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  • Day4

    Sailing to Ithaki

    October 3, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today the weather forecast was nothing to write a blog about. It was dull and cloudy and a suggestion of rain, though there was none whilst on the High Seas - which weren't high at all of course, given the absence of any wind. This meant the engine ran continuously and the sails remained stowed away. It wasn't exactly cold but Alan did feel the wind chill a little but even so, he enjoyed the gentle cruising across and around to Big Vathy, the next port of call for the night. At one point in the day they sailed through a relatively narrow channel, which was fun.

    It's amazing how the days are slipping by. Penny and Tom had said it wasn't going to be a problem but even on this quiet day sailing-wise, Rob's fears of boardom proved to be unfounded and in no time at all the crew of Rincewind had eased the yacht into her mooring and were relaxing with that G&T, with ice and a slice of course ... and the added bonus of a torrential downpour to end the day.

    Before the evening meal there was time for a little window shopping in the town ... Alan purchased a fleece jacket (just in case) and Rob a fridge magnet for his growing collection. They discovered a lovely restaurant with excellent food then returned to Rincewind to end the day. Penny had packed some pineapple fairy lights and these were attached to the sun hood, together with that green-theme lantern Rob used in the tent in Scotland.

    The pirates continued to be marked by their absence and still no sunset ... but there's still time of course!
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    Brian Glover

    Good to hear from you again. I was beginning to think the pirates had got you Pity the weather is not as good as it could be, particularly for the photographs Glad you are all enjoying yourselves and like the G&T ending to each trip👍👍👍😂😂

  • Day5

    Leaving Ithaki

    October 4, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    The weather forecasts for the region have continually given the impression that every sort of weather could be expected at varying times of any day. Rain, wind, calm, thunderstorms and in whatever combination you choose. The only exception was snow - all the weather apps agreed on this - there would none, at any time!

    Rob decided to believe the suggestion that the day would begin clear and warm, so he peered outside about 45 minutes before sunrise to see if there might be an opportunity for some photography ... and there was. He collected his gear together (having got dressed of course) and quietly left the boat and headed down the quayside in search of a decent composition. It was quite peaceful in the morning light, setting up the tripod and trying different angles - a boat here, or there, or that angle or this but all too soon the sun was up and the light had changed, so Rob headed back for a coffee just as the others were getting up.

    After the morning briefing/breakfast in a nearby bar-restaurant it was time to leave. The weather was perfect and promised to stay like that for the whole day so, in the warm morning sun and on calm blue waters, Rincewind glided along through fabulous scenery towards the open sea.
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    Richard Valsler

    It all looks just wonderful...peaceful and lovely! Not a pirate in sight unless you count that chap with one leg up on the decking!!! Looks as though he has just climbed aboard and about shout, "Aha! Me hearties! Lets get her out to sea and see what treasure we can find. Ahaa!" Do you know why pirates are called "pirates"? Because they Aaah!

  • Day461

    Ithica to Cephalonia

    July 20, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    We arrived in Vathi, the main town I think, on Ithaca it is in a large bay but is not that sheltered from the prevailing wind, as the wind comes down over the hills, though as it’s a bay there is no fetch for the waves so not too rough mostly choppy. We have for 30mins so far been watching 2 other yachts trying to moor up stern to in strong ‘beam on’ wind, we just decided it would be easier to anchor so we were settled after 5 mins. More and more yachts arriving so our afternoons entertainment is sorted!😉
    Instead of one night on mainland we ended up spending 2 while we waited for a storm, well probably more like very high winds, on the western coast of Cephalonia to drift away offshore. From Astakos we went to Pagania, the sheltered inlet I mentioned in last post only to find there were other boats there! Well Really! but it was OK they were quiet neighbours, the occupants of one boat spent the afternoon and early evening looking for shellfish and then laying a net. Needless to say they were French.😂. The noisiest things were the cow and goat bells in the early evening and morning. From there we headed over to a truly small inlet on Dhragonera island, see photo of chart plotter, the inlet would have fitted 6Take Fives in total 3 side by side and two rows, we reversed in and had stern lines ashore on both sides we arrived before the afternoon winds so lots of time for me to swim the lines ashore, the island is uninhabited except for goats, so very peaceful.
    Vathi on Ithaca was really quite nice, the write up in the pilot book didn’t do it justice, as it called the houses pale concrete squares, this was because the earthquake in 1953 had destroyed all the earlier architecture and none of the new builds were more than 2stories so as to be earthquake proof, but I thought they looked lovely and the town was small and largely pedestrianised. We ate ashore and John unsurprisingly had another lamb dish Keflitki, I had seafood pasta, both were very good. The following morning more shopping and then off to Cephalonia, the location of ‘Captain Corelli Mandolin’ a good mildly informative read. Sadly our first anchorage option wasn’t very sheltered, so we headed on towards Pessades, today has been a long cruise compared to previous weeks in Greece we were cruising for 6.5 hours. Pessades is another quiet anchorage with a small cafe on the headland final photo.
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  • Day66

    Meganisi - Vathy ( Ithaka )

    August 3, 2007 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Trotz gemeldeter Windstille können wir Segel setzen. Kurs die Insel KALAMOS. Unterwegs hatten wir endlich Funkkontakt mit der "ALIKI". Mit ihr hatten wir ja im Februar schon ein date in der Aegäis abgemacht. Sie sind unterwegs nach Vathy. Da der Wind immer mehr dreht und auffrischt, ändern wir Kurs uns können direkt auf Vathy zusegeln.
    Während die "ALIKI" im Lee der Insel Ithaka keinen Wind hat, bolzen wir mit bf 5 und 2m Wellen gegen Vathy zu.
    Man sieht sich im Leben immer (mindestens) zweimal, lautet ein Seglersprichwort. Beim anlegen in Vathy liegen wir wieder neben den Sizilianern wie am Vorabend. Ich halte mein italienisch auf Trab.
    Später läuft dann die "ALIKI" ein und legt neben uns an. Ein freudiges Wiedersehen. Mit ihnen kommt auch Ralph und sein Sohn Bruce mit der "AURA". Unsere Kinder sind froh wieder mal spielen zu können. Am Abend holen wir den 1. August nach.
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  • Day76

    O. Andreou - Vathy ( Ithaka )

    August 13, 2007 in Greece ⋅ 23 °C

    Eigentlich wollten wir in die nächste Bucht weiterziehen, aber da es dort wenig Platz und ziemlich Fallböen hatte, beschlossen wir direkt nach Vathy in die sichere Bucht weiterzuziehen.
    Als wir um die Nordostecke zur Einfahrt nach Vathy ( ca. 3 sm ) bogen, begrüssten uns 7-8 bf Fallwind und ziemlich Wellen. Zeitweise kämpften wir uns unter Motor mit kaum 2 Knoten gegen Wind und Wellen und ich am Ruder wurde von jeder Welle geduscht. Wir waren froh in der sicheren Innenbucht angekommen zu sein und setzten zwischen den vielen (italienischen) Yachten den Anker. Auch nachts belästigten uns Fallböen, aber unser
    neuer grösserer Anker hielt uns sicher an Ort.
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