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  • Day16

    Cologne, Germany

    September 18, 2016 in Germany

    We were in Cologne for two nights at the first Airbnb we renteded on the trip. It was a nice change to have a little more space than just a hotel room but as Americans everything is just smaller to us in Europe. We even managed to order in one night with this bicycle service we kept seeing all around town called Foodora. We ordered Thai food for a change off a German menu and it wasn't that bad! Luckily Mitch downloaded this awesome app on his phone that allows you to scan any text like a menu, website, etc that will be translated to English. Its saved us at several places so far!

    Aside from that, Cologne was an interesting city. Its history dates back to the Romans which also can be seen around town with archived ruins that are still preserved. There is also the Cologne Cathedral which took several hundred years to build starting around 1200 that sits in the middle of the city. It is a pretty sight from near and far espeically across the Rhine River at sunset.

    During our walking tour we learned quite a bit about the WWII history, which around 90% of the city was destroyed. Fortunately the cathedral was not destroyed most likely because it was used as a navigation point for the bombers. Still today they find bombs in the ground around the city when they start new construction and have to take precaution to have them removed carefully.
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  • Day9

    Liége - Köln

    August 25 in Germany

    Letzter Tag unserer Tour de France lite, heute bereits komplett außerhalb Frankreichs. Dafür durch gleich 3 Länder, Belgien 🇧🇪, Niederlande 🇳🇱 und natürlich Deutschland 🇩🇪.
    Aber fangen wir vorne an: Nach einer Nacht in der Jugendherberge - Bernd und ich haben die oberen Etagen im Doppelstockbett belegt - wurden wir mit einem wirklich guten Frühstück überrascht. Das war in 🇫🇷 nicht unbedingt der Fall. Die Nacht hatte es stark geregnet und dem entsprechend war es stark abgekühlt. Also heute wärmer anziehen.
    Glücklicherweise blies uns der kühle Wind 💨 nicht ins Gesicht sondern über die Felder zwischen Aachen und Köln zügig Richtung Heimat. Ab und zu gab‘s ein paar 💦 von oben, aber richtig unangenehm nass würde es erst in Köln. Die Fahrt von Decathlon zum Dom war sicher für Bernd ein Highlight, der die ganze Gruppe sicher durch Köln geleitet hat, aber gut organisiert war die Sache nicht. Sei’s drum. Alle sind unverletzt, wenn auch ordentlich nass und durchgefroren am Dom angekommen und konnten sich zum Abschlussfoto vor der tollen Kulisse aufstellen. Insbesondere für die Teilnehmer, die nicht aus der Gegend sind, sicher der krönende Abschluss einer tollen Woche.
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  • Day7

    Cologne (DE)

    July 14, 2017 in Germany

    Not all green pastures, and tranquil meadows. This northern section of the Rhine is also known as the Industrial Ruins. Slow going and without a GPS it would be even worse.

    Rode through Duisburg (couldn't help myself and stopped at a Starbucks for a cappuccino) also Europe's largest inland port, then to Dusseldorf (the Tour de France started here 2 weeks ago), then to Cologne (one of the oldest cities in Germany.

    The biggest landmark in Cologne is the gothic style Cologne Cathedral completed in 1880 and took 632 years to build !
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  • Day29

    Cruising through Cologne area

    April 23, 2017 in Germany

    Today we cruised along the Rhine towards Bonn, Germany. Originally we were scheduled to dock in Cologne but there was a protest scheduled by some extreme right wing parties so we skipped along to Bonn instead. The countryside was dotted with small villages with pretty houses and churches. It really is a nice way to travel. Mostly you get to see the good sides of villages and towns as everyone builds houses and buildings to have a view of the river. We did also see some pretty large factories and powerstations that also get built along riverbanks.Read more

  • Day24

    Roman-Germanic Museum

    August 15, 2017 in Germany

    Another rainy day here in Germany. Finally one of the places I've stayed in had an umbrella, which made the 10 minute walk over to the museum much more tolerable.

    The museum is packed to the gills with Roman artifacts excavated here in Köln or along the Rhine. I particularly enjoyed the various weapons and tools from pre-civilization eras, but the coins and jewelry from the Roman empire were fascinating as well.

    Went back to the brewery for lunch to earn more tickmarks on a coaster, but no cases of mistaken identity this time.
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  • Day62

    All about navigation today as due to all the recent rain a lot of the cycle route along the river was closed. Normally wouldn't mind a bit of re-navifation but in a valley with limited options apart from a busy road it wasn't great but more importantly I needed to find a bar by 3pm for the England Wales game!

    After a short stint on the road I went back the river path and things had improved so headed to Bonn and managed to find a trusty Irish bar to watch the game with randomly a group of Germans who were supporting England.

    After the game it was best part of the day and had a really nice evening ride upto Cologne. Very vibrant city and while place was buzzing for the German game against Poland. Great atmosphere in town and good to watch the game with local fans.
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  • Day17

    Walking to Cologne Cathedral

    May 11, 2015 in Germany

    At 6:40 am got a shot of a grimy old coal port at Düsseldorf-Benrath. We docked at Cologne around 9:45 am, then went on a walking tour that ended at the cathedral. Our guide is a Scotsman who now lives in Germany. Of special interest was the Cologne town hall. The building is bedecked with statues of famous persons in Germany. More are being added all the time.

  • Day17

    Cologne Cathedral

    May 11, 2015 in Germany

    We attended the noon office at the Kölndom, as it is known here. Brief prayers were offered, including prayers for the travelers present. I thought this was a very thoughtful touch. Interspersed were three Bach toccatas, probably chosen for this week in the liturgical year. I could not imagine a more worshipful experience. Cologne Cathedral has long been my very favorite, and when I actually saw it, I was not disappointed. A little girl got loose from her mother in one of the radial chapels, and Glenda snapped a shot of her.Read more

  • Day17

    Finding Duns Scotus

    May 11, 2015 in Germany

    We went to find the church of Saint Andreas. It was lovely inside, though not as grand as the cathedral, but the entrance to the nave was locked. Still, even though we did not have the opportunity to photograph it, we still found it quite beautiful. Next, just to see the town we set a tentative course for the Church of the Apostles. On the way, Glenda bought some chocolate. Before we reached our goal we happened past the Church of the Minorites. A plaque indicated that construction was begun in the year 1245. We went inside, admired it's quiet Romanesque beauty, and then found a plaque giving information about a connection between this church and John Duns Scotus. I happened to find the remnants of a very old painting on one of the columns in the nave, so I photographed it as well. John Duns Scotus was born in Scotland, as his name suggests. He was enslaved as a youth, then through a remarkable series of coincidences, was given an education in Paris. There he taught at the university. In a single day he was quickly and unexplainably transferred by the Pope in Rome to the frontier of Germany, without even being allowed to take his clothing. He died a year later in Cologne. His epitaph in Latin reads: Scotland birthed me; Paris taught me; but Germany holds me.Read more

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