Juste top!Read more

    • Day14

      Abendliche Fahrt nach Paris

      August 14, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

      Nun geht es nach Paris wo Moritz sein Geburtstagsgeschenk einlösen wird :-) Er freut sich sehr und hört seit heute Nachmittag ganz artig Hörbücher. Ein Hoch auf Bluetooth Kopfhörer :-)

      4 spurige Autobahn, nix los ...Read more

    • Day15


      June 3, 2019 in France ⋅ 21 °C

      Dan gaat Mario de tent opzetten om te drogen en ga ik het stadje in voor boodschappen. In het stadje zijn de meeste winkels, inclusief het supermarktje, op maandag dicht. Dan maar naar de grote supermarkt. Google goochelt een beetje met hoe ik rijden moet. Zo komen er toch weer 10 extra km's op mijn teller te staan. Tent weer helemaal droog in kunnen pakken.Read more

    • Day2

      Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm

      July 8, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Kurze Kaffepause und schon wird es interessant.
      Ein älterer Herr , der Herr Eisenhauer, angeblich ein Abkömmling des damaligen Amererikanischen Präsidenten. Interessantes Gespräch über sich selbst und was alles stimmen muss, das man glücklich ist. Über 80zig der Herr, der wird es wohl wissen😁Read more

    • Day2

      1e dag - camping du val de flux

      July 19, 2016 in France ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      We waren voor 9 uur vertrokken uit Alphen om ons best te doen vandaag onder Parijs te komen. Met 2 files in België, de grenscontrole bij Frankrijk, navigatie wijs gemaakt niet door Parijs te rijden toch aangekomen bij een onderweg camping.

      Toen we onder Parijs waren hebben we wel onze hulplijn moeten gebruiken om een camping te vinden want we konden niets vinden in ons camping boek. Helaas heeft onze hulplijn ons gestuurd maar een volle camping. Maar de camping verwees ons door naar een andere iets verder op.

      Aangekomen tent opgezet, extra water gekocht want die was bijna op en lekker knakworstjes gegeten met onze laatste broodjes van thuis. Toen het donkerder werd kwamen we helaas achter dat er erg veel muggen op de camping zijn. Dus overal anti muggen spray vandaan gehaald.

      Morgen laatste stukje nog kleine 300 km te gaan.
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    • Day30

      Blois to Beaugency. 39 km.

      October 4, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

      Some of the most beautiful scenery this morning with a good stint right beside La Loire. Headwind today...what's with that?!? Good thing the sun's shining 🌞.

      We didn't push it today (have we ever 😄?). Easy riding (but for the wind)...nice and flat (we like that), combo sun and cloud (pretty good), no rain (yippee!). Ride along the dyke, thru little towns, farmland (always), by nuclear power plant (say what?!!?... didn't see that in the guide books...).

      Usual pique-nique lunch beside La Loire...not tired of this routine yet 😊.

      Got to Beaugency and it worked like the dream. Ride into town, see a small hotel sign on the way to centre ville, walk up the stone steps beside the flower pots and yes...they have "une chambre pour deux personnes ce soir". And great bike storage to boot. Sometimes it all comes together.

      One of the nicest little towns. True they all have similar attractions...narrow cobbled streets, old ruins, winding staircases, outdoor bar/cafes, clock tower, bridges, church or abbey, and in this region...a chateau. We like the scale of's probably a lot busier in the summer but it doesn't seem too touristy. Church bells are playing a tune as I write this. And we happened on an organ practice in the abbey...very nice. Canals in the street...smaller than the Netherlands but charming. We think this is our favourite town.
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    • Day3

      Spanien noch nicht gefunden

      July 9, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Spanien noch nicht gefunden 10 mal gewendet und Karte gedreht, verrückt.....wird nicht besser
      Campingplatz Nr. 1 geschlossen, Nr.2 nur ein bisschen zu spät, schlafen davor, duschen Toiletten frei, puh......Read more

    • Day7

      On the Bikes at Last

      September 7, 2013 in France ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      After two years of planning our French Revolutions Cycling Adventure is now really underway. Last night we all went out to the Restaurant L'Ardoise in Orleans and were treated to the most incredible French cuisine we have ever tasted.
      Those who had thought that we were in for three weeks of baguettes and cold meat are surely in need of a rethink. I could not believe the effort that the chef had put into each course, the food was as much a work of art as it was delicious. It certainly set the standard for the rest of the trip.

      This morning we all donned our cycling gear and lined up alongside the Loire River for the obligatory group photo. It certainly got the attention of those passing by and several cars tooted and waved to us. We all set out in high spirits along the wonderful new sealed bike path alongside the Loire. Soon we crossed to the left bank and meandered happily through delightful rural countrysides for quite a few km. The roads were flat, smooth and deserted - an amazing introduction to French cycling. With our 18 riders in matching yellow Ghostrider jerseys we joked that it looked like the Tour de France (except in slow motion).

      After the pace of the previous few days, it was wonderful to just let the bikes roll along at a leisurely pace while we savoured the scenery. It did not take long for everyone to break out into huge smiles. The weather had started cool but soon the sun broke through and raised the temperature to a very pleasant 21C. Today's ride was a modest one and we reached our destination of Beaugency soon after 1 pm.

      With its quaint narrow streets, its huge 1000-year-old church and Roman ruins, this town is stunningly beautiful. Our accommodation for the night is at the L'Ecu de Bretagne, a working ancient building that is also a hotel. These are the very sort of places that make this type of travel so unforgettable. Forget the "all of Europe in 16 days" type of trips where all you see is a blur of tourist traps and plastic hotels, this is the ONLY way to experience the essence of the real Europe at first hand. Those of our group who have never been to Europe before have already fallen head over heels in love with the place.

      If the rest of the ride is like today, we will have experienced a taste of heaven on earth. Tomorrow's ride will take us on to the town of Blois.
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