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    • Day 2

      Munchen - Salzburg Osterreich 3/8

      August 3, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      Petite balade d'1h30 ce matin jusqu'à la Sendlinger Tor, l'une des portes de la vieille ville médiévale puis Sankt Jakobs Platz où se tiennent le Musée National de Munich, la synagogue Ohel Jakob et le musée juif.

      Nous quittons Munchen par train à 11h55 pour arrivée Salzburg (en Autriche) à 13h42, mais y repasserons 1 jour 1/2 en fin de séjour !
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    • Day 15

      Munich (city walk part 2)

      October 10, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 73 °F

      More pics of Munich, including gorgeous English Gardens (yes, Engliah gardens in Munich lol), and the original Hofbrauhaus (where I absolutely got a beer -- and met a tour guide that I then hung out with for the next three hours).Read more

    • Day 1–4


      April 20 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

      Zaterdag ben ik vertrokken vanaf Tilburg naar München! Samantha (vriendin van middelbare school) doet hier haar exchange dus dat was leuk om te combineren. We hebben ons heel goed vermaakt en hebben voor de verandering samen niet eens veel gekke dingen beleeft. Volgens Samantha zouden onze ervaringen alleen als avontuurlijk bestempeld worden in een Libelle blog 😂. Munchen is een hele grote stad met enorm veel musea, voornamelijk gefocust op kunst! Een paar kleine cultuurshocks had ik wel: in restaurants komen ze je alleen helpen als je oogcontract krijgt en overduidelijk zwaait. Geen service dus haha. Mensen dringen in het ov nogal voor. Bier is echt overal te krijgen maar ik heb me niet gewaagd aan een bierhuis door mijn kleine blaas. Het is frühlingsfest deze weken dus grappig om leeftijdsgenoten in lederhose te zien lopen door de stad. Meer fotos volgen nog! Op naar Salzburg morgen!Read more

    • Day 27

      Bloody Bavaria

      January 8, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 4 °C

      The Munich public transport system is heinously expensive. We spent a good 10 minutes trying to work out what we were doing wrong at the ticket machine because it couldn't possibly cost that much, but yep, it did, and it didn't even get us all the way to the accommodation and yep, memories confirmed, this place sucks - particularly after Vienna, where things are so clear and effective. We were in a right strop by the time we finally got to the hotel, and it was nice, but tiny, the majority of the available floor space located in the shower. Argh! Bloody Munich! Better go for a walk and get a pretzel.Read more

    • Day 2

      München aankomst

      June 28, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      Gezien het volgens Google 5u rijden is tussen Luxemburg en München zat ik al om 7u30 aan het ontbijt. Eigenlijk was dit 7u maar de bakker had vertraging. De rit ging vlotjes, maar het continue moeten wisselen van snelheid door de wegenwerken werkte op mijn zenuwen. Ook had ik niet zo goed geslapen waardoor mijn rug wat pijnscheuten gaf. Het werd uiteindelijk 6 uur hierdoor ondanks mijn racen in het laatste stuk. Ik vond het al langer vreemd dat mijn auto moeite had om bergop te rijden, ik moest terug schakelen naar vijfde en goed gas geven om aan 110 te geraken. Daarom dacht ik om eens op die sport knop te drukken wanneer het weer bergop ging, en plots zat ik aan 160. Het laatste stuk naar München reed ik tussen de 150 en 180, net als de rest.

      Het viel op dat er zeer veel volk onderweg was, toen ik afreed om te tanken had ik zelfs geen plaats meer op de parking waardoor ik de volgende moest nemen. In München zijn ook veel touristen, maar ik merk dat de stad er nog veel meer gewoon is. Het hotel heeft een eigen parking en is op 20 min wandelen van de stad. Ik kan ook de metro nemen, maar heb geen zin om veel dat mondmasker aan te doen, het wordt een reis zonder openbaar vervoer.

      München heeft een mooi historisch centrum, maar er zijn verrassend veel werken, vooral aan de wegen. Een Duitse hobby waarschijnlijk, net als de vele bier gartens. Van de dorst ga je niet ontkomen hier, wat goed uitkwam want door de lange rit was ik uitgedroogd en uitgehongerd. De rest van de dag werd dus terrasjes en rondwandelen. Hier ben je wel verplicht om naam en telefoonnummer achter te laten in de cafés.

      De avond eindigde met een te volle maag en wat regen. Morgen zal het regenen maar dat is geen probleem want ik heb een hoop mooi kerken en gebouwen gezien om te bezoeken.
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    • Day 38

      First day in Munich!

      June 27, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Today we started the day early because our overnight bus dropped us off at the bus station at 8:30am so we had the whole day to explore. We first dropped our bags at the hostel and then got a recommendation of where to find a free tour so we went to the main part of old down and joined a free tour walking tour for about 2 ½ hours. It was very informative and interesting as our guide talked about the history of churches, beer brewing and how everyone is only allowed to use the same 5 ingredients, and also some history about WWII. We finished the tour and walked up a church tower to get a overview of the old town which was amazing! Then we walked back to the hostel to check in and get settled. We changed and went to a tradition Bavarian place for dinner where we had pork roast with these potato/ rice things and then we had Käsespätzle which is basically just cheesy pasta. We also had to try another famous beer. Then we came back to the hostel and hung out with a group of people in the common area for a while which was fun!Read more

    • Day 13


      December 21, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 41 °F

      Marienplatz was at the heart of our short time in Munich. It was centrally located and is where we started and ended every day. It has the biggest Christmas market in the city that brought us a lot of really amazing food. It was also surrounded by beautiful architecture! In the middle of the plaza was Rathaus-Glockenspiel, which is a beautiful old clock tower. Twice a day this engineering marvel puts on a 12 minute show that shows knights jousting in front of the the royal audience. Different knights even win randomly. Marienplatz was definitely the heart of the city and we enjoyed every second of it.Read more

    • Day 276

      Munich & Nuremberg

      November 18, 2022 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

      After an intense week of interviews, we headed for Munich to crash Giff & Rosa’s baby moon!

      Tour guide Thomas greeted us in full lederhosen and a penthouse suite which certainly set the tone for the weekend. Strolling the parks, the autumnal colours were absolutely gorgeous. 🍁

      Amazing food, many steins, gluhweins, Christmas markets, German sausage, river surfing and everything in between, Munich is quite the city. Thank you Thomas for all the local insights and recos!

      We then road tripped to Nuremberg with Giff & Rosa to find the main event, the Christmas markets, didn’t start until the weekend after. Silver lining - the lux hotel was affordable as it was ‘off-peak’! Apparently over 2 million tourists descend on the small town every December for the Christmas markets so they must be a big deal!

      A few more German sausages and local recos from Connor and Germany, we out. ✌🏼 🇩🇪

      Top tips:
      To come!
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    • Day 137

      German Strikes and Schnitzel!

      May 15, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

      It’s our last day in Munich, Germany! It has been one of the girls favorite places! I’ve enjoyed it but it’s been in the 40-50s and rainy half of the time - so I’m surprised!

      We’ve walked a ton around the capital of Bavaria, learned to navigate the UBahn metro with decent competence (went the wrong way once yesterday but that’s part of the adventure right?), and felt like we experienced a bit what it would be to live here!

      Maddie loved: “the metro, the food, and just the feel of the town!”
      Katie loved: “this small town and the ice cream we had last night” (although the 3rd biggest city in Germany, Munich city center doesn’t feel like a huge city so I would agree with the sentiment!)

      We’ve seen:
      - a lot of underground Ubahn trains
      -surfers riding big waves on the river at the English Garden
      - local markets near the Marienplatz
      - two castles of the “mad king” Ludwig and the German countryside
      - the newest Guardians of the Galaxy in English at a local movie theater (it was much better than expected!)
      - a naked man at a local park (apparently a common site here based on our research!)
      - Maddie finally getting to do a few German lessons! Still loves it!

      We’ve tried:
      - schnitzel
      - bratwurst
      - the “famous boiled white wiener”- which had all of us in stitches. (Not very good)
      - the most atrociously drool inducing sour gum I have ever tried (we had a competition to see who would survive! Katie won the very time!)
      - after eights gelato (which may even beat out the outstanding gelato in Venice)!!

      So it’s been fun!

      We were supposed to go via train (eurail pass) to Paris tomorrow morning but train and transportation related strikes in Germany resulted in our train being cancelled. Super bummed and it’s required a huge amount of alternative planning. To top off the fun, the Airbnb I booked in Paris (the ONLY part of this last leg of the trip I booked in 2022!) cancelled yesterday!! Is the universe trying to tell me something??

      Due to all that, we’ll be flying to Paris tomorrow (hello - new claim to our travel insurance company!), spend just a couple days in Paris and then we are going to hop on 2 trains to get to a small town called Cassis, in the south of France. I’ve never been So I’m excited! We’ll be there 2-3 days and then head to Barcelona..

      At this point I’m hoping for the best but expecting more hiccups along the way!

      Hope all the mamas had a beautiful Mamas day! ❤️ We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and made sure to get back before the strikes began so we weren’t stranded!
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    • Day 54

      Munchen Excursion

      May 19, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      Our adventures felt like they were drawing gently to a close.
      We headed down for a very early Holiday Inn breakfast…& were surprised to see an old couple who had come in with the coach party at the beer hall the night before. Enjoyed a bit of jolly banter (with no shared words…) before heading out for the station.

      We were heading for a longer stop in Nuremberg….but I had spotted our travels were just shy of 10,000km, so we decided to take a little diversion south to Munich for a few hours (& a few kms) 🤣

      We dumped the bags in a €6 locker, and headed into town passed Karlsplatz.

      A busy place, we were in time to see the 11am Rathaus-Glockenspiel perform its little animation, with hundreds of others in the square.

      Munich was chock full of churches, but St Peter’s lays claim to being the oldest, dating from before the first documented evidence of the city’s existence in 1158. It has the distinctive skeletal Saint Munditia in the second alcove on the left: the patron saint of spinsters, clutching a container of dried blood. What a beauty!

      We headed to the Munich Hofbräuhaus, perhaps the worlds most famous beer hall. Christine had some miniature tankards from her father with the HB crown logo on….still not sure where they came from: to her knowledge, he never visited the city.
      Sadly, or perhaps luckily for our livers, it was rammed full, so we continued our walk.

      An American tour guide seemed unwilling to relinquish his speakers spot next to the polished brass breast of a lady’s statue, so we pressed onward for a cuppa & at the pleasant Schmalznudel - Cafe Frischhut.

      A final check in at the vaulted and restored Gothic church, Frauenkirche: two mighty towers at the front, and the legendary Devil’s footprint inside….strangely, my shoe matched perfectly 👀

      Back out to the main station, under massive construction and not terribly grand today, we headed back up to our next destination: Nuremberg.

      An old work friend, Tony, had got in touch just before we left, back in March. He and his wife Laura were in Germany later in May.
      He mentioned some detail, but the only part I heard was that they were planning a day’s hiking in Bavaria with a guide, involving stops at 5 breweries.
      Would we care to join them?

      Is the Pope a Catholic?

      It gave us the impetus to plan the tail end of our trip early, to dovetail in with them…& we added an extra night to allow for a decent hangover!

      Here we were staying close to the station in the pleasant Hotel Garni Probst.

      After a final little laundry, we headed out to meet up with them. Nuremberg seemed a very pleasant city, and we met in the main square. After greetings and introductions, we went down some incredibly steep steps to Der Nassauer Keller zu Nürnberg, where beers, food and travellers tales were shared, before heading home to prepare for The Big Day!
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