Rostock Ferry Port

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    • Day2

      Schiff Ahoi ⛴

      June 14, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Unser erstes Etappenziel haben wir erreicht. Wir warten aufs Boarding der Fähre nach Trelleborg 🇸🇪
      Die Jungs haben die lange Fahrt super mitgemacht (Toniebox sei Dank 😊). Die ersten Stunden in ihren Camperbetten haben sie super geschlafen, sogar länger als zu Hause, darf gerne so weitergehen!
      Cyrill und ich sind nun aber froh, wenn wir dann unsere Kabine auf der Fähre bezogen haben und auch zu etwas Schlaf kommen 😅
      Eindrücklich, was da alles auf dieser Fähre Platz findet! Luc hat sich bereits verabschiedet 😴. Louis lässt sich dieses Spektakel natürlich nicht nehmen.
      Wir melden uns aus 🇸🇪 wieder.
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      Sind ihr uf Wallanders Spure in Ystad? E megacooli Gägend!


      Kletterkarriere mit götti folgt ;)


      guet het Tonibox gnützt 🤩 [Matthias Baltensperg]

    • Day5


      September 6 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      So turns out, too much partying when you're still recovering from an orthoscopy, takes its toll. Had to cancel our trip to Berlin which would have been 12 hours!
      Instead Karl went out to Rostock with Kyle and I spent the day on the ship, taking full advantage of me-time. And Megs and Daniel went to see a fairytale castle in the country side.

      Also got to see the emergency drill... fully automated life boats take 350 people in each!

      When he returned, soaked up the sun and dipped into the hot tub and sauna.

      Took in a musical tribute to Whitney Houston by Ashleigh Amber.

      Late night art auction and quick trip to the cheapie casino seats!
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      You just can’t help yourself Bok! 😘


      Did you buy anything at the auction.

    • Sep16


      September 16, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Um 22:00 im strömenden Regen wartete ich am Rostocker Hafen auf die Fähre.

      23:00 Fähre hat abgelegt Richtung Trelleborg.

      Auf der Fähre habe ich ca. 3-4 h unbeqem auf den kleinen Sesseln in einem der Aufenthaltsräume geschlafen. Ich war nicht der Einzige der auf diese Art die Überfahrt hinter sich brachte. Ganz in der Nähe war eine Familie mit drei kleinen Kindern (warscheindlich um die 10-12 Jahre). Die Hauptbeschäftigung der drei Jungs war es, sich vor den anderen Passagieren zu verstecken. Hauptsächlich vor mir. 😄Read more

    • Day1

      Då är jag på väg...

      July 17 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Efter en fantastisk fest igår var det äntligen dags att bege sig ut på äventyr. Strax före klockan halv fem imorse insåg Patrik att det kunde vara bra att börja packa, en halvtimme senare kliver han ut genom dörren för att ställa sig på en scooter till Södervärn. Därifrån buss till Trelleborg för resa med Stena Lines avgång 07:30 till Rostock.

      Varför åka båt när man tågluffar undrar kanske du? Jo men denna sommaren har semestrande med tåg verkligen fått en boom, så alla tåg från Köpenhamn till Hamburg är i princip fullbokade. Men åga båd e osså kul! Stena Line bjuder också på lite rabatt till oss Interrailare.

      Efter tryckt i mig en frukost värdig en långtradarchaufför ombord hittade jag en korridorshörna med extra mjuk heltäckningsmatta, intog horisontellt läge på golvet och efter några minuter snarkade jag gott över i princip hela överfarten. När de började skrika i högtalarna att land var i sikte staplade jag mig ut på soldäck och lyckades hitta dagens guldkorn. En ensam vrå och två solstolar. NU börjar semestern.

      Efter landstigningen delade jag och några Interrailare en taxi till Rostock Hbf och nu har jag parkerat ändan i cafévagnen på IC2271 mot Berlin. Förutom att jag glömde ta ut kontanter och automaterna här inte tar kort så är livet på topp. Europa här kommer jag! Yiiihaaa!
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      Lycklig resa!

      Patrik Redgård

      Tusen tusen tack!!

    • Day22

      Corona in Mecklenburg Vorpommern

      October 16, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

      - Essen gehen nur nach Reservierung
      - Einreise nur, wenn man nicht aus einem Risikogebiet kommt.

      Quelle:…Read more

    • Day24

      Mint Jelly

      July 17 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      Back in April we were cruising onboard the Viking Sky in the Mediterranean when our crew served Glenda some mint jelly with her lamb dinner. She swore it was the best mint jelly she had ever tasted. The server told her it was a German product which could be purchased at any grocery store in this country. Glenda vowed that as soon as we got to Germany again, she would run to the first grocery store she could find to buy some.

      Today we arrived in Germany. Warnemunde is a quaint little jewel tucked here at the edge of the ocean. Hundreds of shiny sailboats run past its ancient lighthouse and its brightly painted vacation cottages every day. It is difficult to think that this lovely little town was a major target of the U. S. Air Force in World War II. This precious village on the seacoast is the port for the neighboring industrial town of Rostock. In the 1940’s the demonically destructive Heinkel fighter-bombers were manufactured here. Four different missions by the Royal Air Force attempted to destroy this place. One final intense mission by the U. S. Eighth Air Force ultimately did. In one deadly afternoon in 1944 hell descended upon Warnemunde, and this city ceased to exist.

      But I digress. Our mission today was mint jelly. Once we got past the screaming parade of football fans, we walked along the sea-wall promenade to the local E-neukauf Grocery Store. At 11:30 am we arrived at a little patisserie located in the foyer, where a very kind German grandmother served pastries and coffee. She gently informed us that the grocery store would open precisely at noon, and that we were welcome to sit at a table and wait if we liked.

      Glenda stepped outside to give me that message, and I was so impressed with the kindness of the older woman that I said, “Let’s go inside and get two pastries and two cups of coffee as we wait.”

      Glenda said, “Let’s just get one pastry and one coffee and split it.”

      I said, “I don’t need the coffee or the pastry. We have already eaten breakfast on the ship, but this lady is so kind, I just want to give her the business. Two coffees and two pastries.”

      Glenda dug out our ziplock bag of euros and we went inside to order. As noon approached we saw a crowd gathering outside the store. A few people made their way through the door into the foyer where we sat with our pastries. The crowd got larger.

      And larger.

      I heard voices speaking Filipino about the time Glenda said, “Look! These people are all our crew members.” She pointed and named a few. I recognized one young woman I see often, a server in the World Cafe up on deck 7.

      I called her name, and she flashed a big smile. “I didn’t recognize you without your Covid mask,” I laughed.

      “I took off my mask. I’m traveling incognito,” she joked.

      Precisely at noon the doors opened and a rush of humanity not seen since Pharaoh’s army plunged into the Red Sea poured through the door of the grocery store. We trailed in behind and quickly made our way to the shelf containing jams, jellies and syrup. The current of young crew members jostled me away from Glenda, who was intently scrutinizing the labels of preserves and marmalade.

      “I’ll wait for you outside,” I yelled. The tide of humanity carried me over to the candy area where our crew was literally raking chocolate bars, M & M’s, Cheetos and Chips into their shopping carts. We were all laughing.

      I asked one crew member I knew, “Are you going to eat all of this stuff yourself? It will make you as sick as a pig.”

      “Oh, no, Mr. Chuck,” he said. “These are all presents.”

      “I’ll bet!” I said. “How many friends do you have?”

      He laughed. “I’ll have more when I get back to the ship with these Cheetos.”

      As we returned to the ship we passed Captain Atle Knutsen and his wife Lara.

      “Where are you headed?” we asked.

      “We have a long stay in port today,” the Captain said, “and most of the passengers are away on an excursion into Berlin, so we just thought we would walk around town and maybe drift by the grocery store to pick up a few things.”

      “Don’t bother,” we laughed. “The crew has descended upon the local market like a horde of locusts, and they have completely cleaned the place out.”
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    • Day1

      Rostock Lütten Klein

      June 21, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Wie letztes Jahr ging es erstmal ins Gästehaus Lütten Klein, um morgen die erste Fähre zu nehmen. Was anderes macht für mich als Fußgänger keinen Sinn, da ich alleine um nach Rostock zu kommen knapp 5 Stunden brauche.

      Das Gästehaus liegt 5 Minuten von der Bushaltestelle entfernt von der man morgens ganz entspannt zum Hafen starten kann. Besser geht es doch nicht, oder? 👍
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      Sieht gut aus👍🏼 Da kommt doch Urlaubsstimmung auf ✌🏼 [HerrNilsson]


      Für mich als Fußgänger super gelegen und günstig dazu. Bis zum Hafen sind es per Bus 16 min und man wird direkt zum Terminal gefahren. 👌 [El Tippelino]

    • Day9

      A quaint town

      June 7, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Warnemünde was absolutely charming. We enjoyed our stroll through the town and along the wharf. There again sampled some fish ‘n chips. The fish and chips in Oslo were better than these, so were the ones in Southampton. I should know better. Nobody goes to Germany for fish and chips. Oslo wins the fish and chips contest.Read more


      Enjoy the sunshine. It is raining here and mixed with the rain is the “s” word!!

    • Day9

      Work has to be done!

      June 7, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

      Tom says we have to get back, so we leave this lovely port town Warnemude and get to the laundry! Yep that’s right we need to wash some clothes.

      After laundry there was time to “relax” . Then dinner. Then desert. Tom was an unhappy cowboy when we went to get his favourite desert and I asked for a small piece.(I think she thought it was for me)!Read more


      I spot a theme. Food. Cake, cookies, fish and chips. Hope you have your stretchy clothes.

    • Day1

      1. Tag Abreise aus Berlin

      July 10 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

      Heute um 13.15 Uhr war es endlich soweit. Die Vorbereitungen sind abgeschlossen und die Gesundheit von Elena spielt mit. Unsere Tour Richtung Nordkap hat endlich begonnen. Der erste Abschnitt führt uns nach Warnemünde. Hier am Parkplatz, Yachthafen Hohe Düne, trafen wir uns mit Bruder und Schwägerin. Die Freunde war groß sich wiederzusehen. Morgen Nachmittag geht unsere Fähre Richtung Trelleborg. Jetzt gibt es gleich Hühnchen zum Abendessen und dann planen wir gemeinsam unsere ersten Etappen in Schweden.
      Wir alle sind glücklich und freuen uns auf einen schönen Urlaub mit vielen neuen Eindrücken.
      Frank, wir kommen... . 😅
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      Endlich … jetzt habe jeden Abend was zu lesen… und ich habe so gute Erinnerungen an die Tour, die vor euch liegt… ich wünsche euch mega viele tolle Erlebnisse … lG aus Finnland


      Lieben Dank! Jetzt schaue ich mir deinen heutigen Tag an.😅👍


      Eine Schöne Sache mit der App...LG an die Familie gewünscht.


      Danke Töchterchen 🙂


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