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    • Day 67

      Schloss Versailles

      July 12, 2022 in France ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Morgens um 8 Uhr fahren wir mit dem Bus 66 und der Bahn nach Versailles.
      10:30 Uhr ist Einlass es ist voll mit Leuten sommerliche Temperaturen begleiten uns und viele Leute machen eine Besichtigung wie in alten Corona-zeiten unmöglich. Dennoch lohnt sich ein Besuch, Versailles einfach phänomenal.
      Die Tickets haben wir im Voraus über das Internet gekauft ebenso den Eintritt für den Garten, welcher an diesem Tag mit Musikbegleitung präsentiert wird. 27.-
      Der Aufpreis ist 10 € im Nachhinein würde ich es nicht mehr kaufen. Gastronomie und Restaurants sind mehr als gut besucht und ein Anstehen ist einfach notwendig. Ich kaufe mir mittags Fish and Chips um 10 € dazu ein Bier um 5 €. Das ist erträglich und hat wirklich gut geschmeckt, da es frisch gekocht wurde. Nachmittags ab 16 Uhr geht's Richtung Apartment mit Bus und U-Bahn und nochmals U-Bahn.
      Zum Glück haben wir freie Sitzplätze denn die Rückreise dauert fast zwei Stunden!
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    • Day 91

      06 Die Reise geht weiter...

      May 1, 2022 in France ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      Wir sind wieder in Versailles und planen die Weiterreise. Wohin geht es wohl als Nächstes?

      Übrigens: Unsere Route kann mit Klick auf die Weltkarte (oberhalb unseres Profilfotos, im Hintergrund) angesehen werden.Read more

    • Day 200

      Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France

      November 24, 2022 in France ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

      ♬ Louis, Louis! Me gotta go! ♬

      By all accounts we've heard, the Palace of Versailles was THE Palace when it was completed. France was at the top of its global influence and all nobility wanted to visit this high brow party house. Created by Louis XIV and finished in 1632, the palace was originally a hunting lodge created for his father Louis XIII. The hunting lodge was a private place of no architectural significance. It was one of Louis XIV's favorite places as a child and when he became king he could think of no better place than to create his palace.

      The palace grounds are HUGE. They cover 800 hectares, or 2,000 acres. It was intimidating standing at the first staircase and looking at what was in front of us and then looking at our free map. We did walk a small part of the grounds though. It was nice to see that, while the palace is paid entry, the grounds are free access. We saw many locals jogging or biking a road that cuts through the middle of the grounds.

      The palace itself is 2,300 rooms and 63,154 square meters or about 679,784 square feet. Not all the rooms are open to the public, but what is available is amazing. The most famous room is the Hall of Mirrors where balls were held. At the time, mirrors were rare and very expensive. So this room was practically a world wonder to party guests.

      None of the original furnishings of the palace survived the French Revolution. In fact the lavish-ness of the Palace, was part of why the French Revolution occurred. The monarchy sat comfortably on their high throne, while the rest of France suffered in poverty. Marie Antoinette was actually captured here by the mob as they stormed the castle. Reportedly in the Queens Antechamber seen in one of the images.

      There was a lot we didn't allot time to see at the Palace as well. Somewhere in the Garden was the Queen’s Hamlet. Sort of like a 17th venture she-shed, which was probably a sight on to itself. There is also the Grand Trianon which seems like a small village in the east part of the Garden. Part of it (La Petite Trianon) was built by Louis XV for his mistresses.
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    • Day 4

      Der König lebte nicht schlecht

      September 6 in France ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

      Das Schloss von Versailles gehört natürlich zu den Highlights jedes Paris-Besuchs. … wenn nur die Anreise nicht wäre. Das System der Pariser Vorortzüge ist wohl Teil der Aufnahmeprüfung für Zugezogene. Der arme Tourist ist da überfordert.
      Wenn man dann da ist darf man dafür staunen, was der Sonnenkönig da an den Stadtrand gestellt hat. Es gibt auch einen Haufen Anregungen für alle, die ein bisschen Farbe in ihre triste Bude bringen wollen 😉
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    • Day 4

      Schloss Versailles

      April 24, 2022 in France ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      Heute Vormittag besuchen wir das Schloss Versailles im Westen von Paris. 🏰

      Nur zu empfehlen, wenn man hier einen ganzen Tag Zeit für hat, und wichtig: Tickets für das Schloss vorab buchen.

      Wir konnten leider keine Tour im Inneren machen, da wir nachmittags schon den nächsten "Termin" hatten... 😉⚽️Read more

    • Day 34

      Palace of Versailles

      June 21, 2022 in France ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      Versailles was definitely one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen, and the most absolutely ludicrous display of wealth imaginable. I said the Louvre made the Spanish palacio real look like a dollhouse, but Versailles does the same thing to the Louvre. The palace is amazing in itself, and Lexi and I spent a good few hours exploring it. The highlight in there was the hall of mirrors, which was not only beautiful and ornate room but also one of incredible historical significance, as many important treaties were signed there: the treaty of Paris ending the American revolution, the 1871 treaty of Versailles ending the Franco-Prussian war (and marking the beginning of the German empire), and the 1919 treaty of Versailles ending WW1 were all signed in that room. The palace was the home of the Kings Louis 14-16 (and their families and servants with an estimated 10,000 living on the grounds at once) until the family was driven out by the French Revolution, and later was also used by Napoleon Bonaparte. The really incredible part, though, was the palacial gardens. They are just unimaginably expansive, yet covered with ornate statues, fountains, and hedges that are still perfectly - and I mean PERFECTLY - manicured. Seriously, I would estimate that several thousand gardeners must still work there today to keep the grounds looking the way they are. The grounds we also home to some additional homes that the royal family would spend time relaxing in, as well as a series of cottages that Marie Antoinette had built because she liked to pretend she was a peasant (and she clearly had no clue what that word meant). Lexi and I were literally at this palace for over 8 hours, and even taking a bike rental and using their shuttle, we only were able to see a fraction of the grounds of the palace. It is really unbelievable to think that a family used to actually live there.Read more

    • Day 13

      Day trip

      September 18 in France ⋅ ☁️ 73 °F

      We took a day trip out to the Chateau de Versailles. It was about a 90 min train ride out to the country. The palaces may have been some of the largest I’ve ever seen, and so ornate.

      What was even more exceptional were the gardens! Acres and acres of gardens, forests and fountains. Absolutely beautiful.

      We rented a golf cart to take us to the furthest parts, which turned out to be really fun. Then we walked the garden sections. Beautiful crisp fall weather - couldn’t have asked for a nicer time out there.

      We had a bit more time left so we headed to the Paris Aquarium. Somewhat small, but nicely done. Adam really likes Aquariums - the things you learn about your adult children when you travel together.

      9.66 miles
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    • Day 28

      Paris, the Day Not In Paris

      July 21, 2022 in France ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Ok.... even I think someone should call social services for what happened today.... BUT... in my defense, they were asking for it.....

      I guess I should go back a few hours to where the day began.

      Today was Versailles day. This is the day that made Jenny tear up in anticipation. After a long time trying to figure out the best way to get there and try to figure out if our Travel Cards would work or do we need to get special tickets (spoiler alert, our cards did work so the trip was already covered) we decided to go especially early in case we had to buy tickets. Everything went smooth and we got there well before they opened and over an hour and a half before our scheduled entry time.

      So we stopped at a pastry shop to get some croissants and pain de chocolate and made the walk to the Palace. Once there we decided to check out the gardens. We were almost the only ones in there and let me say, they are spectacular. You could send the kids out into the backyard to play and not see them for 3 weeks. The kids just kept talking about how you could have an epic paintball fight or play hide and seek where the person hiding would most likely die before they are found. It was amazing.... but... we came to see the inside too. So we wandered around for over an hour before we had to race back to make our entry time.

      What can you say about Versailles? Words don't do it justice. We spent many hours walking the halls and listening to commentaries, and staring at the art or the architecture. It is all amazing to think about the history of that place. So I am not going to even try. But, if you come here.... go to the Palace.

      After the inside we were back into the garden. We walked and walked and walked. Sure there were trains or golf carts you could rent to get around... but that isn't the Mooney way gosh darn it. One of the things we really wanted to see was the Queens Hamlet. It was a fake little village they created so the queen could see what regular people lived like. There is so much more to the story than that but the point is, there was a tiny village out there and we were going to find it. And find it we did. Charming buildings and a working farm. Very cool little place. Then we walked some more to take in some of the fountain shows. Not all the fountains are on all the time so you have to time it for when they are scheduled to go.

      Then, after a long day of walking (just wait, we aren't done yet) we walked back to the train, caught a congested train back to Paris and headed back to our flat.

      And that is where the day "should" have ended. But... it didn't.

      At this time we were sitting at just over 32,000 steps. It was already our longest walking day.... but.... the kids got it into their head they wanted to get to 40. So we decided to take the subway to the far end of the Champs elysees and walk up it towards the Arc de Triomphe at sunset. It certainly sounds nice... right??? Well... it was nice (geeze... not everything good to be so dramatic). The street was bustling, the Arc was beautiful in the setting sun but some of us were starting to fade. We got to the Arc, went under the busy round road to get right under it, took some pictures and rested, and then we looked at the watch. Only 37,000 steps. Now we are faced with a dilemma. Do we call it a day and catch the metro home... or... make one last march to the Eiffel Tower.

      This is the point in the story where the authorities should get involved. The kids all wanted to make the walk, get the 40,000 steps and see the tower at night. We decided to go for it. It was about a 2 km walk so we headed in that direction. Now, we are leaving heavily populated areas and walking in the dark down much quieter streets. We never felt unsafe and I think the areas are fine, but when you don't live in the city, you just never know. And... the length of the day is really starting to affect a couple of the kids. But they are committed so we march on. In the end we get to the tower but some of us were too exhausted and mentally drained to really enjoy it, and we still had to walk the remaining 15 minutes home. The kids pretty much got in and went straight to bed. And... we ended up overshooting a bit. Our final step counter clocked in at 43,332. It goes without saying none of us have any desire to see if we can break that one so I am sure it will stand as our longest walking day of our trip.

      Tomorrow is the Louvre though so this may have been a huge mistake.... we shall see.

      Thanks for tuning in.... and... don't really call social services on us. We won't do it again. I promise. 😉
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    • Day 6

      The Palace & Garden of Versailles

      May 30 in France ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      I took SO many pictures.... The Palace was gorgeous (crowded, but gorgeous). The painted ceilings were captivating and mesmerizing. I can't say enough how pretty they were. Those statues.... I could care less about though. 😅 The garden was okay! Our feet hurt too much to get very far beyond the main entrance. 😭Read more

    • Day 4

      Palace of Versailles

      May 16 in France ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

      In contrast to the previous day, yesterday was a nice sunny day. It was the perfect day to visit the Palace of Versailles. It turned out to be a popular day because the place was buzzing.

      The place was amazing. So opulent and over the top. You could spent two days and not cover everything to see. I'm glad we chose this day. The original plan was to do this on our last day, but we might not get back in time for a train to London.

      Desire the sun, it was cold outside due to the wind. Not unbearably so, but enough to wish I'd bought another layer.

      The statues and paintings alone were worth the visit, but the Palace and the grounds were a sight, especially walking up to the entrance with the sun shining off the gold trim of the building.
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