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  • Day12

    Chocolate Bananas

    July 11 in Germany

    Story time;

    A Prince Bishop lived at Warzburg on a hill (pic1) and thought he would save the town money by building a palace closer... less time to get the groceries... so he built castle two (pic2). I would be quite content living in pic 3 really. Unfortunately, he died before it was finished (so no cheap burger runs for him).

    As our guide unpacked this story, Kilian Celebration was in full swing (vid 1) and very loud. As for what or whom St Kilian was, one word, google.

    Our time through the markets educated us in fresh food we could not identify. A Chocolate coated banana had our name on it and fresh roses had Emese’s, our cruise director, who has been responsible for so much in this trip.

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  • Day11

    Bovaria. Fun guide to emerge to land with. Showed us timber house construct packed with “sweet roses” (horse poo), a witches house only called so as it was a springboard for the motive of burning people you envied and he could show us where on the wall that happened, and a brewery ....after so many missed meals, the snapps tasted great but my land legs turned sea legs instantly.

    The well where locals got water (and whatever else washed down there) and the boys “peeing in the stairs” statue was a highlight though. Felt a price of home right there with me.

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  • Day53


    August 18, 2016 in Germany

    We've been away for more than 7 weeks now; the longest either of us have been travelling. We were starting to get a bit 'travel lagged' with all the new experiences, sights and bits of language we've been learning. The stopover at Tauberrettersheim was just what we needed; a grassy area off a farm track and near a the small River Tauber. We spent 2 nights here and didn't stray far from the van. Will played his guitar and baked bread buns, Vicky crocheted, picked a bunch of wildflowers and cleaned the van and Poppy relaxed on the grass. It was a much appreciated and very relaxing stay.Read more

  • Day31


    April 25, 2017 in Germany

    We arrived in Miltenberg two hours earlier than scheduled (no queues at the locks!) and I was keen to go ashore to explore. Gunther, our guide, said that it was only a small place with one street but I was needing to strech my legs anyway. What a lovely surprise it was, the one street was a delightful old village road with houses built in 1600's down narrow cobblestone lanes.

    It was very fairytale like and we seemed to have the area to ourselves. Quaint shops were in the first few hundred meters and as the road narrowed it turned into hotels and pubs. You had the impression this area would come alive in the evening. Even further on the street turned into the residential area where people lived with modernised interiors to these lovely old houses.

    A few of us climbed up to the remains of the fortification wall and towers that surround the upper edge of the town. The view of the town was rewarding and the park like gardens behind the wall were very green. As we walked back to the boat we were amused to see a statue of three boys doing their business outside a public WC.

    That afternoon we were bused around in groups of 6 to 10 and hosted with locals in their homes for afternoon tea. I thought it would be a bit awkward but it turned out to be very interesting and our hosts very friendly.
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  • Day51

    Veitshöchheim and Würzburg

    August 16, 2016 in Germany

    Veitshöchheim had free stopover adjacent to a park and river 8km away from the city of Würzburg so we stayed one night and cycled in to the city the next day.
    The cycle ride was the worst Vicky had experienced since arriving on the continent although Will found it interesting. The fisrt part of the cycle was through dusty industrial plants and smelly slag heaps whilst we were being overtaken by HGVs. The second had us sandwiched between a dual carriageway and a multi track railway line. When we reached the city the cycle track faded in and out on the busy winding streets full of traffic lights, crossroads and roadworks.

    Our experience improved once we dismounted to explore the city. There were a few interesting sights including the Alte Mainbrüke (Old Main Bridge) over the River Main. Supporting 12 Baroque statues of Saints, it lead to castles on the opposite hillside and reminded us of Charles Bridge in Prague. Dom St Kilian (Cathedral) with its gold topped spire was also striking.

    We visited a tea shop and bought some jasmine tea leaves to make jasmine ice tea after Vicky had tasted it in Cafe Wagner a few days previously. The shopkeeper told us it was her dream to spend a year touring England!

    One of the things on Will's 'to do list' was to have a drink in a Wine Cellar so for lunch we visited Würzburger Ratskellar (Würzburg town hall cellar) that had been turned into a restaurant. The two rooms were impressive with their high arched moulded ceilings and part timbered walls with stone carved and molded detail. We chose a little alcove and had a glass of the local Silvaner dry white wine with our meals.
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  • Day53

    Hannah and Würzburg

    October 18, 2017 in Germany

    A very exciting day for us! Last night, Hannah, our new au pair, drove from her home town of Saarbrücken, over near the German/French border, to stay with us for a couple of nights, so we could meet her before she arrives in Australia at the end of next week. She brought some lovely gifts including some honey from her Uncle's hive and some homemade grape marmalade made with grapes from their place.

    Finn did his best to grill her with all sorts of hard-hitting questions such as "Do you like plums?", "Do you like cake?" and "Do you like plum cake?". He loves making plum cake, so a winner its a winner if you like plums, cake and plum cake!

    We went to visit Würzburg today, starting with a visit through the the 18th-century Residenz palace. This featured lavish baroque and rococo architecture, with particularly ornate rooms. There was a huge fresco by a Venetian artist (Tiepolo) over the main entry staircase which had us all fascinated as it also included some of the figures in the painting coming out in 3D (plaster?). It was a great effect and we spent ages staring at the ceiling in this and another room with similar room.

    We also visited the garden where I was able to spot our first German eichhörnchen (which is a very groovy way of saying squirrel). The kids had already negotiated that the first person to see one and say eichhörnchen for 1 Euro cent. I had spotted one in Austria but couldn't remember the name to say. The added bonus for this squirrel was he was a reddy-brown and had an acorn in its mouth as it disappeared into the hedge. Cute as.

    We had lunch in the main square and then went down to the river which is obviously where all the cool kids were hanging out. The river was very wide and was split at one side with a commercial lock. Two large barges pulled up as we were watching, so we waited for them to navigate through.

    Back home, we played a bit of Uno and introduced Hannah to the game of Cheat. She is now probably thinking "what sort of family encourages their children to cheat in a card game!"
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  • Day31

    Locks galore

    April 25, 2017 in Germany

    We left the Rhine river and started cruising the Main river. The sunshades on the sundecks were lowered and the deck closed as we entered a section of river with 30 plus locks and many low bridges.

    We are getting used to locks but they have not lost their fascination for me yet. The river boats like ours are all made the maximum width and sometimes when we are in the locks only a few centimeters are free on each side. It's odd to look up and see a wall next to your window instead of pretty scenery.

    The photos below show some we went though during the day, taken through the front lounge window.
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  • Day29

    Germany / Miltenberg

    August 15, 2017 in Germany

    15th August 2017.
    This morning we are sailing up to Miltenberg. Amazing views along the way. Dont know how the grape vines don't wash away. Must be hard work at harvest time. During the morning Mr Ittigg gave us a glassblowing demonstration. He was amazing. I had to buy a little memento. This afternoon we are going on a treasure hunt in Miltenberg.

  • Day30

    Germany/ Miltenberg

    August 16, 2017 in Germany

    Did walk tour through the town. Very picturesque and old. This is a lovely town and the oldest in the Bavarian area.
    Old area ( Franconia). The houses on the hill side are actually built into the rock mountain. All these houses have underground cellers for storing beer. Lots of local wine and beer makers live here and store their booze in very deep cellers.

  • Day9

    Going to Prague

    July 26, 2017 in Germany

    Today we are on the bus from Frankfurt to Prague. Leave at 9.15am and arrive at 6.15pm. Rained most of the day but saw some nice scenery. Noticed the difference when we crossed the Cszh border. Lot poorer then Germany. Houses are older and road is in poorer condition. Prague looks amazing. Lots of beautiful old buildings. Will look around tomorrow. Had a quick dinner and into bed. They still use the Kŕoner currency here as well as the Euro.Read more

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