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  • Day5


    September 26, 2017 in Greece

    I woke up feeling very sorry for myself, definitely too much alcohol last night. I tried to sweat it out at the gym but made it worse and decided to rest by the pool for a few hours.

    Eventually, I began to feel human again so we decided to explore Thira/Fira (not sure which name is more correct as it appears to have multiple spellings). Fira is the capital of Santorini located on the Caldera Cliffs and overlooking the volcano. It's full of winding streets and hidden pathways along the cliff face. Such fun to explore.

    We descended the 600 stairs down to old port. Navigating the donkeys and their poo. If you are prepared to pay, you can ride a donkey up and downthis slop. At the bottom there was beautiful clear blue ocean, some quaint shops and funnily enough some boats. It was then time to ascend... It was hard work and suddenly the sun was beating down, which made it hot and sweaty too. We also had to contend with herds of donkeys racing down the steps. We tried playing chicken with one heard of donkeys. We lost, one of the donkeys damaged my shoes (thankfully not my feet) and Nic was sandwiched between the wall and the donkey,with enough force to get airborne. I'm glad she wasn't hurt and didn't go over the edge. We made it to the top bit couldn't find stair 600, the highest we found was 588. I'm going to count the stairs back to our hotelas the last few steps.

    We had dinner at Classico Cafe and watched the sunset over the volcano. Just magical. To finish we found a dessert shop and tried some loukoumades (mini dounuts) and then meandered home.
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  • Day6

    Volcanos and Hotsprings

    September 27, 2017 in Greece

    New dawn and our first stop was the nearby volcano, Nea Kameni. We took a boat from old port (yes we went down those 600 stairs again) and sailed to the volcano. On arrival we took a 20 minute hike to the summit and walked around the active crater, which aside from a slight Sulfur smell looked like nothing more than black rocks.

    I'm gonna get my geek on and give you a geology lesson on the Cyclades islands. Santorini was once a large circular island that included nearby Thiraisa (which is on the other side of the Caldera).

    About 3600 years ago a massive volcanic eruption occurred. The ancient society which inhabited Santorini was wiped out and the power from the eruption created a giant a sink whole. This sink whole is known as the caldera and is the large depression which separates the islands.

    Within the depression is Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni, two volcanic formations created from the 6 eruptions over the last 3600 years. The last eruption was in 1950 and was considered minor with no damage to Santorini.

    We got back on the boat and headed for the hot springs, located on the shores of Palea Kameni. The waters have a high mineral content including magnesium and iron which means they have historically consider to have therapeutic benefits. I'm not convinced, I could certainly smell Sulfur, which had also turned the water brown but didn't feel healed after my swim. However somewhere deep below. a magma chamber assisted in heating the water to a pleasant 28°C, so not complaining at all.

    All in all a fantastic tour that is informative, fun and affords spectacular views of the Santorini coastline.
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  • Day13

    Santorini in one day

    July 30 in Greece

    Heute sind wir ein Mal komplett über die Insel gedüst. Wir haben uns einen Quad gemietet. Ich bin noch nie Quad gefahren, werde es auch nicht mehr tun aber es ist das Touristenfahrzeug hier. Jeder fährt mit einem Quad durch die Gegend. Zuerst ging es zum Red Beach. Der war zwar voll mit rotem Sand und roten Felsen aber überfüllt mit Touristen. Ich meine ohne Touristen wäre Santorini nicht das was es ist, der ganze Blick über die Balkone am Hang hat man ja nur, weil hier lautet Restaurants, Hotels und Bars sind...aber diesen Strand hat's kaputt gemacht. Wir sind ja auch Touristen aber wir mögen keine asiatischen Toutisten , die sind immer laut und hektisch. Keine Ahnung wie René das in China aushält...danach ging es zum Black Beach, der uns so gut gefallen hat, dass wir hier etwas ausharrten, hier waren kaum Touristen. Zum White Beach sind wir nicht, da es auch super touristisch ist. Weiter ging es am Steilhang entlang Richtung Oia, ein super schönes Örtchen, wo wir die Cliff Diving Stelle nach über 200 Stufen gefunden haben. Es war einfach wunderschön. Zurück ging es an der Küste entlang nach Fira. Guido hat noch Sport am Pool gemacht, ich bin allerdings direkt rein, die Treppenstufen hoch waren genug Sport. Alternativ kann man die Treppen mit einem Esel meistern, aber das lässt unsere Tierliebe nicht zu. Abends haben wir uns noch ein Cocktail und etwas Wine mit einer wunderschönen Kulisse in Fira gegönnt, danach war ich leider nicht mehr fähig diesen Blog zu schreiben 😀Read more

  • Day14

    Heute haben wir uns für die von jedem angepriesene Bootstour entschieden. Zuerst ging es auf einen Vulkan der auf der gegenüberliegenden Insel von Santorini ist. Es ist ein aktiver Vulkan, der zuletzt 1950 ausbrach. Auf dem Krater, konnte man ein Loch buddeln und die Erde war kochend heiß. Außerdem roch es überall nach Schwefel. Aber das war echt interessant. Danach ging es in die Hot Springs, die leider nicht hot waren und dreckig von Vulkanasche oder war sehr rostig....aber das stand schon in den Internetbewertung, nur gibt's die Vulkantour nur in Verbindung mit den Springs. Zurück am Old Port hieß es über 560 Treppen hinauf steigen. Alternative Eselreiten oder Cable car für 6€ pro Person. Wir haben uns fürs Laufen entschieden...und auf den Treppen haben sich richtige Dramen abgespielt...."mum what kind of vacation is it here?"..."the fitness one"...."it's like a bootcamp mum"... ja sehr witzig auf jeden Fall. Manchmal ist es echt ein wenig gefährlich, weil die Esel einen richtig an die Wand drücken, wenn sie da lang gehen. Also man sollte schon fit sein und keine Angst vor Esel haben wenn man die Treppen hinauf laufen möchte. Danach hieß es für uns in die Unterkunft, welche die Kreditkarte glühen lässt. Unsere Gasteltern ( die unter uns wohnen) haben uns von der bus station abgeholt und zum apartement ist einfach viel besser als vorgestellt. Man muss es einfach gesehen haben. Kein Foto der Welt zeigt, wie toll es von hier oben ist...der Caldera View, der Sonnenuntergang, der Blick vom Whirlpool zum Meer...herrlich.Read more

  • Day9


    May 18, 2015 in Greece

    Santorini is BEAUTIFUL! I would move here tomorrow if I could! We started the day by getting on a boat and going to the active Volcano after we had walked to the top and back again we got back on the boat where we were taken around to the other side of the island where there were hot springs to swim in. After we had a swim we headed back to the old port where we were driven to Oia where we walked around, the white buildings with blue roofs and sat down for lunch with an incredible view. After we caught a taxi back to Santorini where we rode donkies up the side of the hill so that we could go shopping and ride the cable car down.Read more

  • Day70

    Santorini, Greece

    July 15, 2017 in Greece

    I had huge expectations for Santorini based on everyone else's comments and the standard blue dome photos you always see but our first night there we were really disappointed! It's beautiful, but so touristy, loads of cars and the water is so far away for water babies like us. We explored the main centre Fira and hired quad bikes to head to Amoudi Bay in Oia in search of some water. We climbed down hundreds of steps to reach the most beautiful clear blue water but there was no beach, only uncomfortable rocks to bathe on, and hundreds of stairs to climb back to the top! Nonetheless, it was water and we were so happy!! We didn't let our initial disappointment stop us and we did a bit more adventuring through Fira to find the Santorini we'd been looking for on the other side of the town centre we'd already explored! The hillside was covered in pastel coloured houses with soft edges, alleyways, flowers in full bloom and local shops. We then hiked along the coastline and over the hills from Fira to Oia in time for sunset, about 13km and 2.5hrs. It was one of the highlights of our trip and something I'd recommend to anyone going to Santorini!! We got to see a completely different side to the touristy island and take in some incredible views that aren't tainted by the thousands of people trying to get the perfect shot. Sunset was pretty, nothing amazing and nothing compared to the views we'd see on our way there! I'm so glad we did the hike because it absolutely moved Santorini up in my books and I can leave the island happy we went there!Read more

  • Day21

    Santorini - rather nice

    October 9, 2017 in Greece

    We left a wet and miserable Malta and two short flights later arrived in paradise!

    Well, paradise for a few days, that is. We stayed in Fira at the slightly retro (but I don't think they mean to be) Hotel Atlantis, where the exact same breakfast is served everyday by a waiter who diligently recites the name of every dish as he puts it down on the table. On the plus side, though, the pool is very nice - although it was a bit cool when we were there - and the views are stunning.

    We were happy to kick back after three weeks of crazy busy sightseeing in Italy and Malta, but we did manage to see a few things.

    We walked down to the old port, dodging donkeys and their faeces and lots of cruise ship passengers, and had a delicious but simple lunch sitting right on the very edge of the wharf.

    We walked the ten or so kilometres to Oia, a more ambitious adventure but great fun also. It was a great mix of scenery, from the various luxury accommodations of Imerovigli and Oia to the barren and spectacular views over the caldera to the occasional whitewashed church. It was quite a lot of trudging up and down hills to get there, though.

    The weather has also been a bit iffy, quite windy and not as hot as we expected even allowing that it is late in the season.

    We've also had some terrific meals and have loved the atmosphere of this relaxed town with its incredible location.

    Well, R and R over, we've watched our last caldera sunset and are now en route to Athens to resume exploring. One more destination and this year's holiday comes to a close.
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  • Day3


    July 10, 2017 in Greece

    C'est le jour du périple sur le 2 mâts le Thalassa. Nous allons d'abord manger une petite salade grecque pour moi et une grosse glace pour Jm dans un petit restaurant à Thira qui présente une superbe vue sur la baie, le volcan et l’île, puis direction le vieux port de Thira en contrebas du village. Nous choisissons d'y aller à pied plutôt qu'en téléphérique. Les touristes se font proposer de monter ou descendre à dos d'âne. Autant dire que le chemin entier sent le crottin et qu'il doit y avoir peut être pas loin d'une cinquantaine d'ânes sur ce chemin. Nous arrivons en bas et nous embarquons sur le Thalassa. Première escale sur le volcan, encore en activité, que nous gravissons et d'où nous avons une magnifique vue de tout l'archipel. Seconde escale aux sources chaudes un peu plus à l'ouest du volcan, après un petit accrochage entre notre bateau et le bateau voisin qui détruit malencontreusement une petite partie de la proue de notre bateau, nous plongeons du pont, et en nageant un peu nous arrivons effectivement dans des eaux d'où la température peut monter jusqu'à 30°, certains se recouvrent le corps et le visage de boue orange, sans doute pour ses vertues. Au retour sur le bateau, mon maillot de bain blanc à l'origine sera devenu beige et difficilement lavable, imprégné par les particules oranges flottant dans l'eau sulfurique du volcan. 3ème escale près de la petite île de Thirassia, où certains s'octroient de nouveau un petit bain après avoir plongé depuis le bateau. Jm et moi ne plongeons pas, nous préférons sécher un peu et nous réchauffer avant le repas. Viens alors l'heure du buffet traditionnel grecque, nous sommes gâtés, patates, riz, brochettes de viande (Souvlaki), salade grecque, cheesie pie, et petit verre de vin blanc.
    Nous naviguons ensuite du côté d'Oia pour admirer le magnifique coucher de soleil depuis le bateau, sur une petite ambiance jazzy, moteur coupé, un membre de l'équipage accompagne cet instant avec son saxophone. Le soleil ayant disparu à l'horizon, l'expédition est cloturée par un sirtaki entre les membres de l'équipage et les passagers.
    Retour au vieux port de Thira à la tombée de la nuit, où nous attendent de drôles de personnages, les maîtres des ânes, pour nous proposer de nous ramener en haut à dos d'âne. Nous nous laissons convaincre et tentons cette expérience assez rigolote. Nous profitons arrivés là-haut de la très belle vue sur Thira illuminée, puis nous rentrons à l'hôtel.
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  • Day52


    June 13 in Greece

    We flew from Athens to Santorini today and checked into an amazing hotel called Pegasus Suites in Fira on the cliff edge overlooking the ocean. The whole place is picture perfect! We spent the afternoon looking around the little streets and some time by the pool. In the evening we went for a lovely dinner and watched the sun go down.

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