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  • Day20

    The Eagle's Nest

    June 23 in Germany

    As I emerged from the Munich S-Bahn at Marienplatz, I had a feeling of déjà vu. I remembered having been at this exact spot with Mum and Dad during our trip to Germany many, many years ago. We sat outside under an umbrella in the square opposite the famous glockenspiel Clock Tower enjoying a German beer. Mum was so taken with the fine lager glasses that she put two in her handbag and I believe still has them. Munich was busy with Friday night revellers, but I resisted, and had an early night at the comfortable Blauer Bock Hotel nearby.

    This morning I set out on a trip to visit the Eagle’s Nest - part of Hitler’s mountain retreat, the Berghof. After a pleasant train journey from Munich, I arrived at the charming town of Berchtesgaden. From there a bus took us to Obersalzberg location of the now demolished Berghof, which in the 1930s became, surprisingly, the 2nd seat of the Nazi government after Berlin. Then a further specially constructed bus to cope with the steep climb up the mountain to Kehlsteinhaus (The Eagle’s Nest), where, with its panoramic views, Hitler entertained special guests. It is virtually the only building not to have been bombed or demolished, and now serves as a restaurant / bar.

    To reach the summit you had to walk through a long tunnel constructed in 1938 and take a beautiful copper decorated lift to the top. What fabulous 360 degree views over the Bavarian Alps and Lake Konigsee. It is hard to imagine in this idyllic mountain setting that Hitler and his followers made world shattering decisions on war, persecution and genocide.

    I enjoyed bockwurst and potato salad and a cool, German lager in the main reception room, featuring a marble fireplace gifted by Mussolini, although it was a bit unsettling to see photographs of Nazi leaders and dignatories pictured in the same room. The excellent museum Dokumentation Obersalzberg provided a great insight into the Nazi takeover of this hitherto quiet mountain community.

    I did contemplate making the very short train journey over the border to Salzburg, Austria for some pink lemonade. Some light relief in The Sound of Music city would have been welcome. However I headed back to Munich for dinner and to get ready for the next part of my trip - the overnight sleeper train to Hamburg. Another very special day, sobering in part, but with breathtaking scenery.
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  • Day58


    August 3, 2017 in Germany

    For Alan and Rozzie Munich was a re-visit after some 35 and 40 years respectively so for them it had changed dramatically. For me, it was all new! We walked the length of Old Town taking in the old and new buildings. Both Alan and Rozzie had a vivid memory of the famous Rathaus-Glockenspiel but a vague memory of where it was located. When we came to the Town Hall and saw it had a very impressive clock, it reminded them of the famous clock and seeking help learned that it indeed was the Glockenspiel. Their memory was of a much bigger Clock, nevertheless, I was impressed with it and the building. Dinner and a drink could be at no other place but The Hofbrau Haus. A great night and great way to leave Germany (back for a brief visit in mid-September).Read more

  • Day22


    September 24, 2016 in Germany

    This was our longest stay in one city so far but it was much needed. Although we didn't do much besides attend Oktoberfest it was ok because we got such a local experience! There is no event that compares with people from all parts of the world coming together to enjoy a beer in massive "beer halls" or what we'd call tents! We met people from the US, Germany, Australia, Luxembourg to name a few, we learned some Germany songs, we ate a lot of German carnival food and we had a great time! It was a lot of fun seeing everyone dressed up in the traditional clothing which we contemplated buying but decided not to since we wouldn't have room to pack them anyways. We're glad we could check this off the bucket list and I'm sure we'll be back at some point!

    Side note: We're writing this post on a train to Salzburg Austria which is our next stop and are pretty pissed because we just got charged 72euros for accidently getting on the wrong train!! We had bought a regional train pass and took the non-regional train which isn't marked anywhere! There's nothing more frustrating than these German ticket checkers who are the rudest people then dare to say "have a great journey" after he just charged us twice the cost of a ticket in addition to the one we already paid for! Moving on...
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  • Day5

    Day 4 Munich

    July 4 in Germany

    We got up early (for us) and breakfasted on unusual but tasty food. This was served by a lady in Bavarian dress! We walked to the station armed by the hotel reception with a Map and instructions on the over and underground. We already had our all day travel card and once a Solln station validated it and hoped on the first train to Munich. The journey took about 20 minutes and with no firm plans we splashed out Ona tour bus. We were going to do the full circuit first but at 11.50 we were at a stop where an automaton in the spire of a church was going to start moving at 12. This only happens twice a day so we hopped off and watched the mechanical story. I went up the tower by lift waving to John who remained on the ground. We looked round the market nearby and Hopped on the bus to continue the tour. We decided to visit the English garden where we had a light lunch. After more exploring we hopped back on the bus to the largest beer garden in the world (probably). It certainly was large. Finding that the tail end of the afternoon match was being shown on large screens all around we decided to stay and have an evening meal there before watching the England match! The atmosphere was quite friendly for most of the game with a big cheer when England scored but there was an even bigger cheer when Columbia scored. We stayed to the bitter end although it may have taken years off John’s life. In the end John was thrilled to win on penalties. We had to go swiftly in order to get our train homeRead more

  • Day3

    Day 3 Munich

    July 2 in Germany

    We started out from Strasbourg for Munich before 9 as that was when the parking charges started (it was free on Sundays). We stopped on the way to eat coffee an croissants in the sunshine. Meandered through Germany to the outskirts of Munich to Hotel Heigl where we are staying for 2 nights. A really lovely room, huge with settee etc and lovely balcony with table and chairs overlooking the garden. After a short rest we set out to explore the surrounding area where we saw a depiction of herons etched in the concrete on a house wall. We checked out the best way to get to the Centre of Munich tomorrow ( it is about 10 kilometres away). We found the local railway and timetable and bought tickets to be validated upon travel. For our evening meal we settled on a restaurant with outside ding bordering our hotel. The restaurant only had menu’s in German but we used google translate to check what we were letting ourselves in for! The waitresses all wore traditional Bavarian dress, which would have seemed very touristy if it had not been for the fact that everyone else in the busy garden appeared to be German! I had Schweinebraten (pork with dumplings and pickled white cabbage) followed by Rohrnudle ( a Bavarian hot pudding crossing bread and cake with plums in the centre and a sauce, highly recommended by the waitress) John had Zwiebelrostbrat (a Bavarian steak) and creme brûlée. It was all absolutely delicious. Then about five steps back to our hotel to rest before what we expect to be a busy day tomorrow.Read more

  • Day58


    August 3, 2017 in Germany

    More photos of Old Town and The Hofbrau Haus...

  • Day2


    May 30, 2017 in Germany

    Day 1:
    Well I made it to Munich!! 11 hour flight to Abu Dhabi then a stopover which only lasted 1.5 hours and then a 7 hour flight here! On the second leg of the plane I sat next to a lovely lady who is German and now lives in Albury (Australia) and has for 8 years, she is a youth councillor, a masseuse, a beauty therapist plus she is qualified in a few more areas as well. She was on her way back visiting family. She gave me lots of tips about Germany and also indulged me on a lot of history about Germany. Lots of random interesting facts about past kings, their culture, the difference in farming (photo from plane, they only have about 1 paddock each), she told where to go try some good German food in a beer garden (pork knuckle, she said to only have it once because it is quite sickening). She also helped me to get my train ticket and on my way to the main station as she was just a couple of stops before me! First new friend on Facebook👍

    Getting off the train was the easy part, I had an ordeal finding the hostel. Went out the wrong exit so had to go back to the train station and ask. Then once I was out the right exit I took a wrong turn!! Had to go back walked in circles and decided I was too hungry didn't eat the crappy plane food, too sickening. Grabbed a bite and tried again to locate the hostel! Walked straight the street(they are all called str something something ebe or esse) it was called something different on the one side I was walking to the one coming from the other direction (I asked a security guard) so first lost experience. Dropped off my bag (way too heavy) found a cafe for some wifi. The streets are filled with beggars, lots of old women and quite a few amputee beggars as well. One man had lost both lower legs below the knee so was sliding as walking on bits of padded cardboard

    Next was the supermarket experience. Went in wanting some 2 minute noodles and a container. They had nothing of the like there. There alcohol is just out on the shelves, I tried to take a photo but there were too many people waking past. They have no plastic bags or eftpos facilities. An elderly man got accused of stealing so it kind of went into partial lockdown. These rails came down over all the counter stuff like your chewies. It was just a lot of angry yelling in German so I couldn't tell you what he was saying

    Now I'm waiting to check in and have a shower! I haven't had one in over 24 hours and feel gross. Plus I've been through that many different Timezones I'm sooo tired!!

    Auf Wiedersehen
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  • Day4

    Day 2

    June 1, 2017 in Germany

    Day 2
    Started off the day by having to eat breaky by myself for the first time. But I took advantage of the all you can eat buffet fitting in quite a bit as my budget is extremely tight so meals and what I can eat are limited if I don't want to end up broke

    Next up was going on the tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp. I knew it would be confronting of which it was. For a place that was built to only fit 6000 people by the end of the world war it had over 200000. It was crazy to even think that places like this existed! It wa an amazing experience and if your ever in Munich I would highly recommend. Our tour guide was really good he was an Irish man whose knowledge was amazing. I meet to lovely girls who are studying physio at uni in Townsville. They are in there third year, who are on a 7 week trip around Europe. They are super friendly and I'm going out with them to the English gardens which has the second largest beer garden worldwide so that will be pretty cool

    I can't confirm yet but I think I'm doing well with the jet lag so far. I went to sleep last night as I would at home so hopefully I get into a routine pretty quickly. In saying that I am very tired the day was big lots of walking and in the sun.

    It really surprised me about the weather here so humid and hot in general too. Yesterday the humidity was at 93%. The hostel was very stuffy the have no air conditioner or ventilation. I swapped hostels this arvo to literally 2 doors down as my first accomodation didn't have enough availability when I booked

    About to go down to happy hour(or hours 4:30 to 8pm) with Darcy and Sam (girls I met) then we are off to dinner

    Will report again soon👍
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