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  • Day732

    Shüttorf Freibad, Germany

    June 28, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Making an earlier start than yesterday, we stuck to the motorway, passing out of Belgium and into The Netherlands, where we stopped for lunch at a rest area. We needed fuel, but bought just €20 worth as it was an average of €1.45 here compared to €1.20 in Germany. An hour or so later we crossed the border where a search of all cars was being carried out. We don't know what they were looking for but were relieved when they waved us through with the lorries.

    Our destination was the freibad (open air swimming pool) in Shüttorf. It had van facilities and a car park whose leafy Plane trees offered much needed shade. We sat with the windows and door open to try and keep the van as cool as possible for Poppy. As the day's heat began to subside, Will escaped to the pool, set within grassy grounds and Vicky later followed when she was sure Poppy was comfortable. It was only €3 each and the price dropped to €2.50 after 5pm. There were a lot of people in there but it didn't feel crowded because the pool was large and there was so much space to sit or lay around it with a towel. The water was a refreshing 26°C and it felt great to relax in the warm evening air. We even had a few goes on the wide metal slide! Back in the UK Vicky had bought a Soul Cap online. It is a swim cap designed specifically for people with lots of hair, including dreadlocks. She was really pleased with how well it worked and is looking forward to swimming lots more places now that she doesn't need to worry about rinsing and drying her locks!

    Later on, once Vicky was in bed, Will had a stroll around town, with its Aldi, Lidl, butchers and bakers. We planned to stay 2 nights so when he returned, he moved the van to what would be the shadiest spot on the car park. In the morning, Will had a lie in while Vicky went for a dip. During the day, she finally completed the cover for the seat cushion - yey! It had been a long slog and it isn't perfect but it is useable and not bad for a first attempt!

    After 5pm we enjoyed another hour in the freibad, then settled down happily to pizza and a bit of Chianti Classico in the van.
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  • Day797

    Back at Shüttorf Freibad, Germany

    September 1, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    We are parked once again in the large car park outside the Freibad (outdoor swimming pool) at Shüttorf. We stayed here when travelling to Denmark in June and liked it so much we returned. We were in the midst of the heatwave back then but although there are far fewer cars, there are just as many motorhomes stationed here, despite the fact we are coming towards the end of the school summer holidays and whilst warm, the 21°C air temperature doesn't drive us towards the water in the same way as 27 did a few months ago! There are a few tall trees planted around the gritty hardpack parking area and we've chosen the same shady corner spot as previously.

    It was late afternoon when we arrived and the first thing we did was to position the van over the grey water emptying point. Our waste tank was very full and all the sediment had sunk to the bottom creating a blockage that meant it wouldn't drain at the last service point. That one had also served as a place to empty toilet cassettes - not the sort of area you want to get down on your hands and knees and start poking away underneath the chasis! This one was paved, dry and as clean as they come, so Vicky removed the bung and voila, 10 minutes later we had an empty waste tank! This is not one of the more glamourous aspects of vanlife, but it is vanlife nonetheless!

    The following morning we slotted €6 into the machine, then scanned our tickets to open the freibad turnstile. We couldn't help thinking that in Denmark any such machine was more likely to be cashless than cardless! On our previous visit the place was heaving, but now there were only a handful of others in the swimming pool grounds. With the water at 20°C Will dived straight in and Vicky did her normal three phase entry; stepping in to her waist, acclimatising then plunging in up to her neck and hyperventilating. It was colder than expected and she now understood why there were only two others in the pool! The digital board displayed scrolling text informing us that the baths would close in just under 2 weeks for the autumn and winter months.

    After a several lengths, Will had a go on the wide metal slide, but soon afterwards he hit his head on the concrete wall of the pool when swimming backstroke, resulting in a mild concussion. He lay in the sunshine while Vicky did some more lengths and kept an eye on him. He began to feel a little better, but Vicky didn't think it was a good idea for him to resume swimming, so we returned to the van. It was a good job we left when we did because it took Vicky quite a while to warm up. Thankfully Will was feeling better after a sweet cup of tea and some lunch, so we once again used the van services and Vicky drove us to our next stop.
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  • Day3

    Rust - Ruhrpott - Bad Bentheim

    June 30, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Ä lääängi Fahrt isch ds hüt xi. Nach einem Kafi und Schoggi Gipfeli ging es heute bei Sonnenschein von Rust schon vor halb 10 auf die BAB Richtung norden. Als Premiere hielten wir vor Frankfurt mal links gegen westen, Richtung Ruhrpott - auf der "Traversen Autobahn" gabs natürlich weider mal keine Raststätte, als man ebeneine bräuchte! Nach ein paar mal "wenn simer dert" und "i ha hunger", dann doch - und erst noch eine von Mövenpick/Marché! Nach einer Rösti mit Spiegelei, Salat und einem Bitz Hamme ("Kasseler Braten") und einem Gornet, ging es nach 2 Std. Rast wieder weiter. Mitten ins Ruhrgiet. Wir versuchen den endlosen Stau mit der Taktik "wir fahren im Kreis" zu umfahren, mit mässigem Erfolg. Auch nach Stunden zweigen laufend Autobahnausfahrten nach Oberhausen, Düsseldorf, Köln, Duisburg ab - mal links, mal rechts... Aber kommen wir weiter? Das Tomtom macht wilde Sprünge von "Ankunft um 18:00 Uhr" bis zu einer Pognose, nach welcher wir jetzt noch nicht am Ziel wären. Irgenwie schaffen wir es aus dem Seich raus. Glaubwürig soll es noch 30 Min. bis zum tollen Stellplatz gehen, welcher Christinge mit teuren MB er roamed hat. Passend zur baldigen Ankunft zieht nun die Gewitterfront auf, der Himmel ist schwarz und es schifft wieder wie aus Kübeln! Zum Glück nur ein kurzer Sprutz, beim schönen Stellplatz im Park vor dem Schloss, mit super Spili hat es aufgehört - aber alles ist nass und feucht. Wir essen im Camper ein Aldi-znacht (Chäs u Brot).Read more

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