Paris 07 Ancien - Quartier Mont-de-Piété

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  • Day436

    Day 437: Exploring Paris (again!)

    April 27, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Although we've both been here a couple of times before, we wanted to have another look around Paris at various things. So off we went!

    First stop was the Marais, a trendy district near the Seine that covers part of the 3rd and 4th arrondisements. Traditionally an aristocratic neighbourhood, these days it's mostly full of hipsters, the gay community, and the Jewish community as well.

    We had a wander around looking at very expensive shops, cool street art, and other various things. Usually the only thing we could afford in shops was food, so we picked out various things to eat - macarons here, tarts there. Had a fantastic early lunch at a falafel place that's reckoned to be one of the best in Paris.

    Also went into a pet store and marvelled at the enormous range of dog bags on sale. Very nearly bought a shoulder sling type bag for Schnitzel, but in the end decided 40 euros was a bit much, and we weren't sure if it would be good for his back.

    More walking brought us eventually past the Hotel de Ville and to the Seine, where we stopped in a little cafe and had a drink watching the tourist boats go past. Crossed over and arrived at Notre-Dame, where we decided to head in since the line was surprisingly short and we've been in so many French Gothic cathedrals lately. We took turns holding Schnitzel, obviously.

    Nice inside, and was interesting to see the various differences between this one and the others like Chartres, Bourges, and the rest. Insufferable crowds inside as usual though, and it makes me smile to think of how empty all the other ones are.

    A little more walking and we arrived at our last stop, the Luxembourg Gardens. This is unusual in Paris as it's somewhere that dogs are actually allowed inside! Most parks in Paris don't allow dogs which is quite annoying, though every other patch of grass in the city is covered in dog turds so it's not altogether surprising.

    We sat around in the bright sunshine for an hour or so, just soaking up the rays and the atmosphere. It was a sunny Friday during school holidays, so lots of people were around.

    Eventually we headed for home - a 45 minute trek across the city involving multiple metro trains! But we made it, and stayed in for dinner.
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  • Day21

    Paris - Day 21

    May 11, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Another late start after a late night dinner and drinks. It's our last full day in Paris and we have already wasted half of it. We head off for a last trek around the city, and I have promised myself we must see at least one museum. After some last minute shopping and some gift buying from the street side vendors I drag the girls into the Musée d'Orsay. This is a museum filled with the great Renaissance artists such as Monet, Renoir and Degas. On entering we discover that this exhibition is huge, and Georgia is none too impressed. I leave her and Jane to their own devices and try to see what I can in the hour I have allocated. It is remarkably well laid out and subtly lit to highlight these magnificent works. The layout runs in a time line from the different periods such as impressionism and symbolism, and I am glad I have made the effort to improve my limited knowledge on these incredibly innovative artists of the time. After we catch up there is one last 30 minute trudge back home and Georgia is momentarily appeased by huge Iced Yoghurt covered in all manner of sweets, fruit and chocolate sauce. I have been without access to the camera all day so I have cheated on the shots! Au revoir Paris vous avez été magnifique!Read more

  • Day18

    Paris - Day 18

    May 8, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Not feeling 100%, but after a bit of a sleep in, I join the Mademoiselles for breakfast. Some Parisian Pastries kindly bought by Sarah hit the spot, and we head off on foot to the Notre Dame. On the way we pass an interesting Patisserie, selling bread in the shape of male genitalia! It gets a good laugh, but no-one is buying so we continue on along the river, and past the many vendors selling books paintings, and trinkets. A photo shoot at the Notre Dame Cathedral, is enough, and we wander further to the Shakespearian Bookstore, which has an amazing selection! Georgia finally finds a fidget spinner, and we contact my bro David to catch up for Coffee! After a walk to the Louvre which he and Jenny have just visited we have a drink and part ways. Georgia and I head back to the apartment whilst Jane and Sarah continue shopping. On return I open the windows to the traffic below, slip on some Miles Davis and get stuck into my novel! I'm feeling very relaxed and at home in this Parisian environment! Several hours later the shoppers return, both have bought really cool coats and don them for our next stop, the Moulin Rouge. The show is a tittilating affair, which is undoubtedly making Georgia uncomfortable, but she does enjoy the interspersing acts of strength, dexterity and grace. The rest of us enjoy the show's tight choreography and spectacular costumes, and walk away glad to have made the effort to see this iconic performance. A few happy snaps outside and we make it back home for a vino or two! It's been a good day!Read more

  • Day20

    Paris - Day 20

    May 10, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Woke up with a glowing sunburnt face, aching legs and a sore arse from the Bike ride!!! We have covered close to 15km in the last two days and are all feeling it! Good thing all we have to do is a tour to the top of the Eiffel Tower, said no one ever ! After much groaning and moaning we negotiate the Metro yet again and find ourselves at the base of the Eiffel Tower. She is a massive awe inspiring piece of architecture and after numerous security checks, we are on our way to the top! Jane is in the middle of the lift with eyes closed, she's not real happy with heights, but once we are up the top we get a great view of the city. This puts all the great landmarks we've seen over the last few days finally into perspective. Jane eases her nerves with a champers, and Georgia is comfortable enough to pop the camera through the wire for some uninterrupted photos of the landscape! This was the big reason for us coming to Paris, as she loves this iconic tower. Thanks to our amazing tour guides we receive an interesting history lesson on it's build and indeed on the history of Paris generally. The weather is perfect again,so we take a walk to the Golden Domed Cathedral, where Napoleon is entombed in such a way as you have to bow down to see him! We continue on back over the river, to the Arch de Triumph. An hour or so lost to clothes shopping, and we finally make it back home for a well deserved beer. It's 8pm and I am totally shagged, and we haven't even had dinner yet! Paris could well be the end of me! But there could be worse places to finish up!Read more

  • Day17

    Woodbridge > Paris - Day 17

    May 7, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    So it's goodbye to Suffolk for now, it's been fantastic ! We drive to Southend Airport, drop off the Hire Car, and hop on the plane for the 1hr hop over to Paris. With a little help from a passenger we locate our Taxi driver, who speaks about as much English as we speak French! He is however particularly nice and helpful, and Georgia and I are entertained by Jane and his garbled conversation on the way in! The 1 Hr ride is a real eye opener, as we depart the absolutely massive Charles De Gaulle Airport and drive past the impressive French Stadium, and through the bleak and depressing refugee tents that line the highway and cluster under the bridges for shelter. They are begging for money as the traffic stops, and I feel embarrassed to be on such an extravagant holiday when they are so helpless! Georgia is clearly upset too when the Taxi driver refuses to open the window, clearly concerned that something might get pinched. We move further on and begin to pass the magnificent architecture that dominates the centre of Paris. What a beautiful City! We arrive in Marais the district where Jane has booked our accomodation! It is funky and vibrant, and as usual she has chosen well! We are met by our afro-French contact, a lovely young man called Adonis, who is really helpful getting us settled into the appartment. Shortly after Sarah Francis arrives and we head off for some traditional French fare. We all decide on the Duck Confit with 2 Potato side dishes of truffade! It is a huge lovely meal, but very filling, so we decide to walk it off with a stroll down to the River Seine and some twilight shots of the City. It is the Presidential Election and Macron has won, there is a jubilant vibe in town, clearly the citizens are relieved!Read more

  • Day19

    Paris - Day 19

    May 9, 2017 in France ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Took us all a while to get going, but we finally get out into the sunshine by 11am. We decide to explore our local district, where the ladies are enticed by the funky jewellery shops. We head down to the Jewish Quarter, where the shops seem to get more extravagant, and the cobbled streets more beautiful. Georgia can't resist the Crepes, but Jane and I indulge in the phalafel pouches famous for this area! They are amazing. Because it is such a beautiful day, we decide to wander down and walk along the banks of the River Sienne. The French are out in droves enjoying the first rays of summer. An interesting coffee there, (I never cease to be amazed how many different types of coffee I get when I ask for alatte!) and then up to the Tuileries Gardens for an ice cream, then yet more walking up to the beginning of the Champs Elyees. We are due for a 4 hr bike tour so we leave Sarah Francis to some shopping, and it is the last we'll see of her till London. The Phat Tyre Night Bike Tour of Paris is fantastic. We see the amazing highlights of Paris in all it's luminescent glory, including a one hr cruise down the river! By the time we catch the metro back home it is 1 am and we are completely exhausted!Read more

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