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  • Day4

    Day 3

    June 1, 2017 in Germany

    Day 3
    Today I did the walking tour around Munich. It was really lovely and a long day. My feet are pretty sore now though but definitely worth it. We learnt about the history of Munich and what I found most interesting was that at the end of the war the city was destroyed with 90% of the buildings been bombed. The rubble was equivalent to the 2 Giza pyramids. I met 2 other girls from Australia on this tour. It is very easy to gravitate towards other Aussies

    It was a 2 and a half hour walk and afterwards we went to visit the English gardens to see the surfers in the river it's pretty crazy how they do it in such a confined space

    Afterwards one of the girls and I went back to the markets and I had my first bratwurst. Or was really good. You wonder how all the people here aren't all bigger than they are their food is full of carbs but they do walk and bike everywhere. So many bikes!!

    It's a great place to people watch it's constantly busy😊

    Dinner I'm eating now is a hearty stew and rice. Quite delicious. They have lots of middle eastern places here I have discovered.

    It also is a place for lots of diversity with races. Plenty of communities within the city it's really great to see👍

    Tomorrow I start the trip with the bus so a fairly early morning and off to bed for me pretty early. It's one of the shorter bus lengths I will have to do, only a couple of hours. Feeling a bit gross getting the start of a cold, a really sore throat but hopefully I fight it off with a good nights sleep!!
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  • Day48


    October 13, 2017 in Germany

    We are staying at a place called Pöcking which is a village about a 45 minute train ride from the centre of Munich. We decided to spend the day in Munich today given things close by 2pm in Germany on Saturday. At the train station, we were buying our tickets for the train and a German couple came up to ask us if we needed any assistance. Then another man came over and started chatting to us. We talked for the 10 minutes whilst waiting for the train and the 40 or so minutes in on the train. He was a 62 year old psychotherapist, and a lovely guy. We had an interesting conversation about the psychotherapists across the world and their opinion of Trump. I had read a number of articles previously about his narcissism and sociopathic traits. Since I last read up about it, a lot more literature has appeared online! Anyway, both those instances in the space of an hour go against the general information Mena and Mia (our German au pairs) have given us about grumpy and unfriendly Germans. We will continue to monitor if that changes during the next few weeks ;-)

    The train spat us out at Marienplatz, the main town square, so we were able to hang around there, go up the tower of the Rathaus (town hall), and witness the Rathaus-Glockenspiel "show" in the main tower which consists of 43 bells and 32 life-sized acting out one of two songs and stories. Up in the tower, we were able to give Finn a glimpse of the Bayern Munich home ground, Allianz Stadium.

    We had a walk through the Viktualienmarkt, which is an open market place packed with all sorts of shops selling sausage, cheese, mushrooms, mulled wine, fruit and veg, bakeries... and a maypole.

    Finn was on the lookout for every sport shop known to man now that he is in football country, so that he could buy a pair of away game shorts to go with his away game jersey for Real Madrid. We found a lot of shops, but all were either sold out or didn't have his side. He can now nag us until we get to Berlin about finding a sports shop. Oh yay.

    We went into the Bayern Munich Fan Shop which was on three levels and had everything branded with Bayern Munich you could possibly think of (babies dummies, toothbrushes, dog bowls - you name it!). Finn sweet talked us into his birthday present (training shirt, shorts and socks, and they threw in a cap for free), which he now needs to wait two months to receive. Birthday shopping done!

    We had lunch in a bierhaus. So one thing we have already noticed in Germany (or perhaps this is unique to Bavaria) is that if they say something on the menu to describe the meal, it is quite literal. The kids ordered traditional Bavarian meatloaf for lunch. The menu described it as "200gm meatloaf". What arrive was a white plate with 200gm slice of meatloaf. That's it - no garnish, no sauce, no anything. Just a lump of meatloaf.

    I ordered something described as "white sausage salad with gherkin and onions". What I received as the most gigantic pile of thinly sliced sausage scattered with red onion rings and 1/2 a gherkin with a clear vinegar type of dressing over the top. No actual salad item. It is quite bizarre.

    One of the other things I had noticed in the villages we drove through yesterday and again in Marienplatz is the blue and white stripey poles. They are mostly ornately decorated. Googled that too and note they are Maypoles. There is one outside our AirBnb and even a small one in the garden.
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  • Day13

    Munich day 3

    January 2 in Germany

    What a beautiful city. We spent the morning here in Greisbach lounging, grocery shopping and eating breakfast
    We were then off to watch the Glockenspiel in the Munich town center. (“The Glockenspiel in the tower balcony of the Neues Rathaus--city hall--is world famous and worth seeing. Since 1908, figurines representing stories from Munich’s history twirl on two levels daily at 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m.”). Donn cringed at the out of tune bells, the kids wondered what the fuss was and I thought it was marvelous😀 We then went to the Farmer's Market in downtown (the Viktualienmarkt is a daily food market and a square in the center of Munich, Germany.
    The Viktualienmarkt developed from an original farmers' market to a popular market for gourmets. In an area covering 22,000 m2 (240,000 sq ft), 140 stalls and shops offer flowers, exotic fruit, game, poultry, spices, cheese, fish, juices and so on). We bought tons of fresh food to cook for dinner as we heard tale that the Cal Poly boys and Wyatt we're gonna make it for dinner. We attempted to find the Asam church but parking and freezing cold rain made it hard. to the beer hall we went. Beer Halls are basically breweries with these huge long tables and huge indoor spaces. They are beautiful. We went to Augustiner Keller and feasted on beer and pretzels. We then made our way “home” and cooked for the 8 of us. Donn picked up Wyatt and buds at a nearby train station. They had been on a hike. We feasted and then played spades and pictionary until 1:00 am. There was lots and lots of funny moments😂. I've missed my boy.
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  • Day9

    Willkommen in München

    September 12, 2017 in Germany

    So after a bus from Prague to Nuremberg and a delayed train (1hr) from there to Munich (I thought the Germans were efficient) I arrived at my accommodation.. The Tent, Munich. Yes it really is a tent. It's like a massive gazebo with about 200 beds in it. It's fully booked out for Oktoberfest which starts this Saturday. They only heat it over Oktoberfest though... last night was cold - I slept fully clothed.

    Apparently in leaving the door open to the tent it makes it warmer.. my arse. At reception they give you 4 blankets at check in but I got a further two because it was so Baltic.
    Anyway, I survived the first night and went to explore Munich by foot. I met a Scottish chap on the walking tour and after having seen all the sights, we took refuge from the rain in the Hoffbrauhaus, Munich. It was packed at 1pm.
    We had a couple of 1L steins and chatted with the locals, and a band from Argentina on a European tour. Rolling Stones are in town, along with Anderlecht fans.

    I managed to get tickets for Bayern Munich v Anderlecht in the Champions League, which finished 3-0. An early red for the Belgians meant the game was never in doubt. I was adopted by a group of Bayern fans in the Munich markets after they discovered I supported a lowly English football team. They took me for dinner and then got me to the stadium before insisting they paid for my metro trip home. Lovely blokes.

    Incredible stadium the Allianz Arena. Dead impressed.
    My last full day in Munich included heading to the Eisbach which is a natural wave that lasts all year round that locals surf. Really cool. Finished by watching the Champions League games in an Irish Pub.
    Salzburg tomorrow by coach. Vienna on the weekend
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  • Day92

    Munich, Germany

    August 6, 2017 in Germany

    Another spontaneous decision has paid off and I'm loving being in Munich after leaving Salzburg a day early!! The first thing I noticed when I returned to Germany was how reliable the public transport system is and how delicious all the food is in the bakeries. I didn't think I'd enjoy being back in Germany as much as I have but it's a nice change after the likes of Greece and Croatia! I went on a free walking tour my first morning and was amazed at all of the incredible buildings in the main area. The great thing about Munich is that the city is quite small, especially in comparison to Berlin so it made it easy to navigate and get around! At least 90% of Munich was destroyed in WWII so the city is relatively new however a lot of the buildings were rebuilt in the same original designs. The New Town Hall is magnificent and one of my favorite gothic style buildings in Europe. The bells also don't stop ringing in Munich, there are always bells ringing somewhere in the city which is so cool to hear!! I've loved my time here and am so glad I decided to come back to Germany.Read more

  • Day53


    July 1, 2015 in Germany

    We only had an afternoon here and it was beautiful just walking around the city looking at the buildings. I think this is another place I will have to return to in the future.

  • Day42

    München, Bavaria, Germany pt II

    June 13, 2016 in Germany

    Day 41:

    Today we finally got out of the flat and saw Munich. The first sight we were able to see was Siegestor, or the Victory Gate, a triumphal arch. On top was the female personification of Bavaria on a chariot led by 4 lions... seriously awesome. It was built in the mid 1800s to show how awesome the Bavarian army was, but in a strange twist of fate, it now stands for peace.

    We made our way to the Hofgarten, a nice park situated between the Residenz and the Englischer Garten. After a nice stroll, we went across Odeonsplatz, which was the location of the Beer Hall Putsch, where the Nazis tried to take over Munich by force. ...And failed. So long story short, we walked in a plaza where Hitler got arrested. At the southern end of the plaza is the Feldherrnhalle, which is a mid 1800s loggia about the Bavarian military again, but actually, it was to basically built cover up where the medieval Schwabinger Tor. Of course, lots of war references around, but its cool to hear the history of such a central plaza.

    On the west side of the plaza was the Theatine Church, the outside of which was of course under construction. But the inside was different than any we have seen yet on this trip. An attendant in the church explained that an Italian princess who married a Bavarian had the church commissioned and used Italian architects and artists to design it. Everything was so intricately designed! Its also where Maximilian II, who built Hohenschwangau, was buried. We're actually not sure if its called buried if there is a large, ornate casket just sitting in the church... but he's there. Then we made the interesting decision to go to the crypt underneath the church. It was creepy. It smelled like the Pirates of the Caribbean, there were twists and turns, and little rooms. And awkwardly, there were so many caskets. One would think in a royal crypt that they would be more spread out and on display, but there were 3 or 4 in every little alcove. They were made of metal, some fancy with shields, crosses, and inscriptions, and some just basic boxes. And there were baby caskets, which were super awkward to see, because they FIT the casket to the body. A lot of them were dented too, maybe from wars, maybe from something else... and they were right there. 100-300 year old bodies, just sheet metal between us... Needless to say, we got creeped out and left.

    Back in Odeonsplatz, with the knowledge that the area had been the Italian part of town for a long time, the different look of things started to make sense. We noticed locals rubbing the snout of lions on bronze sculptures in front of the Residenz as they walked by. So in true tourist style, we went across the street to get in on the action. We figured it was something to do with luck, but it turns out the most common story behind it is hilarious. The king at the time had a mistress, which was frowned upon. A student disapproved, so pinned a note to the door of the Residenz. The king didn't like it and put out a warrant for the people responsible. The student felt that the assumption that it was more than one person lessened his deed. So he wrote another note to pin to the door saying it was only one person, but he got caught. The king thought it was funny and super bold of him to try the second note, so pardoned him. On his way out, he rubbed the noses of all 4 lions as he was running by. So we got luck AND fought infidelity at the same time!

    Just around the corner was Max Joseph Platz, named after one of the million Maximilians who were king og Bavaris. We sat on the Maximilian I Joseph statue in front of the Nationaltheater München, a beautifully columned opera house, for a little bit, not realizing that we were hungry, not tired. We headed east again and crossed the Isar River, where we saw Friedensengel, a column with a golden goddess on top far north of us. On the bridge was an awesome statue of Athena. And on the other side was Maximilianeum, which we knew absolutely nothing about, but it sure stands out! Turns out its where Bavarian Parliment meets... so really not too exciting, but the backdrop, it being on a small hill, and the design made it nice to look at!

    By that time we realized we had worked up an appetite and headed to the Hofbräuhaus, which turns out to be owned by the state (should have figured that out by the name, but oh well). That was by far the most touristy thing we have done so far. We didn't hear any German, got overcharged for food an drinks, but it was completely worth it! The beer hall atmosphere is great, and the food was delicious and fattening too. We had obazda for an appetizer, which is a cheese spread with spices traditional in Bavaria. It was incredible!

    We wandered through the shops from there, then went to Marienplatz, where there is a large glockenspiel on the side of the Neues Rathaus. The building is only about 100 years old, but is designed in a very bold gothic style and the face spans the length of the whole plaza. We figured that the glockenspiel would play every hour on the hour, so we waited for a little while to see the show. Turns out it only plays 3 times a day, but we just happened to be there at the latest one. That's some good luck! While we waited, we looked at the Mariensäule, the marble column with a bronze Mary and Jesus on top. This statue was built in the late 16th century, and regarded as the center of the country, where all roads led. Then the glockenspiel did its thing, everyone oohed and aahed as life sized figures spun around in the copper cage. It apparently tells the story of a marriage, celebrated by a joust, and some dancers who were said to keep people's spirits up during a plague. Pretty morbid, but it was quite a sight to see!

    We decided to head home where we watched the Sweden - Ireland game at the bar downstairs. It was a long day so we headed back after the game. We found out that the daughter of our host is apparently a crazy person who river surfs. Tomorrow we'll try to see what that is all about!
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  • Day43

    München, Bavaria, Germany pt III

    June 14, 2016 in Germany

    Day 42:

    This is our first part 3 of the trip, but it was definitely needed. Today we had a little better idea of where things were and how to navigate the city. And there is so much to see here, we couldn't hope to see our fill in just a day.

    We started off the same as yesterday, heading east towards the Englischer Garten. On our way, we picked up some pastries and coffee for breakfast. Jason got an apple cinnamon roll and Danielle got what looked like a nutella croissant, but the filling turned out to be the same strange, crushed up nut paste... it doesn't sound appetizing and is really hard to describe. So we had a hit and a miss for breakfast, but we got to enjoy it in the largest intercity park in the world, which makes it special anyway. From there we headed along the park to Marienplatz to see the Glockenspiel play for noon, which is supposed to be the best time to see it.

    We figured out that the show is exactly the same, just seems to last WAY longer in the heat of the day will a million peoplw there... But its still fun to watch, even though we were too impatient yesterday and today to stay until the golden rooster called. Making it a short day, we walked around trying to find St Michaels church, but wound up at St Peters instead. It became quite apparent that the Germans are very comfortable with death... there were small cases on the sides of the church that contained bones on display. One was even assembled still, with a goblet and a crown and everything. Needing a bavarian pretzel, we went to Viktualienmarkt, which is basically a permanent farmer's market. We found a seat under a tree and had one of the largest preztels we have ever seen with some peach tea, of course.

    Realizing that our internal maps were a little off, we mapped our way to St Michaels church to see Danielle's favorite, King Ludwig II. That brought us into our second crypt in 2 days. This one wasn't nearly as creepy, as it was just one room and smelled like flowers that had been placed around, rather than a ride at Disneyland.

    On our tired way home, we stumbled upon Wolfsbrunnen, which was obviously not the biggest tourist attraction, but really caught Jason's attention. Its a fountain with 4 wolf heads around and on top of the middle column was a girl with a wolf behind her. Essentially, wolves are awesome and should be depicted on everything. Further research showed us that it is also known as Little Red Riding Hood Fountain. So the wolves weren't supposed to be nice or protecting her like it looked like, but still...

    Heading back north, we came upon St Lukas, a large Lutheran church along the Isar River. It was built at the end of the 19th century as one of the first Lutheran churches in Munich, since the royals were Catholic and only allowed Catholic churches for hundreds of years. The domes were pretty impressive, but we are still pretty ruined by the Cologne Cathedral.

    We went on our search to find the infamous river surfing and got lost for the better part of an hour. When we got there, we realized that these people are, in fact, insane. The wave is created by a bottleneck feeding the manmade Eisbach river hitting a slab of concrete, with concrete on either side. And they sure surf it!

    We headed home from there where we ate way too much so we will have to carry less tomorrow. To Berlin it is!
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